Turning nothing into something


Just today, my mother was at a party taking pictures for a party. Three hours later, my mom comes up from behind and grabs me in the shoulder. Then I told her "Why'd you do that? " and then BOTH OF MY PARENTS think I am a dumb person for asking that and threatened me by saying they will kick me out of the house, plus my dad was answering questions she asks ME. Also, they are hypocritical because when my dad and I are in am argument (because of dumb reason) he raises his tone at me, but when I do that he says I am arguing YET HE ARGUES AND COMPLAINS ABOUT EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE I DO, AND MY MOM DOES THAT CHEESY STUFF DO WHEN I HAVE A BAD GRADE, SHE THINKS I CAUSED THE BAD GRADE, BUT MY ELA TEACHER HAS CORRUPTED GRADING METHODS, WHICH TURNS MY WOULD-HAVE 85 INTO A 75! Also they when they give feedback on what you do, they always seem to stress about the negative things I do but they never encourage about the good things I'm doing.

YES! I go to my mom the other day and I ask her for her phone so I can check how much space her photos are taking up because my phone has been having problems with space, anyways, she goes all off on me like " OH MY GOSH NO don't YOU SEE I'm DOING SOMETHING" and in reality her phone is untouched next to her. Then my dad backs her up and gets angry and goes " STOP! Didn't SHE TELL YOU SOMETHING!? " I don't understand why they got so mad when I just asked for her phone. Then I she finished what she was doing and she asks why I need her phone and I tell her why and she says " that's not important that you had to interrupt, your so annoying you can never leave me alone" yeah she's one to talk

Bruh that just happened today.. heres how it went

me: hey mom :)

mom: hey how was school

me: fine good

mom: specifically

me: (talked about that then heres the blow up) yea but I had to do a little bit of work in my gym class (side note: we do NOTHING in this mans class we just sit there till its time to go) but everything's done and I got it turn-

mom : wait back up why were you doing your work in gym?

me: well at home I already did two sheets and when I did the last one I just did half so when I was in gym I just did the rest plus I was frustrated like it was a lot

mom: look here I don't care about your frustration you don't even know what frustration is

me: I mean its all done its not serious

mom:.. see now I'm frustrated and when I am I start using profanity so imma hang up

me : okay bye..( like really shes mad because I did my work..) - morgan15659

Today, my mother came home from the gym and asked me if I wanted something to eat. Since I was doing homework and wasn't that hungry I replied "No thank you, I'm not hungry." Then she came into my room and began to ask me repeatedly, "What's wrong? You look upset, tell me what's bothering you." Getting slightly annoyed, I told her that there wasn't anything wrong, because there wasn't, and then I told her to please leave me alone because I had a big paper that was due. For the next 30 minutes she kept asking the same question over and over and over, and when I finally snapped at her for being annoying, she replied with "Why are you being so pissy? I gave birth to you, I can't leave you alone when there's something wrong with you. Why won't you just tell me what's bothering you? "

All I wanted was some peace and quiet to finish a paper and now I'm grounded because I wouldn't tell her why I was 'pissy'. - jhiggins

My family was listening to music together and I changed the station and suddenly my dad starts yelling at me "we were listening to that why did you just change it your so rude to your mother and I" then I tried to fix it my typing in the station and my dad yells at me for not just hitting the back button. I said that I was trying to change it and he goes "obviously not! All you care about is yourself! You are so selfish and are such a brat you always just want what you want at the moment you want it! " like for real, I was trying to fix it oh my gosh!

My mom is sitting in here with me while I'm working on my homework and Pandora is laying this garbage song in the background. I grab the remote and press dislike. She starts getting angry with me for not being focused on my work. Every time I try to reason with her by saying even some teachers let you listen to music and also that it was literally two seconds, if that, that I was looking away. Should I not blink either. Then she just keeps on getting even more irritated because I am responding to her statement. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

My dad gets angry so easily, I once went into the kitchen to get a drink of water and when I put the cup on the counter, he yells from the living room, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?! " and when I say that I'm just getting a drink, he yells, "Oh, yeah sure! " sarcastically.

And then whenever he comes home from work even if it doesn't smell in the house at all, he screams, "OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS IT SMELLS IN HERE! "

And when me and my sister were watching T.V. we were finishing off a show, and there were only around 2 minutes left, and he asked us to set the table because dinner was almost ready, and we said "sure, one second" and when we got up from the T.V. when the show was over he says, "Finally! You girls never do anything! " and my sister says, "We were just finishing off the show." and my dad rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah sure you were, you girls never do anything and I always have to tell you more ...more

One day me and my mom were in a car,and she's driving.i was having a long day and feeling tired,and I let out a tired sigh...suddenly, my mom blows up and started yelling at me I was sighing because I'm lazy, I'm too fat,etc,etc...and she started to yell about something else I did wrong that's completely unrelated and happened long time ago..when I try to ask her and reason with her.. She started yelling even more and she began threatening me wo tell all my friends about my negative sides (being lazy,etc).
When my little brother says something rude to my mom she didn't say anything to him, even acting submissive to him, but she will let out her anger on me about what my brother have said.

My Mom will turn a small tiny fixable problem into hell.

This sure happened to me with lectures born of explosive sputters.
Well, one time I tried turning over her argument and she argued her fault away. Like she has done numerous times she hollered that I messed up something. I came to inspect what she was talking about and told her once that such was not me. She asked if I did it. She wondered aloud at who could do that if it wasn't her or my Pop. It's got to be you, she repeated as happened on other occasions. Lazily I said she could blame something else on me to while she was at it. She screamed in a crying voice that I always say that, yada yada. Sadists no, what are you thinking. Alright I will stop sneering that at you, I don't wanna hear more!

Yesterday my mom said that I should go on this language revision site soon so I agreed to it and thought to myslef that I will definitely do it tomorrow and then the next day that I'm going to go on the site I ask my mom if I can go out with my friend for literally 1 and a half hours and she yells at me saying "why didn't you go on that language site yesterday?! You're taking the piss and now you want to go out! " And I relied saying " sorry, I was going to do it when I get back today" and she said "you should of done it yesterday when I told you too! " But she never said that I had to do it exactly yesterday

My mom is always on my ass about when I wear my hair back (it's short and falls in my face so I keep it a up), how hold I hold my pen, and other irrelevant things that don't determine who I am as a person. I'm 20 years, cook and clean in our house, and am a straight A student. Yes, she provides me with money to eat, live, and attend school, but it just seems like since I got my act together after I started university, she picks on me for dumb things now that I don't do anything seriously wrong.




though they can be pain in our arses they are our parents and most importantly they are HUMAN. They have pride which they want to maintain.

On the other hand...

I argue with my dad so much we can't be on the same room as him for like 10 mins without it getting into a MASSIVE argument and my mum always defends him.

One time I was looking on his phone and I saw in his history that he was looking at books and one of them was the joys and pleasures of sex.

I asked him about it and he snapped and told me it was none of my business

And one time I was using a pen and he pulled out of my hand used it and I was asking him why he would do that

Which obviously was an argument starter.and he started saying how I don't respect him and I was a disappointment


I talk about missing a question on an assignment, and my conversation pretty much will go down like this:

Me : So, I missed problem ### on the test.
Mom : Do you even care about your grades!?
Me : I can redo it, Mom.
Mom : You want mediocre grades? You want straight Cs!?
Me : No, I don't.
Mom : If you're a teacher, you have to know this!
Me : Mom, it was one question. I got a fine grade. Don't worry about it.
Mom : Well, it's all me fault, obviously! I give you too much freedom!
Me : Okay.
Mom : I'm going to give you 1 hour a day of devices, and you'll have to earn it!

So, there goes my life? She doesn't even keep up on that promise. I dread car rides alone with her, - Emberleap

This were my direct words: "Mom, dad, I'd like to start saving up for a new bike" and then all they had to do was say, "sure! " or "no" and that would've been it, but NO, I get this: Why? What's wrong with the one you have now? You have so many other things that other people don't have, be happy with it, blah blah blah.

It lasted for 2 entire hours. What. The. Heck. - Co0lk1d25

My mom asked me to massage her on the feet and I said I didn't want to. Then she started giving me all this lectures about me having to do my best for her before she dies. Like why does she have to bring that up anyways? I mean I feel bad for her that she's tired from her work but like she could've just slept ten minutes more if she didn't turn this into a whole parent and daughter relationship fight. Ugh

My mom told me to write the name of a book and it's author for my dad to get from the library so I can read it for my summer work. I said that I found the book online. My mom starts getting angry for some reason and my dad yells in my face saying, "She told you to do something! I don't know why you're you can't get that through your head! " It made me so angry that they got angry for saying that the book is online.

I was asking my mom for permission to hang out (play billiards) with some friends. She asked me who I was going with and I mentioned guys' names (I'm a girl.. So this situation could go so wrong). I ended up not even going because of the look she had on her face when I mentioned their names. The next day, she had the "boy talk" with me. It was one of the most painfully annoying and frustrating things ever.

I was being sarcastic with my sister once, and then I yelled out SARCASM, and my mom was right there, and she gave me a 5 minute lecture on how I shouldn't have called her PSYCHO, and the only thing I could think of during those 5 minutes, was: I think Mom is losing her hearing...

One time I just said to my dad that feet are ugly an he started yelling and gave me a lecture on why I should be thankful I have feet and there are many people without feet and said I'm so ungrateful for everything... That escalated quickly

I once got told I was useless and was never going to succeed in life because I didn't fold towels. I was 11 and I didn't even know because they only told my sister about folding them before they got home. Granted, my dad was drunk, but aren't people at their most honest in that state?

Yes! All I say is just a simple statement and it turns into an all out argument! I mean really?! Come on! My opinion. Not yours. If I want to change it I will. Arguing and then ignoring each other or being really tense around each other will not help. At this point I don't even state my opinion or say crap.

Sometimes when I tell them something funny that happened in my day they both gang up on me and tell me why what I did or said was wrong, when I was just trying to talk to them or have a funny conversation. Then I usually say "This is why I don't tell you guys anything". And then they freak out.

My dad does this. I could bring up a funny joke that's a little advanced and he starts to talk about what the joke means or why it isn't appropriate then he changes the subject and talks about how all of us (he's the only guy) doesn't work hard enough and life lessons for 3 hrs. Like SHUT UP

I love my mom, but if I say one thing that she doesn't like, her entire attitude turns around, and the meaning of my statement is completely different from what I intended it to be...