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61 When they hit you loads whilst screaming at you to stop crying.

Like really?! My parents used to this ALL the time. They'd hit me and say "If you don't stop crying I'll hit you again until you stop! " I've got so many memories of that. Why wouldn't I cry?! It hurts to be hit and it's also scary so crying is a natural reaction, and hitting is just going to make me cry more.

It happened a lot and the past and Instill get threats of it, but it's only one of my parents. I can't help it if I'm crying loudly nonstop! Everyones a jerk to me!

This should be illegal - DoroExploro13


62 They promise something and never do it

It's been 3 months and counting and my mom has brought me where she promised she would bring me. Then she comes up with poor excuses because she won't admit the truth.

This happened with my dad COUNTLESS TIMES! We are always supposed to go somewhere but he says "oh we don't have enough money" then postpones it for the next week. The next week I ask him we can go, but he says we can't for some dumb reason. Then the next week he promised to take us to Fun Depot, but he said we didn't have money. He got paid this week, and we're suppose to go today. I bet the worlds supply of money that we don't.

My wall in my room was falling apart, and my Dad was supposed to fix it since there we're termites living in it. So he moved me out of my room into my brothers, and anything would get chucked into my old room. It didn't take him 5 years to finish, but 5 years to even START! By the time my room was FINALLY done I had it for about a year and then we moved. Much wasted, such room, very NOT impressed.

Once, I wanted this WII tablet (or whatever you called it ;-;) and my Dad promised to buy it for me and my brother and I STILL don't have it.

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63 What's for dinner? Food

OH MY GOD SO ANNOYING my dad says poo chips instead of "Food"

Oh my god I hate when that happens! When I am upset my dad makes a sad face and pretends to cry and I HATE IT!

My mom says "ask again and its nothing"

My mom doesn't even cook for me lol

I cook for HER

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64 They forget what it's like to be a kid/teenager

They don't know my dreams. They don't know what geometry is like, they don't know music, friends, anything. They think I'm just stupid and so is the rest of the country.

My mom does not get that wearing a bra hurts my shoulders. LIKE MOM I'm 12 AND YOU'RE 40 I don't THINK YOU GET IT

My parents always treat me like I'm stupid when we talk about things and say that

To be honest,my mom is the worst when it comes to maths so she is not clever enough to help me with maths homework

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65 They always compare you to other kids

very annoying, those kids have nothing to do with my life - ronluna

I hate this if I ran like 7 miles in like, 2 minuets my dad would say well you need improve, cause tori ran 100 miles in two seconds

ALWAYS when I am in schewiz or something like that my father says like "Pfff... what if you would've been one of those good kids they have here in schewiz? disciplined and bla bla etc etc" - freezerman75

That's exactly why I don't want my mom to meet my friends. - Yoda8778

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66 Don't pay attention to you

Could be nice if you are grounded and wanna play some video games while grounded.

Every day

I get nosebleeds a lot. Like an average of three times every week. When my mom sees me get a nosebleed, she helps me and everything. But my dad, was the complete opposite. He usually just asks me what happened, then when I tell him he just acts like nothing happened while I'm over here struggling to do things with only one hand because I have to use one to hold the tissue on my nose. F**king seal scrotum cat ballsack

67 When they say "Don't carry on" yet they carry on about any wrong thing you do.

Often the thing you do isn't wrong

Lol what

68 They force you to do something you don't want to do

For Thanksgiving, she forced me to go to Nevada. That might sound like fun, and I was excited until I found out it's not a vacation. I was sobbing, crying, and refusing to go on the plane, but no! The "vacation" was only watching my Grandpa DIE, doing chores, sleeping on a rock solid futon because my dad made us, watch people cry, and eat Thanksgiving dinner with her neighbors that I was scared of. My mom and dad didn't care, and when I say I don't like it, I get in trouble. I absolutely HATE when they do this

They'd force me to stay the whole summer with my selfish and overly Catholic grandma's house. And they wonder why I never made friends...

My mom and dad do this all the time. They force me to with them some where and later they get mad at me for not having a "good time" and say like you should haven't come if you were going to be grumpy, like you forced me to come I didn't want to, you made me come. And it's not just forcing me to go place, they also force me to do things I don't wanna do. Like forcing me to get my ear pierced (which I got an infection from afterwards) and making me sleepover my cousins house.

Yes! In 2010, my parents forced me to go on a roller coaster. I do not like riding roller coasters, even though this was a kiddie roller coaster. OF COURSE the moment they saw it they were like "come on you can do it! ". I tried to back out of it but they wouldn't budge. - railfan99

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69 They can be hypocrites

YES! My mum goes like "Don't eat on the couch cause it isn't the place to have food! " When she ALWAYS eats on the couch and expects me to sit at the dining table!?!?
She goes "Social Media ain't good for you! Especially messaging! " when she has facebook herself and she's literally on facebook and gossiping with everyone and laughing and stuff 24/7 and it makes me wanna die cause she doesn't let me have a phone or any social media! It really makes me feel left-out when I'm at school cause everyone will be chatting about the internet's newest craze and I just stand there like a loner being completely oblivious as to what they're talking about.

My mom know that I was playing with sicgerets as a dool end I put it in my mauth! End she did...
Ugh so stupid!
In 1cigar there's is 4000 milions bad stuff!
every year there's more...

70 When you do something a little bad but not really bad they ground you for way too long

I chose not to go to the cities with my family because I didn't think it would be fun. Then my mom shouts at me to go, and I reply with a simple no. She grounds me for 3 months. __.

This happened to me. All I did was take the bus home instead of going to after-school for 2 days, and I got grounded from my video games for 2 weeks. I could never forgive my aunt for doing that. And she always, always uses the "I'm an adult" excuse. Believe it or not, I was SO addicted to video games and had no access to them for 2 weeks that I considered committing suicide! - thunderstar1124

This happened two times. I threw some clothes and my dad said that I should give him my iPad mini. Then after I threw a paper and I got yelled over by you guessed it, my dad. If my dad could be in a shouting contest, he would win. He yells like an Tyranosaurus Rex with 2 megaphones. - MinecraftHater

Grounded for a C.

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71 They put you in therapy only because you are not behaving yourself

I wish I could go to therapy. I have so many problems but my parents don't notice. They just see me as overreacting or lazy but they just don't know why.

I wish my parents would send me to therapy. I am young, and they don't seem to realize that their words have an effect on me. My mother will tell me that this shirt will smooth out my curves (something that I am already very conscience about) or my parents will yell at me that I overreact or that I am too sad. The thing is, I think I have major depression issues, and I have had two panic attacks in the last month.

Honestly, I wish I could go to therapy but my parents are to cheap and think I'll tell the doctors how bad of parents the are.

My dad threatened to do that because I love to play with my phone - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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72 They get mad at you if you cuss but they cuss

My dad is like don't say bad words when he cusses everyday

I swear a lot at home and after I swear in a sentence my mum or dad say "Watch your language," and it annoys the hell out of me but guess what! I've heard my mum say crap and I've heard my dad say bloody. what is wrong with my parents!

"Don't learn no new words, Chile.."
Well its kinda hard since I go to a school with a bunch of cussers. Dang why am I not grown yet?

Actually as a matter of fact, I have a 13 year-old brother who done got beaten from past events of cussing at school (i'm 16) and four older siblings who are all in their twenties (well-grown) and my grandma still tells them not to learn no new words.

My mum cusses a lot and when I cuss ONCE she says "Don't swear"

I don't like cussing or using swear words anyway - Lunala

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73 When they are nosy

They always open my drawers and it makes them feel happy when they open my drawers.

So annoying. It's like asking for trouble to go through someone's personal stuff.

Me: People always barge in on me when I'm changing and I like my privacy.
Me: didn't you hate it?
Mom: well of course! Mother always looked in my diary!
Me: You always look in mine. I don't even write anymore.

My grandma is SUPER nosy, when she asked me something, she wants EVERY TINY LITTLE DETAIL! Here we go: One time, I went out to lunch with my mom. And I told my grandma, here's what she asked me... "How was lunch? " "What did you eat there? " "What did you guys talk about? " "How was the food? " "Did you like the food? " and then I say "Nothing" or "I don't know", she gets mad at me and says I'm "anti-social". Or she says "Really, you did nothing? Wow! " -_- - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

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74 They ban you from something

Ugh. Mom banned me from my phone because I got mad when she didn't care about there being a rumor that I was pregnant in school! (Funny, considering that I'm the only non-pregnant virgin who graduated. )

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO ANNOYING, My parents ban me from stuff every day for no reason, today you was banned for attitude when all I was doing was proving my point!

On April 2011 I just hired Fawlty Towers the complete collection and my dad confiscated it and I didn't get it back until Boxing Day

So I'm banned from broccoli?

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75 They threaten to call the police on you when you did nothing wrong

My mom called the police on me once because I didn't want to to give my brother half a can of ravioli because I knew he wouldn't eat it. I was starving and wanted the whole can for myself and she insisted I split it with my brother because he was whining. I said no and kept it all and she called the police! Allegedly because I was "getting in her face and threatening her with body language" I was like 14. The cops came and completely sided with her and said that I was going down the wrong path and would be in jail soon if I didn't clean up my act.

She wanted me out of the house when I was 14 because I had refused to protest for her in court (long story). She said if I didn't leave, she would call the police. I walked over to my aunts house and ranted to her. Apparently my mom did that to her when they were kids.

My dumb mom once threatened this because I didn't want to go to church so I laughed in face because that's idiotic and she started screaming her head off - The21whoNoks

All your comments are great. Your parents are stupid and exaggerate too much.

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76 Ask why we do a thing, then get angry when we answer

so true

77 When they tell you mean things about yourself and say they only tell you because they love you but then when kids at school do it, its so mean

Mom: "You need to start eating healthier and working out more."
I have been very insecure about my weight in the last 3 years and my mom is aware of this, I am not even close to being over weight. I weigh about 120 lbs. which is the right weight for my height and age, even slightly below. But all these other girls at my school are skinnier than me but weigh the same. I just have large thighs (a terrible gene from my mother) and a slight fat roll on my tummy. Mind you, she told me to lose weight during dinner time one day while I was eating a salad and she was on her 4th slice of pizza. And then she tells me that she has never called me fat before. Um, I have literally heard her talking to people on the phone about how "fat" I was and how I needed to lose weight. She is literally 100 pounds heavier than she is supposed to be for her height. (About 5'5) and then she tells me that she only says it because she wants someone to be able to fall in love with me one day (because apparently ...more

I was called some pretty rude stuff by my parents, and they apologized but it didn't help me at all. When somebody tells me in a nice way how I am, I will definitely take it great. But if you say it rude and like you don't care how I'm going to feel, that's going to affect me.

It makes no sense to me, because your just acting like a bully to me. Claiming you love me as your daughter, but you don't act like it sometimes.

My dad is like that

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78 Every time you have a friend of the opposite sex they are always suspicious

I'm a girl who actually likes hanging around both genders. I'm getting homeschool soon and so I need some friends but of COURSE my mum will assume I want girls only. I WANT BOTH females and males because males and me share similar interests. For example I collect pokemon cards and HATE makeup. And I don't know something about the opposite gender is cool. - Lunala

Same, I'm a girl, and I have a friend who is a boy, we both have crushes on each other, my grandpa won't even let me go into the bedroom with him to LOOK at something! IT'S SO STUPID! We're both 12 and he literally thinks we're gonna have sex! WHAT'S WRONG WITH PARENTS?!?! - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

Yeah, I have a guy friend and my mother got really suspicious that me and him were dating even though he was gay.

I know!

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79 When you plan something for ages and your parents agree but on the day they say you cannot go anymore

Me:Mom? Dad?
Parents: Yes?
Me: Can I have a sleepover next week with my friend?
Parents: Of course
*next week*
Me:Ok my friend is going to be here in a few minutes
Parents:What are you talking about!?! You never asked! ALWAYS ASK US FIRST! Now call her and tell her you are not having a sleepover and you are also grounded for 3 weeks

Me:hey mom is it alright if I go to the movies with my friends sometime next weekend?
Mom:yeah sure that's fine :)
*next weekend*
*gets ready to leave*
Mom:where are you going?
Me:to the movies with my friends remember?
Mom: NO! You didn't even ask! You have things to do!

She got me excited and said we were going to the beach in 2 weeks. 2 weeks later, she laughed in my face when I asked her about it and we didn't go.

Ok, this happend new year's eve, 2017.

Me: *1 week before new years eve of 2017* Grandpa, can we stay up until midnight for new years day?
Grandpa: Yes, but this is the only time we're staying up until midnight!
*new years day*
Grandpa: *9:00 pm* Ok, time for bed!
Me: But grandpa, you agreed we would stay up until midnight for new years e--
Me thinking: Nice excuse, you just wanna ruin my new year.

I convinced him to stay up after a few minutes. - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

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80 Blame video games

My parents are the kind that thinks that playing video games makes people stupid! Come on, how illogical is that? Playing engages your mind, not shut it down or something! Research has even shown that playing games is good for your brain! But, they insisted on their little old-fashioned belief, which is outrageous and have no evidence! Sure that will affect your grades if you don't study hard, but how do I get straight As if I don't study? Get your facts and figures right, SON

Oh my god. This should be number one, I hate that! My mom blames my anger on my video games!

Mom: Bedtime!
Me:Can't I finish this temple room first? (me playing Zelda: Twilight Princess)
Mom: NO.
Me: Please?!
Me: MOM?!?!?!
Me: (crying) MOM!

Oh my god I want to slap her in the face when she blames my anger on my video games!

My mom is one of the people that believes everything the news says like that "there was almost no violence before video games." You know, the kind of stuff that makes you want to kill yourself? (not really)

My parents think video games makes you stupid, violent and showing attitude and stuffs like that. How stupid is THAT? Playing makes you smarter, paying more attention and even IMPROVES your eyesight! That's why I even got straight-perfect in English at the first place! I sometimes fight my friends, but that's because I have anger issues! Just make me mad and I won't be able to keep calm. Does that have any relations with video games? No. So change your perspectives,parents! - Yoda8778

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