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381 When parents yell at you and repeat themselves until you have to make them stop
382 When they complain about being tired, so you have to do all the work
383 They make you whine and then ask you to stop

Oh my GOD that's so annoying. My mom took away my games and hasn't given them back. SHE is the one who made me whine, not me just whining on my own, and then she tells me to STOP IT THIS INSTANT OR YOU ARE GONNA BE GROUNDED OFF THEM FOR GOOD. I just wanna play Hyrule Warriors, or maybe some Zelda: Twilight Princess or Wind Waker! She thinks I'm just whining for the hell of it, but she's making me whine! It's so damn annoying!

Look parents if you hate Hearing kids whining, then DON'T MAKE THEM WHINE!

I wanted to play with my brother and build a fortress but my mum was all like 'play on the Wii U or something (which I did first thing in the morning at 5:50) so when my stepdad comes home and I want to race with him on Mario Kart 8 (we got Animal Crossing and Zelda characters and courses) she goes, 'you wasted your time on the Wii U so no you can't'

I know right they always say that all the times I hate that

384 They won't chill out about a small problem.

My dad does that. I would be listing to music on YouTube and studying for a big test and he would come in and say that I can't do both and I tell him that I can do both

I will be listing to You Tube om my computer and my dad comes and bugges me and says that I can't do that he needs to chil out

385 It's good to be bored

They say this when they are not sure how to entertain you.

Too little entertainment leads to boredom. Too much boredom leads to depression. Too much depression leads to, u know.

This is a big lie.

Being bored sucks.

Well if you're an introvert,this is nothing bad at you because I'm an introvert

386 They Ban TV Shows You Like

I'm not allowed to watch any very innapropriate shows. Don't care though. I'd take SpongeBob over South Park any day. - Garythesnail

This happened to me with The Powerpuff Girls. That was a good show.

Many parents don't let kids watch Invader Zim (even when teens) I don't like SpongeBob and my granny doesn't let me watch nick toons cause Cade likes SpongeBob so much, I'm like, Nein

387 Take you to boring places every weekend even if you want to hang out with friends

My mom takes me all the way out to mill woods from edmonton every weekend even when I make plans with my friends (and tell her) the week before, but just as I am getting ready to go see my friends, "nope, you have to cancel your grandparents want to see you! " well I get it but every weekend and weeknight gets really aggrivating at points

I don't like the mall every Saturday, I don't like going out every Saturday. Making me isn't going to help

I just want to have some time with friends. If my mom took me to the day are, I would just leave and go home by myself - MinecraftHater

And people wonder why I'm so boring...

388 They give you new responsibilities and no new rights

I hate doing their laundry and cleaning their messes

I hate to do my own washing

389 They give you nicknames

I've had my nicknames for so long my sister doesn't know my real name!

They call me Mikey. I don't mind it though because everyone calls me that. - Garythesnail

My mum calls me boop

Sorry I meant me - MinecraftHater

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390 They don't let you hang out with friends

My parents never go outside the house without them. Once I attempt to but then big spanking comes in my face. I only visit my friends like 3 times but my brother like 6 times. - njalabi63989

My parents never let me go outside of the house even for a donut with a friend

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391 When they help you with homework but only make it more confusing

I asked them for the formula for the area of a triangle and then my mum starts telling me every single equation ever

My mom doesn't help she confuses me even more that's why she is my last resort

IKR. I ask them what 12x14 is and they start explaining every thing about my homework for about an hour and I already know it. I just want the answer to a multiplication problem. Not they first 10 numbers of pi

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392 You know that you're eventually gonna put your kids through all the same crap they put you through

Some things, yes. Other things no. I can't accept the fact that parents get revenge for their parents actions on their kids. That just makes an endless cycle of hurt.

You know its true. Do you think your parents didn't get pissed off at their parents for the exact same stuff you hate

If I do all that crap to my kids I'll jump off grand canyon

Ill try not to be an ass

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393 They ground you for doing nothing wrong and they take your phone and ipad away

It happens to me at least a month it's so dam annoying

I was just texting my friend and my dad took my phone and said "your not spending enough time with me." I spent less time with him after that.

My father banned me from my devices just for not studying

Lol, that was a nice comment above me?

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394 What Have I Told You About Doing This


Me: I was only using the Kinect for a couple of minutes then you called me downstairs so I couldn't put Niamh's (my sister) DVD back.

Nicky: I tell you, I WILL ban electronics in this house. You own a laptop and a 3DS and an Xbox, what more could a 10 year old possibly want?

Me: Most of the kids in my class have more, and at mum's I have loads more stuff.


Me: *crying*


Me *wiping eyes* Oh, God, itchy eyes…

Nicky: That might work with your dad but it don't for me!

She's horrible. I feel like hitting her but I can't. She insults my aunt (she calls her Golem) and my other part family.

395 When they disturb you by entering your room randomly without any reason

They don't even knock I mean I don't either but I actually try to force my brain to knock on their door they could at least do the same

They burst into my room when I am trying to do homework, sing like idiots, then leave.

They say clean your teeth even though I already know that the bathroom will be clear. - MinecraftHater

396 They say that your friends are more mature than you

My mom said, when I accentanly said shut up, that I make wrong friends

Uh hu every time I do something they don't like..or I do something immature to my stepmoms definition or if my friends do something better in her eyes

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397 You buy candy for your stash and they take it.

I got three Cadbury cream things for Easter last year and my dad ate all of them.

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398 When they tell you to knock before coming in then they just barge in your room not giving you the same respect

I want to nail my door so it doesn't even open. I don't knock on their door but I try to, THEY CAN DO THE SAME FOR ME RESPECT MY PRIVACY

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399 They don't accept your personality

I always liked black since I was little and more gypsy styled outfits. Dad insisted I wear pink. I hate pink. I was always quiet even as a baby, they tried to make me social. I like cats, they make me like dogs. I like tea, they make me drink coffee. I like cartoons, they try to make me watch Ancient Aliens, Hoarders, Duck Dynasty, Preppers, and Monster Hunt. Cartoons make more sense to me.

I agree with the comment about how they make you watch weird shows. SpongeBob is 400x better than Duck dynasty. - Garythesnail

Yeah. Just because I like History, doesn't mean I want to watch History Channel. - PizzaGuy

My mom tries to make me look all stupid.
Mom: I'm going to give curls in your hair.
Me: Really, do you always have to make me look stupid.
Mom: Watch your mouth, people are trying help you!
Me: HELP ME! By doing what making look dorky.

I like computers, they forced me to put only social stuff on Facebook.

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400 They lecture you for stupid stuff, sometimes not even related to the topic which you are talking about
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