Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents

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321 They fart around you

Yes that's really annoying.

322 They blame you for things

They think you did something even though you didn't do it. They wont believe you.

323 When they provoke your favourite things for no reason!
324 When you get in trouble and your mom tells your dad just after shouting at you for 3 hours,and they both start shouting at you (at the same time) for 6 hours
325 When they tell you about something that happened in their life long time ago

It scares me I don't want to hear it

326 When they tell you that you're always upset, but really you feel fine or they just forget all the cheery times

For me it's the opposite. I'm depressed but they don't see at all and still see me as the happy smiling girl I used to be. #Imissthosetimes

Yeah you have to hide your emotions otherwise they get mad at you - njalabi63989

327 They don't understand you or your friends.

My parents don't even know who am. The person they think I am is nothing like who I really am. If they met who I really was, they'd kill me.

I agree last time I was getting pulled by my my friend since we where playing around and my mom saw and then later she told me why didn't you tell and I said I was playing then she still didn't listen

Ha they don't just not understand me they don't know who my friends are what things I like what I like doing

I am like the black sheep out of my whole entire family, extended and all. - Chelseyne

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328 They always speak of "history" that happened when you were four

Often my parents (particularly my dad) will argue with the word history. For example: "if you don't eat dinner that's all you get until tomorrow" I reply "ok I'm not hungry" my dad marches up the stairs saying "ok just making sure because you have a HISTORY of coming down later for some cheese or something" I say "yeah I'm pretty sure I'm not hungry" he says "no but with this history I can't trust you" I say "I am not hungry now please leave me alone! And one of the many examples with staying up late or eating candy, I don't know it's just so annoying I hate it. I hope no one has to deal with this bull crap.

Yeah my parents talk about stuff I did when I was 2 like I can't even remember stuff when I was 2

As if Nazis came and pillaged our town/city.

I don't remember if it happened or not. - njalabi63989

329 When they supposedly told you to do something but they never actually did

I was defrosting a bottle of soda in the sink and I left the water running and my dad shuts it off without a reason why I turn it back on and he gets mad at me and tells me to get something to fill with water to defrost it
And he acts like he said it already. I'm just like could have told me

Mom: "I told you to clean your room twice! " Me: "no you didn't. You weren't even home all day" mom: I did and you are just being stupid!

Mom: I told you to go clean the dog filth, do the dishes, water the plants and shower the dogs!

Me: (calmly) Mom, you never told me to do any of that stuff, I watered the plants and cleaned the dishes because I like to do that, and we don't even have dogs.

Mom: Don't talk to me like that! No electronics for 3 weeks!

330 When they don't tell you things and say it's no big deal or you can't handle it

My mom said it's not for kids like you. She was crying! It was so annoying because she didn't tell me! I asked again but she never said! Kids have to look after their parents too!

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331 When they tell you to do your homework then say to get of your computer now!

But sometimes my homework is on the computer not paper. - njalabi63989

332 When they have always been nice and suddenly snap at you

The day I got a letter saying I received a scholar ship for my high school (a private school) my father was all happy at first and then started telling me about his friends kids who got bigger scholarships and aoinded a bit annoyed at me.

Oh my gosh YES SO TRUE
This always happens like the whole day my mom is super nice and we go shopping or something and we are just chatting and I say something like " Oh, blah blah blah's sister got into Harvard! She's so smart" Then immediately my mom will just start snapping at me and saying I'm not smart enough to go to Harvard and " Her sister probably got all A+ s for every class why don't you?! HUH? " It's SO ANNOYING AND IF I TRY TO RESPOND SHE THINKS I HAVE AN ATTITUDE AND TELLS ME TO BE MORE "GRATEFUL" LIKE WHAT WATWATATATATA MOTHER I DON'T UNDERSTANDDD


333 They say come do this or come over here honey bun

My mom is always wanting me to do stuff for her like scrath her back and shell even call me just to come all the way downstairs just to shut off her light and If I don't do it shell get mad at me and she keeps using a sad excuse that she will turn off my phone but when I confront her and say u always say that she gets mad and trys to hit me but I always catch her hand so she can't do nothing and also shes been trying to keep me from my dad and whenever I say I wanna go see my dad she says no over and over again and I'm 14 and I told her I want to live with my dad and I should be able to choose who I live with I just seem like she just uses me as her maid because she never does anything herself, she doesn't know how to do stuff herself but she knows how to bicker and nip at me

334 They work you too hard

I was just doing my jump rope when I started puking. I go in and tell my mom that I through up and she says "I don't want to hear that go tell your dad" I do that and he says are you out of shape. I had been working out all summer and most of the 2 weeks of school. Am I out of shape my ass.

Ugh. My mom says I need help in math when I don't need help I just need time to get used to going to school again. She keeps saying it over and over and over again I want her to shut up so bad

335 When they tell you to clean your room

I'm at school most of the day. Any other times, I'm getting ready for school, I'm having a shower, doing homework or getting ready for bed. And then the weekend is my fun time. Well, kind of...

True when they make your clean your room when you only have like 10 minutes until you have to leave for school or the bus

336 Say I'm unhelpful but I'm always offering to help

I'm not sure if this applies to many of you, but I get so pissed off at this! My mum's always droning on about how I should be helping her clean the kitchen or make dinner and gets angry before I have a say in anything! I offer to help her with the laundry and other chores but she always says that it's OK then says no one helps her around the house! It drives me insane!

I'm always saying to dad if he wants a help but my dad just every time says "To grave". And days later, he just calls me "Unhelpful pipe". Goosh... I HATE MY LIFE - LolMitch5

337 When you make one tiny mistake they act like you killed someone

I made a YouTube comment then my parents spank me. - njalabi63989

Happens in school with my group work - Gusbus

1 time I did 1 mistake in math end I get graundet, she hit me end take of my phone! Like really?! End she screams at me becose I cry

Happens all the time! I put a little too much water in her flowers she had planted. 3 hours later we are still talking about it...and she compared the damn plant to me taking care of a child.

338 She rants

My mom asks me what I'm doing every five minutes when I'm in my room doing school, so I tell her, doing school. Mom: Hows it going? Me: Fine. Mom: what are your grades? Me: Same as last time you asked. (five minutes ago.) Mom:(SCREAMS) YOU BETTER BE WORKING HARD AND DOING GOOD! Me: I AM mom! Mom: STOP TALKING BACK, ILL TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING YOU OWN AND ALL YOUR VIDEO GAMES AND THEN ILL BUY YOU STUFF AND TAKE IT AWAY TOO! (lol, not the last part.)

339 They don't let you have an opinion or an option when they tell you if you wanna do something V 1 Comment
340 They show favoritism to younger siblings

I put up with this all the time. My parents like my younger sister more than me, and whenever I tell them that, they're all, "you know that's not true." Well it IS, and my sister is the most obnoxious thing EVER! How do they like her more than me?!

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