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281 They treat you like a kid

I'm 19 and my mom is always paranoid that I'm going to get kidnapped when I go hang out with some friends. I tell her that I'm a 19 year old guy I'm not getting kidnapped.

I can't even walk to a store that is like 5 minutes away

I can't even go to an Apple store which is 7 minutes away. - njalabi63989

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282 They kiss you in front of your whole class

That happened to my friend earlier when we were walking home from school. She just grabbed his face and kissed his cheek. Alright! It was pretty funny but if that happened to me. I'd be in jail

Once my mom dropped off my lunch and kissed me on the cheek in class. Some people were staring. I wanted to bury myself alive.

I'm in 7th grade. My parents picked me up and kissed me in front of the whole school.

283 Tell you to not do something, yet they do it themselves

My mom tells me not to curse, yet she does it so many times!

I understand I get mad at video games a lot and my dad gets mad at me.

I know it's so anoying. My dad gets mad at video games so do I and my mom and dad get mad at me whenever I do it but its ok for my dad to do it. - WWEfanJayden

284 They tell you you will get married

Yeah this happens and I don't like any real girls I have 2 crushes but they are fictional characters

My parents tell me this all the time. And I'm here and everybody is all like I have a hot and awesome girlfriend and it makes no sence and is quite stupid. I don't like love or whatever anybody. But they keep saying YOU WILL. Yeah right!

My Dad told me I will never get married what!

My mom constantly asks me if I like anyone or think they're cute. I always tell her no because I don't like anyone and she's all like that's gonna change in a few years. :/

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285 You can't eat junk but they can.

My uncle offered me a chocolate bar but my grandma said "No he has diabetes" (but I don't) yet my dad can have bacon and he has high blood pressure. So annoying! Or You can't have salt due to high blood pressure (but I don't have high blood pressure).

My god I can't get a couple small bottles of soda but my dad can get a whole stock of beer the size of a convenience store. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM

My mum won't let me eat Doritos but then I saw her eating them. - njalabi63989

Good thing I can. - IcetailofWishClan

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286 They say you're old enough to do boring stuff but still too little to do cool stuff

I hate being old enough to make my bed and "still too little" to play Call of Duty.

They say I can't play violent games when I'm 13 and I'm a kid who already knows why we can't and shouldn't have perfect lives

True when my grandma said I was to old for pinwheels and I bought them not to play with them

Do you're chores, you're old enough!
Stop watching cartoons, you're too young!

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287 They think they can control your relationships

I mean, it's my private life I can date who I want when I want. I'm the one kissing him. not you.

I've already had 7 boyfriends, 1 in kindergarden, 1 in first grade, 2 in second grade, 2 in fourth grade, 1 in fifth grade, and that was it. You can't control who I wanna date.

288 They open your curtains then tell you to get changed

Then they yell you're gonna get a picture of you posted online

Well it's your fault

This happens to me everyday before school

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289 They always control our hair style so we can't look good.

My mom has an excuse. My school does not allow boys to have hair that goes past their ears. So I can't have long hair, even though most of the celebrities that I know and like ( Tom Araya, Max Cavalera, Cliff Burton, etc.) have long hair.

I have a long side fringe that is only about an inch away from joining to my ponytail but shes forever bugging me to have it cut back to where my eyebrows are and its past my chin

My dad made me bald then a year later I had me hair back as I liked it and all girls loved me

My parents dye their hair get tattoos but tell me I can't grease my hair I want to look like a Greaser not a hairless freak

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290 When they tell you you're too old to be watching this but then they are too old to be wearing leopard prints and acting young V 2 Comments
291 When you are trying to have a serious discussion and they respond in a way that's so annoying

When mum and dad shared a gruesome piece of news about apple being sued, I added that apple has had a lot of drama and they don't need more. They took it as a joke and got on my nerves for it when I was simply saying that apple has had enough drama over the years.

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292 Tell you to do something, but they do it straight afterwards!

If you want me to take out the garbage, I didn't get out of the comfy position in bed with my laptop to find out you did it. Thanks a lot for calling me down for nothing.

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293 They make you get a haircut

Every time when mom trims my bang she said she won't cut much but it turns out it was so short that it was on top of my eye brows. -_-

My mom manipulates people to get what she wants and this thing really pisses me off - bobbythebrony

And then they have your hair cut real short so it looks like you're balding.

Well, I go to private school so I have to have short hair. And to be honest- I like my hair short - DoroExploro13

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294 They ask a question you don't know the answer to and get mad at you for not knowing

I didn't know an analogy and she got mad at me

I'm not great at math and my mom gets mad at me for that

295 They force you to go to church

I love church, I'm a Christian and I'm usually forcing my mom to go because like it says in the bible (John 3:16-17) that God loves us

I don't hate it, I'm just glad I'm in a youth group. At the normal service, we have to stand for 30 minutes of songs, and my legs ITCH like CRAZY.

I hate listening to the service and it's so boring that I don't even want to go I just want to stay home and do what I want to do

My family is Muslim not Christian. - njalabi63989

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296 They always bring up how M-rated games are terrible whenever you want any game

Oh god, this has to be #1. how is it at rank 229? I said I wanted a game called "the sims"

297 They promise something then don't do it and say they never promised
298 When they say they have no money but it's obvious they do.

I asked for 5 dollars and she said she didn't have enough money, but the day before she was on the automatic bank phone system thing, she had like a ton. (the most expensive thing bought was oh wait nothing)

The last time I checked my dad's wallet, he hat around $180!

I know better than to ask them for money, as I just do work for the neighbors. - IcetailofWishClan

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299 They criticize your beliefs

I always get criticized about almost everything thing I do by my dad, I like watching anime like shiki, death note and etc, but he tells me their for little kids and not for a 19 year old but that's not true, almost all my friends are into it as well, don't I have the right to like what I like and not be called out because of it especially from my family, plus he criticizes my stands on social issues like I accept lgbt because I see their just trying to be themselves but he thinks it unnatural but their are gay and lesbian animal in the wild, it help keep a population in check, and lately he is criticizes my money handling skills but he doesn't realize I'm running out of money fast because of paying for community college, so of course it would be all gone after a few semesters,

Read my comments in no. 10 and 29 about being abused for quitting Catholicism

300 They forbid you from listening to bands like Slayer and Marilyn Manson

Slayer rules. Manson drools.

Story of my life here...

I hate it when people compare these two artists. They have nothing in common!

Wanna know the funny thing? Slayer is "satanic," when in reality, Tom Araya, Slayer frontman, is a devout Catholic.

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