TheTopTens No-Hate Week


The masses have spoken. What we thought could be a cool promotion turns out was unfortunately not well received, at least by those motivated to voice their opinions. So, before it has started, we're going to do away with No Hate Week.

We felt that users might appreciate a more positive vibe for a little while. Seemed like a fun experiment to see if the overall experience on this site could become a more enjoyable one. But as is evidenced by the comments below, our view does not appear to be a shared one. Regardless of whether this is because of a genuine difference of opinion, or a fear about and misinterpretation of what was going to transpire (i.e. people falsely believing lists were going to be deleted), the end result is that this idea is one that has proven to be ill-suited at this time.


Most people have heard from their parents the adage "If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all." It is with this in mind that we are going to host the first TheTopTens No-Hate Week, starting Mother's Day 2015 (May 10th-16th, 2015).

The premise of this No-Hate week is that parents usually try to instill a sense of patience and understanding in their children before sending them off into the world to live as adults. Life is not always fair and is rarely easy; so often the only defense against becoming bitter and cynical is to approach life's situations with some humility and optimism. With this in mind we are going to honor that mentality, and promote a more positive mindset on TheTopTens for a week. This brings us to the "rules" of the week ahead:

Items and comments will be approved as per usual (meaning that they still must be appropriate, relevant to the list or item, and factually accurate). List approvals, on the other hand, will be subject to the following stipulation: No lists consisting of a context of negativity will be approved for the week. These include reasons to hate lists, worst things about something/someone lists, ways to kill someone, bad things that should happen to someone, people who should beat up someone... etc. Basically any list that condones, suggests, or otherwise references a negative opinion or behavior. Negative-based lists will remain unapproved, in the queue, for the duration of the week and only be moderated when the week is over.

So here's to honoring our parents' teachings by being more positive for a week.


I'm the first to oppose the idea. No offense, but it's just going to make the website all positive and stuff. This website is about experessing opinions, not putting everything and everyone up all the time. And I have very negative criticism for many things. - Turkeyasylum

Dude, it's just for a week. (No offense) but deal with it. - RockFashionista

I agree. I'm sorry admin but I'm tired of the policies. Please don't delete my account for this comment - Therandom

True that! - visitor

It's only for a week?
"we are going to host the first TheTopTens No-Hate Week"
First. There's more to come. - Puga

I am pretty sure it means that we don't literally go all-out HATE HATE on stuff. For example, on Justin Bieber we would say "Justin Bieber is not my idol. I find that he is very immature" instead of "I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER HE IS A GIRL NOT A BOY".

I would have liked this. - Serperior77

Hating someone for being feminine has more problems than just being hateful. - keycha1n

Agreed, Turkey. Hateful criticism is bad, but no criticism at all is worse. - visitor

(=^._.^=)/We are not born to be hateful...I think this no hate week idea is very mature. - CapriVoid

What about "worst singers" or something like that? - gemcloben

Good Point - BeatlesFan1964

This is ridiculous. I'm gonna do nothing but message the whole week. Not even any blog posts. - Puga

Can there be a hate-week too? Because every one being all happy and cheesy makes this site kinda lame. A fight is ok every once in a while but not every day if you know what I mean. - visitor

That's a terrible idea - visitor

(=^._.^=)/Oh god...why spread negativity? - CapriVoid

I find this site...
"Yay rainbows"
"Everybody is good! "
"Nice nice nice" - CerealGuy

You got that from 1984 by George Owen right? - Toucan

Um, wasn't this site made for opinions? I agree with Turkeyasylum. - Pony

(=^._.^=)/Yes,it's for onions,but does it have to be hateful and offensive? - CapriVoid

Not every negative opinion is offensive. - Puga

I'm sorry, but this, in my opinion, a terrible idea. I'm all for optimism and obeying my parents. I do not need YOU to force me to be positive. I will not be contributing to the site at all throughout "No-Hate Week". And I'm not the only one who feels this way.

You are remarkably adept at controlling our input to the site, yet you refuse to respond to reports of technical failures. I have messaged you multiple times this year with questions and glitch reports, but have never received a response. The only reason you fixed the blog glitch was because I asked Finch.

I'm pissed off over this whole affair, and unless something changes shortly, you can expect to lose one of your longest standing members. I've made a lot of friends here over the years, and I'd hate to lose contact with them, but I am, quite frankly, sick of this BS.

I'm sitting here deciding whether to hit "Add Comment" of not. **** it. - PetSounds

(Applause). I hope you don't leave though - Therandom

You know things are bad when PetSounds is swearing. - Puga

No offense mate but admin has always responded to me, and I think it's unfair to respond to admin like this when it's just an idea to raise positivity, something the world could do with. An opinion is fair enough but this comment has just done what admin was trying to avoid: hate.

Well admin, I'll be part of it, well I never hate here anyway, what's the point. You little kids wanna argue over a kiddies show like all that Arthur crap I heard, I say grow the f up. I find you hilarious :-D and that's not me hating. because I've never hated on here once - EvilAngel

Guy you're just being unreasonably #RUDE! Nobody forces you to do anything. What's more our admin's PERFECT & he has made a PERFECT site, so if you don't like it just go & make another one, we'll see which one's gonna be more successful. - Fan_of_Good_Music

The masses have spoken! - visitor

Fogm, that comment was just immature. This website is far from perfect, and telling PetSounds to create his own and see how far it goes is irrelevant and doesn't affect anything. - Puga

Why bother admin? No one likes your new policy. Everyone's taking the mick out of you in their blogs. Just don't bother. - IronSabbathPriest

You do know that the whole idea of having a week without saying an opposing opinion and only sticking with one side of opinions is downright idiotic and stupid.

Are you seriously gonna make this site into a PG-13 format full of ignorant kids who can't take criticism? Because that's what you're doing. Don't send me an elf costume and make me wear it for a whole month. - visitor

Not even the YouTube admins are as blind to morality as TTT admin(s). You seriously expect that a website that was ONCE as negative as it was positive, to have all it's members gather around to sprinkle flowers all over each other? I haven't found one user who likes this idea and I won't either. You even said life is unfair in this stinkin' blog life is unfair so why should we approach it with optimism if we're just gonna get smacked by harshness? - Puga

Oh yay! You've made sense for once! Seriously, thank God that's cancelled. - Puga

Huh. I think the reason Admin changed his mind is because I told him that it was going to have a negative reception. - Pony

I understood your intentions, yet I believe that it is not what this site needs. If some people thought the last one was too positive, I don't think this one would get a good reception. - gemcloben

I honestly don't know what to say. - cosmo

Well now I'm glad it got cancelled. I'm also glad that I was able to search for lists with the word "Worst" in them, or something among those lines, again. Just as long as we aren't being overly hateful of one another then this site will do just fine. - NuMetalManiak

Ok thanks Admin - 2storm

Thank you for listening, admin(s). I'm afraid I overreacted--frustation at lack of response and personal stress affected my better judgment, and I made the mistake of losing my cool. I apologize and will be contributing to the site as usual this week.

P.S. I'm not sure why people are so worked up over the twenty items business. It makes mobile browsing much easier. - PetSounds

I thought the 20 items thing on a list has gone downhill but it makes browsing to the next page on a list so much easier than scrolling down all the way to the bottom to 100. - cosmo

Well, I'm unsure of the not contributing now that the No Hate Week is out. All I personally wanted was to have the admins listen to the contributors. As long as that's still happening, I'm alright. I just hope next time, it doesn't take a wave of hatred to make our voice heard again. Admin has authority over us, but I don't like that they can push around faithful users of the site. But here, admin has proved out opinions as least matter to them. That's all I really wanted to achieve. - keycha1n

I agree. And to echo what I said when I came out against the strike, we only get this when we stay here to make sure it happens. As long as we have a point to prove, we have a responsibility to make it stand, but only by doing so without hostility. Admin do take our opinions into account, but would cease to respect that if we were to withdraw from the site. Would they do what a complete stranger tells them, or demands for them to do? - PositronWildhawk

As of now, my respect for admin is restored. But I did support the strike because it showed that the users mean business. It's just that so far this year, admin doesn't seem to have listened to or respected our opinions and complaints. This was a last-straw moment and I'm glad the strike was proposed. I most certainly would've participated if NHW actually happened. - keycha1n

I noticed that some people love the 20 items thing while others hate it, so I have an idea. You can set it to 20 items or 100 items in your account settings. - RalphBob

A good idea, but because of the way lists on TheTopTens are cached and served from different locations around the world, this level of customization is easier said than done. It's something we can revisit in the future if the demand is there, but for the time being, there are higher priority tasks we are working on. - admin

I, for one, am in favour of this notion. - PositronWildhawk

And I, for two, agree! Even if it isn't a priority, I might say that neither was changing the items format. Though take your time. A customization might be much trickier than some other minor problem like slow loading time. - keycha1n

You are just ruining the site admin making these stupid new laws - BigBrotherSucks

So everything's good now? - bobbythebrony

I sincerely hope so. As long at NHW is off as promised, and people can forget this ordeal and move on, all is well for the time being.
However, this does reflect on what some people here have to do to get their opinions across. I think a peaceful yet thorough and organised strategy is the way to go. - PositronWildhawk

I quit the strike, no hate week is off. - Therandom

I think admin should make something similar, but it's more like No BASHING Week. Sometimes, if you state an opinion people bash you, which is basically "YOUR OPINION IS WRONG THIS THING IS BAD IT IS WEAK WHY DO YOU LIKE IT". Instead, we would argue in a more peaceful way. - Serperior77

That's a good idea! - Pony

That actually sounds like a good idea. - cosmo

That sounds like an awesome idea. - Anonymousxcxc

Well, I personally didn't really care much about this idea. But what I really liked is about admin coming up with a creative thing. Though the idea was really boring. - Kiteretsunu

Wait no nothing bad so can we have a list lik this most hated things that should not be hated - Batmaniscole

I don't know about this but admin has a point the website is called thetoptens not theworsttens but we will see what happens and how others react I know inwill TRY to be fine BECAUSE I AM BATMAN but I am still not sure about this I am not 100% on bored about 60% - Batmaniscole

Applause - EpicJake

Serperior77 is right. You can't hate a guy for being feminine. You don't hate tomboyish girls, do you? - Animefan12

Limiting of free speech, much? I don't want the top tens to turn into Communist Russia! - CityGuru

Nor do I! - RiverClanRocks

MAN IT'S OVER! - visitor

I take a few weeks off on a vacation and when I come back all hell has broken loose. I feel like I just barely missed walking into the path of a tornado or something. This is intense stuff.

That being said, I am all for people's freedom to express their opinions no matter what they are or how positive or negative they happen to be. I am not really a big fan of hatred and "hate lists", but I will defend to the death for their right to speak.

Once you start putting boundaries on what people are allowed to say (within reason - death threats aren't needed, for instance) you start to act like a ruler with an iron fist.

Mediation is one thing, limitation is another. - BKAllmighty

Do one on Father's Day too! - visitor

Please no. - RalphBob

No. Besides, admin wouldn't do another as most people didn't want no hate week. - Therandom

Guys, I've got some "worst sth..." lists too & by the way one of them was very successful I guess... But all I want to say is that I totally agree with admin & I think it's a great idea to stop the hate & be positive for a week, so to start being positive generally, I suggest being positive & just thanking admin for that great idea:)

P.S. guys you could just make your negative lists after a week. What was the problem? - Fan_of_Good_Music

It was just an idea. It's not really good or bad, but is it so horrible that users had to strike against the site? - Garythesnail

I find this idea an extremely positive one. And I would have agreed with it, if I saw this on time.
Why? TheTopTens is starting to feel like The Lord Of The Flies by William Golding. The ones who get the reference will understand it.
TheTopTens is anarchy. Anyone can do whatever they want here, surpassing the limits of making other people feel bad. Luckily, most people here are amazing and kind, and what they say they don't do it to hurt others, hopefully. But truth is half people are very sensitive to hatred, no one should recieve that.
I agree with freedom of expression, but at the same time, I disagree with hatred as a constant all over the site for the same reason I disagree with an anarchist government: People are selfish and unwise, gently speaking.
Now, to speak in a way nobody ever speaks in this site, TheTopTens is full of children younger than 15 who talk about everything controversial in lifeand opine like they were PhDs. And as I find those people saying they hate whoever opines different, I laugh for it and at the same time wonder how a person who just wrote something because he just felt like mabe not even believing it can have such impact, with so many people being able to read it and maybe be influenced when the one who wrote it could be so wrong with so poor arguments.

Haha but to be honest, I just wrote up there whatever I wanted and I just felt like generating some controversy and fight here. Does it prove a point? Who cares. The site is fun and everyone can write whatever they want. As about hatred, I hate hatred and love love, so just go thinking how to make the next person smile and the world will be a better place :)

Whatever, folks. In any case, I find a no hatred week a great idea, as an iniciative from ourselves, but to be honest really don't care haha. The site is fun as it is, free and with everything. - keyson

I too support No-Hate week. - kormo

I also support NHW. I still don't get the point. How is hating something better than liking something? That too only for A WEEK? Anyways, like serperior77 said, Admins can make a no-bashing week around teachers' day. Thetoptens was way peaceful in January when I joined. No offense. - Animefan12

No one said hating something is better than liking it. It's equal. - Puga

Admin, half of those lists about killing someone are jokes. Also, I think we have the right to say what we want. It's the Internet, nothing can stop it! - MontyPython

I agree. There are many websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc that have many people that have a negative criticism for lots of things. TheTopTens is a website where the admins make a choice on what they think is BEST for TTT. The Internet isn't supposed to be like rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, etc. It is the Internet. The Internet isn't supposed to be kid friendly, you know. - EpicJake

Exactly! It is kind of like what Nostalgia Critic said,
"If the Internet was a cereal, it'd be a pretty f***d up cereal. And you'd also probably have to be 18+ to eat it." - MontyPython

I don't know but this is great idea, Actually I don't like the negative lists. Admin, your decision is great. - 05yusuf09

(=^._.^=)/We talk about tolerate and respect,while we hate others for who they are and what they like...

Shame. - CapriVoid

(=^._.^=)/To every user:
The No hate week won't stop us from giving out options,it just that we need to give out opinions in a PEACEFUL way,that all,plus,it's only ONE week,look,there are a lot of people out there wanting peace,they might even loose they're life's because of hate,and here,we have peace,and you still want a HATE WEEK!? SHAME! Treasure the peace we have. - CapriVoid

To the users:WOW,JUST WOW,why are all of you overreacting about this,this is just for one week,deal with it,and no,it won't turn Into a "happy happy rainbows everywhere" site,it's just some kind of activity,like some game,so quit whining - Nateawesomeness

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