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361 They make insane conclusions/comparisons

Your logic isn't ALWAYS right. - alphadan12

362 They hate video games

Especially this game I adore. Most parents hate my favorite series, Grand Theft Auto V for some reason... - AlphaQ

363 They still think they have authority over you even when you're 18 and you've moved out
364 They come into your room at the worst possible time
365 They say you need new shoes when you don't and they make you replace them for no reason
366 Very talkative and gives you lots of commands even if you can't do it
367 They think that the can relax, be easy-going because they know that you're there for them

what if an incident happened to you and you can't move or you died? - ronluna

368 Treats your little siblings better and gives them more respect

My mother always compared me to my younger sister saying I should be like her. She never stood up for myself when I would get into fights with my younger sister even when I was right, saying I was older even though we were only a year apart. I feel I never got any encouragement in my childhood and that I could never have a say nor win in any situation. I grew up watching my sister be protected and me having to give up on my reasons, toys, my personality and everything. Today she is a very confident and social person with many friends, a loving boyfriend, and naturally centered in herself as she has been conditioned. I became a very insecure and awkward person with no self-esteem, no friends, no social life, no boyfriend and unemployed with a history of meaningless jobs, no money but only debts. I am now stuck in life, depressed and feel very messed up, resentful, angry and to this day all I get is judgment from my family saying I am a lazy person even though I take on most of the ...more

Damn, your family must be really dysfunctional, I would say as dysfunctional as Somalia, but anyway sorry that happened to you

She'll treat me like I'm really lazy, when I work my butt off and I'm only 14, and turn around and have that little rubbing it in voice to my little brother saying thank you for helping me or thanks for doing something w/o me asking. I do things w/o her asking and all she does is say that I didn't do it right when take almost all day trying to get things the way she wants. My brother can do it and all he does is pile things up. She always says my brother does and says the right things when all he does is copy whatever I do and he gets the credit. I've just gotten to the point that I'm asking myself "why is it that if I can give up being with my friends and all my touch screen electronics (which she took from me b/c "i'm lazy") basically all my interests just to make my mom happy and she acts like a spoiled rich 7 year old? "

THIS. SO MUCH. I'm 15 and the oldest of three girls, who are age 10 and 8. Not only are they the best of friends (thanks to age difference), but I am constantly compared to them and criticized by my mom, while they get away with every single thing they do incorrectly. For instance, the other day we were all eating dinner at the tablr when my mom became extremely upset with me for not cleaning my room. I'll admit, I deserved it as I kinda stink at cleaning it, but my sisters (who share a room) are about 10x worse. Of course when I tried to bring that up, my mom simply ignored the fact and continued to raise her voice saying how I don't do anything to help in the family, while my 2 little sisters are precious angels who do everything perfectly. At other times, she will berate me about not showing her enough respect, but I try to tell her that respect is earned, not automatic. Of course she gets infuriated with me, always bringing up how amazing my little sisters are and how I should be ...more

It's the other way around for me - Nanis149

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369 When mum is not happy with you doing something and then convinces dad to not be happy with it either and then makes dad look bad by saying he is the one that is not happy with it

Um.. I don't understand. Give me a minute.. Oh I think I got it now! - Garythesnail

Wow that sounds similar to my life

370 My experience of this world is a 100 times that of yours...

Yep. That's why you had 50 boyfriends before getting pregnant with a stranger, then marrying him. While I have one boyfriend that agrees we should be married some day and have kids when we're financially and mentally prepared. And, you know, you didn't have algebra until high school while we started in 5th grade (though I've not once used it in the adult world. )

Experience =/= understanding just as Ignorance =/= stupidity. It happens that parents are too stupid to realize this.

My apologizes but I thought we lived on the same planet?

That explains why you're 1300 years old.

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371 When you win bets with them and they never pay you

I made a bet with my Dad and he didn't pay me back and then I lost a bet to him and I had to pay him back.

I save up a lot of money and they kept borrowing it they owe me currently about a thousand dollars

372 They pick a vacation spot, you already dislike by looking at it

Camping... Camping... More camping... I seriously have never left my state once. I'm an adult now.

That sucks. What sucks even more, is that I'm old enough for a passport, yet I haven't gotten one. - OhioStateBuckeyes

I live in NC and my mom is always like you know where is beautiful, sunny, and amazing this time of year?! Virginia in April! No it defiantly won't rain! (Lies)

Be glad you weren't here this first half of spring. I was almost always cloudy or raining until today. - 906389

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373 The advise you to carry on with your studies even though you're perfectly doing well with it and don't allow you to go out or have any freedom whats so ever

I ask to go somewhere "you can't you are in university you have lots to do" I say that I'm done that needs to be "you could do more and get ahead". A week later they want me to go to a party at some resturant I tell them I have a final the next morning...they aren't happy! Like what the hell! So when ots something you want to do its fine?!?

374 They always contradict themselves

MOM: Oh, I believe in your privacy!
Later when I'm on my (MY) laptop...
MOM: What are you doing still on the computer? Let me see or I'll delete your account.

375 When they think that they're perfect but actually, they're not

I can't get straight A's.. I can't do a perfect dance... They act like I don't use profanity at times

376 When they say that if you don't do chores then you can't go out with friends even though you have had plans during the day and don't have time for chores or to blow off another friend that you made plans with

My mom did this like 5 minutes ago

377 Take an accident and say you did on purpose

I was driving with my seat belt on, my phone silenced in my purse, the radio on low, going speed limit, and paying attention to the road after 6 hours of work at midnight. BOOM! Deer jumps out, I try to stop but it obliterates the front of the jeep (apparently it's all plastic) rolls under between the tires and runs off leaving me stranded in a terrifying wooded area with no light. I call mom, crying and shaking and babbling apologies. The whole night my parents convince me it's not my fault. After that they used it to guilt trip me like it is! The state even pays for that because it happens so often!

My parents don't do it but my grandma does. It gets on my nerves. Once I took my ipad out of my sister's hands and she goes "You punched her! " and starts yelling at me. I think some of you guy's parents do it. I'm glad my mom is not like her.

True once I accidentally broke someting and they tought I got mad at banged it hard

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378 When they call you "cute".

She picked out a yellow and green polka dotted dress with purple and black chevron leggings and blue crocs for me to wear for my first day of school and so I tell her it is hideous and she says just try it on for me (dress didn't fit. Leggings ripped. And crocs were to big and so 2009) then she starts crying (fake) and says that I look cute, adorable, beautiful (etc) and says that she hates that I think that she doesn't know anything about fashion (I never said that) but she doesn't

Because girls/boys will TOTALLY go after you if your parents called you cute.

That's the way to get girls. (Power of SARCASM! ) - Garythesnail

They've done that to me before. I'll probably never have a girlfriend. Love sucks!

I may never have a boyfriend. but it is kinda cute when a mom calls a guy cute!

379 Say That You Did Something Wrong Out Loud In Public

My mom was wearing my hat in public (and I was like 9 when I did this) and iI playfully took it off her head at McDonald's and she stopped ordering her food to yell at me for Luke 10 minutes

How about threatening to slap you loudly in public because you said the cloths are to small without trying it on...

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380 They always tell you to do stuff on your own even if you can't figure it out V 1 Comment
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