Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents

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261 They don't listen to your advice

When I give them my advice they think I should shut up like I'm stupid

My momtells me to not tell her what to do when I give her suggesions and my dad says to shut up

262 They ignore you when you try to talk V 1 Comment
263 They treat you like a slave.

Me: *Sleeping peacefully in bed during the WEEKEND while mom is getting ready to go to work*Mom: SARAH?Me: Hmmm?Mom: GET UP SO YOU CAN PACK MY LUNCH AND MY THINGS IN MY BAG SO I WON'T BE LATE.Me: *Slowly gets up because tired*Mom: Today please!...Seriously?

264 When they don't buy you something for 1 dollar and then they buy something for 1000 dollars

When I was young I wanted a big car for like 3 dollars. My mom said NO and takes me for hand and she gets to shopping store and she spends tons of money on something she will not even carry

I want a stylus for 5 dollars but my parents said no then they spend on my sibling like $100. - njalabi63989

Especially when it has no use to them whatsoever and your item did.

My mom wouldn't buy tickets for The WWE Royal Rumble but she bought a $1000 phone!

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265 When they always say "School is always number 1"

I do gymnastics, and I have a meet during school tomorrow. My mom thinks I should do my homework anyway. There's no point in doing it today because if I turn it in next week, I won't lose points for it being late. I have an a- in math anyway. My mom thinks I'm stupid for not doing it today. But I don't need to.

My mom thinks I can't be a guitarist. I'm not allowed to play my Xbox. It's all because I have a c in 10th grade math (I'm in 8th grade). Just because my teacher didn't put the grade into the book, means that I'm failing. They want me to be in tutoring and my mom thinks I'm an idiot. She is the real idiot.

I'm 18 and can't have social media because my dad thinks it's a distraction from school.My mom agrees and I told them I will monitor myself. My dad is like "no I don't want you failing university bring distracted" sigh! I'm pretty sure its going to take more than social media to fail university dad come on!

You know what would be number one? NO SCHOOL. - MinecraftHater

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266 They always fight with each other

Mom and dad fight over the dumbest things

Every once in a while, but it tends to stop within 15 minutes. - IcetailofWishClan


Like yogurt

267 They talk with someone for ridiculously long periods of time

My mom spends talking with my grandma for 30 minutes on the phone. Then We pay so much money because of it. - MinecraftHater

Whenever my mom talks to my pastor they talk for a minimum of one hour...my mom tels me to sit in the car as she will be 10 minutes...that is yet to happen. I hsve had to wait for an hour for her at school since she picks me up...because she talked to him. But if I'm late or talk to anyone for a long time she invites herself into the conversationor makes it stop..
And if I'm late coming out anytime she picks me up I am in HUGE trouble

268 They care more about grades than you

This is so true like I get a NOT TOO TERRIBLE GRADE (I got 0.5 marks off an A but I have extra credit so it's an A) and they freak out and my mother says that it's still not good enough when I've already scored higher than 50% of my class. And my father is worse because he compares my grades to my cousin's and my cousin is 16 like NO you don't do that.

I make A's and B's! But the moment I make a C, they call me a lazy idiot - DoroExploro13

269 They call you kiddo

My grandparents call me "Suzie" or "Suzie que"! I HATE IT, IT'S NOT MY REAL NAME! They have been calling me that ever since I was 3! I'm 12! They still do it! - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

My parents don't know what's kiddo so. - njalabi63989

Even worse, they call me "munchkin"

In front of my friends,even worse. Like bro, express your love in a different way, by maybe calling me by my actual name!

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270 They are afraid of common things

Yeah, afraid of literally everything. My mom was afraid of the phone for 14 years even though she kept getting one.

My mom hates snakes,even seeing them and tells me to be brave at any situation

271 They love you

That doesn't mean that's annoying just because they're annoying or not... - IcetailofWishClan

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272 They waste money on stupid pets that you want
273 They get mad at you for dumb reasons

Yes,they do, stupidly. I just wore my fvrt dress and my mother said No u can't wear that dress because its sleeveless and too fit, do u want to attract boys or what? I was like what mom let me live my life. please live and let live

274 They ban you from everything you like the most

I got banned from Roblox just because it's a game. They think I will be obsessed with Roblox but I don't play it much. - njalabi63989

What?! That's SO stupid. I hate those kind of people. - Carsrule300

275 They hate when you talk back
276 They tell you to pause an online game
277 You tell them about your problems and they just think you're being dramatic

I tell my aunt I have social anxiety, she doesn't believe me and says I just "refuse to be social". She thinks it's fake and forces me to be social and threatens to ground me if I don't. - thunderstar1124

278 They vote for an uncertain leader

I feel like my mom complains to much about who is voted into office. I think if you don't vote, you shouldn't complain, because you aren't helping at all if you don't vote for the person you would like to be in office the most. - Chelseyne

My mom and grandmother voted for trump. - TeamRocket747

279 They want their son or daughter to have his/her job once he/she retire

my dad wants me to be a TOOL guy... like fixing cars, trucks, and ski-doo's :/... WOW... sum jobs

My mom wants me to be a librarian my whole life full time and work 6 days a week.

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280 When they listen to the older sibling simply because they are both sympathetic
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