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101 They say "You're a big disappointment to me"

All. The. Time. My brother got to draw squiggles on the wall as a kid, mom praised and took pictures. I drew our family on the wall and wrote "I <3 Us" she yelled at me cruelly, cleaned the picture off and painted over the whole wall.

My big sis feeds the dogs once she gets cake for breakfast, but when I ACCIDENTALLY smother the fire when I was trying to keep it alight I get "you are such a disappointment to this family! " not just with parents my teachers say I'm a disappointment too even though I ace every test!

One day, I will become more than hundreds times more successful than they ever were! Then they will finally realize that I was no disappointment. Also, if I have a kid, I will never tell anything like that to my him/her. Even if I do, I will apologize for it.

*goes through labour for 16 hours* disappointed she got a boy

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102 Parents never listen

Parents are stupid. My parent is stupid and is lacking as a human being and I will leave them permanently when I have the chance.

Ok so I am fourteen years old, and I have a condition called autism basically it s a bit like Asperger I think and I find it really difficult to make friends. And one day my mum finds out that I am being bullied and I try to tell them that it ain't my fault! And they just won't bloody listen

103 Invading your privacy

My parents slam my door open to wake me up. It drives me crazy! They ask you what your doing, like going through your phone and looking at stuff you done.

One morning my mom called me on my phone but my phone was not in my room so I did not answer so she walks into my room and sits on my bed till I woke up then made me go in to her room to talk

I set my ipod lock screen to say - Rosalinescastle

All the time on YouTube. - njalabi63989

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104 They demand respect when they haven't earned it

They aren't worthy of respect if they don't even respect you.

They always say if you want respect then you have to respect us and earn it, but in my point of view its *If they want me to respect them, they have to respect me first. We don't know what respect is just from being born, we have to learn how, so when we aren't respected first, it is harder for us to respect you.* - Chelseyne

If YOU want respect, then show ME some respect - Movado111

. By virtue of their age they have been through more, learned more, and have more experience than you do. Along that line of thinking, they know how to do more and know how to deal with things you may never have run into. They can teach you things you don't know, or help you do better. For instance, I know how to ice-skate, my 4 year old doesn't, I've actually taken classes and if I took her ice-skating.

They control the resources. Ie, if you want to go to the store, they're the ones to drive you. If you want to buy something, they're the ones who control the money. If you want to have a room of your own, they're the ones who say who gets what room.

They have the legal rights. For instance, if you want to go to the pound and adopt a dog you will not be able to enter into the contract to adopt the dog because you are a minor. If you want a car, credit card, rent a hotel room, all these things require you to be an adult. You can't legally do squat until you're either ...more

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105 They tell you to do something and expect you to do it instantly

Oh my gosh I hate that so much I'll be upstairs showering and she'll yell up and be like "come fold the blankets." half the time I don't even hear her she has the noise of a mouse and then she gets mad because I didn't step out of the shower and run down naked then pick up and fold the blankets... No I'm Not Going To Do That..

Yes this one gets on my nerves the worst especially when mom says u know when your siblings were growing up they did things the first time I asked and if don't do what mom asked of me I get lectured it's like if I'm doing something I can't get to u at that certain point&time.

My mum does this all the time. She tells me to do something and expects me to drop everything I'm doing and instantly jump up to unload the dishwasher or whatever.

I am very bad at getting up early. Especially when I have to stay up late finishing my homework so I will get good grades to please my Mum...

*6:40 in the morning*

Me: Ok.
Me: *Lays in bed for literally 10 seconds*
Me: Okay, I'm coming!
Mum: DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! You are always so rude to me! Don't you love me?! You take so long to do everything, and you blah blah blah...

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106 "Don't argue with me"

I feel like they are threatening me when they say this

You do realize you're also implying that it's wrong to stand up for yourself when you use this card, right? - alphadan12

Dad: "why didn't you empty the dishes like I asked? "
Me: "I called mom to see what time she'd get home"
Dad: "Stop arguing! I know you were texting your friends! "

Mom: time to do your homework!
Me: ok in a minute! ( is reading one more page of a book )
Mom: why are u still not doing your homework?!?! Hurry up NOW
Me: sorry I just wanted to fini-
Mom: That's it! your GROUNDED SINCE U ARGUED For a week!
Me: what?! I'm sorr-
Mom: STOP ARGUING! your now grounded for 2 weeks!
Me: 0.0...

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107 They don't care for anything but school

! This is the story of my life! All my parents care about is school! I have a gymnastics meet tomorrow during school, and I'm missing my math class, and my mom still wants me to do my homework! They tell me it's so I don't have to turn it in late, but assignments aren't considered late until you turn them in after the final test, and that's no time soon. She told me it wasn't my fault if I don't care about my grades, but I'll get full points on the assignment. I already have an a- in the class, and that's good. Whenever we have this argument, they always bring up how I forgot to turn in a missing assignment last week, AND THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Why doesn't she try remembering to turn late work in during a class with a lesson that took too long!?!?

Parents try to send me to summer school, weekend school, and holiday school.

My dad always says something about school. He yells at me that I'm stupid student becuase I don't learn. I DO LEARN a lot AND I HAVE GOOD GRADES. When I get good grade they don't care and they focus on my bad grades! WHY YOU don't GO TO SCHOOL THEN!?

Once I got up in the morning, I felt really sick to my stomach, like I was gonna throw up... I told my grandpa, and here goes his favorite line: "Oh, you'll be fine, your going 2 school! " -_- I go to school feeling like I'm about to vomit all just for an "education"... *facepalm* - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

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108 What are you doing still up it's seven o clock!

Man, I'm 14 and my bed time is 9:00. At 7:00, my mom says why are you on your computer (my school has computers) instead of getting ready for bed? So I pick my school clothes out, take a shower, brush my teeth and it's like 8:20 she'll start again and say why are you still on your chromebook? I told you to get ready for bed. I tell her I already did and show her I have everything done. She decides to lecture me to bed time I guess, I just walk off and say fine you win, I didn't know that for someone that gets mad even when your children laugh or talk to each other would actually try to get rid of you when you finally got your kids silent when they're home.

My bed time is 8:30, along with my brother. I am 13 years old and everyone else my age is allowed to go to bed at 9:30. I even think that's late to stay up. My mother treats me like a kid and then wonders why I act like one

As far as staying up goes, I always find a way, my dad sleeps like a rock so as long as I don't wake up my mom, things go okay.

I understand my mom so annoying she makes me share a room with my 6 year old brother and I have to go to bed at some 7:00 like what the neck!?!

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109 They're cheap

On Black Friday once I saw an iPhone 5c for only $1.00 and they thought it was expensive

They never buy anything over $1.00, because it's apparently it's expensive. They also only buy things that are on sale.

"Dad! There's an X-Box 360 on sale! It costs only $5.00! "


They have enough money to buy a horse but not a printer

Last night we went to get ice cream and the small size costed two bucks a piece and my mom is like oh my gosh $2 A PEICE! Like yeah whatever $2 a PEICE is nothing it is $32 for 4 at meniches well,that kind of a lot!

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110 When they yell at you for being anti-social and then when you ask to go to a social gathering and they say no.

My mother said that it's hard for her to do this to me but she does it anyway just to keep my step dad happy

I have no motherphukkin social life because of my parents. They don't let me do anything or go anywhere. I'm not very popular because my parents always want me home by dinner and I can't go out after that.

111 Tell me I need to exercise (saying I need to lose weight), and then when I say that that's a horrible thing to say, they deny it! V 2 Comments
112 Their arguments with each other

My Parents fight on occasion, but when they do, it lasts for 30 minutes. My mom yells and screams at my dad. (But when I do the same, suddenly I'm a '2 year old')

My dad finds every little thing to pick a fight with my mom! Let's as she didn't wash his shirt and he starts yelling you didn't wash my shirt you were supposed to! And in me and my moms mind we are thinking well you didn't ask me/her to!

This should be number 1! It happens ever year!

Often leads to near divorces. I wonder if they even love each other anymore...

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113 They punish you for getting good grades

My mum says I must be in top 2, even though everysays I'm clever

I try and keep my grades up but it's really tough. Whenever I get an A they want an A+, when it drops, they'll get mad and be all over me about doing homework.
It's a good thing to have good grades, but depending on the parent that might not always be a good thing as silly as it sounds.

114 When they say swear words everyday and it's ok but when you say a swear word it's the end of the world

Parents are so effing annoying



115 They don't know how to close a door

So dang true

116 They won't accept the fact that you're shy

YES. They always force me to "socialize" with family members, friends, children of their friends, etc. Always taking pictures when I say "no". Then, they lecture me about "Oh, so and so listens to their parents always going and speaking with new people! " Then I say, "Learn that I don't like pictures and new people." I got grounded afterwards. -.-

I don'tlike talking to my weird family members and my dad rages at me...

True so true

This happened to me when I was very little. I was shy around one of my uncles (who is also one of my Dad's brothers) and my Dad tried everything to get me to just walk-up to him without making a fuss about it.

When I turned 8 or 9, I wasn't so scared of him anymore. My Dad & I talked about it sometime after I turned 15 and here's how the conversation went...

Dad: Marika, I find it ridiculous that you used to be shy around one of my brothers

Me: Sorry Dad, I guess I lost control of my emotions and couldn't help it

Dad: Well, you're 15 now and you're maturing

Me: I'm trying to be nicer towards him now, so why make a huge deal out of it now?

Dad: You're my kid and I love you

Me (in my mind): That doesn't make sense to me at all.. He says that every-time he takes something away from me (Example: My computer or IPad) - Stazemar000

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117 When one parent twists your words to another and then no one is on your side.

My step dad does this all the time. I'll say I don't like somebody and that the world would be better off without them, he then tells my mom that I said I was going to stab the kid.

My mom is always angry and bossy when she comes home. My dad is awesome though because he never tells me what to do and I hate my lying brother

They do this because they are too stupid to realize they are twisting the words

Parents, no one likes a Strawman. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up. - alphadan12

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118 They tell you not to cuss but they do it all the time

That's because you guys are too damn young to be cussing. Sure 90% of you guys are thinking "OH MY PARENTS ARE HYPOCRITES BECAUSE THEY TELL US NOT TO CUSS BUT THEY CUSS" but they are doing it just so you guys won't be corrupted like 80% of the young kids who already knows how to cuss and flips people off. Don't get me wrong, I'm a 13 year old but I don't mind if my parents cuss because they are ADULTS, this so called "Hypocrisy" by your parents are for your own good, they want you to be different than any other kids. - Kenny1337

For irony's sake, if my kids swear, I want to say" WATCH YOUR MOTHERF***IN LANGUAGE! " You know, as a joke.

My parents cuss all the time and tell me not to do it. "Do as I say not as I do" is what they say :/

So true, they don't let me cuss but almost all of what they say is gramatically cuss. - Yoda8778

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119 They threaten you that they will destroy something you love

My parents have held me back while making me watch my books burn, smashed a computer I needed for school with an axe then wondered why my grades plummeted and thrown my phone into a vase full of salt water.

My parents threatened that they would throw my tablet and my phone and smash it - MLPFan

Stupid! Parents who do that need to take anger management courses.

"If you get 1 more C, I'll take your phone"
"If you mess up again, I'll take your phone"
"If you lose something again, I'll take your phone"
"If you won't come down in 5 minutes, I'll take your phone"
"If you won't stop moving your leg and shaking the whole bed, I'll take your phone" (sometimes my legs start to move/shake when I'm doing nothing...it's a habit) - FireWasp2004

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120 They always say that without us, you would not be born, survive and live

I dit not ask to be born

They went camping for two weeks, came back, and the house was spotless. All my clothes were washed and folded instead of crammed into drawers. And scarcely any food was eaten (because they eat more than me. ) I found so much more time without them breathing down my neck. Yet they still only noticed what "wasn't" done... Which was THEIR chores anyways!

I can't live without them

It's disgusting that some parents use this excuse EVEN after they hit you, yell at you (even though you haven't yelled back at all), get angry when you prove them wrong, and even destroy their property.

So what you're saying is that you raised your kids to make them as miserable as possible? To be scapegoats to your anger? To be punching bags to let out some steam on? - alphadan12

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