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261 They are afraid of common things

Yeah, afraid of literally everything. My mom was afraid of the phone for 14 years even though she kept getting one.

My mom hates snakes,even seeing them and tells me to be brave at any situation

262 They love you

That doesn't mean that's annoying just because they're annoying or not... - IcetailofWishClan

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263 They waste money on stupid pets that you want
264 They get mad at you for dumb reasons

Yes,they do, stupidly. I just wore my fvrt dress and my mother said No u can't wear that dress because its sleeveless and too fit, do u want to attract boys or what? I was like what mom let me live my life. please live and let live

265 They ban you from everything you like the most

I got banned from Roblox just because it's a game. They think I will be obsessed with Roblox but I don't play it much. - njalabi63989

What?! That's SO stupid. I hate those kind of people. - Carsrule300

266 They hate when you talk back
267 They tell you to pause an online game
268 They vote for an uncertain leader

I feel like my mom complains to much about who is voted into office. I think if you don't vote, you shouldn't complain, because you aren't helping at all if you don't vote for the person you would like to be in office the most. - Chelseyne

My mom and grandmother voted for trump. - TeamRocket747

269 They want their son or daughter to have his/her job once he/she retire

my dad wants me to be a TOOL guy... like fixing cars, trucks, and ski-doo's :/... WOW... sum jobs

My mom wants me to be a librarian my whole life full time and work 6 days a week.

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270 When they listen to the older sibling simply because they are both sympathetic
271 When they butt into your conversations like they know everything

Scientists forbid I ever try to help my mom with something technical. She doesn't know anything about electronics. She doesn't know what hashtags or portals are until winter of 13 she didn't know what an iPhone was and spring that same year, I told her what instagram, twitter and andriod was. If I can see what she's doing wrong and I try to help her with the computer, she just swats me away and tells me to go away. Then spends the rest of the day whining. Finally I just run in the room grab the mouse and click on it or whatever I need to do or yell at her what to do. Then she just says "oh well I was just going to click on that" then takes my phone away for being forceful. Your lucky to have me or else you would be so a cave woman. You're Welcome... Aeh hem

I tried to explain my father how he can save a picture on the computer and he interrupts me every second word trying to complete my sentence...
Me: You hover over the picture and...
Dad: (in a louder voice) press the windows key!

Yes oh my god that is so annoying

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272 Complaining how tired they are even if they work for like a little bit

For those parents who have the office job, there's no need to complain about being tired when you ride the elevator sit at a desk for 7 to 8 hours a day drinking starbucks.

My mom does nothing while I'm at school all day and then when I get home (walking home) she always complains about being so tiered when she has not even left her room except to get food

I'm gonna have to pass my parents for this one. They have arthritis. But they don't have to nake me their maid. - Garythesnail

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273 Inviting annoying family members to your birthday

I'm 15 and my birthdays aren't on good days. 2 days after the sandy hook shootings I turned 14. On my 15th birthday the worst school shooting in world history happened in Pakistan. Also, my family has embarrassed me on so many birthdays, that I hate celebrating my birthday. My parents force me too. They even insisted that we go out to eat, which we did. After I told them not to say anything, or make them bring out a cake and sing (which I find embarrassing), they told everyone in the restaurant that it was my birthday. Thank God they didn't bring out a cake otherwise I would've ran away from home.

I recently had a birthday party and my parents invited my gran! I usually have two birthday parties one for friends and one for family, I wouldn't have minded of my gran didn't always tell boring stories.

I know my dad always invites my baby cousin Jack and my aunt Lizzy who is the mother of Jack and basically Jack always gets upset about me going good presents and him just wanting them and moaning about him just whining

That is just annoying! It's my birthday so leave me alone! - MinecraftHater

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274 Your mother takes you to a store just to get clothes every week and weekends

My Mom lets me have my share after shopping we get to go to Gamestop, Grocery (come on I want food too), and have a good lunch

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275 They give out to you for being 'cheeky'
276 Keep telling you to do things non stop

It is so annoying especially when they don't do it to your other siblings.#awful:'-

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277 I'm doing this for your own good

BEATS YOU, its for your own good
EMBARRASSES YOU IN PUBLIC, its for your own good

No friends allowed! Mom gets a restraining order that requires ALL MY FRIENDS to move OUT OF THE STATE, and that's for my own GOOD?!?!

Can't tell you how true this is.

A very horrible excuse. - njalabi63989

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278 They laugh when you are being serious

I am trying to talk. I am NOT a stand up comedian. Shut up. Jesus

But then are serious when you try to make them laugh.

Ok, so I used to be at this school where I got bullied a lot and didn't have much friends. I ask my parents if I could transfer to a different school and they laughed. Finnally, my parents get an email from my principal saying that I have been getting bullied. They thought it was a jole until she showed footage of them bullying me. They tell me "Why didn't you request a transfer? ". One year later, I finally transfer and everyone is happy.

I told my mom I wanted to kill myself and she laughed. She still does it.

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279 They tell you you're a failure

My parents would NEVER do this to me. - OhioStateBuckeyes

Nope, never happened to me. When someone calls me a failure, it's always me. - IcetailofWishClan

Well, they never said it to me, but there is a start for everything.

It's nothing new I get that everyday

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280 They treat you like a kid

I'm 19 and my mom is always paranoid that I'm going to get kidnapped when I go hang out with some friends. I tell her that I'm a 19 year old guy I'm not getting kidnapped.

I can't even walk to a store that is like 5 minutes away

I can't even go to an Apple store which is 7 minutes away. - njalabi63989

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