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21 People chatting to each other on your wall

I don't want people's meaningless chat to one another to be related to me and I certainly don't want to be notified each time one of them says something to the other. Keep it private guys.

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22 Cyberbullying

I hate social networking. GO Minecraft! Anyways, the people who get cyberbullied can be really stupid. It's their fault they have Facebook! I'm never gonna be cyber bullied. But if the bully looks you up on Facebook and see that you aren't there than it's super funny. Heh heh, L O L - maddyparrot22

23 Applications
24 #SWAG
25 Your E-mail Inbox Gets Overloaded

I don't want them to send me a message for everything happening in facebook. I don't care - BigZ

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26 Hashtags


27 Hatching Eggs

I hate anyone who sends me these

28 Superpoke
29 Social Experiment Groups

You know the ones where some college student has to due an assignment for some class, so they create a group to see how many people can invite their friends to join said group? They've been done before! Move on! - Darrell

30 Justin Bieber having 71 million likes

Sad... Humanity has sure gone far down the drain. Getting brainwashed by the media. - MarioMikuFan380

31 People who say 'if you don't repost this status you will die'

Ignore it. I once came across this and I never repost and I didn't die. Good job trolls!

I swear this is one of the stupidest things ever on Facebook, someone who actually takes the time to write an entire chain message is a very boerd person that should get a life

I somehow doubt that your death, luck, or life could possibly be altered by a flippin FB page.

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32 People who like everybody's birthday post except you
33 Stalking People's Lives All the Time, Which Ends In a Decrease of Self-esteem
34 Disturbing "stop abuse" pics with kids/animals brutally hurt

It's like an animal shelter commercial. Except without John Lennon's "Imagine" in the background. - RiverClanRocks

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35 No face-to-face communication
36 Adults Uploading Awkward Pics
37 Useless Notifications

He did thìs, she did that, they did those. come on now why would I care? - jimmy12lee

38 Embarassing Comments
39 Random People Adding Me

Hell ya I hate when some you really hate adds you and than they never talk to you and you never talk to them. Wast of space on my friends list. - phillyAA55

40 People who are in your family that make mean spirited comments
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