Most Annoying Things That Happen In the Bathroom

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things That Happen In the Bathroom

1 Running Out of Toliet Paper

Happens to me a lot - andrewteel

What you said is gross.

I do not want to end up using my hands to wipe! TP is one of the best inventions ever conceived! Those smart Chinese people

Joseph C. Gayetty was an American inventor credited with the invention of commercial toilet paper. Gayetty first marketed toilet paper on December 8, 1857 which originally sold for US$0.50 in packs of 500 bearing a watermark of his name.

2 People Forgetting to Flush the Toliet

Ewww especially when there's poop in there it's gross! - andrewteel

I remember sometimes when some kids used to go poop and not flush the toilet it grossed me out and I used a different toilet

This is so annoying.

3 Shower Taking Forever to Heat Up

I don't like the idea of putting showers in schools.

4 Cold Toilet Seat
5 Somebody Taking Forever In the Bathroom

I just love this list! It made me laugh so hard when I saw it for the first time :D

6 Loud Cups Falling Off the Sink at Night
7 Water On the Floor

Wait a minute...

8 Somebody Busting In While You're In the Bathroom Because You Forgot to Lock the Door
9 No Towels Left
10 Urine On the Toilet Seat

My brother used to pee on the toilet seat when he was at my house. - andrewteel

The Contenders

11 Tooth Brush Falling Down the Sink's Drain Hole
12 Somebody Goes Before You and Stinks Up the Bathroom
13 Low Water Pressure
14 A Rat Trying to Come Out of Your Toilet

IT IS JUST laugh out loud BAD THINGS

15 Someone Walking In While You're Trying To Masturbate
16 Water Splashes Up Your Butt When a Turd Drops In the Toilet

Happens every time to me - IdioticBeans

This happens a lot. It is just gross.

17 Sink Dripping at Night
18 Soap Slipping Out of the Hand
19 Somebody Takes a Shower Before You and Uses Up All the Hot Water
20 Toliet Overflowing
21 Wet Door Knob
22 When the Toilet is Clogged
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