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301 Tell you to do something, but they do it straight afterwards!

If you want me to take out the garbage, I didn't get out of the comfy position in bed with my laptop to find out you did it. Thanks a lot for calling me down for nothing.

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302 They make you get a haircut

Every time when mom trims my bang she said she won't cut much but it turns out it was so short that it was on top of my eye brows. -_-

My mom manipulates people to get what she wants and this thing really pisses me off - bobbythebrony

And then they have your hair cut real short so it looks like you're balding.

Well, I go to private school so I have to have short hair. And to be honest- I like my hair short - DoroExploro13

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303 They ask a question you don't know the answer to and get mad at you for not knowing

I didn't know an analogy and she got mad at me

I'm not great at math and my mom gets mad at me for that

304 They force you to go to church

I love church, I'm a Christian and I'm usually forcing my mom to go because like it says in the bible (John 3:16-17) that God loves us

I don't hate it, I'm just glad I'm in a youth group. At the normal service, we have to stand for 30 minutes of songs, and my legs ITCH like CRAZY.

I hate listening to the service and it's so boring that I don't even want to go I just want to stay home and do what I want to do

My family is Muslim not Christian. - njalabi63989

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305 They always bring up how M-rated games are terrible whenever you want any game

Oh god, this has to be #1. how is it at rank 229? I said I wanted a game called "the sims"

306 They promise something then don't do it and say they never promised
307 They tell you what to do.

Seriously, why can't we tell them what to do? I guess parents can do whatever the want and we don't. Sometimes I feel like running away. - dovepaw2000

In my opinion, doing chores is actually kind of FUN. - IcetailofWishClan

My brain sometimes hurt thinking of this

Mum: Elbows off the table
Me: Ok sorry
Mum: Thank you

Me: Elbows off the table
Mum: Excuse me, who do you think you are talking to?
Me: No, you tell me not to do that so I'm telling you not to do that

Mum: Get me my phone
Me: You mean please get you your phone?
Mum:Don't answer me back!

Me: Get me my phone
Mum: No you little brat
Me: No I had to get you your phone so I will do the same to you

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308 When they say they have no money but it's obvious they do.

I asked for 5 dollars and she said she didn't have enough money, but the day before she was on the automatic bank phone system thing, she had like a ton. (the most expensive thing bought was oh wait nothing)

The last time I checked my dad's wallet, he hat around $180!

I know better than to ask them for money, as I just do work for the neighbors. - IcetailofWishClan

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309 They criticize your beliefs

I always get criticized about almost everything thing I do by my dad, I like watching anime like shiki, death note and etc, but he tells me their for little kids and not for a 19 year old but that's not true, almost all my friends are into it as well, don't I have the right to like what I like and not be called out because of it especially from my family, plus he criticizes my stands on social issues like I accept lgbt because I see their just trying to be themselves but he thinks it unnatural but their are gay and lesbian animal in the wild, it help keep a population in check, and lately he is criticizes my money handling skills but he doesn't realize I'm running out of money fast because of paying for community college, so of course it would be all gone after a few semesters,

Read my comments in no. 10 and 29 about being abused for quitting Catholicism

310 They forbid you from listening to bands like Slayer and Marilyn Manson

Slayer rules. Manson drools.

Story of my life here...

I hate it when people compare these two artists. They have nothing in common!

Wanna know the funny thing? Slayer is "satanic," when in reality, Tom Araya, Slayer frontman, is a devout Catholic.

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311 They fart around you

Yes that's really annoying.

312 They blame you for things

They think you did something even though you didn't do it. They wont believe you.

313 When they provoke your favourite things for no reason!
314 When you get in trouble and your mom tells your dad just after shouting at you for 3 hours,and they both start shouting at you (at the same time) for 6 hours
315 When they tell you about something that happened in their life long time ago

It scares me I don't want to hear it

316 When they tell you that you're always upset, but really you feel fine or they just forget all the cheery times

For me it's the opposite. I'm depressed but they don't see at all and still see me as the happy smiling girl I used to be. #Imissthosetimes

Yeah you have to hide your emotions otherwise they get mad at you - njalabi63989

317 They don't understand you or your friends.

My parents don't even know who am. The person they think I am is nothing like who I really am. If they met who I really was, they'd kill me.

I agree last time I was getting pulled by my my friend since we where playing around and my mom saw and then later she told me why didn't you tell and I said I was playing then she still didn't listen

Ha they don't just not understand me they don't know who my friends are what things I like what I like doing

I am like the black sheep out of my whole entire family, extended and all. - Chelseyne

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318 They always speak of "history" that happened when you were four

Often my parents (particularly my dad) will argue with the word history. For example: "if you don't eat dinner that's all you get until tomorrow" I reply "ok I'm not hungry" my dad marches up the stairs saying "ok just making sure because you have a HISTORY of coming down later for some cheese or something" I say "yeah I'm pretty sure I'm not hungry" he says "no but with this history I can't trust you" I say "I am not hungry now please leave me alone! And one of the many examples with staying up late or eating candy, I don't know it's just so annoying I hate it. I hope no one has to deal with this bull crap.

Yeah my parents talk about stuff I did when I was 2 like I can't even remember stuff when I was 2

As if Nazis came and pillaged our town/city.

I don't remember if it happened or not. - njalabi63989

319 When they supposedly told you to do something but they never actually did

I was defrosting a bottle of soda in the sink and I left the water running and my dad shuts it off without a reason why I turn it back on and he gets mad at me and tells me to get something to fill with water to defrost it
And he acts like he said it already. I'm just like could have told me

Mom: "I told you to clean your room twice! " Me: "no you didn't. You weren't even home all day" mom: I did and you are just being stupid!

Mom: I told you to go clean the dog filth, do the dishes, water the plants and shower the dogs!

Me: (calmly) Mom, you never told me to do any of that stuff, I watered the plants and cleaned the dishes because I like to do that, and we don't even have dogs.

Mom: Don't talk to me like that! No electronics for 3 weeks!

320 When they don't tell you things and say it's no big deal or you can't handle it

My mom said it's not for kids like you. She was crying! It was so annoying because she didn't tell me! I asked again but she never said! Kids have to look after their parents too!

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