Top Ten Most Annoying Things about Grownups

Hey, I'm almost an adult, but I find plenty of faults!!

P.S., Any adults reading this, if you're offended by this list, go ahead and create one about kids or teenagers!! See if we complain!

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41 The ones who have unprotected sex

Uh, Hello! Unprotected sex is how you were produced!

True. True - TheRealDealKid

My parents literally kiss,smooch and hug right infront of me.I hate it when this happens and they don't even care.

42 The ones who are irrational
43 The ones who are Pedophiles
44 Taking my stuff

Parent and people cal me spoiled, hell yeah I swear but not to offend people(but this parent deserves to be offended) and I have straight A,s I'm always nice to my parents I am a professional reptile handler and I've never gotten grounded, if I did something inappropriate and I was suspended I would let dad know that and he would make me do some work but also fun, but would give me a 1 hour,schooling on better decisions to make, and that was my only time I was in trouble. I visit them and thank them for the wonderful teachings they give to me every week. Parents who ground children are worthless that deserve to be called mean things so hopefully those parents will be depressed and suicidal, and once they do it that's one less grounder on the planet. Let's make the species grounding parent extinct forever and whatever of them are still alive will be kept as slaves and given punishments and we'll see how they like it. Sorry felt bad for those people so I had to vent.

45 When you can't call them by their first name

I personally think that we can call them by thief first name because they born with it! My mom always gets mad at me when I call her her first name. You were born with it! Who said you have to have to have all the respect in the world. Same goes to other adults

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46 They get angry when you don’t know what you’re going to be when you grow up and they yell at you for no reason

At dinner, I asked myself (out loud) what I wwanted to be. And then my dad started yelling at me for no real reason. He just said, you don't know what you want to be? Get out, get out now!

47 Not owning any CD's or books

It's cringe worthy to think my parents own 3 cd's and my mom only reads trashy romance novels

Sorry, but collectors of music are usual adults. You don't have the money and certainly you don't have the years of knowledge and the needed time to get a collection of 5000 CD's as a non-adult. My collection is over 5000 CD's and 2000 vinyls and that took many many years of searching and money. I'm over 50 years old and mainly collect mid-sixties garage punk. But on the other hand I'm glad that when young people are willing to get a collection. I know many square adults ( and they have indeed only 3 CD's! ) but I know also many square youngsters. I mean, I know 18 years old people who are already old and boring like I know 60 years old people who are really interest in music. It's a two-way street really. Some old people are ok, some not and some young people are ok and some not.

My parents probably own a hundred cds. Probably 500 books. I'm currently collecting cds and I have about 60. I also have hundreds of books. - SammySpore

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48 Making you do everything because you're younger

Even my parents friends do this and I'm not even related to them.

They make me do Everything Because I'm OLDER!

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49 They think you care too much about sports
50 They ask me something across the room and keep asking, "What?" every time I answer
51 When They Are On IMDB Talking About Kid Shows Like It's for Them

Don't they have a life.

52 When they blindly follow something they believe in without any facts, and when you know about the topic and try to prove them wrong, they don't accept if they are proven wrong but keep arguing.

When they do that, its just annoying!

Anti-vaccine parents in a single sentence. - SammySpore

Lol, are you mad that your parents believe in something that you don't? Grow up

53 When they tell you not to do something, but do it as well and all the time.

I hate when my mom or dad tell me not to lie, but I see them lie all the time!
Or when they tell me not to cross the street when it's a red light, but do it ALL the time.

54 They don't let you talk of princesses

Yes! I like princess fanfictions by I'm not a fanatic. If it's a fantasy it is a no no

55 When they get annoyed when you don't get a question right

Every time I get a question wrong, they start yelling at me. Whenever I don't know, but shrug, they were yell at me. whenevre get it right, they act like I guessed or think I think I am a genius

56 The ones who smoke

I hate parents that smoke so much - kaitlynrad11

57 The ones who drink alcohol
58 The ones who won't grow up
59 The ones who drive while drunk or intoxicated
60 The ones who cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend
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