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221 When they read everything out loud

Oh my... Have to hold back a stream of curses here. I never got to have pets, just plants. When one dies I blame myself and feel like crap and wanna be left alone. Then mom comes in to read a random chunk or whole chapters about a book she THINKS she understands.

My mom does this EVERY SINGLE TIME she sees text on the screen. - NoodleRidley

I ask my dad to read my personal statement to see if he has any feedback for me, and he starts reading it out loud from beginning to end. I'm like if I wanted to hear it, I could do that myself. - Chelseyne

I came home from school one day. And I'm 16 and my mom is in her room with her door open but she didn't hear me come inside but I make a snack and go upstairs to my room to eat and I hear her reading "50 SHADES OF GREY" out loud! And she comes out of her room holding a vibrator and only wearing a bra and panties and just goes "oh honey I didn't hear you come in. I was doing some laundry" 😑

222 When they bum in on your Skype and delete contacts

This is so annoying because they thing there's gonna be a peterfile when there's only close friends

That totally annoying that happend to me

223 Complaining about sitting on the computer all day

My mom complains that I'm "wasting my life" playing video games, even though she has no job and spends the entire day watching soap operas

Me: Can I go out with friends? Can I go shopping? Can I go to the park and fly the kite you bought me? Can we go to the park and play tennis or baseball?

Them: NO!


Them: Why do you play on the computer an wii? It's beautiful out!

Funny fact actually, I'm never on the computer more than 3 hours a day (Max 4), yet they complain about me being a game freak with no life. I'm 15, and an uneducated animator and game scripter, they don't even care!

Not my parents but my aunt and that's especially unfair since she lets her own daughter, my cousin, be on the computer, all day everyday while I only really do that on the weekends.

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224 They are so embarrassing

My dad dances in public and is it's so embarrassing so much that I have to go somewhere else

When My Dad danced in front of me I think my eyes we're bleeding. - MinecraftHater

And this is why I hate going out with them

Mom: hey, want to go have a PLAYDATE with your friend?
me: sure, I'll GO OVER TO HIS HOUSE
Mom (on phone): Hey Mary, my son wants to have a PLAYDATE with your child.

***kill me now***

225 When they ignore anything good and focus on anything bad
226 Accuse you of being pregnant every time you don't feel well.

Every time I have a stomach ache or am grumpy my mom accuses my of getting my period and not telling her

I am a boy, and my parents accuse me of being pregnant. My girlfriend also got accused of being pregnant in random conditions since she was 6 months old. what!?

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227 When you have a bad attitude one day and that attitude automatically becomes your personality

If I have ONE BAD DAY and I'm grumpy for the rest of the year I'm considered grumpy even when I'm having a really good day!

Normally I am a very smile happy person. But I was a bit melancholy today and my mother decided that I am depressed and started interrogating me on why I was depressed.

Except that you did not actually have a bad attitude and they are just being stupid.

I consider myself a happy go lucky 🍀 guy

228 They tell people your secret although you asked them not to

That's what happens to me. I just say to my mom not to tell this to anyone.


229 When you really hurt yourself and they say stop overreacting

I had a concussion in the 6th grade from falling down the stairs. My mom was forcing me to go to school and I kept dosing off and I couldn't pay attention in class. My mom wouldn't believe me or any of my teachers that I was seriously injured. So my teachers had to me go the nurse one day withought calling my mom first and I did in fact have a concussion and my mom was so mad at me for "not telling her that I was actually hurt! "

My mom made me walk on a broken foot for two days because she didn't believe me. It took another moms saying to actually get me to the ER... I had to miss school for 4 weeks because I had to be homeschooled...

Once I smashed my foot on a log and it was swollen and it felt like hell and I was about to cry and they said "stop overreacting its not that bad" when it was like the size of Easter egg (the ones you get in a box)

One day day I had diarea and my mum said your fine later after lunch I shat my self and after that I said what did I say then she shout whatch your attitude

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230 After they yell at you they tell you to do something V 1 Comment
231 You are not allowed to know their secrets, but they are allowed to know yours. V 4 Comments
232 When you are going somewhere like your bedroom and during that, they look everywhere in your search history

I swear my parents do this when I'm with my friends, or when they get out early from work. because somehow they found about my WHOLE LIFE STORY in like a day. That and they don't "trust me" because of the "stupid mistakes" I've made in the past because they go online and check my messages on me phone through Verizon to see what I'm talking about. Even if I do text words like "crap" or other things it's not like I never hear them curse! My dad is constantly cursing and his "favorite" word is "s***" My mom has even had " The Talk" with me so why does it even matter?!

My mom doesn't trust me and she had done this a couple times so I'm afraid she's going to check my history every time I leave her alone with my computer and my dad has threatened me a lot about how 'he can see everything I type'

Just use your bad searches in private browsing and good in normal mode; that will do the trick.

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233 They buy your siblings things that are worth tons of money and you have to earn the things that you want

Yes sounds about right. I really wanted a new iPod after my mum dropped my one and smashed all the screen. The next day she buys my sister one and says that I have to wait and buy mine with my money. How can she break mine but get my sister a new one especially when her one is only 6 months old

My mother just says that everything is fair but when your brother gets an 800 dollar object that he needs, my sister gets a 1600 dollar object that she needs, and I have to earn my 400 dollar object. They just get given it and that's fair somehow? I do not get their logic.

I have to do all the chores for a week to earn $1, and my brother gets everything he wants for free. - Kaboom

That doesn't happen to me but that is horrible

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234 They claim incognito mode is bad all the time

So my mom is always saying that when in hard situations in school, don't bring attention to yourself, and be cool. But then when I tell them I was quiet and was cool,they get pissed at me. Why though!

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235 They expect you to be perfect

My parents think I procrastinate on long term projects, and they don't understand I am busy doing short term stuff. Now they are overreacting and making my teachers counsel and check in with me.! What if I have a certain way of doing projects huh? Leave me alone! All my grades are A's and higher. What else do you want me to do?


236 They spend too much time with you

Lol, the 'they died' one made everyone feel too guilty to continue.

I wonder what kind of person added the "they died" one. :3

237 They think your social anxiety is fake

This is sooo very true! I mean my mom was being very loud and screaming at me and I was getting upset... like every time I tried to say something should would scream at me or hit/slap me and she made me cry and my face was turnign red and I tolf her to stop because I was starting to have an anxiety attack but noo! She told me to shut up, and I went to school that day and my whole school noticed how I was off because I was grumpy and upset about it until 8th period when I spoke to my boyfriend about it because he noticed I wasnt myself and he comforted me as I cried and told him how annohyng and fustrating my mom is and how she treats me with suh disrespect. I really do sometimes hate my mom.

238 Making your bed

I make my bed then about 2 minutes later my mum does it again and I can never tell the difference

I have to make the bed a lot.

One moment later (yes that's a unit of time): My mother is making the bed.

When she finishes, I can't tell the difference.

239 When you are enjoying yourself at the playground and your parents force you to try something else

When I am enjoying myself riding on the see saw, they will force me to try the monkey bars near my playground

Consistency is very good. Not inconsistency

They always want you to try something new

240 When they say they're doing all the work and we are lazy then boss us around.

Oh my mom is so lazy all she does is sit around watching korean shows that are similar and she eats then after she eats she complains about being tired but all she does is eat sleep and watch she doesn't even wash the dishes or even clean the house then she complains how dirty our house is! My dad is so tired he cooks goes to work everyday he cleans the house my mom wont even cook and she only works 3 days and she complains ah help me?

My dad works from home during the day which means he sits on his butt and takes calls and works from his laptop and then at night he sits on his butt and laughs up a storm, having a good time playing Call of Duty with his friends. I mean he does clean but he makes me do the heavy lifting like cleaning dishes which I hate.

My mom is so lazy, she has me do all her work and she just sits on the couch.

I do all the house work, put their dishes away, they throw the recyle to the entry way and tell me to put it in the garage. THEN they call ME LAZY! Drives me craazy..i'm 18 and things like this make me want to pack my stuff and leave. My mom claims that she does everything.

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