They call it arguing but you call it explaining


Sometimes I wish my parents would disappear. My first panic attack was last week! They kept telling me to think of something creative after taking away my only source of inspiration. Step-dad came in to see me thinking of what to write (I really tried, but it's always "you're not trying hard enough"). He yelled at me and threatened me, he broke the closet door out of the walls. (I only got bruised a little since I was sitting next to it). My brain just shut down and I started having a panic attack, resulting in me also having a nosebleed while coughing up blood.

My mom got mad at me for making a "disrespectful comment" and so I tried to explain to her what I felt happened, and she ended up screaming at me and telling me I had to stay home from somewhere she signed up for me to go, and that she had already bought stuff to take there, like she's punishing both of us now. I am so pissed right now I have a headache and I've been screaming into pillows for hours now. And the thing is, she doesn't even care. Parents don't understand anything, they only know what they want to know.

My mom asked me about someone in my class and I told her about them. I was a little annoyed I had to answer this, so when I answered, I sounded a little annoyed. Then, my mom and dad went on for an hour of how I can never be happy and will never be grateful for anything. The explained being grateful and happy to me like it was a foreign concept. They act like I'm the luckiest person in the world just because I'm an only child, and they get me things, which to them is like spoiling me. Then I ran up to my room and cried for a few minutes, then my dad tells me to bring his phone to him like nothing happened!

One time I went out with my mom to have lunch with some other mothers and their kids. I was sitting there being polite. Barely talking, and when I did, I spoke quietly (in contrast with the loud voices of the other kids). I just sat there and ate for over an hour before I managed to get 20 minutes on my mother's phone. 10 minutes after I started to get a headache. I told my mom and said I just wanted to lie down in the car. I even specifically stated that she could still stay: just give me the car keys so I can lay down to rest.

Apparently that was like telling her that I was picking on kids in school or something, because she turned very nasty then. She started rambling about how I was just trying to go home early (despite the fact I said she could stay) and started to blame the fact that I spent 20 minutes on her phone. Even though I've watched videos on smaller phones for 50 minutes before and did not get a single headache, she insisted it was because of the phone. When I ...more - TNDoL

This is one of the worst ones for me. Anytime my mom suggests anything to me that I don't 100% agree with she acts as if I'm attacking her. This is just one of the many examples.

Mom: Your boyfirend should get an associates degree in something because it's the new high school deploma as far as employment is concerned.

Me: I would rather him go to a trade school and learn something he actually likes and get a job that can't be out sourced.


Me:...I think I just said I wanted him to go to school but okay whatever...

It's generally always "You or someone you know should do this." "This would probably work better for me/us/them but it's the same concept as what you were saying" " YOU NEVER LISTEN YOU ALWAYS ARGUE"

Very true. It's just a debate, I want to debate because I think that matter is debatable. Not everything is set in stone. There's something called the grey area. Not everything is black and white. They just gotta chill a little when they find that I disagree about some of their ideas. because, really, no one has to blow a fuse. I'm just trying to understand something.

I occasionally think so but we need to be more polite

My mom can really get on my nerves sometimes! It was when I was like 9 or 10 (I'm 12, about to be 13) and I was listening to music on my IPod and all of a sudden my little cousin was talking to me. I didn't really wanted to listen to what she was saying because she can be a real brat. So, my mom yells at me telling me to take off my earbuds. So I take them off and it turns out she wanted to listen to the music I was listening to. I told her no because there was only one set of earbuds. Then my mom yelled at me again and practically forced me to give her the other earbud and I got really mad. Like, I can't listen to my own music IN PEACE?! Then I tried explain to her why I didn't want to and she said if she heard me talk one more time she was gonna smack my mouth and ground me! So I ended up "sharing" the earbud with her. I got so mad I turned it off and then my cousin started bugging out because I turned it off and I got in trouble AGAIN. I had to give my earbuds and IPod to the ...more

So I walk into the kitchen to tell my dad something important about school and then he just tells me every reason why I'm wrong, so I put in my side of the story and tell him every reason why I'm right. Then he just says why do you always like to argue with me? BUT YOU STARTED THE ARGUMENT! I actually said that in a respectfull voice but I just wanted to enphasize how serious and illogical he was being. Side note: Some parents are like cops, they never want to be corrected and they freak out on you if they know your right. Anyways then he said don't get smart with me! He said it in a loud disrespdisrespectful tone. I didn't say this but what my dad calls being smart means he's just too stupid to understand what I'm saying.

Ugh my parents are like this too. Sometimes they get mad at me I just say fine and they are like don't YOU DARE START ARGUING WITH ME.

Then whenever they get mad at me. I just go to my room when out of nowhere my mom said Stop arguing with me! And I'm just turn around with a look on my face saying What?

Okay I always get upset at things that my parents do or simple household problems and they won't let me explain why I'm upset! THEY START SCREAMING SAYING I'm NOT GRATEFUL OR THAT I THINK THEY aren't GOOD ENOUGH! And literally I'm standing there like.. Uh I was just gonna say that there isn't anymore milk in the fridge...

Mom: I want you to be vey honest, why did you get a three for effort, classwork and homework completion in Math?

Me: Mom, that's because I just forgot my homework for 2 times in a row recently and I don't know why classwork and effort is 3. Beside, my test score were in the top 5 highest out of the year group so I do studied hard!

Mom: I don't want any excuses! And don't lie to me because every time I saw you in this house, you were sitting on the sofa with your laptop!

Me: But I might be doing research for another subject at that time, mom.

Mom: I'm sick of arguing with you, do you know how hard it is to raise you since you were born? (Mom start to speak for about an hour about how horrible my behavior is and many other things that I now wouldn't be bothered to listen anymore)


Yeah, like when your just explaining some things to them that is opposite to their perspectives and opinions they will say that are you talking back to me now? Or did tou learn that to your friends? And then they will say you have bad influence friends

That's so true. Jeez last year my report card didn't come out so well. I told them it was because I was a 6th grader in a class full of 8th graders and because I have honors. They didn't even listen they just said,

I hate this! I try to tell my brother something, and when he asks why, what do you think the polite thing to do is? EXPLAIN. But whenever my parent hear me explaining they get mad and say I'm a disrespectful older brother and that I'm grounded! I HATE IT

Ok so my gym teacher kicked me out of class because I asked him why I was the only one in a group by myself but when he called my dad he said I argued with him but I didn't. When I tried to explain to him that all the teachers always twist their words to sound nice to parents and that I didn't argue I just asked a question he said that this was exactly what the teacher was talking about like ugh

This is the #1 thing that's messed up in parents' minds. My parents call it sassing and arguing whenever I explain why I did something. I was making a movie trailed on iMovie and I put the phrase, "idiot parents," but they didn't understand that I wasn't describing them, I was describing the parents of the family in the movie, and they got mad and told me to stop arguing and then deleted the app.

Yeah, this goes right to them getting angry when you are right to. When ever I try to explain something to my mom, even if I've explained it before, she makes it a whole big deal and gets angry, even if its no big deal. - Chelseyne

They want you to explain yourself yet when you do, it considered " talking back" so they don't listen. No matter what you say.

Mom: You need to vacuum every day
Me: I shouldn't need to, let me explain my reasoning: If I don't vacuum today but do tomorrow it will turn out the same, plus we aren't even having anyone over

God, every. Single. Time. Look, I have to do what my parents say. But there is absolutely NO reason why I cannot question it. If they tell me to do something, the have to have a viable reason.

YES SO TRUE I HATE IT...okay sometimes I do but cause they get me mad. Like if she asks a question and I answer she gets mad for me "talking back", but if I don't she gets mad. I don't get parents. They always get mad at me for no reason...i mean I admit it sometimes it's my fault, but most of the time it's theirs.

Arguing and explaining are the same, you are mistaking arguing For Fighting or debate. with a good argument one of thre things should happen, either the other person comes out agreeing with you or the other person comes out understanding your points and not agreeing with you or you end up agreeing with the other person and you only lose if you bow down to the persons rhetoric skills and agree with them for a reason that is do to new information or realization.

I try to have talks about something and they always start yelling, causing me to yell. Then they tell me to stop yelling and then ground me

They call it talking back too. Parents are so stupid these days. - Carsrule300