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141 When they don't let you watch a specific cartoon (such as SpongeBob or The Loud House) for dumb reasons.

My mom likes these shows!

Why wont you watch the loud house mom dad does uit

142 They get worried about nothing.


143 I'm going to check edline today V 1 Comment
144 They get into your private lives even after your marriage

I get a text "Is that your boyfriend? " Nope. It's the assassins explaining why they failed once more.

Why don't they just live their own lives rather than trying to pressurise ours after marriage.

My mom always tells me "well when you're 20 you can do whatever you want." Ten seconds later whenever she gets angry at me she turns around and says "I don't care if you're 8 or 20 I'm still your mother and you have to listen to me! " Ummm you just said I could do whatever the hay I want when I'm 20. Quit mincing your words and spill the beans already, tell me what you mean, woman!

If I was married and they tried to give me relationship advice when they can't handle their one, I'm going to fuss

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145 They have an addiction

My father would not let me do my homework one day on my computer because he had to play some medieval dragons game. He got mad when it wasn't done on time but he only had himself to blame.

My parents are more addicted to electronics than I am but they get mad at me for using them.

My mom has an addiction to cigarettes. My dad quit smoking and even HE hates it.

I use my phone. Like only 50%
And my dad is addicted to electronics. And is on for like 100%
And he's like why are you using your phone when your free.

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146 They choose your name

If I want my name to be Cathy, I'll name myself that. But NNO! You had to choose my name. And Cathy isn't my name anyway, I was just using an example... If I had to name myself, I think I'd name myself... Uh, something nice. I think my name is so different, and sometimes I even hate saying it. A lot of people like it though. I don't know. Their choice.

My name is Victoria and I liked to be called Tori. Because it suits me. But no no my mom is like your name is VICKI it is so beautiful! I already told your brothers and your dad to call you Vicki and in my head I'm thinking "Vicki?! What am I and 45 year old soccer mom?! " Lol

If I am so aware of that time, I'll choose a name, they must wait and I'll choose mine - ronluna

I hate this! I want to be called Queenie or Regina but no! My parents insist on calling me my birth name which I HATE!

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147 They always think about money and expenses and they don't enjoy life

My dad is always paying bills and complaining about money!

I can't remember the last time they've said "Good morning! " Ever since I was 16 it's been "Get a job! Move out! " Even when I have a job.

I'm somewhere between 10-16 and they already told me they won't give me Money when I grow up but they want me to buy them a Mercedes and a flying car. And they're not even joking.

99% of my ideas for fun are shot down because we don't have any money. - NikBrusk

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148 Look behind the computer to see who are you chatting with

Oh my god... My mom is OBSESSED with seeing who I talk to... Like she tries to live through me...

Always when they enter the room I either open a new tab or mostly minimize and I'll act as if I'm gonna do something. Once they even argued with me saying why is that I'm always having the desktop when they enter the room. They became suspicious. From then on whenever the enter the room I minimize, open randomly my computer program files, my documents and all those stupid stuff... and when they leave... MAXIMIZE :D

So effing annoying! Let me speak with my friends, mom!

Me:Apparently I was live streaming on Instagram and 4 people were watching
Mom:And who were they?
Me:Erm,Georgina,Sara,Jodie, and your...
Mom:Hopefully not a stranger

*A stranger was watching

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149 They steal your handphone

They don't do that but MY DAD DRINK MEH SODA AND EATS everything that he's not supposed to eat same with my mom

My m took my headphones and when I told her who they belonged to she just shrugged me off

They don't steal my headphones, but they do eat stuff that isn't thiers and say that I should of marked it or some crap like that! Oh they will reep their rewards for such things and that's a promise! - Johnny1991

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150 They say you got to live life and enjoy it

That is SO annoying

God! Can't you see I'm hunting dragons and trolls in a world that's several billion times more amazing (if not deadlier) than Earth? Clearly that's more alive than some desk job!

Why don't I? Well, I CAN'T! You guys give me NO freedom! When they were my age, they had all the freedom they wanted. Not me, of course. My older brother, who is 16, doesn't get much either. - Garythesnail

Well, there's photos of my mom having fun outside, but my mom wont even let me go outside the house unless shes with me, because she thinks I wont be safe. What the - PizzaGuy

Well I don't really enjoy my homework - MinecraftHater

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151 When they argue with you then twist your words by saying your attitude is bad when really the continue to not listen to you when they started the argument themselves

And then they walk out of the room and you think it's over, only fir them to return as you finish the thought and continue the non-existent argument.

This happens to me all the time! I just say something to them and they have to find something I did bad in the topic or something negative and I tell them to not talk about this negative stuff they get mad at me to the point which I want to lock myself in my room so I wouldn't have to see them. But my door lock doesn't work :P.

I an say a simple statement or a plan for something I'm doing this weekend and my mom will blow up at me and make a big deal because she disagrees with one part of it. - Chelseyne

My mom, once again

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152 When they buy you something expensive as a gift and then bring it up whenever you do something wrong.

Yes! This is so true!

If they get you something expensive, hide it! It is a trap so they can do this! Especially video game systems or laptops! Great as those are, they are traps if given!

I KNOW! The only reason they do this is to bring it up later and punish you!

Something expensive but I don't want. It's also probably second hand.

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153 They embarrass you

And my dad well you don't want be his son or daughter

Yup. My parents yelled at me in public the other day...just cause I was chewing gum. what guys.

Trying to babysit me in front of EVERYONE IN SCHOOL. They say that it "keeps me safe". No, it actyally brings me to a danger. They might bully me relentlessly because they think I'm a baby because of you! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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154 They blame video games for violence.

I'm 13 and my dad hates me playing the walking dead games because he thinks they are 'to violent' just because I had to kill a child! I wasn't crying or getting a stomach ache so why should it matter? It's not like I'm going to go on a massive rampage from playing a game.

And curse words? I already know 99% of them and I hear them from my parents all the time so why would it make any difference if I hear them in a game? It's not like I'll instantly start saying them.

This time my moms totally innocent in an argument

Violence comes from anger, and anger comes from blaming video games. There's even been studies that disproved that video games lead to violence. And they don't let me play games. If I'm not sick to the stomach of seeing blood, does it matter? You don't want me to play video games that hint or show sex? You already gave me the birds and the bees, it doesn't matter I already know. Curse words? I work with friends and read/hear "f***" about 36 times a day, and s*** even more. So it doesn't matter anymore!

My brother was really annoying me so I told him to be quiet but when e wouldn't I stood up and glared at him (my glare is really scary because I have dark brown eyes that seem to go to black) he sat down taught away an my mom started going off at me saying I was too violent and should stop playing Call of Duty but video games help me calm down and stuff so yeah

If video games are the reason for violence, explain what video game caused WW2. You can't proove that because video games don't cause violence at all, so stfu.

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155 When they listen to music that annoys you at max volume

My dad listens to music through headphones. Then yells the lyrics at the top of his lungs

My mum listened to Taylor swift so me and my sister ran away

And they never let me listen to my music.

My older brother annoys me with this. I curse the day he touched a radio. - MinecraftHater

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156 They are obsessed with shopping

Please mom, I'm not an extremely shopping-obsessed girly girl like you. Also, my closet is FULL! I DON'T NEED MORE CLOTHES! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Yes but the worst part is the only things they spend on me is food, clothes, educational stuff. - njalabi63989

My parents always say they don't have enough money to give me, they still go shopping though.

My daddy hates farting-Disney1994

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157 They yell at you for no reason

Basically one of my friends went back home one day and told their parents their back and they started yelling for no reason because they think she gave an attitude but all she did was told them she was home and they yelled at her for having a bad attitude that she hadn't done anything wrong.

158 When they ask "what are you doing?"

This makes me upset because if I was doing something bad I wouldn't be in the house. I'm a good kid I don't do anything bad that would make me get in trouble its like they expect you to pull out weed or something so they get to yell

Especially if your on your laptop, iPad or phone as if they expect you to be masturbating to hardcore porn right in front of them, or buying drugs or something. Maybe that's just my parents

Uh...staying alive - FireWasp2004

Breathing - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

159 They could kill you
160 They say if he told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?

Its dumb, its such a cliche too.

Here's an actual scenario that happened to me once.

Me: Can I use my older sister's iPhone?
Sister: Sure. Here you go.
Mom: No!
Me:... Why not?
Mom: Don't use her iPhone! (To older sister) Don't give him that! That's not nice!
Me: What do you mean? She let me use it!
Mom: If you're friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?
Me: NO! THAT IS A TERRIBLE COMPARISON! You have just compared using someone else's phone to committing suicide. How dumb is that? Of course I wouldn't jump off a bridge, it will kill you! You won't instantly die if you touch someone else's phone! - TheLister

And here lies the complete lack of common sense...

Well, that depends. If the bridge was on fire, or had exploded, then yes I'm jumping!

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