Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents

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341 When you are in public or with family or friends and you say one thing and she looks over at you and gives you "the look"
342 When they give you the same option for your dinner every time.

When my mum is away and I'm left with my with my dad, he gives me the same like three choices for my dinner. And if I don't want any of those three choices he gets mad at me.

343 They want to know your passwords

I know their passwords, they don't know mine. I'm grateful. I give them fake ones. I say my password is bubblegum423 for Google. I also gave them my ALT! Do that when they ask! SO HELPFUL! Now... How to block out the "Whenever I come in the room, why are you always on your desktop?

Whoever needs to know the desktop thing, just have another tab playing youtube or something (SOMETHING THEY WOULD APPROVE OF) or a computer game. When they come in open the other thing and say you were playing that.

Just give them fake ones. Problem solved. - njalabi63989

They want to know...no they HAVE to know. Its been like that since I was 12 and a I will be 19 in 5 months. They say they have to monitor my stuff and make sure its appropriate and safe. They even know my passwords to my university stuff including the email they give us! Then my mom helps herself and uses my account..she even emails my friends and profs without my permission., and writes things I would never say! Uuuggghhh!

344 They buy clothes you don't like

When you go shopping they say that something is nice you don't like but they nag so much you say fine to shut them up and then when they make you wear it you say you don't like and they shout at you for making them buy it

I hate that

345 They take forever

Me: I have to be somewhere in 3 minutes.
Mom: Let me just get dressed, put on make-up, use the restroom, and heat up dinner.
Me: (Face palm)

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346 Always on the internet and never communicating verbally

True my mom always plays candy crush nowadays she is suddenly very grumpy and she gets very mad when I try to take the phone away when I try to talk its frustrating we don't talk as much as we used to...I wished my mom would stop using the phone so much.

So I'm a pretty big otaku and watch anime very frequently. Whenever I try to watch an episode of my favourite anime, Gurren Lagann, it constantly has frame buffering issues because my parents are on the Internet all day. They are pretty much addicts you could say. They need to learn how to be more social with each other and their kid without stopping mid-way in a conversation because of texting!

347 They shout at every slight mistake you make

It happens when I don't feel like cleaning up my room or doing something else

It happens to me a lot. Makes me regret a lot

End then I start crying! Then he shaut lauder end then scream " WHY ARE YOU CRYING? "

My dad shouts if I just make I slight mistake.he shouts for like 30 minutes if E.G. don't speak loud

348 They expect respect but don't respect you back

I know! My Mum tells my brother to treat me with respect but then she gets angry and screams her lungs out at us. Some parents seem to think that they are in some protective bubble of parenthood that protects them from being disrespected. Respect is a two way street: if you want it, you have to give it.

My mom and dad make me respect them and if I don't they beat me up but they treat me like bull $h! T. If you want respect, then respect me back!

349 When we get in the store don't ask for nothing

And yet they get like 9439439839 things and when you like something in the store their answer is NO.

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350 You don't pay no bills

They bring up bill to just to do things their way and ignore your ways

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351 When they force you to go outside
352 Yell at you for little things in public V 1 Comment
353 They never see you for you

This is very common, my mother still sees me as the pinky little princess I was when I was 6 or 7 even now when I'm 17 and a transitioning surfer girl to goth girl she still refuses to see it

354 They think they know why you feel nauseous
355 You want to do something fun and they say no because there will be older kids and you're 'too young'
356 When they yell at you to clean your room

It's so annoying, especially when my dad yells at me to clean my room but there is a bigger mess in my sister's room and he doesn't tell her anything. He just threatens me not her, every time every time. He takes all my things from my table and throws them on the ground and yells at me to clean all the mess, he makes me cry every time cause it's just discrimination. He takes my phone and doesn't let me to stay at the computer if I don't do it. I just hate them.

They mess up my room, then make me clean it.

357 They don't understand your fangirling

Like when I fangirl over one direction my mom says they are just boys it is like she is never young

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358 Always interrupting/bad timing

This happens to me almost every day, and they just ignore the fact that they interrupted me. Then when I interrupt them, they always shout at me and expect me to apologise but they don't apologise to me.

Parents always call or need you to do something when you are really into something. - DoctorWu

Grounded for bad timing of dad looking up history.

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359 They think everyone is your friend

One time my dad tried to get some idiot in my class to join the Minecraft server he made. I mean, really dude? At least ask me if someone os my friend first. - Powerfulgirl10

In the Car see someone random:
Parent: Is that your Indian friend that lives across the street?
Me:... are you BLIND?
Parent: Oh I am sorry...I thought it was him...

5 min later

Parent: Is that your Japanese friend?
Me NO, that guy is not even my AGE and he is Chinese!

360 Whenever your friends break something they think you did it

Ugh I hate this crap I brought my tablet to school then my friend sat on it on purpose and my mom thinks I broke it and now I can't have a new tablet until I get enough money on my own and I only earn five dollars a week for extra extra chores so it would be a while

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