They let your little brother get away with things and don't believe you


One time my brother had a friend over and his mom was downstairs, and they stole all my money from my room! I yelled at them and my dad came upstairs to see what was going on so I told him that they stole all my money. But then he got mad at ME because he didn't want my brothers friend's mom to feel like her kid was doing something bad and feel like she couldn't come back. HELLO what am I supposed to do let them steal my money?! - SammySpore

Not only my brother but my cousin.
The last time, my cousin try to frame me for doing something wrong. I don't have a problem with my brother but I only deal my cousin problems.
He always pinching me for no actual reason and my aunt won't believe me about the pinching thing so he continues to do it.
But finally my cousin got caught of pinching me by my aunt and discipline him in front of me.

But I am really sorry for the other commenter who got hit by his brother as a result of getting injured.Why does he need to fight back or need some self-defense from his brother.
My brother punched me sometimes but his hit was too soft that I am bigger than him so I am tough so he punched me without a bruise (he punched me in the shoulder, chest, or in the gut).
So if you have a big brother you don't need to fear unless you need to make your brother a big regret from your parents.

That is so true! Except I have a little sister, and whenever she does something wrong and I tell her not to do that, or make her understand, my moms always like: You're not her parent, I will make those decisions. But when she does something wrong and I don't correct her she'll get mad at me saying I should BE A GOOD EXAMPLE and TEACH HER GOOD THINGS

My brother is constantly hitting, kicking and punching me and he never gets in trouble. I guess its because he does it so often and my parents are used to seeing it happen. Whenever I retaliate I get in big trouble and am told to take the higher ground and not react. Sometimes, it's like I am his personal punching bag. I will complain to my parents and they'll tell me to stop whinging, they don't realise how much force he can actually throw into a punch and how much it can hurt. - perkl22

My little cousin is SO annoying! I traveled half the world to see her and my grandparents and I'm disrespected ALL the time by that brat! She's four years younger than me so apparently that earns her all kinds of stupid rights. And when I was her age, I visited a lot and my grandma didn't treat me the way she treats her now! She treats my cousin like some angel when in reality she stole my laptop and hid it a few days before my flight back to the USA! I wouldn't have found it! BRAT

Hate this. I am a mother of 8, 5, and 6 months. I would have said one, but it is sad. My oldest, he does not get all the punishments, I only punish if I saw what happened, if I don't see me and ben ( my husband) otherwise will have them both apologize, or punish them both. The best is I do not make the kids pick up the dog stuff. Oh, butterscotch! Gotta go.

My brother just says he didn't do it that I did it and he walks away smiling and plays with his toys when he's 13. While I'm getting yelled at for what he did. They keep on doing I'm going to start recording and videoing him to show them that he's not as good as they think. We're just a year apart they'd let him get away with murder and blame me when his fingerprints is in the scene not mine, if they wanted to. They treat him so much like a baby that at 13 he acts like 3.. A baby... He's spoiled rotten

Honestly I hate this. My brother gets away with everything and I'm blamed because I'm the oldest. I just want to punch them in the face when they say it's my fault. If they could just believe me for once!

I had to use my birthday money that I was SAVING to repair my IPod, and I wanted a puppy or a kitten. They used their money and repaired my brothers laptop from water damage he blamed me for and I got grounded. He spilled his own water. He got a snake! I wasn't even allowed to see it because I was too irresponsible, and I would kill it if I pet it. That's what my brother would do!

STORY OF MY LIFE! This happens constantly. The other day, I got in trouble and got grounded from my Xbox but they let my brother play. Now he got grounded from it and I deserve to play but all they say is:

Mom: "But that's not fair too him, sweetie."

But I'm supposed to be the mature one and not play favorites

Parents, I know it's harder to punish your youngest child, but you're setting a dangerous precedent for him/her. You're basically giving them a sense of invincibility that can very well turn to maliciousness. Heck, I bet even YOU were taken advantage of a younger sibling at some point. - alphadan12

It drives me crazy! Like, I get mad cause I got in trouble and mom tells me to stop having an attitude. My little brother gets mad cause he's in trouble and mom offers to watch a movie with him. Favoritism much?

I hate when this happens! Everyone uses it on me!
(I'm opening presents on my birthday)
Little brother: can I play with this?
Me: no. Wait for your own birthday.
Little brother: (starts crying)
Big brother: (my name)! Let your little brother play with your Xbox!
Me: but it's mine! I got it for my birthday!
Big brother: he's just little! LET HIM PLAY!

Oh yes. One time at my grandmas place I was trying to make something old to new (it was a old sleigh) one day I was trying to work on the sleigh when I felt the urge to go swimming. With taou ( a 9 year old, by the way) so my grandma called taou's mom. But taou was out with some friends. So I gone swimming by myself. I have gone out early because I was bored. When my dad picked me up. I've gone into the shop and I saw a garbage looking nail thing on the sleigh. I told my dad but I heard this excuse "oh he's only 4 he's just does not know any better" he did not ruin my sleigh once but two times! The second time he did it I've saw him and I took the hammer away. He cried because he "wanted to help" and I heard my dads excuse again! This time I saw a crap-looking sleigh with dozens of nails.

My brother gets away with everything and my parents let him. He even snitches on me. My parents don't even care about my side of the story either, and they let him do things they didn't let me at his age.

My brother plays games like Heroes Of Glory and has many times hacked my accounts to write sexual crude stuff. Guess who my dad blames for looking up "dodgy websites".

My brother has broken many glasses around our house, and has even slashed my neck with a glass ornament in front of my parents. Guess who my parents blame for having mental problems.

My brother stole a smartphone that wasn't his and broke it. He tore my mom's iPad jacket cover thing as well and even downloaded this thing on our shared computer that ruined it so badly we had to reboot it and it lost all its memory and data. Guess who's blamed for being "unfit for technology".

I just love the way they judge everything - TwilightKitsune

This happens to me quite a bit too. Just yesterday I got my phone taken away for a week, because I playfully kicked my brother. Today my brother hit me 15-20 times, and my mom didn't do anything. I even pointed out the fact that he was hitting me.

It happens to me all the time. Today, my little brother pushed me when we were on an escalator.(damn I don't know if I spelled it right or not.) He pushed me. My parents got me in big trouble and "accused" me of pushing him, even though it was him who pushed me. They didn't believe me whatever I said.

OH MY GOD! My parents do this ALL the time! This one time my brother squirted toothpaste ALL over the bathroom and then he went and told mom that I did it but my mom didn't belive me so I got in trouble for nothing!

My little (10 year old) brother steals my tablet to watch porn at 2 AM in my mom's room. He gets away with it because he "didn't know any better." Then I got in trouble when the porn showed up on my internet history. - Kaboom

Yes my brother always gets his way and he's ten years old and I'm 13 and he has never ever gotten seriously punished for something he's done and I have a lot!

My mom blames me for everything once my brother was I grade one he lost his library book for a whole year and blames for losing it like mom I am I grade 4 I don't read those kind of baby books anymore so next time tell him that he should be punished not me

For me my little cousin is a huge tattle tail and he also tells a lot of lies when he tells on me and my parents get mad at me for actually no reason he tells on every little thing I do and if he died I would actually be HAPPY - Estellea

Yes! My brother always play computer games and he can get away with it while I can't! SO annoying

This is why I feel like pushing my little brother onto dirt ground with shards of glass on it.