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241 They enjoy social occasions too much and you hate because they socialize for almost a year V 3 Comments
242 When they make awful "jokes" and get annoyed when you don't laugh

Seriously... My parents always try and be funny and I don't laugh because its NOT funny! And then they get pissed off and then use another "hilarious joke" which is "did you have a sense of humour removal? " WHAT.

Whenever my parents do that I just walk away no words come out of my mouth no warning I just suddenly get up from where I'm sitting and ho anywhere but where they are

My dad uses ME as the "main character".

I always laugh when this happens except it's my uncle who does it...because his jokes are so terrible.

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243 They have an attitude

I stay in my bedroom all day long unless I'm going to work, workout, visit cousins! - Johnny1991

My parents and I are talking about futbol and the world cup and then my parents want to act like I am having a condescending tone even though it is a regular conversation. come on parents! Get rea;! Quit treating me like I am 3 and treat me like I am 16

It's like my mom can get an attitude with me, but when I get one back, I'm the bad one maybe I should tell grandparents how you acting

Yes! Yes, THEY have an attitude. A stupid one.

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244 Inviting annoying family members to your birthday

I'm 15 and my birthdays aren't on good days. 2 days after the sandy hook shootings I turned 14. On my 15th birthday the worst school shooting in world history happened in Pakistan. Also, my family has embarrassed me on so many birthdays, that I hate celebrating my birthday. My parents force me too. They even insisted that we go out to eat, which we did. After I told them not to say anything, or make them bring out a cake and sing (which I find embarrassing), they told everyone in the restaurant that it was my birthday. Thank God they didn't bring out a cake otherwise I would've ran away from home.

I recently had a birthday party and my parents invited my gran! I usually have two birthday parties one for friends and one for family, I wouldn't have minded of my gran didn't always tell boring stories.

I know my dad always invites my baby cousin Jack and my aunt Lizzy who is the mother of Jack and basically Jack always gets upset about me going good presents and him just wanting them and moaning about him just whining

I am glad I have awesome gamer cousins, so I don't have any annoying family members. I feel bad for anyone that has annoying cousins or aunts and uncles. - AnimeDrawer

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245 To Not Respect Your Music

Kids now a days listen to terrible music! I'm 15 years old but I listen to Metallica, Anthrax, System of a Down, etc. Kids today listen to pop and hip hop songs about drugs and sex - DoroExploro13

You kids these days have terrible music. the music in my day was 100 times better than yours.

Dad: When I was your age, music was good! Your music is terrible! We wouldn't have had you if we knew you'd listen to this garbage.

No Slayer, no death metal, no...

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246 They ground you instead of talking about the situation

My mom thought I posted something on Instagram about my dance teacher, and said no Instagram until Monday. Then I was able to explain then she said oops sorry.

My parents never grounded me, they just screamed at me till I felt like killing myself. Still happens at least once a week.

thank u

My mom took away my games, and she won't give them back EVEN THOUGH I told her I learned my lesson and asked for my games back. DAMN IT SHE doesn't UNDERSTAND ME! 💢 It's so annoying I swear! Now she won't give them back ITS SPRING BREAK. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. I'm BORED OUT OF MY DAMN MIND!


Cause she won't forgive me even though it's Easter and I have nothing to do for fun. Except watch PBG on NormalBoots. It's so damn annoying when she does this.

247 Their long lectures

Holy crap this happens to me whenever I do something wrong! It's so annoying! Do I WANT to hear these long lectures? OH HELL NO. But my moms the parent so SHE tells me what to do and never lets me do what I want to do! Damn it that's so annoying. When my mom lectures me I'm like "Blah blah blah, get to the ' point already! " And my mom always never lets me leave until she's done talking I JUST WANT TO GO TO MY DAMN ROOM WHY can't YOU JUST LET IT SLIDE JUST THIS ONCE!

This happens EVERY time I forget to do something "yes dad, I know I heard this lecture about a million times now! "

Yess! My dad does this and it's so annoying. Like I get it already.

When I do the SLIGHTEST thing wrong, my grandpa gives me a 15 minute lecture while he makes his "angry face". IT'S SO ANNOYING! He acts like I threw popcorn and confetti all over the house! - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

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248 When they "borrow" your money and when you ask them to give the money back, they say: "I buy you clothes, food etc.

I didn't ask to be born and have you raise me and pay for my food, bills, housing (etc) you knew that when you had kids, you would be paying for extra expenses for 18+ years so why do You get to use the fact that you pay to "put a roof over my head" to not give me my money back when you BORROW it? Huh?

My dad owes me $700, and my mom owes me $2,896. All from the last 10 years of borrowed money.

Same thing happened my dad and my brother.

My dad owes me $150 - Nanis149

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249 They think they are smarter then you.

*As I'm crocheting a blanket*
Mom: "Are you sure that you're doing that right? Why isn't it a square shape? "
Me: "Because Mom, I just started it. The first row is a circle because it is impossible to start it out as a square. You have to gradually add rows to it to increase the size of it and it will eventually look like a square shape."
Mom: "I still don't think you're doing it right."
Me: "I think I know what I'm doing Mom. Do you know how to crochet? "
Mom: "Well, no but it doesn't look hard at all. It seems really easy. I don't know why you're getting so frustrated. It's just wrapping things and pulling a hook." IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE MOM

Not on some cases. My parents can't even play the piano and they're like YOU DID IT WRONG! START OVER!

Actually this is true

I am a Linux power user, and Dad works at Visa. HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT LINUX IS!

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250 When they let your younger sibling stay up later than you did when you were their age

This is the other way around for me except they lie. Me and my brother have school days on different days and my parents always say we go to bed at the same time. I always catch my brother awake at midnight when I get water and I was told 9.

This sums up my whole life.

Holy crap 4:30 in the afternoon. That is stupid.

When I was 7 I slept at 7:30 PM now my brother is 7 and he slept at 9:00PM
PS my brother sleeps at the same time as me. - njalabi63989

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251 You can do better.

Unless it's an A+ on a test, it's always, "you can do better than that." - Garythesnail

In my freshman year of high school, I did amazing 1st and 2nd quarter, with like 97 averages. In the 3rd quarter, my overall average dropped to a 94 but I had some big drops in some classes. Literally every single day my father reminded me of this. It was the most more able 2 months of my life.

Happened since I got a C and I got my history checked and got grounded. I have to go to the library forever tommorow.

252 When they make fun of your interests

I like anime and I spoke about it with my father and then my father starts to laugh because of the name of the character

They want me to hate all video games and all gamers (unless they're my friends) - njalabi63989

My mom teases me about liking minecraft instead of Call of Duty.

I don't even tell them my interests

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253 They force you to go to church

I love church, I'm a Christian and I'm usually forcing my mom to go because like it says in the bible (John 3:16-17) that God loves us

I don't hate it, I'm just glad I'm in a youth group. At the normal service, we have to stand for 30 minutes of songs, and my legs ITCH like CRAZY.

I hate listening to the service and it's so boring that I don't even want to go I just want to stay home and do what I want to do

I'm a Coasterist, and going to church is TORTURE.

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254 When at a store you ask them if you could get something and they reject saying they don't have enough money but then they buy something for themselves that's more expensive then what you asked for

I'm 12 and I asked my parents for Jedi Knight: Jedi academy on steam for 10 dollars and they said "It costs to much" and then they go on and rent some movie for 25 dollars. What sense does that make?

My mom went to the mall and she promised me Fallout 4. She went home and told me that the game was a rip off. She then said, on the bright side I got this nice Dolce and Gabbana purse for a $250 what a steal

I asked my mum for a twix which was about 50p (British pounds) and she says "no it is to expensive" and we come out of the store with £40's worth of food

255 Keep piling up the chores

My mom is nagging about it and my back hurts. how about "how are you feeling? " instead of get it done?

256 They say you lost something when they lose a lot of things themselves

They borrow my stuff, lose it, and blame it on me. I've never lost anything myself.

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257 When they give you the same punishment over and over, when it clearly is making no difference.

When I was little my parents would give me spankings, and they never worked, in fat they had the opposite effect. Then they moved on to time outs and grounding me, which had no effect, because I didn't care either way. They really need to be more observant. Then they moved on to taking away the things I need to do school work, and I just thought *If I get bad grades, you can't yell at me for it* - Chelseyne

The entire concept of a punishment in a relationship between two equal human beings is bull. A punishment is not the consequence of your actions; it is the consequence of their willingness to punish you. If what you did was really bad there wouldn't need to be a punishment to prove it

My Mum used to put hot sauce on my tongue when I mis-behaved. But I started liking it so now I have her to thank for my spicy food obsession.

Yes when I get up for school late and my mum is taking my iPad and phone away. I mean. My MUM WAKES ME UP CLEArly she isn't DOING HER JOB CORRECTLY.

258 They compare their childhood to yours

My dad always complains about me not working as hard as he did when he was my age (14)

Dad-"When I was your age, I fixed the car, washed the dishes, cleaned the house, made the meals, and you sit on your ass all day on your computer"

Me-"I am 13 dad" (last year this started)

Dad-"I don't care, stop being lazy, and don't give me that look" (as I look at him)

My mom always says she never disobeyed her parents, and learned her lesson after being spanked once. I always think *I am not you, and I highly doubt you never disobeyed your parents.* - Chelseyne

Whenever my mom does that I want god to just strike with lightning and I actually pray for that

Times change. You're not a child anymore. - 906389

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259 When you get in trouble for something you did not do

Yeah I remember once my cat broke something and I got into trouble for it

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260 When you do the littlest tiniest thing and they overreact...a lot

I said I didn't like the company Nokia and she pretended to have a heart attack!

My dad does this all the time, like if I do something, for example talking with my sister. And then we start having a little argument (but it is not an argument) he storms over to us and starts getting mad...OVER NOTHING.

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