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61 You doing the same thing they often do is wrong

My mum says don't copy my bad habits, it's embarrassing! But I'm like sorry honey, I'm YOUR child. Meaning cause I currently live with you means I influence off what you do naturally and unless you stop those bad habits of yours, I can't stop influencing off you darling

When my mom tells me not to yell the vary next day she screaming at me. Then when I tell her not to yell she get super mad an is just like you can not tell me what to I am your mother and then I get grounded

My dad ALWAYS tells me to not use the phone while we're eating. Okay, but IT WAS BEFORE WE EVEN GOT SERVED ANYTHING. Then as he scolds me for that, he TURNS ON HIS PHONE AND GOES ON Facebook. Hi, you're being unfair. Then at breakfast I might be reading my kindle. He always tells me to stop reading. Sucks to suck, you got it for me. Then he flips open THE NEWSPAPER. Are u kidding me

Parents sometimes have a "do as I say and not as I do" philosophy. It's annoying as hell. - Nanis149

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62 They choose what is the best for you but actually its the worst

I have undergone this punishment many times in my youth.

Since I am a bookworm, even when I was little, my parents used to take away all my books for up to three days. I had nothing to do and became very depressed and bored during these periods of time.

Parents out there, do not take away the essence of your child's life, or what they love to do. Discipline, but do not harm physically or emotionally.

What I recommend instead to parents is to have a heart-to-heart, uncensored talk with their child. If they want to say something, don't deny them that chance to tell you things. Try and work out a solution peacefully and without being hypocritical. I think that this method would work much better than physical punishment or the injury of one's feelings.

Thank you!

Here is a Halloween example

Me-Dad can I dress up as Lloyd this year

Dad-NO you have to dress up as Jabba the hut because you wont get any candy if you dress up as Lloyd

Me-That is not true Lloyd is the green ninja who has cool golden powers while Jabba is just a idiotic slimy lazy annoying fat dumb slug

Dad-How dare you say that about Jabba that's it you are not going trick or treating this year and I am going to ban you from anything Ninjago themed

"Best" for the most popular kid at school is to get transferred to a different school. I had many friends, perfect grades, and good teachers. So many kids were crying because they weren't in my mandatory competitive book club group. Well, she made it worse by transferring me to a new school. The reason: It is wrong for a member of this lousy generation to be better than their parents were.

When your parents tell you "Your art isn't going to take you anywhere" so your whole life you're for what you think you want, and then you get to college age and it's not what you want but they want and now you're stuck in waste land of nothingness hoping that somehow you can find you're way back.

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63 Cut down your dreams then complain that you have no motivation

I know right like why do something hate to do then do what your dream is, that's like saying to a 5 year old that she can't be a dancer and blah, blah, BLAH!

My mother did this a lot to me but this time in 2015, when the time is right, I'm taking a stand against this! - Johnny1991

"You can just be a singer as a hobby, do something like a doctor or something important" -my mom. Well, I think those jobs are boring - lovefrombadlands

I want to get others to read ideas from my own imagination and my mom believe I can't because I love dragons,I want to write stories or lore for a game,she said no because I love dragons and that I only copy stuff people already made,basically say I have no imagination.I wanted to work in a EB Games,no I must get a good job when I'm payed well not a small job even if I never worked before in my entire life.Also I'm 22 yet the only thing they want me to be is translator,nothing else.

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64 When they hit you loads whilst screaming at you to stop crying.

Like really?! My parents used to this ALL the time. They'd hit me and say "If you don't stop crying I'll hit you again until you stop! " I've got so many memories of that. Why wouldn't I cry?! It hurts to be hit and it's also scary so crying is a natural reaction, and hitting is just going to make me cry more.

It happened a lot and the past and Instill get threats of it, but it's only one of my parents. I can't help it if I'm crying loudly nonstop! Everyones a jerk to me!

This should be illegal - DoroExploro13


65 They come into your room at the worst possible time
66 They promise something and never do it

It's been 3 months and counting and my mom has brought me where she promised she would bring me. Then she comes up with poor excuses because she won't admit the truth.

This happened with my dad COUNTLESS TIMES! We are always supposed to go somewhere but he says "oh we don't have enough money" then postpones it for the next week. The next week I ask him we can go, but he says we can't for some dumb reason. Then the next week he promised to take us to Fun Depot, but he said we didn't have money. He got paid this week, and we're suppose to go today. I bet the worlds supply of money that we don't.

My wall in my room was falling apart, and my Dad was supposed to fix it since there we're termites living in it. So he moved me out of my room into my brothers, and anything would get chucked into my old room. It didn't take him 5 years to finish, but 5 years to even START! By the time my room was FINALLY done I had it for about a year and then we moved. Much wasted, such room, very NOT impressed.

Once, I wanted this WII tablet (or whatever you called it ;-;) and my Dad promised to buy it for me and my brother and I STILL don't have it.

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67 What's for dinner? Food

OH MY GOD SO ANNOYING my dad says poo chips instead of "Food"

Oh my god I hate when that happens! When I am upset my dad makes a sad face and pretends to cry and I HATE IT!

My mom says "ask again and its nothing"

My mom doesn't even cook for me lol

I cook for HER

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68 They forget what it's like to be a kid/teenager

They don't know my dreams. They don't know what geometry is like, they don't know music, friends, anything. They think I'm just stupid and so is the rest of the country.

My mom does not get that wearing a bra hurts my shoulders. LIKE MOM I'm 12 AND YOU'RE 40 I don't THINK YOU GET IT

My parents always treat me like I'm stupid when we talk about things and say that

To be honest,my mom is the worst when it comes to maths so she is not clever enough to help me with maths homework

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69 They always compare you to other kids

very annoying, those kids have nothing to do with my life - ronluna

I hate this if I ran like 7 miles in like, 2 minuets my dad would say well you need improve, cause tori ran 100 miles in two seconds

ALWAYS when I am in schewiz or something like that my father says like "Pfff... what if you would've been one of those good kids they have here in schewiz? disciplined and bla bla etc etc" - freezerman75

That's exactly why I don't want my mom to meet my friends. - Yoda8778

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70 Don't pay attention to you

Could be nice if you are grounded and wanna play some video games while grounded.

Every day

I get nosebleeds a lot. Like an average of three times every week. When my mom sees me get a nosebleed, she helps me and everything. But my dad, was the complete opposite. He usually just asks me what happened, then when I tell him he just acts like nothing happened while I'm over here struggling to do things with only one hand because I have to use one to hold the tissue on my nose. F**king seal scrotum cat ballsack

71 They freak out when you get in trouble at school

I usually don't get into trouble much, but this happened recently. So I was in science class, right? Well she was explaining a lab we had to do, everyone was watching and listening. Kid next to me was playing with some stupid red cup or something. I was putting stuff in my folder. She goes “Jace, please put down the cup and turn around and listen”, I put something in my bag, she looks at me and goes “Hunter you turn around and listen to me while I'm talking, I don't want to talk to the back of your head! ”. I turn around, then she goes “Look at me! If I see you not paying attention you're getting an office referral! ” I look at her and glare. Glared like a god damned demon. She breaks eye contact and she looked pretty nervous (I have very fearful intimidating glares). I tell my mother and she gets mad at me “I don't want to hear you glaring at your teachers. Treat them with respect! ” I say “Well she treated me like trash, for putting away stuff, while the kid next ...more

72 When they say "Don't carry on" yet they carry on about any wrong thing you do.

Often the thing you do isn't wrong

Lol what

73 They can be hypocrites

YES! My mum goes like "Don't eat on the couch cause it isn't the place to have food! " When she ALWAYS eats on the couch and expects me to sit at the dining table!?!?
She goes "Social Media ain't good for you! Especially messaging! " when she has facebook herself and she's literally on facebook and gossiping with everyone and laughing and stuff 24/7 and it makes me wanna die cause she doesn't let me have a phone or any social media! It really makes me feel left-out when I'm at school cause everyone will be chatting about the internet's newest craze and I just stand there like a loner being completely oblivious as to what they're talking about.

My parents ARE hypocrites - MLPFan

My mom know that I was playing with sicgerets as a dool end I put it in my mauth! End she did...
Ugh so stupid!
In 1cigar there's is 4000 milions bad stuff!
every year there's more...

74 When you do something a little bad but not really bad they ground you for way too long

I chose not to go to the cities with my family because I didn't think it would be fun. Then my mom shouts at me to go, and I reply with a simple no. She grounds me for 3 months. __.

This happened to me. All I did was take the bus home instead of going to after-school for 2 days, and I got grounded from my video games for 2 weeks. I could never forgive my aunt for doing that. And she always, always uses the "I'm an adult" excuse. Believe it or not, I was SO addicted to video games and had no access to them for 2 weeks that I considered committing suicide! - thunderstar1124

This happened two times. I threw some clothes and my dad said that I should give him my iPad mini. Then after I threw a paper and I got yelled over by you guessed it, my dad. If my dad could be in a shouting contest, he would win. He yells like an Tyranosaurus Rex with 2 megaphones. - MinecraftHater

Grounded for a C.

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75 Make you feel like a horrible person because of your decisions

Every time I want to take a break from their judgmental remarks and from school, they always bother me and then I tell them I want to stay in my room and they're like: WHY?

And then I get stressed again because they don't understand that I like being alone sometimes!

Happens every single time no matter what I tell them.

Honestly they ' use a guilt trip mechanic against me and it always gets to my head, makes me depressed and then I would try to de-stress myself and continue work but then it apparently is the adequate amount of time for them to but in my life again and depress me all over for wasting time...

Like when you 18 years old (senior year) and you finally find a guy you like, but they hate him immediately and don't even know him, they just judge him by his looks and his friends and they let you know they don't like him every chance they get. Also let me just point out I have never had a boyfreind either. They also always tease me that I will be alone for the rest of my life, if I don't find someome. Talk about confusing.

Because I didn't want this book when I was younger she made me cry and think I was dumb. - Lucretia

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76 They put you in therapy only because you are not behaving yourself

I wish I could go to therapy. I have so many problems but my parents don't notice. They just see me as overreacting or lazy but they just don't know why.

I wish my parents would send me to therapy. I am young, and they don't seem to realize that their words have an effect on me. My mother will tell me that this shirt will smooth out my curves (something that I am already very conscience about) or my parents will yell at me that I overreact or that I am too sad. The thing is, I think I have major depression issues, and I have had two panic attacks in the last month.

Honestly, I wish I could go to therapy but my parents are to cheap and think I'll tell the doctors how bad of parents the are.

I had this conversation with my dad last week and asked why he and my mom put me in therapy. I told him that I feel like they're doing it, just because I'm not behaving myself, but he said the complete opposite---
"Marika, we feel like this will help you until you reach adulthood" - Stazemar000

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77 They get mad at you if you cuss but they cuss

My dad is like don't say bad words when he cusses everyday

I swear a lot at home and after I swear in a sentence my mum or dad say "Watch your language," and it annoys the hell out of me but guess what! I've heard my mum say crap and I've heard my dad say bloody. what is wrong with my parents!

"Don't learn no new words, Chile.."
Well its kinda hard since I go to a school with a bunch of cussers. Dang why am I not grown yet?

Actually as a matter of fact, I have a 13 year-old brother who done got beaten from past events of cussing at school (i'm 16) and four older siblings who are all in their twenties (well-grown) and my grandma still tells them not to learn no new words.

True, made dad is a constant F-bomber and complains to my 14 yo brother about the word "crap" - Maddox121

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78 When they are nosy

They always open my drawers and it makes them feel happy when they open my drawers.

So annoying. It's like asking for trouble to go through someone's personal stuff.

Me: People always barge in on me when I'm changing and I like my privacy.
Me: didn't you hate it?
Mom: well of course! Mother always looked in my diary!
Me: You always look in mine. I don't even write anymore.

My grandma is SUPER nosy, when she asked me something, she wants EVERY TINY LITTLE DETAIL! Here we go: One time, I went out to lunch with my mom. And I told my grandma, here's what she asked me... "How was lunch? " "What did you eat there? " "What did you guys talk about? " "How was the food? " "Did you like the food? " and then I say "Nothing" or "I don't know", she gets mad at me and says I'm "anti-social". Or she says "Really, you did nothing? Wow! " -_- - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

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79 They ban you from something

Ugh. Mom banned me from my phone because I got mad when she didn't care about there being a rumor that I was pregnant in school! (Funny, considering that I'm the only non-pregnant virgin who graduated. )

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO ANNOYING, My parents ban me from stuff every day for no reason, today you was banned for attitude when all I was doing was proving my point!

On April 2011 I just hired Fawlty Towers the complete collection and my dad confiscated it and I didn't get it back until Boxing Day

My mom needs to calm down! I'm a mature teenage girl who knows what's right for me on the internet!

I used to play ROBLOX with my friends and I had some guys on there who I didn't know. My mom heard me laughing and called me. I logged in. She checked all my friends. SHE MADE ME UNFRIEND EVERYONE. I had to secretly unfriend my best friend because she and I had been talking about my crush and I didn't want my mom to know about it. I was so upset.

I changed my ROBLOX username and my mom called me again! I had to unfriend my bestie AGAIN (though she (MY BESTIE) wasn't mad because she knew why I kept doing it). Then, when I asked my mom why she did this, she said that you 'are very unsafe online and someone can hack you on ROBLOX.' Come on! I had put a fake birthdate, fake EVERYTHING on there! How could I get hacked anyway? The only person on my new account was my best friend, classmate, girl who sat next to me in class! I knew my bestie, damn it!

Now I'm BANNED from ...more - HirokoMiyagi_16_13

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80 They ruin your mood

Every time I am in a good mood, my parents ask if I am hyper, or do or say something that puts me right back into a bad mood. I have never once been hyper in my life, and if they think that because I am smiling one day I am hyper, they need to just be better parents. Are children not allowed to be happy these days? - Chelseyne

I was in a great mood and suddenly they came up to me and made a long rant about my personality, which makes my mood drop from happy to mad and confused - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I hate karate but my mom forces me to do it I am 13 and I started at the age of 5 I like basketball much more but she doesn't care

I'm happy and then my parents ruin my happiness - MinecraftHater

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