They always think they are right


When my dad was in school he went through tech and helped design a fake video game and a few days ago he asked me where he could see the updates when I tried to show him me just said I was wrong and sat by the computer for hours so I went to my computer and went to where I was downloading a game (can't think of the game) when he came up and asked for help seeing that I was on the download file I once again tried to show him but halfway through he said " no you have to go" takes computer " here then here then here and there wait why is nothing there" he backtracked to the the point where he had clicked on so many different files he had opened up a file directory but when I showed him what he had done wrong he stormed put of the room

I love my mom and everything, I even appreciate when she grounds me and I deserve it. I also appreciate all the life lessons she give to me, but this really gets me angry lot of times. She NEVER recognizes things she say or do to me that are just not right at all, she also NEVER understands certain situations where I think I deserve to be understood (also, considering I'm a teen). You can't argue with her or say a word or you are being "disrespectful" and you have to obey because she is your mother...i always have to be the one that asks for forgiveness, even if it's all her fault or she is overreacting!

I know they are adults and they have more experience but that doesn't mean EVERY SINGLE THING they say is correct. Everyone makes mistakes. - Erikelelf

They criticize me all the time, even when I'm doing things correctly, but when I criticize them for their mistakes, They get angry at me. This is how It is to be younger. No one cares for what you have to say, even If you were saying what's right. It's not fair! Just because they're older, It doesn't mean they have no flaws and are always correct. It annoys me. I love my parents and all, But hey, nobody's perfect. But It still gets on my nerves, and no, I'm not like the stereotypical middle school girls. - MLPFan

My mom always punishes me too much and my sister gets away with everything. Then later when I am being good, they punish me more for what I did weeks ago. I argue with them that my sister never got punished and they say she didn't do this or that or... But they did worse than I did.

Yep even though they are sometimes wrong. My mom will say something and then when I say she's wrong and try to explain why she thinks I'm "back talking". Like what I was only explaining. And then next thing I know I'm grounded.

My dad's desktop was gone one day, and I decided to tell him to look in the desktop folder, and there was a green loading bar in the file explorer. Since I knew what it was, I told him it was loading, and what did he say? He said I was wrong! He's an adult, but come on! Anyone can be wrong sometimes.

My parents are like, completely overreactive. They also have like, really outdated views. Sometimes I play some games and I haven't even got on the 3-minute mark, they just gone ballistic right on the spot and start yelling at me! The worst thing is that they always think they're right and I'm some sort of trash or something. I play Geometry Dash and MInecraft and my mom thinks they're some sort of R-rated FPS game with maximum level of blood and gore! Can you believe it? We have a photocopier's store and sometimes I try to help them as much as possible and what did I get? A bunch of yelling right into my face even though what I did was COMPLETELY right. Parents should really change their perspective. - Yoda8778

My mom seemed to get the idea that because she is older, she knows everything better than me, but when I ask her about a problem I am having with my homework, she can never help me. Then, when my grades are less than perfect she complains about me not working hard enough. - Chelseyne

Yeah. my mom doesn't literally ever listen when I say something. Her first thought is: "He's talking. He must be lying." It's so annoying. Like I'll hear my mom say something and then when I say something to her about it she says: "I never said that." when I clearly heard her say it.

My parents think TEENAGERS think they know everything?!?!?!? PARENTS think they know everything and they just won't admit it! They just make up reasons because the real reason is, "I JUST WANT YOU TO"

My mom always thinks she is HIGH AND MIGHTY now that she divorced my dad and it's getting on my last nerve I'm ready to literally sock her in the face! she always thinks she's right too...-_-

I watch youtube all the time, and my grandfather says you can get viruses if you watch too much youtube, I explained it to him, he still thinks he's right, it's so stupid. - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

My parents think that I need to be a perfect doctor. They think I'm an idiot and they are perfect. I want to be a guitarist, and when I said I would join a band, they said I could never join one. I just got in one last August, and that was before I was even a teenager. They said I was going to be held back but I wasnt. Parents are dumb

Every time I'm told them that the correct answer to the question is correct, the will tell me I'm stupid and not smart. Then they will tell me their answer which they say it is correct. I used the calculator!

They shouldn't be thinking that they're always right because sometimes, their "right" ideas often end up as an embarrassment. Also, when you tell them a great idea of yours, sometimes, they disagree with you and starts making things worst or great. - Pearl13

Parents think they are elder so they are always right and sometimes if I haven't done anything wrong and I don't apologize I become manner less and rude.

This is one of the many reasons I'm an atheist. When me and my mom would be arguing, she'd back up her points with religious reasons.. I would tell her about what's right despite religion, but she'd then shut me down with her own logic..

They always think they are the perfect parent...

I can't ask my parents for help because they don't remember how to do it. So who's smarter? It's us.

Ya I know parents are always like that and want to know something else annoying? ,it your parents embarrassing you in front of other people

Mom: I am the perfect parent you are a dumb child who needs mommy to tell you what to do.
Me: Mom I am student council, I get good grades in school, and I speak English.
Mom: You get that from me.
Me: Mom you don't know how to speak English and you told me you didn't get good education in school.

They always say don't argue when I know they was wrong about something then when they figure out I was right they still ground me. Asses

Even though they are technically superior over their children, at the end of the day they're still human. They have flaws, they make mistakes, they are still imperfect like their kids. - alphadan12

Here's my reason why I ran away from my parents (i'm serious) and I was taken in by a nicer family of middle class.

Rich families just suck.