Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents

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421 They do not knock the door before enter on your bedroom

My mom doesn't even close the door all the time when she does this!

What's the purpose of a door if you're not gonna knock on it?

422 When they force you to go to a Justin Bieber concert with your little 3 year old sister. V 3 Comments
423 They make you watch younger siblings 24/7 and claim it's your job

At the park pool my dad was like watch your brother every 2 seconds and at the park he called me lazy because I wanted to play not watch my brother and he was in the baby section separated from the big kid section with rails blocking you from falling off and the height only reaching 5 inches, and at a bbq I'm an ungrateful child because I decided to play with my friends rather than do THEORY job yet when I Ask For THEORY Hunger Games Catching Fire On dvd THEORY Is Always An excuse

424 Punishing you and all of your other siblings when only one of you did something
425 They are alive

Woah, slow down! I know parents can be annoying, but my parents are annoying and I'm still grateful they're alive! No one should hate their parents for being alive! So don't hate them for being alive! Something may happen down the road and you may need them. SO BE DAMN GRATEFUL YOU HAVE PARENTS!

Wow, slow down mate. I mean no matter how much your parents annoy you be thankful that they are alive because seriously you world and everything will crash when you hear this 3 heart breaking words --- your mum /dad has died

They may be annoying, but they're still humans! - ThatOneArtGuy

Whoah, slow down to stop forever, m8. BE FREKAING GRATEFUL TO YOUR PARENTS! - BorisRule

V 10 Comments
426 They always want you to watch movies with them

Sometimes I'm taxing my friends or facetimeing them and my parents are like "Joe com down and watch this movie with us" and they don't let me use my iPad or iPhone but of I check it for like 2 seconds they think I'm not paying attention and start quizzing me on the movie. The movies usually turn out to be awful.

They stop me from having fun at my phone just to watch a movie and then they continue with their phone. - njalabi63989

I watched frozen with them. When the movie ended, I almost cried out of luck that It's over. - MinecraftHater

Sometimes I'm in the middle of homework and they do this.

V 2 Comments
427 They are stalkers V 4 Comments
428 When they yell at you for doing stuff because you're bored
429 They try to tell you how you are supposed to feel

My dad is always says "this attitude is gonna stop! " Whenever I seem unhappy about something they said. Like calling me out on something I do wrong (e.G. not doing the dishes or cleaning my room, dressing up too much sometimes) is supposed to make me happy? It's not that I shouldn't improve my character, but I don't think anyone likes to hear about their inadequacies. The funny thing is that he doesn't even know what a sneer is and calls it an "elvis lip" and mocks me whenever I do it.
He also tells me I need anger management whenever I appear less-than composed whenever he does something that he thinks I shouldn't be angry about. He seems to expect me not to be angry but then turns around and tells me (when he says something that angers me) "you can be angry all you want to." So... I can be angry all I want to, but when I express anger it is an attitude that needs to stop?

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430 When you ask your mom something and she tells you to ask your dad then he tells you to ask your mom V 2 Comments
431 They take away your computer time V 2 Comments
432 I yell at you because I love you

If you love me don't yell or cuss but my parents do both when I do nothing wrong

Worst excuse ever made in my whole life. - njalabi63989

V 4 Comments
433 When they are always asking about your love life then later make some joke about it
434 They complain about the house but don't do anything to help
435 They can change their minds

You mean when they don't make up their minds?

436 When your parents make you clean your room and start getting angry about it
437 Chaperone

Field trips are nice but your parents ruin your freedom to get crazy and have more fun

In like 2nd grade (I'm 15 sophmore, cute), my mom would chaperone for school parties, and when the cool guys said like crap or shut up, my mom would say don't say that. SO embarrassing

438 Good night kisses

I personally don't think that this is a problem I mean I'm 16 and I still do this I think it is a nice way to show affection to those who you are close too
Also either when you are older and have moved out or your parents have sadly passed I'm 99% sure that you will miss this x

439 You recount a funny story about what happened earlier, and it turns into a long lecture

I hate it when this happens! Which is all the time for me.

Me: :Mom I just walked over a bridge with my friends! It was wet but..
Me: what did I do wrong?

440 When they complain about what electronics you have but never complain about what the other one has.

I am 13 and my older brother is 19. My mom got a new phone and I asked if I can have her old one. She said "NO! " Then when I was asleep, she gave the phone to my brother instead. She said "Jamall never had a phone before and you had 1000 phones." That whole thing she said was a lie. I never had a phone before. My brother had a phone twice about 2 years ago. The first one he had, he took it apart and couldn't put it back together. The second one, he let someone borrow it and it ended up getting sold to somebody. And I don't get a phone? They tell me to stop moping around and trying to tell me to stop envying my brother. They always do this to me. Like if I want to stay home from school, they say I'm missed too many days. But if my brother wants to stay home from school, they let him. It's like Hello, Jamall missed the same exact days as me. I'm tired of them treating my brother better than me. I bet they're even going to kick me out before I'm 21 but keep my brother when he's 25. I'm ...more

I'm an only child and I can relate because my mom does this and she is always on some sort of electronic.

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