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81 They call you mean names

Mom always calls me a waste of space and a totally useless daughter. I mean, are you really gonna call me a useless daughter when I do everything you tell me? They mostly just compare me to my younger sister who clearly almost does nothing in the house. Already in 8th grade but she's more irresponsible than me, she doesn't even know how to take care of herself and her things, I do all the work she leaves in the bedroom we share, then she gets praised so suddenly?! What did she ever do?! Like, I'm useless and worthless when I do something wrong and then when she does something incredibly out of the line, you say it's fine and then make her apologize?! Is she the favorite now?Oh right...so if I don't do something for my sister even though it has something to do with her stuff in the room, you call me a no good daughter who can't do anything in her life but be useless...if she didn't do something that concerned her responsibilities, you're just gonna wave it off like nothing? WHAT?!One ...more

My mom calls me lazy and a waste. I also take the train to school and when I don't wanna walk to the station because I don't wanna be late she say "u need to lose some weight anyway". My father basically tells me I can't do anything right. They both constantly compare me to my brother and sister and tell me how much of a better job they do. One day I made my sister food because my mom was too "busy" to do it ( she just loves setting me up in situations where she knows I will fail) so I made it and I messed up big time. U tried starting over but then I messed up again. I told my sister she would have to find something else to eat and being the big baby she was, she told my mother who came downstairs and screamed at me and made the whole thing herself. Then I asked why my brother couldn't have done it and she just gave me this look. I'm pretty sure he didn't do it because my mom knew she never taught any of us how to make what my sister wanted to eat and didn't want him to fail.

I know, right? My mum called me a dumbass 'cause I wasn't reading and studying! My mum said she was a "champ" at school... Here's an example

Mum: Why aren't you studying?

Me: Ummm... It's summer vacation, school is like, six weeks away!

Mum: when I was your age, I studied hard to achieve good grades!

Me: yeah, well why aren't you some kind of lawyer or doctor!?!?!?

Mum: are you arguing with me? Back then I never argue with my mother! As I said I studied hard, I excelled in maths, science and sport...

Me: what about English? (We're Asians, so... It's typical )

Mum: what about it? It doesn't matter...

Me: mum we're in Australia, people here speak English, do you have any friends?

Mum: yeah (not gonna mention a nationality, as it might be stereotypical)

Me: Anyone else? Maybe Australians or at least any native people?

Mum: No, I can't speak English!

Me: And here I am thinking that you were a ...more - ThatOneArtGuy

Doesn't happen to me my dad sometimes call me palodini

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82 When you're having fun then they say, HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK!?

I'm lucky, cause each time my mom doesn't tell me to do homework in the beginning of the day, but at the end if I don't finish, I am grounded. It's simple. And I also get a 20 min break after school, then I start my homework

Can I have a little free time in between school and homework?

First thing my parents asked me when I get home is have you done your homework and then I reply I have none.then I go on my Kindle and play some games next thing you know my parents are yelling at me about how my homework isn't finished

This happens to me literally every time, and right when I'm about to win at a game, my mom comes in and asks me of I did my homework and I'm like no and she makes me do it!

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83 They punish me for what siblings did then reward the sibling

This happened to me a lot during my high school years. Once, my younger sister, who was only 10, hit me in the head for not doing what she asked so I told her to go away and mind her own business. The mother heard what I said to her and apparently thinks I've hurt the younger sister's feeling so she slaps my arm, which leaves a red handprint and bruises the next day, and then helps my younger sister to her needs

My sister can stay up all night she breaks the rule I'm punished because shes older who cares act like you older then she whines about waiting about everything

They always thinks the siblings are "perfect little angles who can't do anything wrong." They end up being the opposite because of that.

What is this, Everyone Knows It's Bendy?

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84 They never mind their own business.

They always question what you do, and they want EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. It's bogus!

"Son! How was school! "


"Tell me about it! What did you do in school? What did you... blah blah blah"

I was being asked on steam to friend someone on skype and he/or she didn't call but my mum found out and she was asking about it.

I just to sit and go YouTube but they keep calling me

When I had a girlfriend, my Mum would constantly be like:
Mum: How's your girlfriend?
Me: She's good thanks.
Mum: Was she at school today?
Me: No.
Mum: Why not?
Me: I don't know.
Mum: Have you kissed her yet?
Me: *facepalm*

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85 Make you feel like a horrible person because of your decisions

Every time I want to take a break from their judgmental remarks and from school, they always bother me and then I tell them I want to stay in my room and they're like: WHY?

And then I get stressed again because they don't understand that I like being alone sometimes!

Happens every single time no matter what I tell them.

Honestly they ' use a guilt trip mechanic against me and it always gets to my head, makes me depressed and then I would try to de-stress myself and continue work but then it apparently is the adequate amount of time for them to but in my life again and depress me all over for wasting time...

Like when you 18 years old (senior year) and you finally find a guy you like, but they hate him immediately and don't even know him, they just judge him by his looks and his friends and they let you know they don't like him every chance they get. Also let me just point out I have never had a boyfreind either. They also always tease me that I will be alone for the rest of my life, if I don't find someome. Talk about confusing.

When I was little I didn't want to go to my grandmas house because I didn't feel good. I told my mom and she said "but grandma is lonley a lot, and feels no one loves her. She is also old so your not gonna see her soon, but hey its your decision." And with that said I went to my grandmas house. - Ihavecripplingdeppresion

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86 They say they will pay you for chores, but they end up not paying you at all.

I make my bed, do the dishwasher, set the table, wake up my brothers, sometimes make my mom and dads bed, and clean up the table. AND I DO THAT ALL FOR NOTHING?! The last time I got paid was $2 from my dad 2 months ago. Do you think that for all those chores I do, was for $2? That's the only thing they need to work on.

I should really have like $200 dollars but my parents never pay me for doing chores.

I hate when my mom does that. She's like I'll pay you at the end of the week.
A week later.
I ask about my money and she says you didn't do any chores.

My mom does this, but I don't bother her about it because we don't have much money.

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87 Parents just don't understand!!

Parents does not know what it is like being a teenager/kid


- Will Smith

Me:She is a spoiled brat. She's sexist, racist, dog-obsessed (yep, dogs corrupt you), book-hating, T.V. addict, a lot of friends, has an iPod, has Instagram, etc.
Mom:I think you like her. You just don't want to-
My mind:FLEE! FLEE!

Whenever something like that happens, I bang my head into the wall - Nanis149

88 They ask stupid questions that are pointless.

This really is annoying...

"Hey, who's that? Do you know that kid? Is he in your grade? Is he your friend? Is he mean to you? Blah blah blah..."

You think: "Shut up already..."

So there's this girl I used to have a crush on and my dad would ask such stupid questions like does she like video games does she like comic books why would he ask about comic books I don't like comic books. He even said you love her don't you and then he said just teasing that's not teasing that's is just him trying to see what my reaction is oh please slap me

Dad- "are you okay? Your really quiet this morning."
Me- is being quiet a crime or something? What's wrong with being quiet? I'm always quiet. You don't need to point out the obvious. I get asked why I'm quiet every week. How would you respond if I asked you "why are you so loud? " everyone stop asking why quiet people are quiet.

I went off topic here sorry but quiet people know they're quiet and my dad has asked me this.

My Dad sometime asked "Did you do your homework? „ even though he was even commenting on it and watching me. My mind was like "NO, YOU COMMENTED ON ME DOING POINTLESS MATH. „ - MinecraftHater

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89 They bring up an embarrassing moment from your childhood in front of your family and friends

So did I ever tell the time of when she was a baby and...

This really embarrasses me. I feel like they we're bullies and they only tell embarrassing moments from my past years. - MinecraftHater

They also exaggerate it.

Happens to me. - mayamanga

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90 They think that they are helping you but they are not
91 Just being there

My mom pisses me off when she is near me. It like what r you looking at or I don't know, se could just be sitting there on the couch watching T.V.. And I drives me completely nuts.

Same with my dad but my dad will like watch every single thing I do on my laptop and I'm like HISS GET AWAY STALKER

My mom does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING all the day. Even her cooking sucks. And she's always trying to talk to me when I'm working, but suddenly ignores me when I'm on break and I'm willing to talk to her. Like she makes no sense.

One Sunday morning I go downstairs from my bedroom to go in the kitchen to get something to eat like some cereal and I find my dad down there. I can't even get some cereal without having to do everything a certain way. - Johnny1991

I am playing Forza. For my Dad it's like the Race of the year. He asks or comments on the race every 10 seconds. He also asks "Why aren't you Driving supercars or hypercars? „ Because IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS and I like slower Cars! They aren't as expensive as hypercars or supercars. Also Forza is my favourite game series. - MinecraftHater

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92 Their singing

(name) did a poo and it smelled really bad, that's what my dad sings EVERY DAY!

Good God this is the second thing that made me realize I have to shoot myself in the foot to get my point across. XD (they would turn this comment into a big deal too. ) - fireinside96

My mom song's a song about my chubby cheeks or my man cheeks

Mom: Starts singing JB
Me: Mom, sorrybut you don't belong on the XFactor
Mom: *shuts up*

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93 Punish you for doing the right thing

Didn't return food that my grandma gave me to take home. Mom throws the food out on the street because I didn't take it back.

My made up story:

Mom: Son, go water the plants using this brand new watering can.
Son: Okay.
Two hours later after all the plants are watered...
Mom: Son! You're grounded for watering the plants with my brand new watering can!
Son: It's not my fault! You told me to do it!

This is pretty stupid.

Yea That Can Happen

Yeah, I was punished for watching ANTM in my FREETIMR.

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94 When you're watching something and they turn the channel

When I was watching Cartoon Network my mom turned to investigation discovery. WHO WANTS TO WATCH SOME ONE TO GET MURDERED

When I'm watching Disney Channel my dad turns it on Alaskan Bush People and he's the only one in the house that likes that show

My mom would always hog the T.V.. I get a chance to watch cartoons and she comes back and changes the channel to those stupid murder channels or lifetime or Hallmark. This sucks. Then I say that I was there first and she says go watch T.V. in my room. I say I want to be in surround sound watching the walking dead. She gets all mad even though she has surround sound in her room.

I was watching One Piece when my mom changed it to NCIS. I asked her why she did that and she said I wouldn't learn anything from a stupid cartoon like that. 1. I have learned a lot from that show than from NCIS. And 2. One Piece isn't a cartoon! I had to restrain myself from yelling at her right then

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95 They say "You're a big disappointment to me"

All. The. Time. My brother got to draw squiggles on the wall as a kid, mom praised and took pictures. I drew our family on the wall and wrote "I <3 Us" she yelled at me cruelly, cleaned the picture off and painted over the whole wall.

My big sis feeds the dogs once she gets cake for breakfast, but when I ACCIDENTALLY smother the fire when I was trying to keep it alight I get "you are such a disappointment to this family! " not just with parents my teachers say I'm a disappointment too even though I ace every test!

One day, I will become more than hundreds times more successful than they ever were! Then they will finally realize that I was no disappointment. Also, if I have a kid, I will never tell anything like that to my him/her. Even if I do, I will apologize for it.

*goes through labour for 16 hours* disappointed she got a boy

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96 Parents never listen

Parents are stupid. My parent is stupid and is lacking as a human being and I will leave them permanently when I have the chance.

Ok so I am fourteen years old, and I have a condition called autism basically it s a bit like Asperger I think and I find it really difficult to make friends. And one day my mum finds out that I am being bullied and I try to tell them that it ain't my fault! And they just won't bloody listen

97 They demand respect when they haven't earned it

They aren't worthy of respect if they don't even respect you.

They always say if you want respect then you have to respect us and earn it, but in my point of view its *If they want me to respect them, they have to respect me first. We don't know what respect is just from being born, we have to learn how, so when we aren't respected first, it is harder for us to respect you.* - Chelseyne

If YOU want respect, then show ME some respect - Movado111

. By virtue of their age they have been through more, learned more, and have more experience than you do. Along that line of thinking, they know how to do more and know how to deal with things you may never have run into. They can teach you things you don't know, or help you do better. For instance, I know how to ice-skate, my 4 year old doesn't, I've actually taken classes and if I took her ice-skating.

They control the resources. Ie, if you want to go to the store, they're the ones to drive you. If you want to buy something, they're the ones who control the money. If you want to have a room of your own, they're the ones who say who gets what room.

They have the legal rights. For instance, if you want to go to the pound and adopt a dog you will not be able to enter into the contract to adopt the dog because you are a minor. If you want a car, credit card, rent a hotel room, all these things require you to be an adult. You can't legally do squat until you're either ...more

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98 "Don't argue with me"

I feel like they are threatening me when they say this

You do realize you're also implying that it's wrong to stand up for yourself when you use this card, right? - alphadan12

Dad: "why didn't you empty the dishes like I asked? "
Me: "I called mom to see what time she'd get home"
Dad: "Stop arguing! I know you were texting your friends! "

Mom: time to do your homework!
Me: ok in a minute! ( is reading one more page of a book )
Mom: why are u still not doing your homework?!?! Hurry up NOW
Me: sorry I just wanted to fini-
Mom: That's it! your GROUNDED SINCE U ARGUED For a week!
Me: what?! I'm sorr-
Mom: STOP ARGUING! your now grounded for 2 weeks!
Me: 0.0...

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99 They tell you to do something and expect you to do it instantly

Oh my gosh I hate that so much I'll be upstairs showering and she'll yell up and be like "come fold the blankets." half the time I don't even hear her she has the noise of a mouse and then she gets mad because I didn't step out of the shower and run down naked then pick up and fold the blankets... No I'm Not Going To Do That..

Yes this one gets on my nerves the worst especially when mom says u know when your siblings were growing up they did things the first time I asked and if don't do what mom asked of me I get lectured it's like if I'm doing something I can't get to u at that certain point&time.

My mum does this all the time. She tells me to do something and expects me to drop everything I'm doing and instantly jump up to unload the dishwasher or whatever.

I am very bad at getting up early. Especially when I have to stay up late finishing my homework so I will get good grades to please my Mum...

*6:40 in the morning*

Me: Ok.
Me: *Lays in bed for literally 10 seconds*
Me: Okay, I'm coming!
Mum: DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! You are always so rude to me! Don't you love me?! You take so long to do everything, and you blah blah blah...

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100 They don't care for anything but school

! This is the story of my life! All my parents care about is school! I have a gymnastics meet tomorrow during school, and I'm missing my math class, and my mom still wants me to do my homework! They tell me it's so I don't have to turn it in late, but assignments aren't considered late until you turn them in after the final test, and that's no time soon. She told me it wasn't my fault if I don't care about my grades, but I'll get full points on the assignment. I already have an a- in the class, and that's good. Whenever we have this argument, they always bring up how I forgot to turn in a missing assignment last week, AND THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Why doesn't she try remembering to turn late work in during a class with a lesson that took too long!?!?

Parents try to send me to summer school, weekend school, and holiday school.

My dad always says something about school. He yells at me that I'm stupid student becuase I don't learn. I DO LEARN a lot AND I HAVE GOOD GRADES. When I get good grade they don't care and they focus on my bad grades! WHY YOU don't GO TO SCHOOL THEN!?

Once I got up in the morning, I felt really sick to my stomach, like I was gonna throw up... I told my grandpa, and here goes his favorite line: "Oh, you'll be fine, your going 2 school! " -_- I go to school feeling like I'm about to vomit all just for an "education"... *facepalm* - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

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