Top Ten Most Annoying Things about Grownups

Hey, I'm almost an adult, but I find plenty of faults!!

P.S., Any adults reading this, if you're offended by this list, go ahead and create one about kids or teenagers!! See if we complain!

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61 The ones who say kids shouldn't cuss but they do it

When I was young enough to now know cussing was bad they would listen to rap, swear like 50 cent, and call other people swear names, so if I repeated it they acted so shocked and hit me. If you don't want your kids to swear then stop swearing in front of them!

Literally my mom will swear at an employee, and tell me to NEVER swear. Even if I say "shut up" they get mad at me - kaitlynrad11

News flash parents, when do you think all of this cussing is common from... YOU GUYS!

I am glad this is on the list!

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62 They have too many anger issues
63 The ones who are simple minded
64 They don't mean what they say

What about the one where you show them something you think is awesome and they're like

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65 They're bossy
66 When their children are throwing fits/being obnoxious and they do absolutely nothing about it.

There's a video of a stupid little brat with his mom doing an errand. He was grabbing his mom, pulling her arm, knocking over random things on a table, throwing paper around, and she didn't do anything until he pulled down her pants - SammySpore

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67 They compare you to other siblings or family members

They just can't stop but point out your mistakes and compare them to how many mistakes that your "perfect" cousin does! There aren't any mistakes... They say bad stuff about you and nice things about her. Why don't we just trade children then that will make you happy right!?

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68 When they tell you to tidy your room
69 When they play favorites with their children/grandchildren/nieces or nephews
70 When they accuse you of playing games or chatting with online strangers when you're not

Every time I go to read in my kindle my mom's always like, "Stop playing games! " And when you try to say that you weren't playing games, and that you were reading, she calls it talking back and then says, "It's those games."

My dad always assumes that I'm chatting with online strangers when I'm not, and he never does that to my siblings.

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