Ten Most Annoying Things About Parents

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441 They interrogate you
442 When they get mad seeing you on your computer, tablet or, phone.

Being on my computer is my "me time". It's my time to play games and, have fun but, that all gets ruined when someone is yelling at you for having fun...

Parents seeing you on your phone > Parents seeing you burning the house down - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

I'm on my phone for like 2 minutes at a time and they think I'm on it too much.

"I can barely move, Dad, I don't think I can go to school today."

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443 "You will have kids one day"

I know that's why I plan on keeping track of what I say in front of them if I promised something I should know it I promised it

444 Dad yells saying not to raise up your voice

How does a parent have the right to yell at children, even sensitive ones, even the little ones, we all have feelings

It's not my dad who does this, but more so my mom. Yep. You heard me right. MY MOM.

My parents do this sometimes, but it is because our neighborhood is loud. - IcetailofWishClan

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445 Not letting you get anything you want because they think you're lazy

I actually get some of the things I want, but that's fine with me. - IcetailofWishClan

Me:Mom, can I Have A Tablet? I can Buy It My Self
Me: But, I always Exercise and do things you tell me to do!
Mom: So?

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446 They threaten to call the police and have you put in jail if you don't brush your teeth V 4 Comments
447 Manipulating people to get what they want
448 Waking you up to tell you they're leaving and what they'll be doing when you don't care
449 They tell you what to do.

Seriously, why can't we tell them what to do? I guess parents can do whatever the want and we don't. Sometimes I feel like running away. - dovepaw2000

In my opinion, doing chores is actually kind of FUN. - IcetailofWishClan

My brain sometimes hurt thinking of this

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450 When they assume you're doing something bad just because you locked your door

I can relate to this so much. Even if I'm changing clothes and lock the door, my parents try to barge in and scream "OPEN THE DOOR! " and I'm like god I'm changing

I think a lot of kids--especially teens will be able to relate to this.

Ya every time I'm in my room one of my parents yell my name asking what I'm doing

There's such thing as wanting to keep annoying singles out

451 They can switch off your TV shows, but you cant switch off theirs V 2 Comments
452 When you tell them you're not having kids and they say "oh you'll change your mind"

No. No I won't I wouldn't like or feel proud of having to push a small body of flash out of my vagina at same time tearing open my vagina crapping every where and bleeding like a pig then having to deal with the bull that comes from the little "bundle of joy".

No thank you.

I wouldn't change my mind. I mean that thing that'll come out of my future wife or if I do get married didn't choose to be born I don't want it to feel the giant burden of life

I've never said I want kids but I think it all the time

I promise myself to not have kinds of get married

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453 They only think for themselves
454 When they say that you're their favorite child but they don't act like you're their favorite child

My dad told me that his favorite son was me. Then then the next day he insults me and stuff. Didn't you say that I was your favorite son.

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455 When you wake up early on a weekday and you can't go back to sleep then they say what are you still doing up
456 Try to force you to be friends with someone you don't like

My mom wants me to hang out with the loser group because she thinks the popular group is mean so I try sit with the girls who kinda respect me. Then my dad is teasing me about that I'm gonna get a girlfriend. Well, maybe but can you please stop telling me about it GEES!

. My mom wants me to be friends with the girly queen bee of my school because they live down the street. I say no and she blows it by pestering me with why why why why why why why why? IT IS BECAUSE SHE IS A BULLY. Duh.

457 They say you're just a kid V 1 Comment
458 They say you don't have rights

Never happened to me. But it did happen to my mom, once again. - IcetailofWishClan

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459 When you say you are something they just say "No you're not!"

I can't remember how I got afraid of the dark again but I told my mom and she was like "no you aren't! " or when I said I was sick but she just said I wasn't even though she heard me throwing up. It's like if your afraid of something you need to be screaming in a corner shaking or bleeding out of your eyes for them to stop denying you.

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460 When they clean your room and throw away your school papers then get mad at you.

My mom threw away my school work that was for a grade and blamed me saying " well, maybe you should keep you crap off your floor! " and I say " it was on my desk " - which it was so she says "bull! If you make a bad grade your grounded! "

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