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21 They take your things regardless of your permission.

My room gets dead hot in the summer because the sun is in the window 12 hours a day. I came up with a technique that can cool it off somewhat. I just keep my fan on 1 and revolve. I get a breeze. When she does child care she takes my fan and puts it in her much cooler room to keep the single napping child cool she's got her own fan. In the middle of the night I have absolutely NO sheets or blankets on with my fan on 3 and I'm laying in my own sweat. So I go in my mom's room and sleep in there. She gets mad and asks me why when I tell her, she just makes up excuses.

So I guess my mom though that I was asleep one night and she walks into my room (I don't say anything to her or let her know that I'm awake as I wanted to see what she was doing in my room at 1:30am. I watch her walk around with a flashlight and open my desk drawer and take out my wallet take something out and then put it back, close the drawer and leave. I checked my wallet in the morning and there was more that $100 missing! I asked her if she knew if my sister took it (obviously knowing the answer already) and she said that she wasn't sure and that she would ask my sister later. I then check my wallet again the next day and there was $50 dollars more that there were the previous day. So she had put some money back in my wallet. I ask her about it the next day and she admits that she took the money and that she has been doing it for years. I am now 19 and I have since then moved out of my parents house and have my own now. My mom never did pay me back.

This is just stupid. Who would do this to their kids?!

"Son, get $20! I need to pay the cleaning lady! "

"Pay it yourself! "


I cannot tell you how many times my mum has done this. Today, I found out she had stolen my dry shampoo that I got for Christmas and had given it to my gran instead. I asked her why she didn't but my gran her own and she said she wasn't passing a shop. Who cares if you weren't passing a shop. You don't take my things then when. Need them the most tell me you've given them away without asking me or telling me first!

My mom takes my stuff and never gives it back and lets my brothers get away with doing it. I can't stand that, they need to be punished. - Lucretia

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22 They see only negative things inside you

My dad is determined that I have anger issues but this is the result Of the fact that he is super religious and can't handle the fact of an argument. Also he tried to perform an exersism on me when I was 13. I am now 18 and know his attitude is pure BS. He is extremely hipocritical towards his religion and his "beliefs"

Negative inside you is pretty correct. I was STANDING UP to my mom and suddenly she freaked and swore I was POSSESSED! Are you insane?

My mum thinks I only complain, so when I actually want to say something that has to do with negativity, she complains about how I complain so much. So apparently she thinks I need help cause I talk to myself so much, when she took away all my internet friends, and thinks it's my fault I have no friends and get bullied. Does she even know how lonely I am? Sure I sneak on the internet every once and awhile, but I can't actually talk with anyone anymore. I just want a friend now...just one real friend :(

She says I have no future and am not getting anywhere in life, and useless... I can't stand her saying that, considering how incredibly far she got in life. - Lucretia

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23 When they say you don't concentrate on your work even though you are coming back with perfect grades

Seriously, do they think that I earn straight A's by sitting on my ass all day?

I suck at social and for me getting 80 on social is amazing but my parents are like no you should have gotten at least 90 I'm taking away all the electronics in my house. I'm very depressed because in social we do current events and I can't get a high grade without hound online and checking the news or T.V. it's so annoying and when I told them this they gave me a T.V. plugged it in and kept it on static with no channels on the T.V. and said tere you go three my papers at me and told me to work when they asked me why I got 0 I told then the same thing and they said I should have told them I'm depressed and think they only like my brother who can do anything because he's one year younger and deserves more freedom I'm thinking of committing suicide but I don't want to because of all my friends please help I'm super depressed phones don't work my parents have a tracker on me all the time it's stupid

I get 92 percent on my science test and they criticize because apparently "I should be getting 100! " do they ever say anything nice or positive? Ugh

When they don't even know the syllabus of your science portion and they act you are the pro of that subject! - abhishah901

IKR I'm a straight A student and on the Principal's Honor Roll! Yet they think I should use my laptop EDUCATIONALLY and not play 'USELESS GAMES'. - HirokoMiyagi_16_13

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24 When they ask a question and you try to answer and they tell you to be quiet.

Mom: SO how was school?
Me: Ohh, well we learned about...

WELL YOU ASKED, I always just what to PUNCH somwthing when she does that!

Mom: did you have to be spiteful?
me: well do you have to ask? rachel (my cousin) was being rude, she used the tip of the correction tape to scratch me, her elder! *shows her the scratch mark*
mom: shut up. I don't want to hear you talk back. rachel is young and doesn't know anything, she couldn't have done that on purpose. that small scratch should be nothing for you. you're her elder right? then you should bear with it and stop whining

WHAT THE HELL? do you really think a dumb child would use the TIP of the correction tape to scratch people?! what do you mean nothing for me? wanna try that? I'll use the same thing to scratch you and I'll see how you like that

Mom: Why would you ever say something like that?
Me: Because...
Mom: Anyway, Jack (my Dad) how was work? (or something random)

Yes, am I saying to much or something? - Lucretia

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25 When parents ask you to do something over and over again that you are already doing

I hate that when it happens. My parents do it like every day and really gets on my nerves. To me it is really a sign of lack of intelligence. Like when I'm upstairs or something like that it seems really stupid that they just can't ask instead.

Ohmy god yes. Sometimes I'll be walking past my dads computer and my mom will be like "don't run into his computer" when I'm already 10 feet past it. -.

When I am tidying they ask me to clear up. Or they ask me too look up something online for them and they are like, why is it not up yet, are you doing something else. Also when I was doing my homework my nan said why aren't you doing anything- I'm doing my homework!

This happens all the time in my living room I do my homework and she keeps on asking me are you doing your homework? male sure to do your homework? and stuff like That when she can clearly see that I'm doing it.

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26 They treat you like a maid

I have always been my mother's maid. Give her massage, pull her white hair, water the huge garden and her plants, help her laying the table for meals, etc. All that when I was about 6 or 7. She never stood up for myself when I would get into fights with siblings no matter what. She would constantly compare me to my younger sister saying I should be like her. Today I have been still the maid of the house, do the cleaning, and became the caretaker of her since she got very ill from a brain surgery. She still never stands for myself when I need and as soon as I turn my back she talk about me to my sisters. When I say I am overwhelmed with so much work all I get from my sisters is that I am a whiny person while they get on with their lives.

I always have been treated like a slave, my parents say I HAVE to listen to them because I'm just a minor. LIKE WHAT THE HELL! They treat me like I just blew up the house. I have to help my mother with the garden and my mom knows I can get headaches this way. I don't like going down the hall and calling my dad for his meals. I can just stay here and yell "DAD ITS TIME FOR YOUR MEALS! " I don't like carrying my dad his tea. Like what the hell. If you can at least lose weight from getting your lazy @$$ off the couch and get your own tea. My mom says I HAVE to wear about 5 layers of fat winter jackets when I feel PERFECT in a light jacket. My hair has to be free of glitter. I have to like Japanese and Asian $#! T. Like what the hell. I have to make my room about as clean as her shiny knives and forks. I have to get my dads medicine. Its HIS fault he has health problems because he's overweight. Wow I don't care if he gets sick then I don't have to be a depressed Sumerian slave. So instead ...more

Well yes I think that chores aren't super bad because you can sleep inside and stuff, though your parents shouldn't be making you bring their meals when they can obviously get them themselves and doing all of the house work. - Anonymousxcxc

Ugh my dad makes me get his stupid drinks for him when he's sitting in the kitchen and I'm in the very far away living room. then when I say something like, "oh since you're in the kitchen why not get it yourself? " he flips out and he becomes so stormy and stuff and says something like, "well you can't do anything for your father? " in that condescending tone like what referring to yourself as 'my father' won't make me get your coke or whatever for you. and when I actually be like "fine, I'll get it" he just waves me off and gets his arse off the chair and walks the long two meters to the fridge to get it himself as if it took so much energy. WOW that was so hard YOU COULD'VE GOT A HEART ATTACK WALKING SO MANY STEPS and so I shall now be your indentured servant

My brothers don't have to do any chores but I do - Lucretia

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27 When they treat you like a little kid but expect you to act like an adult

21 years old, hardly allowed to leave house. Can't watch South park or the Simpsons. She flips when she finds out I bought a NICE bra and panties instead of the old lady nude and beige garbage she gets me.

That would get so annoying. Your 21 if you can afford a house or apartment then you can leave if you want then she has no control over you.

That is literally way to true! I'm twelve now and I wasn't aloud to watch YouTube because I was "too young" just last week and another time is when I wanted to walk to my friends house who leaves a couple streets away she said I was too young, but yet she always tells me "you're act to much like a little year old, go out and have some fun! " Like what?!

I'm 11 I'm 3 months I'll be 12 but I have a niece who is 5 years younger than me she is such a tattle tail so I bully her saying that its why she doesn't have nice friends only bossy mean friends but she was aloud on YouTube at the age of 5 I was 10 back then and I wasn't aloud on YouTube I was So mad it was so unfair

This actually goes for how society treats teenagers in general, not just parents. One month I have to raise my hand to be told that "No, you can't go to the bathroom. Should've done it during the five minute break between class." Next month I literally have to pick out a life for myself, making some of the most important decisions of my life, which I've never had to do before.

I have Asperger’s so I still live with my parents and I’m almost 23. My dad paused a movie when there was a sex scene when I came in the living room! I KNOW what sex looks like!

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28 They never understand

I believe in Mother Earth. When I prayer I go "Thank you, Creator, for the animals who have given their lives so that we may be nourished. Thank-" Dad interrupts every time with "Thank you for the carrots who gave their lives too! " Like my personal beliefs are some big joke! Do I mock that he prays to some man living in a gated community in the clouds? No! Because that's rude, wrong, inconsiderate and we don't know the TRUE religion!

Bro, chill your dads just trying to be funny. Maybe you shut him out and maybe he's trying to reach you again - Yatagarasu

Even My classmates that aren't my best friends understand me better than they do. My parents don't understand how I feel when they force me to do a test with little kids. They think that I shouldn't complain because it's "to make me smarter". Seriously, don't only care about education, care about people's feelings too. My classmates, on the other hand, understand how it feels like to be surrounded in little kids and forced to do kiddy things. They know how embarrassing it is - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I believe in god and my parents say that I'm blinding myself from common sense and that religion is obviously wrong. I always get so annoyed

I was in a play once, and I had to wear make up. It looked so embarrassing, but OF COURSE my parents thought I looked adorable. - railfan99

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29 They force you to do something you don't want to do

For Thanksgiving, she forced me to go to Nevada. That might sound like fun, and I was excited until I found out it's not a vacation. I was sobbing, crying, and refusing to go on the plane, but no! The "vacation" was only watching my Grandpa DIE, doing chores, sleeping on a rock solid futon because my dad made us, watch people cry, and eat Thanksgiving dinner with her neighbors that I was scared of. My mom and dad didn't care, and when I say I don't like it, I get in trouble. I absolutely HATE when they do this

They'd force me to stay the whole summer with my selfish and overly Catholic grandma's house. And they wonder why I never made friends...

My mom and dad do this all the time. They force me to with them some where and later they get mad at me for not having a "good time" and say like you should haven't come if you were going to be grumpy, like you forced me to come I didn't want to, you made me come. And it's not just forcing me to go place, they also force me to do things I don't wanna do. Like forcing me to get my ear pierced (which I got an infection from afterwards) and making me sleepover my cousins house.

Like go to school - lovefrombadlands

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30 They keep forcing you to talk to them although you literally have nothing to say

THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! And then they say you are not appreciative of them and tell you it's the internet's fault :/

Why mum? So you can share new gossip about your child's privacy to your friends that I don't know well and every family member we have?

They ignored me whenever I tried talking to them as I grew up, so now when I don't talk to them hey get angry and call me names. - Chelseyne

OH MY GOD THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME NOW. My mom thinks I am depressed or something, and she will always associate whatever I am doing or going through with the depression she thinks I have, and IT IS SERIOUSLY ANNOYING. We live away from each other (I went to college and now work abroad), and only recently she will always tell me to open up to her and tell her my anything that might be bothering my mind when I literally have nothing to say to or hide from her.

These are 2 examples of text conversations I had with her :
Convo 1:
Mom : I am sad looking at your photos now. How did you gain all that weight? Was there something wrong with you, or something bothering you? You can tell me, don't vent it out by binge eating like what you did.
Me : I gain weight because I just ate too much, and not because of any problem in my life, and you don't need to worry about that.
Mom : Is there something that you think you want to tell me, like.. anything?
Me :...

Convo 2 ...more

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31 You try to tell them how you feel but they don't care

Parents: How do you feel about moving?
Me: It's my worst nightmare.
Parents: Well you need to keep that negativity to yourself! Why don't you like it?
Me: Oh, maybe because I just made a friend at our new church, also I don't have a phone, I can only get on the internet for school or to do something for you, also I'm on my last year of high school, and this place is about an hour away from here, so I will have no life there, except for taking care of the chickens, ducks, and other animals.
Parents: Well, your just going to have to suck it up and deal with it and show some respect!
Me: Then why ask, if you don't want to hear what I really think?

This is true. I finally got the guts to tell my mom that I think I was going through depression and she told me: "You know what? If you're going through depression I'm not going to take you to the doctor so they can give you some 'magical' pill that will help you. You are going to join group activities, I'm going to take away your phone and electronics and you're gonna enjoy it. Also you're grounded for a week."

My mom didn't believe me when I told her I had depression, she still doesn't. A psychologist even confirmed it for her. - Chelseyne

I've always wanted to tell my parents how I feel however, they never want to hear they think I am being sensitive...that's a crappy thing to always hear for once it would be awesome to call home and tell them how I feel without them saying they don't want to hear it... But let my older brother call home and they are all about it they tend to listen to any and everything he has to say and it just sucks... I want to cut off all social media change my number and go off the grid

They're the only ones around, I try to tell them how I feel, and guess what? They seem to just blow it off. - railfan99

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32 When they say when I was your age...

Mom: When I was your age we'd watch ants all day doing nothing."
Mom: When I was your age I behaved perfectly
Mom: When I was your age I never talked back.
Mom: When I was your age I had no video games
Mom: When I was your age music was much better
Mom: When I was your age I read tons of books.
Mom: When I was your age I had nothing.
Mom: When I was your age I had more friends then you.
Shall I go on?

In that case your mom would be lying to try to up your standards.

My dad always does that and it's the most annoying thing ever! When I was your age I would be half way up a mountain by now not watching T.V.!

Sounds mostly like my Dad! My Dad always has one of those "when I was you age" tales about how sad, horrific, hard, strict his life was with his father acting like his life was so terrible when 95 percent of parents has these stories they tell. Really dad, it was over 35 years ago, yet he likes to say that I'm living in the past. Let it the freak go, dang and your Dad ain't even alive to admit it his dang self like let it the freak go like 30 years ago who cares anymore! - Johnny1991

They are stuck in the 80s and early 90s - Maddox121

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33 Turning nothing into something

My mother does this all the time. I make a simple statmemet and then she suddenly has an urge to turn it into some huge conversations about the meaning of life, or a life lesson, or something like that. CAN'T I JUST TALK!

MY DAD DOES THAT he used to be this very cool, down to earth guy now he's like IN EXTREME BABY PARENTAL MODE VERSION 5000

One time I left my jacket at my friend's house, and my mom suddenly lectures me about how I lose everything and freaks out because it's winter and I don't have a jacket and I'm like "Mom it's no big deal, I'll just go over to her house and get it back, and THEN my mom lectures me about how I shouldn't walk down the street alone and that I could get kidnapped, even though my friend's house is down the street from mine and that I walk to school every day and it's further away from my friend's house. Just a tiny little problem that could have been solved in 10 minutes, turned into a massive situation

I want to wear shorts in winter but I only walk a tiny bit in a weather that isn't that cold. My mom wears three shirts and a heavy coat in 50 degree weather and she expects me to do that too. Shorts are so comfortable to me. Mom yelled at me and told me someone would kidnap me since they would think my mom doesn't care about me, mom said I would get sick even though I'm out there for less than a minute. She even told me I look ridiculous and said she is in charge of me and kept nagging me. I just want to wear shorts, why the hell do you get to decide what I wear?

Just because you mixed your DnA to create me doesn't mean you can't be annoying.

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34 They make fun of you

They pretend to be angry just to fool you - ronluna

My mom said more than one time "You're such a goody two shoes. If we met in school I wouldn't want you to be your friend."

Well, thanks for telling me mom. I don't know why I have been studying and getting straight A's, from now on I'll just skip classes and chill, maybe a cigarette or a drink too?

The thing is, even if she's kidding she doesn't understand that bothers me and I find my self struggling with that (being seen as a nerdy goody two shoes, which I'm not, just because I'm not some kind of delinquent like most people on my class).

Yes I don't like that

She says I am stupid and need to get better grades when she makes me do chores when I should be studying. - Lucretia

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35 They compare you to other kids

I hate when my parents do this!
Mom: why can't you be like your friend Maria who never argues with her parents?
Me: how do you know that she never argues with her parents?
Mom: I talked to her parents, and they said that she is very well behaved!
Me: her parents could be lying! Do you really thing that her parents would actually tell you the truth if the does?
Mom: she behaves well when she comes over!
Me: Of course she would behave well here she is a guest! You have no clue how she is outside or at home!

So one time my friend maddy said "family before friends" about something and now my mom like uses it as a weapon I'm like what

I get higher grades than any other people in my class and my parents still complain how I get lower scores than the year above me...

I had a very annoying 8 year old cousin. I mean, SHE IS SO ANNOYING! She's obviously a fake person, she thinks she's the smartest person in the world, and what makes me sick is when she showed off her oh so good test grades and the fact she is the 2nd rank in her class and my parents are using it as a "weapon" towards me. I mean, of course she always get good grades at school. She's still a 3rd grader and she goes to a public school. If she was a 7th grader and goes to a private school that has a very strong student grade rivalry like me, she won't be as "smart"(yeah right) as she is now. If you compare my grades to her, mine was better to be honest - MLPFan

I feel bad for you! Your cousin is just acting like a brat and your family justifies it. Also for the cousin, if you are reading this, stop being a brat and grow some brain cells - TwilightKitsune

Especially my brother in terms of friends, I hate it. I don't want to be like my brother - Lucretia

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36 They don't let you buy something with your own money

I want to buy an iPhone because my Blackberry is starting to break. Whenever I bring up the subject, my mom tries to change the subject. So annoying! - Danielsun182

Like on "Some Kind Of Wonderful"? Yeah that pisses me off!

So I went to the Rex Center and bought Sprite and some Spearmint Gum.(I have braces) Then my Nana says I can't bring anymore money to the Rex Center because she says Sprite has a lot of sugar (I had a few school assignments to do). She said I couldn't have the gum (then later expects me to get it stuck in my braces when I go to the Orthodontist and tell them what happened) Don't people understand gum DOES NOT GET STUCK IN BRACES(i've tested this before so I know what I'm talking about)

One time, I was going to the mall (which is 5 minutes away from my house) with my boyfriend (he was a junior and I was a freshman) on Saturday

This was our 2nd date, and my mom told me this the night before... "You can purchase some food and drinks, but no shopping at stores" In my head, I was like "No fair! I'm a grown girl! "

The next day (which was Saturday) before I left, my mom repeated the same thing. But, then I decided to ask her why.

She said "Oh, never mind. I'm sorry, it's your money. Feel free to shop if you'd like"

I was relieved afterwards, but I couldn't believe she told me that - Stazemar000

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37 They never apologize

I got slapped by my mom and I was bleeding and she didn't say sorry

There are times when I apologize. And there are other times when I wait for the right time and they end up apologizing - Stazemar000

My mom took my money and never said sorry and then she yells at me for not trusting her ith it. - Lucretia

So true! My mom was trying to know my secret!
But when she almost got it, I grabbed it from her and ran! Unfortunately, I opened the door and my mom was beating me up and I had a nosebleed. It was a comic of undertale characters (used to be in the fanbase)
Sans telling a corny joke to papyrus and rages. My mom got mad at me when she saw my drawing of a mad face! Seriously? When I just drew an anime girl, she said "but you're only supposed to draw boys, right? " So annoying! - FearMe

38 They can hit you or get physical with you and get away with it

It's no fair and they say sometimes 'I hit you because I love you' and if you hit them they yell at you.

They shouldn't hit you at all. That's abusive or child abuse. No parent should ever lay a finger on their child. It's wrong. But I guess since they're the adult they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

That's so true, my mom always gets in my face like she's gonna hit me when I show that I'm mad or I feel bad about her scolding me all the time. For a long time she and just my parents in general just treated me badly and I was depressed all the time. My dad has never really been around, and to be honest, I really don't want to have to live with either of my patents. I always think to myself that I wish I could just live by myself and not have to deal with other people. I have always felt like my mom was always bad mouthing my dad to me to make me hate him. For instance she would always randomly talk about him for no reason. My dad does the same thing and my parents secretly hate each other. I don't really think they like me either. I always feel like I'll never be accepted cause I'm not macho enough for my dad or I'm not uptight enough for my mom. I just wanna live for me and stop feeling so inadequate. People make fun of me all the time because I'm skinny and don't walk around with ...more

So when I was in fourth grade at my grandmas house my little brother (he may be annoying but I feel like he's the only one who loves me) jumped on my bed and elbowed me in the back. I curved my back and my arms came to my brother face by accident. I scratched him on his cheek and said sorry multiple times. He said its ok because he is very forgiving. My grandma finds out but is calm about it. The next day my mom sees it and my grandma decides to tell what happened. I tried talking to my mom like "are you okay" or "how was your day" and she ignored me, so I had a feeling I was in trouble. When we got home my brother went to go take a shower, and my mom came to my room. She pulled me by my hair, threw me down to the floor (and I had a little trouble breathing there but it gets worst) and she puts her knee on my stomach, and takes her hand and chokes me. I had a really hard time breathing and she did this for about 20 seconds. She said "next time you do something ...more - Ihavecripplingdeppresion

Call the cops. - AmtrakHan6993

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39 They force you to go everywhere with them

My mom gets me to a Nicolas party filled with 5 year olds who stare at me the whole party and are also annoying in "games" and also babies are there. BABIES. I feel like I was somewhere in my nightmares. But it was reality. NEVER GO ON A SAINT NICOLAS PARTY! NEVER! - MinecraftHater

"Come with me to get my nails painted. We can match red."

"I'm in marching band and we have a competition tomorrow. We're not allowed to."

"I don't care. Come along and get your toes painted and stop complaining.




My mom will ask whether or not I wanna go somewhere and then she will still drag me along with her if I don't want to go.

My mom made me go sit at the kids table at this three year old party. She should let me stay home, I am 14. - Lucretia

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40 Blame everything on you

I have an older brother who doesn't do his chores. I do them but when I don't do his chores, they get angry and not even tell my brother off.

I understand you because my brother always plays computer and tells me to get stuff like milk and yes I live on a farm

Me and my 24 year old brother were fighting and I got the blame even though my brother came into my room and took my computer and we started to fight and then my mum says "Cameron! (my name)" stopping causing fights

My mum was fighting with my dad because the car had a scratch and then my mum said it's my fault because I didn't tell dad to be careful but WHAT THE HELL?! I wasn't even there when he crashed so how could I tell him?!

I agree I had my brother wreak something and my mom thought I did and started getting mad until I told her it was my brother

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