They treat you like a maid


Ugh my dad makes me get his stupid drinks for him when he's sitting in the kitchen and I'm in the very far away living room. then when I say something like, "oh since you're in the kitchen why not get it yourself? " he flips out and he becomes so stormy and stuff and says something like, "well you can't do anything for your father? " in that condescending tone like what referring to yourself as 'my father' won't make me get your coke or whatever for you. and when I actually be like "fine, I'll get it" he just waves me off and gets his arse off the chair and walks the long two meters to the fridge to get it himself as if it took so much energy. WOW that was so hard YOU COULD'VE GOT A HEART ATTACK WALKING SO MANY STEPS and so I shall now be your indentured servant

I had to clean up the living room clean up a toy room that we have I had to clean up the kitchen put the dishes away let the dogs out I had to fold clothes that weren't even mine then I had to mow the lawn and our lawn is huge (then next summer I'm doing all this and working for my parents's business) then I come inside and everyone is either watching T.V. or watching a stupid video online my mom already complains that she "does to much" but all she does is sleep drive us to one or two places through out the week and the work for my dad from home on security cameras. How does she expect me to do their business if she can't even do it just sitting around like the lazy person she is (and she has a short temper and is the biggest hypocrite)

My mum is always asking me to do things. Clean up the bathroom, empty the dishwasher for the third time in the past few hours, clean the litter boxes, clear off the dining room table, pick up my dad's newspapers, etc... When I do something for her, I supposedly didn't do it well enough. She sees it when I'm trying very hard to calm down, I stop everything and take deep breaths. She knows right when I'm ticked off at her... 5 minutes later she thinks everything is fine.

An example of this was around 30 minutes ago. She told me to tidy the bathroom so I did. She told me I didn't tidy it well enough. I took a moment to chill out and cleaned the bathroom again, though the only thing I had to do was grab a tiny piece of paper. She sighed and said it still wan't good enough. She storms off saying, "and people wonder why I get grumpy."

A few minutes later I'm grabbing something from my backpack and she pats my head and says in a cheery voice, "You can always do more than is ...more

So true for me! I have this daily chore list with like 20 things on it! And on top Of all that I still have to do additional chores around the house (putting away my dishes, cleaning up that spill, giving the dog a bath once every two weeks, playing with the cats, etc) And my mom thinks that that's normal! She doesn't even thank me! And when I accidentally forget to, let's say clean the litter:
Me: mom I'm so sorry I'll do it right now *starts cleaning litter*
My mind thinking: (this barley ever happens and now it's clean ugh! Shut up for once in your life! )
What I actually say: I'm so sorry won't happen again
Mom: we are going to have a talk later about your responsibilities young lady.

My mom is sick and my dad is never around so I basically have to take care of everything... Maid like

My dad will constantly tell me to do things that he can easily do himself. I don't know what he thinks it builds in a kid like me but if he wants a glass of orange juice, he can get up and do it himself. I'm not some little slave just because he's older than me. I'd never say it to his face, but I think it all the time. And the thing is, if he can run a game store mostly by himself, he can get his butt off the couch or away from the table and get himself a gosh-darn tissue. There are tissue boxes all over the house, for cripe's sake! Just find the one closest to you and grab one.

I especially get pissed off when I clean the whole house then go into my room to relax and my mom sees me and yells at me telling me to clean my room. I usually just sit through her rage, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking that this is my own space, and if I think it needs to be clean, I'll clean it in my own time!

When I eat dinner my mum and dad make me do all the dishes all by my self and my brother who's 19 doesn't have to do anything! Well only sometimes so I say to my dad, why do I have to do the dishes now can't I do the dishes when I have my own house and family! So then my brother is like my mums favourite I was like mum why can't he do them to and she's like he's been here the whole day helping me out when really all they'd be doing is watching movies and playing cards together

My parents do the same to me! It used to be just my dad but now my mom!
(I'm not gonna say my real name so I'm gonna say Tiana)
Dad: walk out the kitchen and sits down and then says "Tiana get me a Pepsi out the fridge! "
I'm thinking what! You just walked out the kitchen!

Then here's my mom ( I live with my nana (grandma))
Mom: Walks out the kitchen and says she needs something to do and says Tiana, bring this cup of coffee to your grandma!

But mostly my dad though Tiana do this Tiana do that Tiana get me a soda Tiana take my shoes off my feet!
Me in my mind: what!

My mom always nags me about cleaning the house. If I clean the house she yells at me for not doing it right, if I don't clean the house she yells at me for being lazy. like I have a social life too and heaps of homework AND a test to revise for but no. I do most of the housework and yet she goes off to my dad and says that I am a horrible child and I don't listen to her or I never clean the house. I am a person not you damn maid, I have a future to prepare for and all your doing is sitting on your ass all day while I do all the work then you say I'm lazy. The moment I sit down she calls my name telling me to do this do that do this and that and its just ughh

My sister and I do ALL the chores around the house, except for cooking because we apparently suck at it and will somehow one day manage to burn the house down. We do nothing but slave all day, with literally no joy in anything. And what do BOTH of my parents AND our youngest sister do? Nothing. They sit on their butts all day, telling us to go get them a Coke or to redo the entire floor, and it's just like, DO IT YOURSELF FOR ONCE I MEAN WOULD IT KILL YOU - Antifi

I have to put my clothes up, clean the kitchen, learn how to clean the bathroom, clean my room, empty trash, vacuum, dust my room and that's a lot. I know my parents raised me and they work to get money for us, but it's a lot of stuff they can still do theirselves.

I HATE THAT Every time I'm in my room quietly my mom calls me and I'm like "Oh this must be important! " I go downstairs and my mom tells me to "Turn on the light" When she right next to it!

Ugh my parents AlWAYS say to do something such as clean up the living room. When I'm done they yell at me and say: I TOLD YOU TO PICK UP THE HOUSE! And then they take something away from you. Today I was told to pick up the kitchen so I can go see my uncles Kittens, He says that a I messed up and was supposed to clean my room and we couldn't go. For Real?

My dad does this all the time. Whenever he needs something done he makes me do it. I make him a fancy breakfast but insists it's different every time. Also, he thinks I don't know how to do the simplest things, like using an ice cube tray. For both of those things he uses this condensing voice

Whenever I do something extra or nice for them my parents point out everything that I did wrong and then they make up a new chore that they said they "mentioned several times"

I tried to make dinner once while they weren't home so they wouldn't have I mean jeez I was trying to be nice but they were all like WhY yOu CoOkInG yOu CoUlD hAvE bUrNeD tHe HoUsE dOwN nO mOrE cOoKiNg FoR yOu YoUnG lAdY nOw GeT oUt Of My SiGhT - Antifi

This is the feeling that I really hate! Just because I'm the youngest doesn't mean that I have to do every single chore around the house. I'm not a made-to-order servant! Gosh they treat me like I'm a maid. And what about my sister? She laughs at me while I'm doing the chores! She never does any chore in the house! Why don't she try being the slave in the house?! - Pearl13

This drives me insane. I'll ask my mom to do one thing and she goes like I'm NOT YOUR MAID but when I don't do something shes like I'm the adult do as I say

I hate that, today she made me food I didn't ask for and then she told me to clean the dishes and when I said why she said "because you ate the food on the plate" and I said " you made me the food and I didn't ask for it?! " We argued for like 10 minutes before I finally agreed just to do it.

One time my back was hurting because I fell down the stares so my dad ask for water so I gave him water and sat down then he told me to clean his room then he said wash the dishes then he wanted me to go to the supermarket next day I COULD NOT WALK AT ALL MY BACK HURTS BADLY.

Same here.. mom always makes "excuses" for not doing her own duty... although she knows that I'm working on my assignments but she keeps making do her own duty! Guess what shes only doing? Busy telling gossips/chatting with her friends on her phone

My mom took all the credit for cleaning the house for my dad's birthday and she said she's all like oh I worked for two hours even though she was watching T.V. while I was cleaning the whole house

Yeah, I don't have a lot of free time, because my mom usually has m doing something. I have tried to tell her I am busy and that I have a lot to do already. I just wonder why she can't do a little more, when she has more free time than me. I have a full schedule at school, all the homework, an extra college class on Wednesdays she made me sign up for, and work. Then she wants me to clean when I get home and I end up not always having enough time for what I need to do. This is one of those rare moments that I actually have free time. - Chelseyne

This exact thing is between me and my dad. Ever since he had back surgery 2 1/2 years ago, he's been ordering me around to get food or drinks for him while I'm busy. Like, DAD! Your back surgery is OVER! You can go back to getting what you need! But nope, he's just a lazy butt.

I'm the child, last time I checked you were the one who gave birth to me. This you agreed to looking out for my well being along with my emotional health. So I'm sorry if I do not want to go up and down the house 59 times getting you stuff.

I'm like a slave for my own family. I only get fed and watered if I do a good job or if I need it. I do everything, and if I get sick, well, unless I'm horribly sick or contagious, who cares?