They are big liars


Even when I hear everything they lie straight in my face.

I was just explaining to my mom how I want to start coding and creating games, making videos and editing them, trying to invent things, designing and acting (I'm 7th grade). My mom says that if you do that in your life, you will never use your brain and therefore you will have a dull life. She also apparently says that you will live the rest of your life poor and nobody will like you. Then I said that it wont interfere with my school. Then, she says that after you retire your job you can start doing those things. My dad totally agrees with me and thinks that it is a great idea and he will sign me up for plays right away. My mom says I can do it after I retire. She says I need to be an engineer and work for somebody but I just want to do any type of art where I can use my imagination and nobody can tell me what to do. I will do it though.

My mom has a secret boyfriend and its obvious. She sings love songs all day, texts all the time, and goes out without a explanation. I read her texts without her knowing at the store once, and she had a boyfriend. I talked to her about it, and she said "its just a friend" even though they were sexting each other. I told her I know she likes him, and she yelled at me that I destroyed her social life, she has no social life, and she still denies it. Once a MILLIONAIRE liked her, and she chased him off without my bro knowing! She told my bro the same things! I never believe her up to this day. She lies every day.

When I was little I remember coming home from school and I asked my parents where my little sister was, because she was like 3 and didn't go to school at the time. They kept saying they put her in an orphanage, but I knew they were lying so I kept asking until they told me the truth. It was so frustrating that I started crying, and then they annoyed me even more by assuming that I was crying because I loved my sister and wanted her around, so I just went to my room to do my homework. - Chelseyne

We love all our kids equally. Lies
When I was your age... Lies!
You can tell us anything. Lie!
It doesn't matter. Lies. Lies. Lies.
So and so is real lies! Lies! Lies!
Thank you for joining this episode if me ruining your childhood! Also am I the only one who wishes a parent would read the whole list? Because it's all true.

Ugh my mom always changes her words after she says them. First when she wants me to do something she's all like " you're not smart enough, you have to study otherwise you won't even get into a decent college! " Then when she feels guilty for sending me to a crummy school she's all like " don't worry, you're different from these people, you will do fine." Seriously, what the hell is it? And she like ignores me half the time like what?

So just a couple days ago I went to the barber to get my hair done for the first time at a barbers and I was scared I would look bad but my mom said I'd look fine so I got it done and stuff and my mom found out the barber didn't even finish the job so when I was going to bed she was on the phone with her sister and she said how my hair was uneven and it looked worse then before. I don't think I can trust her again.

They promise you with stuff they'll give after you do something good (like getting good marks in studies, etc ) but sometimes end up giving you nothing, for all that hard crap you've done. And even if they do give you stuff, they WILL use it against you, sometime or the other, you get what I mean.

Well I was sick once and my mom let me stay home from school and she said nothing else but come take some medicine so I did and she left for work after getting my brother on the bus so I sat in bed played battlefield 4 and she got home at 2pm by the way this started a 7am she went right to her bed and took a nap so I went outside and played in the mud when I came back in she yelled "you do not go outside when your sick" so I said "well you never said that" she lied and said she did but I am 100% sure she didn't say that this is why I don't like her after she lies to me

This happened too me. One day I had a family reunion but my mom wasn't telling me and then she said that "it would be quick" but guess what it took 3 DAYS! and I forgot my iPad cause I believed her when she said it would be quick and then too top it all off when I asked for my moms phone several different times she said she was expecting a call but I tried telling her that I would give it to her when it came my "Dad" (because he wasn't my dad) was taking her side and after all of that I got grounded for THEM LYING TO ME!

I believed in Santa Clause, until I figured out that he doesn't exist. I figured out that it isn't physically possible for a guy to afford presents for everyone in the world, or ride a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. I believed in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny, until I figured out both of those are pure fantasy as well. I am appalled!

My dad says that I need to be a better basketball player because I need to work on my future, I told him that basketball doesn't even matter to me because I want to be an author when I'm older. After that, he told me that I have to play basketball because that's what my older sister is going to do. So I just told him to quit controlling my life, because it's mine, not his.

My mom will say something to me and when I repeat what she says, she looks at me like she wants to kill me and says, I never said that! If you don't stop lying, I'm going to slap you.. Followed by a lecture that I'm always putting words in her mouth that she never said.

My dad once told me my toys would come to life if my room had no light in it and eat me when I was a year old. I didn't believe him until turned off all my lights and he jumped out and scared me. Now when all of my lights are on mom blames dad for my fear, and I don't blame her

My parents always told me to pursue my passion and don't judge people by their looks. But, they expect me to be a doctor or lawyer and they always judge all of my friends. Every time I tell them what I think I want to be in the future they always subtly discourage it and bring up the topic of doctors and lawyers.

Ugh, I know right? When we were moving and I left a lot of good friends, she bribed me to love the place with lies. "You get 25 dollars a week! Isn't that so much? " She said. Huh, I didn't know that twenty five dollars meant you got to make up excuses for deducting the money and constantly "forgetting" and not giving me anything?

I am 30 a fully trained health provider (with post graduate qualifications and teach in the tertiary education sector). My parents still sit there and tell me the most ridiculous things about health and expect me to just sit there and agree with them. It's easier just to let it slide.

Yeah. Everyday I m surprised what I find about my parents. The other day I found out my mom went to the strip club and she didn't even take me. Oh yeah and did I forget about my dad who used all the money to go to the casinos when I begged him to give me money to go get a dildo.. ; 0 (

My mom once tried to hide the fact that one of my dad's friends passed, but I found out and I wanted to know more. She said it was nothing and another time, she needed boy names for some reason. I ask her why and she says it's nothing, so I keep asking her and then she keeps yelling at me.

We're Asian. Whenever we were little kids (like 1-2 year olds) and we wanted to go upstairs at our relatives' house they would always tell us that they have a big mean dog that's guarding the rooms and that the dog will attack and bite us if we go upstairs.


My mom told me that it's ok to get a bad score if you've tried your best. Well, I studied for hours and tried my best to focus, but still get a "bad" grade. Next thing I know, I'm grounded. When I ask her why did she ground me even though I've tried my best, she said that she doesn't care and that only score matters. That's not the only lie my parents told me... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Yea they said to buy a laptop if I pass my exams but in actual fact I don't even think she even thought about it even though she said she did and even if I pass I think she will say "i SAID I would buy but I didn't say I will buy in real life" or "i have no money, maybe next time"

Oh dear god this is so true. I wouldn't go to bed when I was little so my dad told me that every night at 10:00 robots would sneak into my room and scan me to see if I was sleeping, and if I wasn't sleeping the would put me into a bag and fly off with me. Dear lord - Yatagarasu

My mom promised when wood go to a theme park in June after she cancelled out vacation I had been looking forward too. It's July. When I reminded her that she promised and she sent me up to my room for having attitude.

My WHOLE FAMILY treats babies and toddlers like, like, So good I cannot explain it! And the youngest are practically clouded with happiness and whatever they want! As for most people my age in the family, we are treated opposite (eccept for their love, but not treating me as good as the stupid young ones,). The family says they treat us equal, it's just responsibilities! ARRRGGHH! IF THE BABIES AND TOODLERS WERE TREATED LIKE HOW I WAS, THEY WOULD FEEL THE SAME WAY I WOULD AT 7 YEARS OF AGE INSTEAD OF 12! They say we are treated according to our responsibilities. Add that to my overflowing box of depressing lies! - Devan4590