They turn the littlest things into a huge deal.


One time, when I was in 8th grade... It was in September 2015 when this happened... And it was on a Friday.

I was outside with my Dad where he was doing yardwork (as usual) and he wanted me to do something for him.

Dad: Hey, Marika. Could you take the green garbage can up to where the water jugs are?

Me: Okay, Dad---

Me (in my mind): I know he said water jugs, but I don't see any... I might as well just put them by this plant (to my right)

A few minutes later...


Me: I'm sorry Dad, when you said "water jugs" I didn't know what you meant

Then, he pointed to wear 3 large blue water containers were by the wooden fence of our driveway


After that, I went back in my house and said to myself...

Me (in my mind again): Well, screw this job! - Stazemar000

I was 10 and my mom YELLED at me for dropping a needle on the ground when it was my dad, then I Started crying and my dad ignored me for a month

One time, I was outside in the front-yard with my Dad and he was doing yardwork (as usual)

He asked me to take the green garbage can up to where the blue water jugs are... (PS: I made this mistake without thinking)

Dad: Could you take the green garbage can up to where the blue water jugs are?

Me: Okay

Me: (in my mind) I don't see water-jugs anywhere. Might as well just put it by this plant (to my right)

A few minutes later...


Me: I'm sorry, Dad. I couldn't find the water-jugs.

(Then, he pointed to them by the wooden fence)

Me: Whoops...


Once we were at the dinner table and I said that I thought it was kinda unfair that my mom grounds me for losing property such as pencils and dad began screaming at me to get a job then and see how hard it was to pay for those things. I'm pretty sure that you aren't allowed to flip burgers at mcdonalds when you're 12

I get yelled at for not playing with my baby sister WHEN SHE'S SLEEPING. And when I tell them that she's sleeping, then they'll tell me to go rub her back or some sort of crap like that

I just posted a picture that my dad don't like even though it is nothing to do with him ( It's about computers which my dad thinks unless you are working is a useless piece of waste of time) and I should stop posting anything to do with computers or my Facebook account will be deleted.

I got a different bus home from school today and got home about 5 minutes later, my mom kept acting like I had gone with my friend to smoke... The hell?

I'm a dancer and my mom forgot to buy me new shoes for class becuase my dad and me painted that last pair black for a show and she lost it on me and said I was throwing a hissy fit when I was just sitting there well she was saying how horrible I am and how bad I am that I didn't pack my shoes she keep yelling and gave my a panic attack she has done this over and over again when I was 9 I didn't like the taste of my birthday cake so she started throwing a huge tamtrum over why I am stupid and ungreatful that cake tasted like sand (this was 5 years ago) than she made me go in my room to think about what I have done I being 9 was just sitting there thinking dude it's my birthday why are you acting like a child

One time I told my parents that I was doing a favor for the teacher and also told them that while I was doing the favor,the girls told on me that I was making an excuse to stare at them. While my parents were hearing this, I thought they would be on my side but NO, instead they just nagging and insulting me and in the process took my phone. Which I felt made absolutely no scenes.

I was once angry at a game and they thought I was on a adult website for no reason and said they would put parental controls of I don't stop

And they don't allow a debate on that! I'm good if we can fight over it! But they stop me from answering back!

I was reading just when she told me to so I started reading and then a few minutes later I told my mom I am done reading so she is like you probably just looked at the pictures and I am like mom their are no picures in the book I am reading why would you even think that she said well next read slower like hello I am not going read slower you turned reading a book into reading about a nightmare... pluging my ears on her...shut up lady

Like when you accidently say damn it when hitting a rock, OH MY GOB HOW DARE YOU SAY DAM THAT SIT GO TO DUH KAR NOW. - Maddox121

I will pay you if you give me ONE PARENT who doesn't do this!

Right now, my parents are forcing to make me wear sleeves in the summer! They are still blabbing about annoying!

Yes, my parents sometimes do this. But I still love them. - EpicJake

Ok I'm 18 and my parents do this too me and I hate it. They think I'm not telling the whole truth and they take things to personally. When I tell them and they think that their daughter that they raised is being too disrespectful

My parent would do this if I forgot to shut the lights out in my room.

When I wore jeans to a teen program at church my mom nearly flipped. She told me to wear a dress. So I decided to wear a skirt to half piss her off so she would understand what it feels like to not be able to wear(or make someone wear) what you want

They took away my freedom because I didn't wear a dinky cover-up - WarriorCatsHater

Yesterday, I got in trouble for laughing

I have bad service at my school. I was at practice and it was postponed for a hour. So I sent my dad a text telling him this. Then I get a call. When I answer it I get yell at because the first time it went to voicemail. My pho e still doesn't say he called me a first time. But he wouldn't listen to my explanation that my phone doesn't have good service.

Me: (in my mind again): Well, screw this job - Stazemar000

I'm glad my parents are not like that - Stazemar000

I was going to a friends birthday I forgot to use lotion so I was ashy my mom yells at me for a while and says were going home. (i wasnt that ashy and we were already at the bus station