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161 When they ask you turn off that "emo crap"

So annoying! Every time my dad comes in my room (which by the way, he bursts through my door without knocking then doesn't bother to close the door again when he leaves) and says "oh god turn off that depressing emo music" your in my room! If you don't like it, then LEAVE.

I am sorry mother, I didn't realize that me listening to "Welcome to the black parade" quietly, in my room would affect your life in any way.
Mom: "you know what song I hate? "
Me: "what song mom? "
Mom: "that marching band in the city crap that you are always listening to."
Me: "You mean welcome to the black parade? "
Mom: "oh my god! Is that what song that is?! My friend was warning me and some other gals about it on Facebook the other day! She said that we should be protecting our children from these disgusting people that pierce their bodies and dye their hair and get tattoos! And I don't think that, Gerald Wayne and Brandon Urinal or whatever their names are, are very good influences on the young generation." Mom I'm literally 20 years old and I have listened to that song maybe twice that you have been around to hear.


See, my mom doesn't really care what I listen to WITHIN REASON (caps for emphasis, not anger) and my dad grew up on iron maiden, metallica, megadeth, etc., so that's what I listen to. Some commonfolk might call that screamo, or emo, but it's just metal

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162 Mom being lazy

My mom says she does all the work around the house, but to be honest, I'm doing EVERYTHING. I'm sweeping, Washing dishes, folding clothes etc. All she does is talk on the phone

I have to bring my moms dishes to the sink, less then five feet away

Don't steal myself
Me: mom, why you are doing anything?

You learn to live with it... sigh

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163 They re-arrange your stuff and you don't know where anything is afterwards

I put certain things in strategic places so I can remember to do or bring certain things at certain times. Sure, it's a little messy, but I know where everything is.

Then my mom comes in and "cleans up". I don't know where anything is. This has resulted in missing homework assignments and other important items.

This has gone on for over 20 years and it still doesn't get through her thick skull.

Last week I had the pleasure to find out that my dad has plugged out 12 cables under my computer that were important for equipment. He said it now looks prettier. Took me an entire day to plug everything back in where it belongs.

UGHH My mom throws things away sometimes just because it's on the floor or it's useless and therefore a dust-collector to her! And when we confront her about it (nicely asking where she might have seen it) she simply responds in an annoyed tone with "I don't know what you're talking about"

My parents do this with my meds it's a pain, one time my dad put my meds in the trash by mistake

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164 When they don't like that you have friends that are of a different gender

Ugh this one is so annoying. My best friend and I like to hang out and play video games (destiny, halo, Call of Duty, etc) and my mom HATES it like if I ask if he can come over she is like "no! Don't you have any friends to go prom dress shopping with? Or why don't you go get pedicures with some girlfriends" I bought a prom dress 2 months ago and I am going with the guy friend mentioned previously because prom is next week and no one asked me and all of the girls had a date already so he didn't ask anyone. So he took me to go look at dresses (he is so sweet! ) and I think if either of us ever liked the other then we would just continue to be friends and nothing more because I don't have any plans to get married anytime soon and neither does he so I think we are just great friends for now.

Ugh! It's so annoying they say "you better of not kissed him! "

No mom, I'm not trying to have sexual relationships with all 4 billion people that are not my gender

I'm not allowed to have any friends of the other gender anymore. They just want me to 'go shopping' (can't leave the house) 'get bffs' (I don't have social media). I guess its for the best. My past male friends have all used me.

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165 "I'M AN ADULT!"

The most used excuse by my mom ever.

Me: Mom why did you take my games away?
Me: Mom don't use that excuse! You use it all the-
Mom: I don't GIVE A CRAP!

Meanwhile, in my room

Me: (In my head)... Well screw you!

This is the excuse (that they say isn't) that everyone uses in every conversion. It's the key that doesn't open any door

When parents say this they might as well say "I'm the parent and you're the stupid teenager/kid"

So annoying! If I shouted at my Mum she would get angry but she shouts at me.
(Made up story.)
Mum:Don't you dare shout at me!
Me:But I'm angry at you!
Mum:I don't CARE!

(Another made up story.)
Mum:Why are the dishes not done?!
Me:Please don't shout at me.

Parents, if you use this excuse like it's a valid reason, something will happen and you won't like it.

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166 Tell you to get off your devices

My mum is constantly playing candy crush (I hate that game) and tells me to get off my phone when I'm reading. And she's on her phone Playing candy crush 24/7! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

"Mom I think I'm sick" "it because you be on that phone all the time"

I don't even wanna do work after dad tells me to do this.


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167 Try to take your phone to look at social media, messages, etc.

Once I was asleep and my dad opens my door but my door makes a noise that always wakes me up and as I wake up he says "its OK go to sleep" so what I did was pretend to sleep and I said to him "what are doing on my phone" he says "nothing" when he is their staring at my phone with the brightness way up like there was the sun in my room

I don't give them my phone. I give them an alt account to the website.

My mom looks over all my stuff and it gives me severe anxiety attacks.

Yes even the YouTube comments. - njalabi63989

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168 They control you

For most bad parents (or most parents) what they secretly want is to control you and mend you into a perfect little stupid worthless butterfly because they are stupid and worthless

They control what I can submit on DeviantART, which really irritates me. It's MY account, not theirs. - Powerfulgirl10

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169 They ruin your mood

Every time I am in a good mood, my parents ask if I am hyper, or do or say something that puts me right back into a bad mood. I have never once been hyper in my life, and if they think that because I am smiling one day I am hyper, they need to just be better parents. Are children not allowed to be happy these days? - Chelseyne

I was in a great mood and suddenly they came up to me and made a long rant about my personality, which makes my mood drop from happy to mad and confused - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I hate karate but my mom forces me to do it I am 13 and I started at the age of 5 I like basketball much more but she doesn't care

I'm happy and then my parents ruin my happiness - MinecraftHater

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170 They make you do things you don't want to do
171 Nagging you about getting good grades

I get home before my parents and finish any unfinished stuff such as homework, classwork, etc.(I get home sometimes at 3-6 o' clock cause I got tennis practice and matches) When I'm done, I want to use the computer as I'm done and I want to have some fun. When my dad gets home which is like around 8, he is nagging me when he sees me on the computer playing around "How come I don't see you doing homework? you are always on the computer when I get home! " Like I'm not trying to be mean or a smartass over here, but do you not notice a big time gap of where I can complete my homework in like 2 hours. And then he is complaining about my grades, where I am trying my best to fix them when he is just putting me down about my stupidness. I understand where sometimes in the house I look lazy and put down my reputation in the house, I forget to do my chores, and when I try to give them my reasons, he calls it excuses where you guys can relate that I can totally be exhausted mentally and ...more

When I got an A, a 100%, They get mad and ask me if anyone got anything higher. When I say yes, there were bonus points, they get mad and say that I should've gotten a 103% Most parents are happy with a B+ but my parents, being Indians, hate everything I do. When I grow up, I want to be an author and Philanthropist, but they want me to be some kind of doctor or accountant. It is SO unfair. Glad I can relate to someone.

I already get good grades then my parents go on about how I NEED to go to university and get a degree. I'm already planning on doing that anyway!

Every single day it happens. - njalabi63989

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172 They told you to not talk to strangers, but then they say you must have friends

Sorry for my bad English though I'm Asian.
Sorry parents but I don't really understand

Do you want me to be an introvert or extrovert?

173 They accuse you of being pregnant, even if you are a boy.

Wait, what? This one doesn't even make sense. How could a male possibly get pregnant? Whoever added this to the list is just crazy.

So relatable no but for real the person who posted this is a genius

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174 They break promises all the time

My dad promised to take me to see 2 movies this year (Which were Deadpool and Star Trek Beyond) and he didn't take me to either one. When I was given a chance to see a movie in between the release of those 2 movies, I said that I wanted to see Captain America: Civil War. But they took me to see The Angry Bird Movie instead.

We are going to the football match tonight ( dad) (me. Two hours later) dad we have to go in ten minutes. (Dad) were not going

I'm supposed to have a 3DS by now. My dad would always tell me to do something then he'll buy me the 3DS. When I do that thing, I tell him, and he says "Okay I'll buy you a 3DS on Sunday" When it is Sunday, he forgets and I have to remind him. And when I tell him that you made a promise to buy me one, he says "we aren't going." Life as a brown person sucks.

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175 They are stupid
176 They make sure you're safe, physically, but don't give a crap about your emotional safety
177 My experience of this world is a 100 times that of yours...

Yep. That's why you had 50 boyfriends before getting pregnant with a stranger, then marrying him. While I have one boyfriend that agrees we should be married some day and have kids when we're financially and mentally prepared. And, you know, you didn't have algebra until high school while we started in 5th grade (though I've not once used it in the adult world. )

Experience =/= understanding just as Ignorance =/= stupidity. It happens that parents are too stupid to realize this.

My apologizes but I thought we lived on the same planet?

That explains why you're 1300 years old.

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178 They smoke

Dad blows it in my face. He thinks it's funny just because I have nasal allergies to smoke and sneeze when it's near.

Same! My dad knows I hate the smell of smoke and it makes me cough but whenever I'm in the car with him and he's smoking a cigar he turns toward me and leans over just to blow it in my face

I'm worried about my grandma she smokes like a pack of cigarettes a day and I try and tell her that it's not healthy and responds to me with the same lame excuse "I'M AN ADULT! "

A couple years back my dad used to smoke quite a lot so whenever we drove home I told my mum that my dad was smoking. Then my dad would get mad at me and he'll start getting HIGHLY OVERPROTECTED.

Thankfully my dad used to smoke, but when I said he shouldn't smoke he stopped smoking, a police officer fist bumped me in class because I told him.

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179 They think they can use you and act like it doesn't affect you

My dad does this to me. I'm willing to help with our fireplace, but I always have to get him pop, I always have to get him a bowl of ice cream. I told him get it yourself and he gets upset but not mad. He can walk, why should I get up from watching YouTube and get his ice cream while he's watching T.V. - Gusbus

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180 They pay attention to parenting websites that contain false and biased information about M-rated games

My parents did the opposite of this. I told them that I wanted a copy of Mass Effect for Christmas and they asked me what the rating was for the game. I lied to them and told them that it was rated T. When they found out however, they started to yell at me for wanting an M-rated game for Christmas; even though they gave me Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 the previous year. I told them just to look up the game, which they did. They decided to look up the trailer for the video game, which was a smart idea; but instead of watching the official trailer, they watched the Honest Trailer by Smosh Games. It was a little embarrassing...

My mom doesn't know about this, and this is off topic, but there's this website called common sense media. The Orange box is on there, and one person gave it ONE star, and gave it an 18+ rating, even though the other two were good, because tf2 has BLOOD! HELL HAS TRULY COME TO EARTH! Not only that, but in an easily ignored corner of the screen, where chat is, people SWEAR! THE HUMAN RACE IS DOOMED!

My friends play Grand Theft Auto and it's rated m and I'm not allowed to any the only repated m game that my mom allows me to play is sleeping dogs

I can't play Grand Theft Auto and some peers can; 13 years old I am. Sucks a lot.

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