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141 They get you something you hate for Christmas


142 When they act hypocritical

When my mom gets mad at somebody, it's perfectly alright for her to yell and scream all she wants. But when I do the same exact thing, she calls me a 2 YEAR OLD. When she says that, I just wish she'd say she wishes my tombstone will be destroyed, honestly. Oh, and let's not forget when parents yell at kids for pronouncing words wrong, when they do as well.

If I make a mistake she yells at us and looks like she wants to murder us. But if she does the exact same thing, it's completely different. She'll just shrug her shoulders, brush it off and act like it's nothing. For example, when she calls me on my mobile and if I don't answer, she gets really mad. But if I call her and she doesn't answer, she just say "ok" and that's it! Sometimes even, she'll turn it back on us and try to blame us for the reason she wouldn't answer her phone. Imagine putting up with that everyday!

While I love my parents and this isn't something I'd accuse them of, something that bothers me about some parents is that they'll use profanity around their kids like it's nothing, but then yell at their kid for using a word like "stupid."

I've seen this one a lot on the list...

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143 They pick stupid ugly clothes and make you wear them

Me: *come downstairs wearing cute shirt*
Mom:Girl go change that shirt it's small!
Me:*trudges back upstairs to room*
Mom:*burst into my room* You are wearing THIS shirt today -it's an ugly lime green shirt-
Me: But I was gonna put on this shirt! *it's a cute light purple shirt-
Me:-grumble grumble...-

Mom, do you know how a tomboy feels like if you force her to wear a dress with girly flower patterns, a pair of girly shoes, and a bucket of make up? Well, if you don't know, then imagine someone being tortured. Yes, that's how I feel like whenever you force me to do all that - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Yes yes yes! My mom picked out this really long greenish skirt the colour of sick and then, later, when I never wore it, she said that I TOLD her to buy it! Can you believe that? I only wear short skirts. That are NOT the colour of sick.

I hate when they do that my mom pick stuff I hate

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144 When they say you're just going through a phase

I skateboarded for 2 years. I practiced at least 4 times a week every week. My mom bought me a revive skateboard for Christmas and the next Christmas I got a ton of skateboard parts. The only thing a could do on a skateboard was Ollie and backside 180 after TWO YEARS. Now I Bmx I started FOUR months ago I can feeble, smith, double peg, 180, footjam, motowhip, and some other. Now this Christmas I ask for some parts and a new frame and she says, is this gonna be like skateboarding do it for a few months and give up on it! I'm not gonna waste money on something your not going to use! Your just going through another faze!

My mother calls me name when I'm being unfriendly according to her

They say your'e just going through a phase but they don't know you in 20 years either so they don't actually know if it's a phase or not.

So truthful when I was 6 I started hating pink and all things girly but mom just said it was a phase but guess what I AM 10 NOW AND I AM WEARING JEANS, THREE YR OLD CONVERSES AND AN OVERSIZED T SHIRT WITH MY SKATEBOARD RIGHT BESIDE ME. TAKE THAT ONE MOM

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145 They won't let you watch shows that you want to watch because they think they're only for "grown-ups"

I really hate this ESPECIALLY when they have already told you about the birds and the bees and they think ITS BAD FOR YOU? Like seriously half of the people at school watch some of these and my parents complain saying: OH BUT YOUR MY KID NOT THEIRS
I really don't care I've watched the Maze Runner 2 and it showed zombies WAS I OFFENDED? NO.
Seriously if I wasn't their child I'd probably be watching what I really want to watch but NOOO my parents only allow me to watch the weather channel, and Disney Channel. half of my school watches the walking dead I'VE SEEN PREVIEWS ITS NOT THAT BAD TRUST ME.

They say I can't HANDLE it. The reason is, they limit me so that I can't even build up a tolerance

I wasn't allowed to watch G rated movies until 18 - BorisRule

I wasn't allowed to watch PG movies until I was 10

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146 They always notice the one thing you forgot to do.

YES! I do most of my dishes MOST OF THE TIME and the one time I might forget in the week I get yell at or scolded. Really you guys? "Oh looks like the dishes are piling up." Well maybe don't use 20 dishes each.

I was sick one day from school and my mom wanted me to do like every chore in the house because I was home and missing school when I had other things fro school I should have been doing

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147 When you are hurt/sick, they don't care and think that you are perfect

I once felt like I was gonna throw up one morning. I told my grandpa, he tells me his favourite words... "Oh your fine, your going 2 school" So, I go to school feeling like puking because it's "important". He sometimes lets me stay home. - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

I think I would throw up and guess What Dad said to me? Go up the stairs and learn! What I would is I would go to him and throw up on him. TAKE THAT! - MinecraftHater

Pretty much everyone in my life knew I was asthmatic before my parents did. Ask them to get me an inhaler and they go all like "You'll be fine. It'll go away"

"Please can I stay home today? I have a 104 degree fever! "
"Nah you're fine"
"I'll do all the work horribly"
"Nah you're fine"
Eventually it just ends up with her getting mad and yelling 'EITHER THE HOSPITAL OR SCHOOL'

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148 They think you can do everything alone because of your age

My Lord, NO! It's the complete opposite! "Mom, I'm twelve, I don't need you to come in my room every five minutes"

You think a 14 year old, unarmed with nothing but a kitchen knife, can take down a whole army if they decide to invade?

Just because I'm 11 that doesn't mean everything is easy and I don't need any help.

I agree my parents think I can walk to store alone I am still scared and I am 12 I think someone might take me :(

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149 They always smack your butt for fun

Dear god I thought I was the only one

My dad always smacks my ass randomly, AND HE DOES IT HARD! it hurts! I tell him stop it, he laughs like it's a big joke! He doesn't realize he's stronger than he thinks he is. - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

Is that good or bad because my mom dose that all the time


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150 They punish you for stupid reasons

My big sister always blames me for doing things like playing video games at night and other things, then I get confused why I am being yelled at.

This is so true this morning I got into trouble because I forgot 1 towel and because something didn't start when I didn't mess with it

I got punished for getting a fried chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A instead of grilled. - DoroExploro13

I got grounded for eating rice and chicken instead of eggplants. - njalabi63989

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151 They get worried about nothing.


152 They make you do things they know you hate doing
153 They freak out when you fail a test
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155 They get into your private lives even after your marriage

I get a text "Is that your boyfriend? " Nope. It's the assassins explaining why they failed once more.

Why don't they just live their own lives rather than trying to pressurise ours after marriage.

My mom always tells me "well when you're 20 you can do whatever you want." Ten seconds later whenever she gets angry at me she turns around and says "I don't care if you're 8 or 20 I'm still your mother and you have to listen to me! " Ummm you just said I could do whatever the hay I want when I'm 20. Quit mincing your words and spill the beans already, tell me what you mean, woman!

If I was married and they tried to give me relationship advice when they can't handle their one, I'm going to fuss

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156 They have an addiction

My father would not let me do my homework one day on my computer because he had to play some medieval dragons game. He got mad when it wasn't done on time but he only had himself to blame.

My parents are more addicted to electronics than I am but they get mad at me for using them.

My mom has an addiction to cigarettes. My dad quit smoking and even HE hates it.

I use my phone. Like only 50%
And my dad is addicted to electronics. And is on for like 100%
And he's like why are you using your phone when your free.

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157 They choose your name

If I want my name to be Cathy, I'll name myself that. But NNO! You had to choose my name. And Cathy isn't my name anyway, I was just using an example... If I had to name myself, I think I'd name myself... Uh, something nice. I think my name is so different, and sometimes I even hate saying it. A lot of people like it though. I don't know. Their choice.

My name is Victoria and I liked to be called Tori. Because it suits me. But no no my mom is like your name is VICKI it is so beautiful! I already told your brothers and your dad to call you Vicki and in my head I'm thinking "Vicki?! What am I and 45 year old soccer mom?! " Lol

If I am so aware of that time, I'll choose a name, they must wait and I'll choose mine - ronluna

I hate this! I want to be called Queenie or Regina but no! My parents insist on calling me my birth name which I HATE!

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158 They always think about money and expenses and they don't enjoy life

My dad is always paying bills and complaining about money!

I can't remember the last time they've said "Good morning! " Ever since I was 16 it's been "Get a job! Move out! " Even when I have a job.

I'm somewhere between 10-16 and they already told me they won't give me Money when I grow up but they want me to buy them a Mercedes and a flying car. And they're not even joking.

99% of my ideas for fun are shot down because we don't have any money. - NikBrusk

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159 Look behind the computer to see who are you chatting with

Oh my god... My mom is OBSESSED with seeing who I talk to... Like she tries to live through me...

Always when they enter the room I either open a new tab or mostly minimize and I'll act as if I'm gonna do something. Once they even argued with me saying why is that I'm always having the desktop when they enter the room. They became suspicious. From then on whenever the enter the room I minimize, open randomly my computer program files, my documents and all those stupid stuff... and when they leave... MAXIMIZE :D

So effing annoying! Let me speak with my friends, mom!

Me:Apparently I was live streaming on Instagram and 4 people were watching
Mom:And who were they?
Me:Erm,Georgina,Sara,Jodie, and your...
Mom:Hopefully not a stranger

*A stranger was watching

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160 They steal your handphone

They don't do that but MY DAD DRINK MEH SODA AND EATS everything that he's not supposed to eat same with my mom

My m took my headphones and when I told her who they belonged to she just shrugged me off

They don't steal my headphones, but they do eat stuff that isn't thiers and say that I should of marked it or some crap like that! Oh they will reep their rewards for such things and that's a promise! - Johnny1991

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