They can hit you or get physical with you and get away with it


So when I was in fourth grade at my grandmas house my little brother (he may be annoying but I feel like he's the only one who loves me) jumped on my bed and elbowed me in the back. I curved my back and my arms came to my brother face by accident. I scratched him on his cheek and said sorry multiple times. He said its ok because he is very forgiving. My grandma finds out but is calm about it. The next day my mom sees it and my grandma decides to tell what happened. I tried talking to my mom like "are you okay" or "how was your day" and she ignored me, so I had a feeling I was in trouble. When we got home my brother went to go take a shower, and my mom came to my room. She pulled me by my hair, threw me down to the floor (and I had a little trouble breathing there but it gets worst) and she puts her knee on my stomach, and takes her hand and chokes me. I had a really hard time breathing and she did this for about 20 seconds. She said "next time you do something ...more - Ihavecripplingdeppresion

My mom and I were on vacation and being my mom she goes to bed at 5 am and I wake up at 6:30 am. I go down to the lobby like we discussed and brought her back a waffle with Syrup on the side and a yogurt. On our way out of the hotel she forgot her phone and asked me for my key. I asked her if she even had her key with her she said " ITS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP TRACK OF THE ROOM KEY! " She slapped me across the face and grabbed my arm saying I'm such a stuck up brat that relies on other people.

Parents opinion is that they own you like they own a car... The truth is that they really own you like they own a dammned a car till you make your own money

My mom tried to smack me one time when I was 8 (for asking if I could go to a friends house) so I held my hand out to block her and ducked. And she held me against a wall and smacked me so hard that she dislocated my jaw. She almost got away with it until I told my grandma 2-3 years later and grandma called the police. I live with my awesome grandparents now

I live with my Aunty and uncle because five years ago I was living with avert physically abusive dad. Now when my friends my uncle will give me "light taps" but my Aunty will smack my head so hard it's whips around. But they do it in a "joking" or "whimsical" way to seem, I don't know, cool or joking? But it only happens when friends are around so I can't really say it's physical abuse.

Yep. One time she smacked me across the face and I hit her shoulder and then she said " I AM YOUR MOTHER YOU don't TOUCH ME" and since I tend to have comebacks I say "So you belong abusing me and treating me like your slave? " And then she hits me again, I just end up walking away

My mom slapped my leg so hard it turned purple because I told her something that SLIGHTLY tipped her off

This is true. So I' emotionally abused and is disrespected by opinions by my parents. They belittle me, compare me to others and disrespect my opinions. And my brother doesn't even care and treats them like they're good parents. I was also bullied at school and viewed inferior. - MLPFan

I used to get spanked, and thrown (not literally) in the garage. I got hit, and when my brother saw my dad hitting me, he also hit me. Now, instead of making my ass hurt for a day, he tries to ruin my life by breaking stuff.

They also let my brother do it, and they also try to pay my friends to beat me up (although they just take the money and refuse), as a lesson to "be careful who you spend time with! " Child abuse and bribery!

Yes exactly, the other day my mom slapped me like 8 times, and when I told her she was hurting me she said, oh wait I mean SCREAMED "I don't care" and then when I tried to move her arm all hell broke loose.

I KNOW! I always hit back, until they get hurt and go away very angrily, It's the only way not to end up like Voldemort over being 3 minutes late to school or being hungry and asking for a mcdonald's before going to the bank.

Uh I know exactly where your coming from my mum will get out a wooden spoon out and chase me with it and my dad used to get out a stick and beat me up with it they call it discipline I call it physical abuse

I never got hit but I still hate my mom I wish I live with my dads mom or dads dad

Being a Christian, I hear "spare the rod and spoil the child" well EXCUSE ME! The STAFF is what was used for HITTING, not the ROD! The ROD WAS USED FOR GUIDING (which is basically setting an example)

Many parents don't believe this but, parents can be the biggest bullies any child/person could ever have. - Johnny1991

Worst discipline in the world is slapping. Who's with me?

Once my dad beat my sister with his judo stick because she said she was tired. When my mom tried to stop him he just asked if she wanted to join in. I told him to stop and he whacked me on the back with it.

Yeah because when they always do that to me I go up and like tap her and then she yells "you do not hit your mother" and I got in trouble for tapping her

I get slapped and hit hard in the face by my mom. Then she lies and says "oh come on, I barely tapped you." um mom, I'm bleeding!

One day my mom was doing my hair and I said no it's messy it looks ugly spot hen she slapped me Hard and my face had a hand mark and I was like that for the whole day

One day, I hit her and I got in trouble. I got grounded and got my phone taken away. But when she hits me, she just gets a bunch of warnings

Me: *uses tiny bit of snark to get a point across*
Dad: *shoves me into a cabinet*

Next day

Me: Dad I have a cut and it keeps opening
Dad: from what?
Me: from you shoving me!
Dad: *using lots of attitude and sarcasm* I didn't SHOVE you
Me: what about my back! What was that? The wind?

When my mom gets really mad at me she slaps every part of my face, arms, and legs. She sucks at slapping though, so I'm laughing half the time and she starts laughing too and we make up

Spankings should be illegal. One time I was getting a spanking and I accidentally kicked my mom in the boob. She got furious and started to BEAT me. - RedTheGremlin

My mom hit me. I hit her back. Punished for standing up for myself, after she said "If anybody hits you, hit them back harder"