Because I Said So


Very extremely annoying. They repeat this crap over and over again until your ears bleed. ENOUGH WITH THE I SAID SO! IS THAT YOUR CATCHPHRASE OR SOMETHING? VERY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL.
Here is my list of the family members you people have and they are getting on your nerves really bad.
#1 mothers: sometimes even moms can make your life horrible dude. They always like to be doing annoying things to you like turn off your tablet or whatever other device you have. Sometimes they can be nosy to like reading your diary or your texts but that doesn't happen to me though. They can sometimes ask what are you doing and all that other crap they say but here is the mothers annoying quote/catchphrase:NO. Well that is there quote it is the word NO.

Your siblings:even siblings can be annoying. They repeat words over again well if you have a sibling under the age of 8 then that's true. If you have a sibling from ages 12 and up then they act mature and responsible. Siblings can get into ...more

I HATE THIS SO MUCH! So I was at my niece's house and I had my phone to do my Spanish homework. My niece was helping her mom cook their food for their New Year's dinner and I wanted to go there with my phone. My mom stayed in my godmother's house (which is on the other side) and made me keep my phone with her. I asked why and she said because I said so. She said I was going to bother my niece and I said that's why phones exist to go on it while you're waiting for someone. My mom made me give her my phone regardless. I love my mom, but sometimes she is too much for me to handle.

This is the worst answer to an argument. It's not relevant, and it will never be. How is that answering a question?! "

"Son, go to your room! "

"Why, dad?! "

"Because I said so! "

I absolutely loathe my parents when I ask why I have to do something a particular way and end up being treated like some no-common-sense idiot with a rebellious attitude. Yet they wonder I don't know things and rebel during stupid arguments. I mean, can't I just ask solely because I really want to understand the reason behind it? It's not like I rudely refused or anything. Dumb asses.

Me doing homework. The mom comes. I look at her. She looks at the homework. "Do this part." She says. I tell her "That's not homework". "DO IT." the mom says. "The teacher didn't say." I say. "But I said." mom says. The agruement goes for a long time. Finally me do it.
Before handing in Homework-I rub it out. The teacher looks at our homework. "Sam. Come here." teacher says. "You are not meant to do this part". "He tells her "Mom told me to.". "Didn't you tell her? " the teacher says. "I did" Sam says. "Are you sure? " Me put me hand up. "That's what me mom said." "Really? " she says. "I rubbed it out before I handed it." I say. "O.K. I will talk to your parents at the parent/teacher interview." she says. Interview is a long time away.
A homework later. Me get homework. The mom looks. "Didn't you do this part? " Me say "No". She see's note left by the teacher. "O.K. I understand." The note says that parents shouldn't force what's on the homework because they are not up to it. A ...more

Because I said so is such a sorry reason for a kid to do something. The kid HAS to do it, but it lengthens the relationship distance between parent and child. It would be a lot better if parents gave their kids a valid reason or try positively lying. For example:

The wrong way to do it:
Parent: "Eat your vegetables son"
Child: "Why? "
Parent: "Because I said so"
Child: "I hate you"

The right way to do it:
Parent: "Eat your vegetables son"
Child: "Why"
Parent: "Because only cool people eat it and you'll be better at basketball. You do want to be a cool basketball player right? "
Child: "Yes! "
Parent: "Then you gotta eat your vegetables to become a cool basketball player! "
Chidl: "Okay! " - Mcgillacuddy

"Mom can I go to the mall with my friends? " "Did you get your room clean? Did you do the dishes? Clean your bathroom? (Etc) "yes, I did all of that mom. So can I go? " "No" "why not?! I did everything you asked me to do! " "Because I am your mom and I said so" *facepalm*

My mom always asks me to help her in the kitchen or hang up decor but I really don't feel like doing anything and when I ask if I could maybe help with something else she starts yelling about how ungrateful I am for everything she got me and always says I have to listen to her because "she's the parent".

This is the big killer in my family. mum goes away a lot, so it's just me, dad and my bro. dad and I keep having rows, and when I ask him why, if he doesn't just ignore my question, he says "because I told you so." what do I do, as I get severely punished for each argument, and if I try to reason, I get even worse punishment.

the most annoying thing about parents very conservative, very dictative, inconsiderate, irritating, elitist that they know about our future. that is the dumbest comment I've ever heard - ronluna

A few days ago I aled my mom to get something like pizza or something she said no when I asked why she said because I said so but then a few days later she asked me to help her with something on the computer when she asked why and I said because I said so she flipped and told me to give her one good reason good thing I recorded the other conversation a few days earlier and showed her said said it was fake but you could easily see she was lying

Always the argument. I actually took this babysitting course and it says "never say because I said so" and I showed it to them and they used their favorite argument. "We pay for everything. We can say whatever we want to you. Or we can take whatever we want from you."

Parents are mostly kind and loving, but GOSH is this annoying! Because they're an adult they expect me to hang on every word they say, and my decision or opinion doesn't matter! I mean clearly I must be immature considering I'm only fourteen! What is this good-intentions you speak of? - Flowersocks2137

! One time my grandma made me some tomato soup and grilled cheese. I grabbed a bit spoon and she was like "No! That's a dinner spoon (since she labels them) we are having lunch! ". I said it wasn't a big deal and she said "Fine! Then I'm not serving you! Besides your too lazy anyways! " I went to go get it but then my brother knocked it out of my hands ( he's 8). It got all over her floor so she told me to go clean it up. I asked why and she said because I said so! I know she isint a parent but we basically live at her house!

When parents say this, it makes me extremely mad mostly because they're acting like children and not giving you a reason for whatever they're talking about. Instead, they should act like a mature adult and tell you WHY, so you won't question them later, if they have a reason at all.

They think they're being tough or smart or something. It's actually pretty dumb, because it's not a logical answer. And it just goes to show that power corrupts. They will make their kids do something and they have no good reason. They just want to bully someone and make themselves feel big or something.

This is known as misuse of authority in the form of dictatorship. Often parents have no good logic for something or may think their decision making is perfect so they don't feel the need to justify their decisions

They really need better reasoning.

Me: Hey so my friends all want to jump off a bridge, can I go?
Parents: NO!
Me: Why not?!
Them: Because I said so!

What really needs to happen...

Me: Hey so my friends all want to jump off a bridge, can I go?
Them: NO!
Me: Why not?!
Them: because you can fall to your death and die!

Yeah. Whenever I wanna do something fun with friends, either they have to be there. By forcing themselves into it and when they say no. I ask "What's the reason for you saying No? " And they usually respond "Because I said so! " I hate my parents.

Why should parents use this reason it doesn't mean anything! It just shows that they don't have an answer on why you can't do what you want to to and they should just give us what we want!

I've always wanted one of those jackets that have a letter on them for Christmas. Today I asked my mom and she said no no they don't have your letter understand they only have A and B ask your dad so they can make you one. I asked her again and she said I already told you. At my school there is like eight kids that were a damn jacket with a random letter on the side it does not represent their stupid first name.

I know RIGHT! They think they're always right, so they say "because I said so" if they don't have a reason. Then they try to take away a privilege for not doing it, because there's no reason to. That's basically BLACKMAIL!

Clearly if I ask why it means that I just want the reason as to why I can't go because maybe we can work something out or maybe I can just know why. And when they say because I said so it makes me more mad because that's no the proper answer to my question. But as soon as I say it I'm being rude

I hate when my mom says this! When she tells me to do something I don't want to, at least she should give me a reason. not just 'because I said so'. it doesn't mean anything to me.

This is so true, my parents always say that. My parents deleted on of my apps off my phone, and I asked them why they deleted it, and they said, "Because you're not using it responsibly." Then I asked them why and they said,"Because I said so."