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61 Friends Forcing You Into Groups Without Your Permission

When I had Facebook I didn't like that I had my friends add me to groups I didn't want and I would just leave I always wished of someone invited you it said, the person who invited you, wants you to join this group, and it had join and don't join buttons, now I don't deal with this because I deleted my Facebook I don't miss this and the other things on Facebook

This is so annoying. I have a few people in my friends list who do this me. For example, this girl just added me spontaneously to this group that had something to do with bargains. I wasn't even interested in the first place. So I did what any sane person would do and quit. But she added me again 10 minutes later. Who the hell do you think you are? I don't want to be part of your stupid little group. If you want to add me, invite me and I'll make the decision whether I would like to join or not. And if I'm not interested, I'm not interested. It's as simple as that. Don't just force me into it without my consent. I have different tastes compared to you. Remember that next time.

62 Parents Stalking You on Facebook
63 Kids with more money get more friends
64 People acting helpless because somebody unfriended them
65 Mean kids
66 Weird people
67 People who ignore you because you liked a certain page
68 Reports over nothing
69 People who get away with abuse
70 Cussing when not needed
71 People who constantly force you into their beliefs
72 People who send friend requests to complete strangers.
73 People sending random things to you
74 When Someone Tags You In an Embarrassing Picture

Its so annoying I don't want to see myself like that!

Cannot be tagged unless I allow it

75 Everyone Uses It

Why does everyone use Facebook? It's unnecessary and way too popular. Especially annoying when certain things require Facebook

76 Like for (Something Good) Share for (Something Better) Keep Scrolling for (Something Terrible)

I don't believe in god so I just keep on scrolling...

77 It's Too Damn Popular
78 Getting Hacked
79 Group Private Messages

There's always that one person who doesn't shut up and forces others to leave the conversation

80 Kids aged 4 to 13
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