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121 They don't let you in your devices on weekdays

Never mind weekends..It's my life everyday! I'm 19 and my parents won't let me be on my phone unless it around them, I can't even have it on me..it has to stay in the office and it gets checked everyday. I got my first phone when I was 18 and they have had my phone for 5 months because "YOU don't need it...what for? " ughh

Deserves to be on the list. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

122 Where you going? What time are you going to be back? Who are you going with?

When your doing something private parents scream out what are you doing?

No one questions my younger brother. Me? I suppose as a girl, I get hounded with tons. I feel like I'm being interrogated just for wanting to hang out with friends. They're a huge part of the reason why I hate going out now. If I ever do go out, I don't even bother to let them know ahead of time. Sometimes I'll just go, sometimes I'll let them know at the last possible moment and provide only a few vague pieces of info (if I feel like it). Everything goes much more smoothly like that. Screw permission. I'm 18 for crying out loud.

Why should I tell you anything ma!? So you can have an opportunity to be bossy and say "No, you can't go because I said so! " Then I march up to my room pissed off of how much I can't stand you!? No thanks! - Johnny1991


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123 They can do everything just because they are adults

Once, I was just playing on my computer, then look who stepped through my door?! Mom. What did she say? She told me to do this and this and that, out of the most nowhere of nowhere!

They can do this, that, those, these! We never get freedom!


124 When they hurt our feelings and tell us it's fair

Oh my god, yes! I hate how parents don't seem to understand that bullying is bullying, it doesn't matter if their your parents! That can screw a kid up more than anything.

My dad doesn't believe in bullying in the family. He's like how is that bullying? How am I bullying you? I don't like that word bully. He comes up with some excuse saying that family doesn't bully you blah blah blah.

Hell yeah This one is so % $#/ing annoying

My mom was a popular skinny girl who had A LOT of boyfriends before dad. I have always been a fat black sheep with few friends and one boyfriend (who's sweet and perfect, whereas dad's an abusive drunk) My mom has acted horribly jealous of me since I was very small, and everyone notices (i'm her only daughter. ) also, not a day went by until high school that I didn't cry because of them.

Yeah, dad, I'm talking to you. So it's basically fair if you call your firstborn daughter names and NOT call your other daughter one. - mayamanga

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125 They shorten your video game time

Its not really a big deal for me if they're just telling me to go to bed because it's late, although I will stall, but when they threaten to take the computer away when I get mad at them they don't understand that the Internet is literally the only place where I have a real friend who isn't an animal. And then if I tell them that my dad will say "well you don't know her in real life she could be a stalker." Um excuse me if she was a stalker I think she would have found my house by now. Not to mention, you trust YOUR internet friends, I literally SAW you on that Dave Ramsey site, why am I not allowed to trust MY internet friends just because I can't see their face? Jesus Christ...

My mom took away all my games. She still hasn't given them back. What if I took away your Game of Thrones stuff, HUH?! HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU FEEL? Damn it!

I love gaming but I'm not allowed more than 1 hour of screen time! I swear, when I move out, I'll play video games as much as I want!

Unfair - TopLucas

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126 When you are serious, they laugh like it's a joke

I have to avoid my dad getting overweight by making him need at least a little bit of sweet treats like 2-3 cookies, 1 pastry of pop tarts, 1-2 pieces of candy, and a small bowl or cup of ice cream a day, but he doesn't care. My mom is getting sick of it. I say something important, he laughs like I'm a joke. I don't tell jokes to my parents.

I try to tell my mom something 100% serious and she thinks that I'm trying to be funny then I try being funny and she thinks that I am being serious

, YESSS! I tell my grandpa I'm being serious, he laughs like I just said a really big joke. But when he tells me to be serious and I'm not or I giggle slightly from thinking about something funny, he raises his voice at me. - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

Whenever I'm angry, my dad doesn't try to help me, he just... laughs... IT'S SO ANNOYING!
Dad: Are you okay, sweetie?
Me: (I hate being called sweetie, and I HATE being asked if I'm okay.) I'm fine! Okay?
Dad: Okay sweetie.
Me: (very annoyed) MY NAME'S NOT SWEETIE!
Dad: (laughing) ok dear.
Dad: (laughing)

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127 They're annoying

It is kind of true, but you should appreciate your parents though, they give you food and a shelter where to live. They buy all the stuff you own and teach you good lifetime morals. There are some kids with no parents that wish they had parents to give them a good home instead of following a routine in an orphanage. - AnimeDrawer

They're important because they raised us, but yes, they're very annoying at the same time - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Well they may seem like it, but (usually) their "annoyingness" will end up saving your life when you're an adult because your parents teach you to make better choices in life. - Anonymousxcxc

My grandpa is really annoying. Every morning when I'm doing something to get ready for school I hear this... "HURRY UP! HURRY UP! HURRY UP! Come on come on! HURRY! NOW! "

Me thinking: Shut up. - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

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128 They lie

They say that they have faith on me...but when time comes to show me that they really have then they ask quest. And never understand me. They even think I lie but I don't. I cannot lie to my parents at least.. I don't know where is the faith... Even when I have done nothing like that...

And they're supposed to be our role models. - alphadan12

Please just krep one promise

- *I walk into my mom & dad doing "IT"
Me - Mom what are you doing? O.O
Mom - Uh Dad and I are just sleeping
Me - *Facepalm

129 They blame everything on you even when it's their fault

My mom was drunk all the time and was angry at me because she had no job. because I was just in her life she could be angry at me
for it - Getovait

130 Child favoritism

This might be true (only if u belive it) well this is what I think and has been seeing through out my whole life as being the youngest daughter I think that moms are more caring and more loving when it comes to their sons and dads are more caring and loving about their daughters... Everyone in my family says that and yes both of the parents do care about each child but they have different feelings for each genders and it really hurted me but I don't care no more ad I am not trying to say oh your mom doesn't love you or your dad doesn't love you this is what I have seen through my life but just so u know your mom is really your bestfriend and your dad will always be there for u (i love them both) it's so annoying though like seeig your mom care about your brothers 😑😑😑😑

131 They hate cell phones

They are saying I'm too young for a phone. Literally EVERYONE I know has a phone! I don't!
I have to wait till high school! - HirokoMiyagi_16_13

132 When you explain to them something, they understand it completely wrong

It is so annoying. I tried to tell them how to change their phone password and it took them 20 minutes to get to the settings app.

Aka They don't understand it. Because they are stupid

133 When they are on their phone all day and ignore you

If I interrupt my Mom while she's texting or on Facebook, ignores me. If I do it again she turns around and full out freaks. Yells and swears!

It isn't fair and they always jump to conclusions and always think you have a temper issue even when you are just trying to be normal.

Same but my parents are always using their computers. To be fair, most (not all) is for work.

My parents always call and text messages around 85% of the time.

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134 They think someone you hate is your friend

So, I had a play date and my mom forced me to invite my worst enemy just because his mom was her friend. While the play date is happening, I'm trying to have a tea party and he comes and ruins everything with his big fat mouth.

My mom always talks to the parents of the people I don't like, and tells me I should be more open when I tell her I don't want to talk to them

TOTALLY! Mom forced me to go out on a date with my worst enemy.

I saw this in Lilo & Stitch. The sister (Nani) thinks that the bitchy girl (Mertle Edmonds) is Lilo's friend when she's really not. What the hell? Does Nani even care about Lilo's depression?! - Stazemar000

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135 When parents do something wrong, they blame it on you

My sister is mostly the one who blames me for such crap. One time, she found her coffee bottle in the dishwasher and blamed me for putting it there, even though I didn't do it - Stazemar000

I talk to her when she is busy and when she messess up I am wrong


136 They're liberal

YES! I hate that since I'm a Republican!

Yes...It's like they can dO anything...for instance: - If you break china/or a glass bowl...you are a dead person...the argument is going to end up with the sentence "you are not responsible "
And if my mom breaks a bowl...excuse me...was there a bowl in this kitchen..no of course not...no one gets to even know about it..after all there's no one who would scold them..
When I use phone for a while...mom almost tries to kill me and tell me to study right NOW!...
And when she uses and I tell her she is using the phone for a very long time(yes she does)...you know what the reply is:- "I don't have any exams..okay..It's you who has to study..."

137 They insult you, then when they realize you don't like yourself they go "oh my god why do you not like yourself?? You're beautiful you're amazing you're smart you're the complete opposite of all the insults I called you"

My mother likes playing the so called "word game" where she says words that have the same meaning of insult and words that don't she says them in a way where they are to be used as an insult and she does this so when she is accused she can say that she didn't say that word but she used words that have the same meaning to it and it makes me feel really stupid,lazy,and fat and I hate it

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138 Getting yelled at for everything

I told my mom that I wished to know the schedule for the next day, so when she had planned it out could she possibly let me know? She began to shout at me about how I was being disrespectful and overstepping my boundaries, not to mention I just had to go with the flow because she is my mom and I have to listen

My parents yelled at me because I had friends over, and we went outside. Well my dad thought we weren't going to clean up our pillows and things, so he did it. Later, when we come inside, he yells at me for making him do the work.

I get yelled at for virtually everything! Even if I just say one single sentence, my parents yell at me! - Devilking190

Every little mistake

139 They won't let you date until a certain age

Ugh, My Parents Say I Have To Be At Least 21 To Date.

My parents didn't seem to mind me dating. Because, I'm 15 years old and I'm dating someone - Stazemar000

Lol once you're 18 they can't say anything lol..21 my butt


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140 When they don't let you watch a specific cartoon (such as SpongeBob or The Loud House) for dumb reasons.

My mom likes these shows!

Why wont you watch the loud house mom dad does uit

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