They always think you're lying even when you're telling the truth


They're all annoying but this one is so, so true. When I was 9 (I'm 15 now), I started getting stomachaches and pain in my abdominal area, she'd say I was making it all up so I could skip school. I have had straight A's ever since I can remember, why would I want to skip school? So yeah, she didn't believe me, I started getting diarrhea, she thought I was making it all up. Weeks passed and I was getting worse. I started bleeding when I went to the bathroom, but she STILL thought I was lying. The pain was excruciating and it made me want to scream and rip off my intestines out or something. She didn't believe me until my grandma convinced her to take me to a hospital, but the doctors said it was a bacteria and I just needed medicine and rest, but I got worse. After all the time, my mom FINALLY got worried and took me to another hospital because I was getting worse, going to the bathroom 5-7 times a day and I was passing blood. I was dehydrated and losing weigth (I've always been tall, ...more

Ugh this happens all the time. I'm 13 and I have a 16 year old brother and an 11 year old brother and one day the 11 year old (this happens all the time) came into my room and kicked my trash can across my room that I just finished cleaning and was about to vacuum and gets trash all over the place and I go tell my mom but she says "you did that yourself to get him in trouble you little liar" and so I got my phone, iPad, T.V., volleyball practice/games, friends and my Xbox and game boy (I know I know who has a game boy anymore right? ) taken away. But no no this little devil gets nothing taken away because he is so perfect to everyone else but I have scratches and bruises all over my face, arms, back (etc) but my mom thinks I did it myself to get lil bro in trouble. He got my Xbox live disabled because he played destiny on my account without my permission and started spam reporting everyone and he literally reported like 400 people and got me banned. Also he deleted my destiny ...more

You should've beaten that bastard no matter what the consequences were - thunderstar1124

So my mom gives me 200 pesos a day for my allowance. So that means 1000 a week. Sometimes she gives the whole 1000 to me on Monday, sometimes only 400 then gives me the rest on Wednesday. Last week (Actually, I'm not sure when), she gave me 400 on a Monday. I had a journalism contest then so I took it like normal. The contest lasted till Wednesday. That Wednesday morning, I was feeling depressed because I found out that I wasn't in the rankings so I ate my breakfast quickly, took my allowance and left for school to attend the awarding ceremony, which by the way, totally sucked. But the things is, the allowance I took was only 200 pesos. I didn't question it because in total, I received 600 pesos which was the norm for me in three days. The next day, Thursday, she didn't give me any and I took it in stride because I still had some allowance that the school gave me from the contest I participated in. However, come Friday and she still didn't give me the rest of my allowance, I ...more - AnotherLight

As If parents couldn't be stressful enough...
My father was borrowing my computer for some reason and I was chilling and playing a game on my phone, then out of no where, he tells me to go get my the charger for the computer... Wait a minute, couldn't he take one small minute to go and get the charger? No? Instead I had to suffer, but that's not the bad part. I was doing something on my phone and most of the time I would get heavily attached, resulting in a "wait a minute " moment. I my dad and my stupid little sister were chanting and yelling at me to go get the charger. I literally have to do everything for them! I was telling them to stop yelling at me and wait a second. Later after five seconds of doing something on my phone, I went and retrieved my charger, in return my mom came out of the shadows and was asking what was going on. My sister replied saying "she didn't get the charger right away." (Why the hell would I get it if I'm not using the computer? )
My mom turned and ...more

I hate when this happens. My mom always tells me that God doesn't like lying and that I will have to go to confession, even though I am the religious one. She is always borrowing my bible. She also accuses me of ignoring the rules when I just forgot, because I was busy writing a story for English class. Then, my dad has been renovating the attic, so I can use it as an office, but then my mom tells me that I'm not allowed to have food in there, so I'll probably never use it, but I feel bad because my dad worked really hard and spent a lot of money doing it. Also, She always makes her project into our project, so that I have to help her, even though I have no interest in the activity. She usually takes my whole summer vacation making me do yard work. Then when I've had something important at school, I used to try and tell her about it, but she would always interupt and start talking about her day or tell me that she was too stressed to hear about my day. I've just given up now, so ...more

Jeez, where do I begin?

Thanks to my older brother being autistic (he is, but I know it's bull cause he is stupid and most autistic people are smart), my mom overprotects that retard and he accuses me EVERY DAY for doing something I didn't do. What's worse is that he is nosy and won't mind his business. I can't count how many times he broke into the bathroom, screamed at me while I was taking a shower and tells my mom I'm not wearing clothes. Seriously, I get grounded just because I was taking a shower and I actually did lock the door, the clown breaks the door down with his fat belly (he's 5 times heavier than me). My mom says,"Ross, you keep breaking the doors down you ass, you're grounded." I'm seriously misunderstood. My brother keeps beating me up everyday and slaps my butt for no reason, I tell my mom and my mom just says "he wants to marry you." Also, his hearing is excellent and he can hear me whisper and that's the reason I am nowhere near my ...more - AlphaQ

It sometimes happens to me because I was in a phase of lies but know it doesn't happen as much. Even though how annoying she can be, I love her. You should appreciate your parents because they were always there for you. Besides,
There's no point getting mad at her if you're just going to make up

This happens to me a lot, but my beautiful older sister (also the best friend I've seriously ever had) always protects me and takes the blame for whatever I did, maybe because I don't do much. Not this time. My sister and I are watching Gravity Falls when suddenly my little brother storms in and turns to STUPID DRAGON BALL Z KAI! My sister is even more pissed than I am that we missed part of the episode, so she snatched the remote from him and turned our show back on, and when he scratched me for absolutely no reason, she punched him in the face so hard that he bounced off the wall. When I told her it was a bit too much she gave me a glare and I shut up while Mom stormed in and instantly grounded is for three months because my sister hit my brother too hard and she was mad. This time I took the blame for her action, but my mother still grounded both of us. When it was bedtime my sister hugged and kissed me and told me I was the best. But we were both still grounded.

I was down the hill playing with my friends and I came from up the hill at 8:57 and I was looking for my mother but I went to building 12 and went to my mothers friends house to see if she was there cause that is were she always be every day. I went over to my friends sister's house and spent the night cause I didn't want to go to my our neighbor who lives up from us cause her house is full of bed bugs and I got the bumps and scars to prove it and so I went over my friends sister house and spent the night or whatever and I woke up went to our neighbor across from us.And I told her where my mother is and told her the whole story about what happen that is true and she think I was lying and I was fin to say if I was lying I would've made up a different story and she called my mother and told her that I was lying but I wasn't cause again if I did I would've made a different story up and now I'm in trouble about telling a whole true that is why I'm not chilling or talking to our neighbor ...more

My parents in a nutshell. My little sister once broke my phone, and she said I did it, so my parents yelled at me because it cost them 600 pounds. I told them she broke it and I saw the whole thing, but they said, "You're lying so you can get out of trouble." Then I said, "EXCUSE me, but I'm telling the truth, deal with it." Then they said it was rude to talk back. After that I had had enough. I screamed at them, "I'm telling the truth for heaven's sake, and if you're going to treat me like a slave, you need some serious rehab! " What happened after that? A month long grounding, which I just got off of. I hate my parents

I feel you, because I get blamed for things that happens in our house, and I didn't even do those stuff! I keep telling them that I didn't do it, but they keep telling me by eye contact that I'm lying. One time my sister said that I broke the laptop because I was using it too much. I didn't do anything that made the laptop broken, but she blamed the whole thing to me. Sure I may be 13, and the youngest, but that doesn't mean I always lie. My parents never believe me when I say something true, and instead when insisting, I end up being grounded. - Pearl13

This happened to me... today.

So me and my BFF as well as her sister went to my parents' office, so we could rest and watch a movie together. We use my friend's tablet, but it has bad sound quality although we have tune the volume to 100.

Then my friend's sister asked me whether we can use the office speaker. I said: "I don't think so." Then, when my Mom come in, she asked my Mom, and Mom is pretty doubtful about it, but then she also help my friend's sister to unplug the speaker.

Then we decided NOT to use the speaker.

Few hours later, my Dad use the computer, only to find that it has no sound although the speaker has been plugged again.

He was so upset, he grounded me. And Mom, who literally saw me saying we should not using the speaker, think that I lied so my Mom would be used as a tool to defend me...

Not only on that case. Mostly if I tell the truth, my Mom would always said: "I don't believe it."

I know, my mom does that all the time, she'll think I'm reading on my tablet at night and then get mad in the morning, and the whole time, I'll just be there trying to convince her that I was actually sleeping, because that's what I was doing! She did the same thing today. I was at school, and my younger sister was at home because she was sick. When I came home for lunch, my tablet was right there on my bedside table, but when I got home after school it was gone! I still don't know where it is and everyone else in the house is sleeping. So I don't even know IF my mom really took it, but it has to be her because even the charger isn't there.

I just recently turned 18 and I got a letter from the army saying I'm registered. My mom read a the letter, found a the sentence saying "Thank you for registering" and she lost it on me. I don't want to join the army because I want to live with my girlfriend, I did not voluntarily register. I kept telling my mom that I didn't intentionally register. But she kept saying I was lying and shouting at me. I took the letter from her and she tried to take it back by force despite the fact that it was meant for me. I tried to find something suggesting this was a mistake in the letter, didn't find it, and pushed my mom away from me. I gave her back the letter and she said "I'd love to see you in the army. You'd die on the first day." - JackFrost1999

I agree with this 100% imagine living with 9 people 2 brothers and 4 sisters and parents. You got me and my oldest brother sister who was in their 20's and my younger brother who is also in his 20's then a teen sister who is 15 and another sister who is 10 and another sister who is 3. 11 and 15 yo make mess, dump dishes and get spoilt and shown no discipline and all us older ones get treated like slaves and told off for making mess we did not make. We are at work all day and come home to a pig stye, dishes galore mess everywhere and somehow we did all that while at work for 9+ hours. We wash our dishes and get accused of lying, we clean up only for the younger ones to make mess so we get accused of lying, there will be a dish on the sink and it was my younger sister parent asks all us older ones if it's our we all say no and we all get accused of lying. It's really annoying and frustrating. - Anon1234

Once I went to this group with some other kids, and the people running it I thought were kind of mean and did dumb stuff. My mom thought so too. One of the kids had anger problems and another kid said a little bit of a mean joke, although it wasn't really mean, but the kid got mad and the adults said to stop. Then he said the joke again and I laughed a little by accident, and one of the adults yelled at me. I said that I didn't say it but he said that he saw my lips moving. Yeah because I was laughing, but they wouldn't believe me. Are they deaf or something because I don't sound like the other boy who said the joke. - SammySpore

They believe what they want to. Even before you open your mouth the story was already set that way in their brain so regardless of what you say its pointless

This happens to me ALL THE TIME! My mom thinks ABC is correct, but when I research online and find that definitely is correct, she basically says I'm a liar and totally ignores my comments. She thinks she is ALWAYS RIGHT, and if she isn't, well, the other person's argument is simply invalid and should not be brought up even if it is correct. And then she tells me to quit looking for the right answer. What kind of mentality is that?

This happened today. My younger brother age 10 hates me, so let me start there's these candies from Costco my family gets called Hi-Chews so last friday (about 7 days ago) I had some and my mom saw me eating them on the couch and was like eat them at the table but I secretly ate them (There only slightly sticky candy that you can pop out of the wrapper and into your mouth) on the couch so today my Mom was like Natalie why are these wrappers on the couch (Keep in mind I didn't do this, I tossed my wrappers) and so my brother came in smiling with the evilest smile EVER and I was all like He did it, but no she didn't believe me. So I got grounded for a day but since she didn't know who to believe he got grounded too. Parents, Sheesh! Morons!

When something wrong happen they will always blamed it on me and ask if I did it whenever I deny because I really didn't do it they will always say I'm lying. Well if that's so why did they ever ask me? Unless they expect me to agree to every damn thing they say or accused me of in which I was innocent.

Was in a relationship for 3yrs it just ended on Friday due to him cheating and not holding down a job and always drinking... Parents automatically takes his side and tells him they know how I am so we can see how the arguments start...they always think I am making stuff up when I would call home and try to talk to them about things that were going on... They always think I am lying about something when in reality I'm this point in life I tend to keep everything to myself the way I see it why try to call home and talk to my parents about anything when they think I lie or my attitude is the cause of everything...I've changed dramatically since I've moved away from home but they can't see it

It's my dad who has trust issues around the family but I thought this was WAY TOO FAR and I was furious! So my Older sister and my dad got into a fight about her job (by the way she works at a fancy Italian restaurant! ) and then I heard my dad say this " why are you always lieing to me? you know I hate that you big fat liar! " And as soon as I heard that I was furious but I was to scared to be involved but my Older sister and me are super close so we always tell each other about our problems and I know she has been through a lot with my family and as soon as she heard those words she yelled at him and told him ' I'm SICK OF THIS AND YOU! I WANT TO MOVE OUT I HAD A CHANCE TO I HAD I HAD I HAD! YOU ALWAYS I JUST I'm MOVING OUT! " after that I saw my mom burst into tears and I was so sad my sister moved out because I wouldn't have anyone but yeah that's my story

I HATE WHEN THEY DO THIS! And when I try to tell the truth I always stutter or smile because I usually ruin it for my self so I know the end result and I know they'll always think I'm lying.. I am stating to block people out now a days... Mainly my parents.. They're very Unaware of how I feel and that makes me so sad. (I am tearing up as I write) They don't realize I'm now debating on If I am waiting on when they die or on If I actually want them not to die.

All the time, not even funny. I'm on my laptop working on my homework, "Oh why are you on your laptop? Your not studying! " Like give me a break once in a while.

Yes that's so true I have proof that I'm right but they bring some other crap against me eventually they have to win I just hate that

My mom always says I "have an attitude" for no reason at all, once I was puting dishes away because I forgot and she yelled at me to do it, so I did, saying nothing mind you as I did this, and because I was "shoving dishes in it", I was really just being lazy, I was having an attitude and when I said I'm not she said I was "in denial". There are times when I do nothing and she constantly asks me why I'm in a bad mood, which I'm not. I could provide many more examples of this and how she acts like a fing child throwing a tantrum but I'm sure no one wants to read a book here. The pattern I've noticed is that she only does this when she has an attitude herself and needs a way to justify it. The only one whos in denial is her, about her own anger problem. I've since given up on trying to tell her what shes doing. I don't really care anymore what she tells herself as I'm in college and don't have to deal with her bs also, its not my problem its hers. My advice to you all is to ride out ...more