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201 When they say you can't do something because you're on your phone.

My mom always says I can't do anything or even react to her when I'm on my phone with is a lie I do a lot of the cleaning at home.

I get treated like this and I don't even have a phone.

Oh but you can totally watch T.V. and play Candy Crush? I guess I don't have the attention span to do that somehow even though I go to school and do three things at once sometimes. Who can do what again?

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202 They won't leave you alone!

Whenever I do homework my dad just won't leave me alone he will be asking if he can help 5 times and when I say no he gets really mad and says I have your phone it will be mine if u don't listen

I have a birthday party and they don't leave me alone. It's MY birthday party, and I at least want some privacy, not crowding me. - MinecraftHater

They will not leave you alone

When I was in 3rd grade, I was doing some math as homework and my Dad just kept sitting next to me and staring at my paper. It creeped me out - Stazemar000

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203 They invite kids you don't wanna have a playdate with

This has been true since I was like 3. Hopefully they won't start setting up actual dates too...

She invited the worst people in the whole school. She was also racist and sexist about who she invited. I had no choice.

My mom does this. She always invites kids over and it's so awkward.

Luckily, my parents are not like that - Stazemar000

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204 They call you "girl" because you have long hair

They called me a girl when I was a baby because I had and I have long eyelashes I hated this

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205 They support politicians you hate

Lucky me I don't have parents like this and they are called CANDIDATES if they are running for presidents in US. - njalabi63989

I support Hillary Clinton so does my parents

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206 They hate you

My dad alway tells me that I'm bad at everything even when I do good thing like getting 1st place in school entrance test but he ignore it also I am the best student in the room but I got treatd the wrose in the whole class am I really a trash to my dad eyes? or I am just a bad kid and sometime he yells at me beacause I was fighting with my lil brother because he destroyed my gamboy cartridge and then my dad come so my brother win and I got locked in my house for 1 day do you think they hate me? I think they do

207 They don't let you download games

! So true! I have this dumb restrictions thing on my phone where if I want an app my parents have to approve it. So basically I can only have games that THEY like.

I can't even jailbreak my iPhone 5 to dual boot to iOS 6. I hate the theme of iOS 7. I wanna have a lot of themes for my iPhone. But my Dad says "No. If you jailbreak you will lose updates". And I said " I hate updates". And he said "I don't care".

For people who don't know what jailbreak is jailbreak is something that unlocks every bit of freedom on your phone. It installs an app called Cydia and Cydia can let you download tweaks, themes, repos, file explorer, a command prompt (terminal) and so much more. - njalabi63989

My parents don't let download anything that is not education and not part of their interest and nothing to do with my school. - njalabi63989

I download some games secretly - FireWasp2004

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208 Sometimes they are too affectionate

I have really bad mood swings, severe anxiety attacks, and get hyper sensitivity. So pretty much if I get upset I can't talk to anyone or I will get worse. There was an incident in Christmas were my dad got me a 10gal fish tank, and I brought it to my mom's( divorced). The first thing she tells me is "no more fish". It's Christmas and now I have an empty tank so I get upset. 5 minutes later, she comes back and starts talking about how much she loves me and will now let me get any fish I want, then tries to hug me. Me and my anxiety self pushes her back and begins to get mad, because I'm confused. She keeps saying how much she loves Christmas and me. Like what mom? I'm now really confused and start to cry, and my goody two shoes sister who is in a fancy Christian college, starts saying that I'm being irrational and no one is gonna listen, then about how she loves me and doesn't wanna see me cry. I don't understand my family

209 They get mad if you laugh too loud
210 They don't let you watch Anime because they think it is violent, leaving you watching crappy channels, when your parents actually watch shows that are more violent than Dragon Ball Z and they like that type of show.

Very true I so agree

211 They compare Hatsune Miku to Holocaust
212 They give you a phone call at the worst possible time.

Just like the Geico commercial. If you're a mom, you call at the worst time. - railfan99

213 They cancel vacations you look forward to

Every single time! It gets canceled!

214 Special days for them, no special days for children

there is father's day, mother's day but no children's day, son's day, daughter's day - ronluna

Actually they're is a children's day. It's on the same day as Cinco De Mayo I believe. - Anonymousxcxc

My mom's answer to this:
"every day is kid's day"
Does the calendar say that? NO. It doesn't. So there.

There is apparently National Son and Daughter Day on August 11. Nobody writes it on the calendars. I show mom "So? " There would be no parents, grandparents or teachers without kids! Boss's Day is the next worse thing!

We have children's day in our country. It's on first June. - MinecraftHater

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215 They think that you can't do that job, work, etc

I work at a Hardware store/Lumber Yard, but mostly the Hardware store because I can't touch saws. There's usually some heavy stuff to lift and plenty of things that are manageable to move without heavy machinery. My mother, who wrecked her back piling logs and lifting heavy stuff, never lets me lift anything over...50lb's? It's annoying. Sure, I might not be a man but that doesn't mean I'm a pansy. If I tried I could lift really heavy stuff but I don't because I do know my limits. And her concerns would be justified f I was truing to do something like pile a forklift on my back, but I just lift boxes.

My parents keep telling me that I won't be able to do something, even though I want to do it. That just makes me want to prove them wrong, and I will do what I want to with my life. - Chelseyne

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216 You are too young to know anything

If I'm too young to know anything, how come you take me to school

AKA I don't know how to respond to you, so I am going to deny everything you said based purely on your age. No way your opinions may actually be justified.

Don't ya just hate it? I'm 16 for crying out loud I have to know at least SOMETHING by now... I'm bout to be legally grown in a year and a half

They say I am too young to know about politics. - njalabi63989

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217 They embarrass you in front of your friends.

Yeah, this happened to me recently. My mom said that I could invite some friends over for my birthday party, so I had about fifteen friends in my back yard. We were dancing and singing along to the songs when I see my mom dancing to 22 by Taylor Swift. It was pretty embarrassing...

I was at the store and a tall lady walked passed us that she knows and told my mom are you lost little girl and hit my moms head and my mom was embarrassed that I saw it I laughed and was like now you know what it's like.

I never get in trouble until my friend is over.

Don't get me started on this one. Those days when my parents make me embarrassed like crazy still haunt me like heck, which prevents me from being confident. Thanks for lowering my confidence! (Sarcasm) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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218 When they tell you to be a doctor and then when you say you don't they say oh it's your choice but if you decide not to they will be sad

One of my friends at that with her mom. Sometimes she would tell me "My mom said she wants me to be a singer when I grow up". And I tell her "you can be whatever you like when you grow up". I sometimes feel bad for her.

My grandma still believes women can only be secretaries and nurses. But, then again, she's in denial about not looking like she did in high school.

I can't really handle blood or gore, so, except for pharmacy and chiropractic stuff, the medical field is OUT.

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219 When my parents argue with me then after decide that they want to speak to me normally about something acting like I'm not angry over what they said

Don't act like words don't hurt

You can't argue with me and pretend it never happened, I won't let that happen. - Chelseyne

My parents and I always argue about me not doing anything and being a smart-aleck. The next day they're acting like nothing had happened.

220 When parents think you are a loser!

Like so. My mother always think I am badly behaved in class but actually I am very well behaved

My parents has never even said "well done" to me. When I tell them I got high grades, they just say "You better be".

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