My Parents

MLPFan I'm having a hard time with my parents and now, I'm in my room, writing this because I'm afraid they might catch me writing all of this. I don't know whether what my parents are doing to me is for my own good or not, so here are some things about them..

My father doesn't seem to care much about me or my brother. And he's a perfectionist. He'd always expect me and my brother to be perfect, and always disrespects us when we made mistakes. He'd use us because he's too desperate to be noticed by others, he thinks he has some kind of control on our lives and that we must act like how he wants us to. He'd even went as far as saying that we'll be poor if we disobey him.

My mother isn't any better. She always yells at me and my brother, puts us down, ridicules us and taunt us over our weaknesses. For example, If I cry too much. She'd laugh at me and mock at me when I cry. She's also a hypocrite: When we made a mistake, she calls us out over it but when she makes mistakes, we can't call her out for It and gets mad, saying stuff like "Shut up! I know better than you!". She'd even yell at us and treated us terribly when we didn't even do anything. She somehow supports bullying (I seriously don't know, but whenever some story about bullying that ends with the victim commiting suicide, she calls the victim stupid and doesn't even call out the bullies). When I was a kid, I was constantly bullied and harrassed, and at middle school I wad harrassed. And wanna know what she said? She says I'm just biased and that It's okay. Sure, bullying is okay and harrassment is okay, too! What a great message of the day, but actually It's not.

She and our father would force us to be what they want for their own good and see how we do things as meaningless, I always loved to draw, behind my introverted personality, I'd love to draw out of boredom. I'd look up for some references or inspiration online, try out different shades of colouring pencils, and look up for drawing kits online. I have always wanted to be a doctor, but I just love to draw, or read a good book or article online, and write my feelings or pour my ideas in a drawing or story.

But they wanted me to learn music and are very forceful about It. I love music, but they're starting to make me dislike learning it. One time, I was going to have a biology exam, and of course I had to study. But my parents forced me to play and even that I told them I have to study they said "One time won't hurt, stop being such a nerd!" But after one time, they told me to play more and more until I felt irritated and played by force, I made a lot of mistakes because of It, they realized this and yelled at me. They probably wanted me to be a musician (a.k.a. their own wish fulfillment tool because they wanted to be a musician or have a famous, rich kid). This made me grow afraid of making mistakes and decreased my interest in playing music and interest at anything else. Why? Because after I made such mistakes, they insulted my love for drawing and said I won't have a bright future.

They always compared me to other kids and It's not in a nice way. One time, we visited one of our relatives who brags about their kids way too much. And on the way home, my parents yelled to us like "They're proud of their kids, unlike us who can't be proud of kids like you two!" What kind of parent would say that to their kids? I'm sorry that I can't be the kind of kid you guys want, mom and dad. But nobody's perfect and they probably have their own flaws, too! And their kids are older than us, so that just proves my parents are biased.

I'm confused, like really bad. My parents had treated us like this since we were little kids, they've always yelled at me, they've always called me stupid, useless (and they'd also call us with curse words) and created too many expectations to me. I have to admit I do feel envious of other kids' freedom of stating their opinions, doing things they love without their parents yelling at them for It. You see, I don't receive such freedom by my parents.

I know It's not right to have so many things against your parents, especially your biological ones, but I just can't take it anymore. Am I really a terrible kid?


No, you're not a terrible kid. If anything, your parents are terrible parents at that. If your mother truly does approve of bullying, every authority at your school deserves to condemn her for thinking it's okay for bullying to happen. What your mother and father do to you and your brother is just lowbrow of them. I know you may feel intimidated by them, but no matter what, just know that your parents can't always be right.

All in all, try and consult your counselor and maybe even your principal at your school about the problem. Hopefully, they can sort things out with your parents and make your life and your brother's life better. If the problem still persists, go back and consult with your counselor and/or principal again so they can put down this abuse for good. Even if this problem continues, the best thing you can do is consult any authority at your school to deal with this problem. Trust me, don't be afraid to talk with your school's authorities about any problems you have at home. If something is bothering you and hindering you in real life, your voice deserves to be heard. I truly hope one day your parents can be taught that what they're doing is wrong and that they realize the error of their ways. Otherwise, they deserve to be jailed for child abuse. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Normally, I don't appreciate the whole "My parents suck" rant, but this... Wow. This is not normal parenting whatsoever. I don't think I've ever known any parents so controlling that they prevent you from doing something as important as STUDYING FOR EXAMS. These parents do not deserve your respect. - visitor

Awww Sartika. Where did all the onions come from...

You know, it sounds like your parents have clinical NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). You may wanna research that.

In the meantime, remember that you have people like us who love to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Stay safe xxx - TwilightKitsune - TwilightKitsune

I feel so bad for you m8 :( My parents makes me upset occasionally and can be controlling at times, but overall they are still wonderful parents and I understand that they mean well. From what I've been through, I suggest that you try to talk about this to your friends, they can truly support you a lot mentally and may help you feel better. And remember that you always have us here on this site who will always support you the best we could. I wish you the best. - Goku02

Your parents are honestly worse than my parents. They support my hobbies and don't force me to do a career I don't want to do only for their own benefit. Your parents are honestly very selfish, when in fact what makes a great parent is unselfishness. Support bullying? What kind of parent would support bullying, my parents always defended me when I got bullied, it is truly sad for a parent to support the bullying of their own children. Saying you won't have good future? Once you are successful, you can tell them "You never thought I would be successful, well guess what? I am now". My parents disrespect my likes, like banning me from metal because they think its Satanic and kpop for not knowing the language, skateboarding because it's too dangerous to them and even PPG for being too violent when a lot of other parents let their children like this stuff. And they also don't let me go outside by myself to my friends house and play outside, when I want to. But at least my parents aren't selfish, or don't support bullying, or restrict my career choices. You should teach your parents how supporting bullying is wrong and show them suicide videos. I sometimes also may envy how much more freedom my classmates have than me, so I can relate to that. - visitor

Did something bad happen to your parents in the past? - visitor

Okay. I think that you should talk to your grandparents if they aren't like your parents they will probably help you. My parents can be annoying but they aren't like this I feel sorry for you - visitor

Your parents are narcissists. Google it! Narcissism is VERY SERIOUS and you need to get away from your parents as quickly as you can. For help dealing with it, got to Reddit and type in "r/raisedbynarcissists" for a support community of made up of other people who have narcissistic parents/guardians.

I repeat: THIS IS NOT NORMAL! - BlueTopazIceVanilla