They stop you from having privacy


My mom and dad are having me share my room with my little brother because when my baby brother was born it was decided by my parents that I would have to share my room. It's been like this for 5 years and now alone time in my room is a miracle. My little brother never shuts up at night and it's hard to get sleep. Also he has temper issues and makes a lot of death threats when he gets mad & it's super annoying. One night he got really mad and threw a metal tube thing at me but he missed and it hit the wall luckily for me. My dad was SUPER pissed when he saw the hole in the wall. I've tried talking to my parents about how personal space is important to me and how my little brother makes it hard for me to sleep at night and I even reminded them about the "tube incident" and all they do is just tell me I'll have to share my room peacefully. My baby brothers gotten old enough now that he isn't a baby anymore and my little brother could move back into his old room (The one my baby ...more

Me and my brother are exactly the same we're practically clones. But he just got his second phone but I still have a tablet that they monitor everything on. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. Even though I have no forms of social media. The camera is useless. They won't even let me bring it within 10 feet of the front door. They take it every day to make sure I'm not on suspicious websites. They do this because I'm the "bad" one. I have no friends and I'm bullied on every day at school. I'm gonna laugh when they run out of excuses for why I can't have a phone. "We can't afford it" (you can afford 2 iPhone 7's for my brother) "your not old enough" ( I'm a year older than him at 13) "your not responsible enough" ( his phones have gotten stolen 3 times and replaced each time) "you can do whatever he does on his phone with your tablet" (you don't monitor him every second and I'm sure he has more options for apps than casino games and knockoffs that give you malware)

Yes it's so true! My mother bought me a cellphone for Christmas a year or two ago and ever since then she takes my phone out of my hand and checks through EVERY SINGLE one of my texts. Then when I ask her why she says, "I bought it with MY money, it doesn't rightfully belong to you." Then I was in a bad mood one day and I stupidly asked, "Don't you trust me? " And she replied: "it's not that I don't trust you, I don't trust the people you talk to." She's met all of my friends before and they aren't bad people at all. I also flip out when people I don't know text or call me so I AUTOMATICALLY block them.

One day I was on my laptop drawing and she snatched it from my lap then she closed out my drawing tab without saving it and I spent six hours on it and saved it like on hour three. She checked through my history and when she saw I was on my email earlier she checked through my whole inbox and deleted all of my conversations. I love her but seriously. ((Maybe it was partly my ...more

My recommendation is to save it every half hour or ask for a drawing app with auto save for birthday/christmas - Maddox121

My parents loathe passwords. The initial fight was whether or not I put one. When I told them that some people like to open my phone without my permission, they lit me put one but of course I need to write it down on a paper and give it to them. My dad even insisted that I put his fingerprint on my phone (iPhone 6). My only response was: "It's like telling me to go to the bathroom and keep the door wide open." After A LOT of arguing, he decided against it. Speaking of bathrooms, my mother scolds me when I lock the door because sometimes she needs to wash her hands and it doesn't matter that the bathroom is occupied.

I'm sure we are allowed one thing that they don't have to know about. Like reading my personal diary isn't going to help you.

OH MY GOD YES! I've been currently dealing with mum is my main problem. She thinks that everyone I meet online is a liar and is going to kidnap me. Yeah cause apparently I'm stupid enough to meet a stranger by mom wants to instal ESnipe, a stupid think that records EVERY keystroke and website, app, etc that I go in. I don't want her to cause she over reacts to everything, but if I say that she gets either defensive or really pissed. She doesn't even respect my drawings...she throws them out. Yeah I think I have some family issues.

Sometimes while I'm in the bathroom, my mum will storm in knowing this and shout at me 'lock the door', knowing that I'll at least be half naked - creepy. I know I should lock the door, but I simply forget although I still close it.

Another time this happens is when I'm in the middle of getting dressed, she'll come in even if I tell her I'm getting dressed. It's embarrassing, I understand mothers don't mind seeing their 'children' naked (I'm 18 years old). But I make it clear I'd prefer it if she didn't come in and she doesn't listen, so annoying trying to cover up awkwardly.

I have 3 younger brothers and a twin brother (no sisters) and my mom refuses to let me close my door at night or even when I'm getting dressed! Like she thinks I have a boyfriend that I hide in my closet or something like that. She checks my closet under my bed and locks my windows with a key at night so I can't let anyone in. Like I'm 13 and I have never had a boyfriend before lol.

My parents always look at my history and ask me what games I'm playing or what music I'm listening to. I'm old enough to know what I shouldn't do on the internet. They find out my passwords and they logged into my Google Hangouts so they can see every single text I send to my friends. Also, there is a website that my school uses for or grades and my my parents admitted that they check it 5 times a day! Yikes! - scarmark

YES! I can't have anything private! Phone? Nope! Paper? Nope, she'll look through that too. I don't hide anything. But I do have some embarrassing opinions that I don't like to share with my parents and they'll find out the worst way- by reading something that wasn't for them! Sometimes I'm just embarrassed that my drawings look like but no! My mom's gotta look at them too!

Same especially when I read stories and um like mum dad stop I have double security on my phone but when they ask to see it they always get angry when I don't tell them the password I'm like you bought me the phone so I can have a password plus my parents won't tell me their password so why should I. I always stay away from bad things so why

Ugh! Worst thing ever! I share everything about my life with my sister, so she knows what's in my diary, but when she makes a reference to something in the diary, my parents immediately want to read it. Once when I walked into my bedroom, I found my dad in there looking for my diary and when I asked him what he was doing, he LIED and said he was LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW! I'm not 2 yrs old anymore, you were on the other side of the room, opposite from the window! Do you really think I'm that dumb?!?

I have this consultant at my school and you can basically pour out everything in your heart for hours and ask for opinion and they're fine with it. One day I got home late because I'm visiting the consultant and my mom asks me her name. Thank god I called her ASAP and made her not tell my mom a thing. My mom called her 2 hours later

I have this issue all the time! I am talking on the phone with my friends, with the door shut (I don't have a lock on my bedroom door) and they just come barging in without even knocking, and then they just start talking to me... So annoying, so I just go silent for a minute, and then she's like, "What you can't talk on the phone when I'm around? " Like super loud.

Once I was in trouble because me and my brother had an argument and I got in trouble. I wrote in my journal about how mean he was being and how much I wanted to be a younger sibling. The next day my parents grounded me from my iPad for 1 week because they saw what I wrote in my journal. So I stopped writing in it due to knowing my parents always knew what I was writing.

My parents always wanna know what I'm doing on MY laptop, and on MY phone, I don't care if its your wifi I'm using, the neighbor has some wifi and I don't care if you got me the phone, are you forgetting I have relatives that can pay the bill and stuff and not be nosey?

I was texting someone and my mom just had to know what we were talking about. I know that our parents pay for our phones, but there is someone called the man of the house. The man of the house might pay her phone bill, if he looked through hers, she would have been pissed off.

My dad seriously doesn't like the door to my room being closed it's so annoying! He's always like " Why do you need your door close? Are you hiding anything? " Or " Stop closing your door" it is so annoying! I need privacy and he's taking it away from me.

I try SO HARD to keep my secrets secret. I used to write my struggles in a journal. One day I wrote something in my journal then I put it away and went for a short walk around town. When I got back, my dad asked, "Do you hate your family? " The only reason he'd have to ask that is if he read my journal. I never touched that journal again until I burned it a few months later. - JackFrost1999

YES SO TRUE My mom will sometimes come up behind me and just stand there looking at me. It's so scary. I could just be like brushing my hair and I hear a weird breathing sound so I turn around AND MY MOM IS RIGHT BEHIND GEEZ It's SO SCARY

My made up story:

Son: I need to go to the bathroom, where is it?
Dad: This large building says it's right... Here. I'm coming with you.
Son: No, Dad. I can go alone.
*Dad follows him EVERYWHERE HE GOES until they get back*

Another made up story:

Son: *writes in his diary*
Mom: What are you writing? "Today at school, I hung out with my friends, ate nasty lunch, and did boring work." Son, quit writing mean stuff about school.
Son: Mom, go away!

Whenever I happen to close my tab/program/whatever, my mom flips out and asks me what I'm hiding. I put down my phone because I want to see her? I'm apparently hiding something, and she's always walking in on me doing whatever crap I'm doing and will yell at me for 5 minutes if she doesn't know the website. - Emberleap

Why is the door closed, give me your password, who are you talking to, why is this in your history? The list goes on. Jokes on them. Now I delete my texts that aren't about school, church or doing good deeds and I delete my search history. It isn't stuff that you would think I need to hide, but since I have a super strict mom, I do

My mom legit said this to me! "Hon, do you know how to get to history on a phone? " I answer, "why? " she says, "because if you've been having boy talks and gossip talks with your friends and looking at your laptop, your gonna be in big trouble! " Me, "maybe I won't show you how to view history." - Swiftdawn

I hate it when one of them just barges into the bathroom. I remember one time when I was washing and my dad opened the door even though I screamed him to stay out and he said "then you should have used the other bathroom.