Most Annoying Things About Facebook

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41 Duck Face Pics

How do people even look attractive sticking their lips out like that?

Should be number 1 - Getovait

42 Selfies

Need I say more

These are so annoying. If you want yourself and all of your friends and/or family in a picture then just ask someone else to take your picture for you. It's that simple. - Anonymousxcxc

Selfies should be number 1 - cuteCorgi

43 When One of Your ''friends'' Delete You

I deleted a kid on facebook because she threw a tantrum - Ihateschool

44 2 Minute Video 100MB Limit

thats not enough for a video - ronluna

45 Game Requests

I warn them once then I don't care who they are I will find them and kill them


How do I shut these off? I get 5 notifications and 3 of them are nothing but invites to WildOnes or Cafeworld!

46 Never ending baby photos with details

People give birth everyday, we are happy for your new baby, but please, don't upload photo and video of your baby everyday, we don't wanna know

47 Sean Hannity is on there
48 Dumb bullies V 1 Comment
49 Thug Life Wannabes
50 Lack of facilities in mobile version

we can't report, we can't ban, we can't create pages and groups or edit them etc etc - jimmy12lee

51 People making Facebook pages for their babies

My father made a Facebook account for me even when I was a baby. Even for my 7 year old brother he never used it and my father said it's for tagging.

That's just sick and weird. Why would a baby have a Facebook page?

52 Status Likes Are Biased
53 The Name
54 Like If You Hate Cancer

These are actually one of the facebook scams

55 Friends Ignore You When Chatting With Them
56 People Who Complain About Their Sports Teams Every Second
57 People sharing the same exact post over and over again
58 People posting nudity
59 Chain Letters (If You Ignore This, You're Going to Hell)

So God is going to send me to Hell just because I ignored some silly chain comment? - MJfan119

60 Friends Forcing You Into Groups Without Your Permission

When I had Facebook I didn't like that I had my friends add me to groups I didn't want and I would just leave I always wished of someone invited you it said, the person who invited you, wants you to join this group, and it had join and don't join buttons, now I don't deal with this because I deleted my Facebook I don't miss this and the other things on Facebook

This is so annoying. I have a few people in my friends list who do this me. For example, this girl just added me spontaneously to this group that had something to do with bargains. I wasn't even interested in the first place. So I did what any sane person would do and quit. But she added me again 10 minutes later. Who the hell do you think you are? I don't want to be part of your stupid little group. If you want to add me, invite me and I'll make the decision whether I would like to join or not. And if I'm not interested, I'm not interested. It's as simple as that. Don't just force me into it without my consent. I have different tastes compared to you. Remember that next time.

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