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381 They ground you for doing nothing wrong and they take your phone and ipad away

It happens to me at least a month it's so dam annoying

I was just texting my friend and my dad took my phone and said "your not spending enough time with me." I spent less time with him after that.

My father banned me from my devices just for not studying

Lol, that was a nice comment above me?

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382 What Have I Told You About Doing This


Me: I was only using the Kinect for a couple of minutes then you called me downstairs so I couldn't put Niamh's (my sister) DVD back.

Nicky: I tell you, I WILL ban electronics in this house. You own a laptop and a 3DS and an Xbox, what more could a 10 year old possibly want?

Me: Most of the kids in my class have more, and at mum's I have loads more stuff.


Me: *crying*


Me *wiping eyes* Oh, God, itchy eyes…

Nicky: That might work with your dad but it don't for me!

She's horrible. I feel like hitting her but I can't. She insults my aunt (she calls her Golem) and my other part family.

383 When they disturb you by entering your room randomly without any reason

They don't even knock I mean I don't either but I actually try to force my brain to knock on their door they could at least do the same

They burst into my room when I am trying to do homework, sing like idiots, then leave.

They say clean your teeth even though I already know that the bathroom will be clear. - MinecraftHater

384 They say that your friends are more mature than you

My mom said, when I accentanly said shut up, that I make wrong friends

Uh hu every time I do something they don't like..or I do something immature to my stepmoms definition or if my friends do something better in her eyes

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385 You buy candy for your stash and they take it.

I got three Cadbury cream things for Easter last year and my dad ate all of them.

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386 When they tell you to knock before coming in then they just barge in your room not giving you the same respect

I want to nail my door so it doesn't even open. I don't knock on their door but I try to, THEY CAN DO THE SAME FOR ME RESPECT MY PRIVACY

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387 They don't accept your personality

I always liked black since I was little and more gypsy styled outfits. Dad insisted I wear pink. I hate pink. I was always quiet even as a baby, they tried to make me social. I like cats, they make me like dogs. I like tea, they make me drink coffee. I like cartoons, they try to make me watch Ancient Aliens, Hoarders, Duck Dynasty, Preppers, and Monster Hunt. Cartoons make more sense to me.

I agree with the comment about how they make you watch weird shows. SpongeBob is 400x better than Duck dynasty. - Garythesnail

Yeah. Just because I like History, doesn't mean I want to watch History Channel. - PizzaGuy

My mom tries to make me look all stupid.
Mom: I'm going to give curls in your hair.
Me: Really, do you always have to make me look stupid.
Mom: Watch your mouth, people are trying help you!
Me: HELP ME! By doing what making look dorky.

I like computers, they forced me to put only social stuff on Facebook.

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388 They lecture you for stupid stuff, sometimes not even related to the topic which you are talking about
389 Tell me I need to exercise (saying I need to lose weight), and then when I say that that's a horrible thing to say, they deny it! V 2 Comments
390 When you're on the phone for literally 5 minutes they say "This is why you have bad grades. I should take it away" but you have straight A's

My parents blame my phone for everything and it's...IRRITATING! They think my phone makes me "deaf" (they think I never listen to anything they said even though I DO), they think my phone makes me "stupid" (Not boasting or anything, but I'm pretty sure someone who got mostly As and Bs shouldn't be called "stupid"), they think my phone makes me a bad kid, unhealthy, blah blah blah...JUST STOP, PLEASE! Just because I love my phone DOESN'T MEAN THAT I'M A TOTAL IDIOT - FireWasp2004

I mean my grandma says that... I have good grades and she says I need to pay attention.

391 When they tidy your room, but misplace everything.

I also agree they don't do this often but when they do its annoying they clean my room and misplace things I ask them where is my camera or my football they say I don't know look for it

This is why I can't find most of my stuff

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392 When you don't pick up your phone, it's the end of the world. When they don't pick up their phones, it's totally acceptable.

Being a teenager and unable to drive myself around, I manage to get around places with my mother or father. However, whenever my parents don't pick up the phone, they make excuses like, "I was watching T.V.." or "I forgot to pick you up" or "my phone died" which is perhaps the most most irresponsible excuses you could say. But whenever us kids do not pick up our phones, suddenly the police and the whole world must be notified because we're "missing", or doing something "bad". Then they'll lecture us about responsibility and the meaning of having a phone...

My dad just throws his phone around no care on what it hits

Give me a sec... I know what you mean!

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393 When one parent makes excuses for the other, when there is no excuse.
394 When they diss video games yet they never played them

Since is was 12 I wanted a Sega Dreamcast (because I like video games before the 8th generation of video games in other words don't judge me).
Me: I would like to have a Dreamcast
Dad: No you cannot
Me:Have you ever even played it. It's awesome (I've seen gameplay)
Dad: I never played it because it only lasted for 2 years
Me: just because you haven't played it doesn't mean it sucks.
You know what they say don't judge a book by its cover, well my did exactly that

I told my parents to try video games but they were like this "nah"

I'm not talking about parents because my parents play games like bioshock iPhone games deadrising most of the people know hate video games because they never played and I blame their parents not sports and school - ikerevievs

395 Invite families that piss you off

I hate being in family gatherings sometimes, then she gets mad when something happens with one of the family members

I really Hate families that have whiny brats - MinecraftHater

396 They leave the door a little bit open when you tell them to shut the door

My parents barge in absolutely no warning then when they leave and I don't say anything they leave it open when I do say close the door they leave it open halfway. I CLOSE YOUR DOOR DO THE SAME FOR ME

This will have 2 be in the top tens because when I tell my mom 2 close the door she leaves it open just a little and I have 2 get up n shut it myself

And I chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of closing a damn DOOR?!

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397 When you are doing something important, they stop you. And when you stop it, they yell at you for not looking after yourself!

Yeah! It's really annoying. I'm having a feeling that they do it to make us feel bad, like they once were. I was going to wash the dishes to be nice, when my Dad says "Don't do the dishes, we do them" and then the next second he says "WHY aren't YOU DOING THE DISHES? YOU ARE THE WORST DAUGHTER EVER! " What's wrong? Do they forget and then it comes back to them?

Wow my parents force me to do the dishes,I'm ten years old and I do the dishes

398 Favoritism just because the other sibling is younger

That doesn't always happen. Believe me its not in my house and I'm younger. Chill out about younger siblings. - Garythesnail

Are you kidding me? That's such a lie! I'm youngest and I totally always get blamed for EVERYTHING and when my older sister does the same its of course fine!

My dad yells at my little brother and I, and yet he LOVES to spend time with my little sister. (The little siblings are the same age, the sister is 2 minutes older) - mayamanga

What does my younger sister get? Compliments, helpful advices, and protection! What do I get? Yells, rants, and even insulting and unfunny jokes on me... (I've had enough of all those "My younger sister is the best and I'm just a dumb loser" jokes...it's getting old, ok? ) - FireWasp2004

I got really strict rules and a lot of chores. from my parents but my younger sibling got less rules and chores. - njalabi63989

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399 "When I was a kid" conversations

Like really, what do you want me to do then? Act like you, encourage the world to go back to their parent's generation and live that way? Are you trying to make me jealous, sympathetic because whatever you're trying to do is not working

I get it, when you were a kid, you were perfect... just stop - FireWasp2004

Them: When I was your ag.
Me: It is not the 1980's anymore. This world is completely different

Parents: When I was your age I...
Me: This is not the 70s/80s. This is 2016. Everything is so much different. - njalabi63989

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400 They embarrass you for loving a girl

I started really liking girls when I was like 10 going on 11. I still am kinda embarrassed to say anything because I'm afraid of my whole family embarrassing me

I'm a girl and was into girls at one point and of course I get told "your not gonna be a lesbian right now" I really wanted to break down and cry

I hate that! Why do parents have to be more immature than toddlers?

My parents would disown me. No joke. They would kick me out at 16.

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