When having an argument or just talking, they say you're getting an attitude when it's really just you trying to be neutral about it.


Yes, totally! My mom (She's amazing, really) always says, "Maybe you could fix this by fixing your attitude." And she always does this slow-talking I'm-mad-so-stop voice. Also, she makes this super annoying mad face. UGH! And the whole I think you're lying thing is totally true too! And arguing and blaming on other people thing! I feel like parents are such hyprocrites sometimes (even though mine are so awesome and loving)! They tell you not to argue or have attitude, and then they start arguing, blaming, and having an even worse attitude because they yell or say a bad word! I know that they were graciously given by God to us to help us and lead us as earthly parents, but I don't think it's really fair that they can say and do everything we're not allowed to because actually, it's not a very good example. My parents are always telling my younger sister and me to be better than them, and I'd like to think that I won't do what every parent does wrong. But then again, I'll be part of ...more

Always. I told my mom that I was going to be starting my new seasonal weekend job and yelled at me about it. She said I complain about not having enough time for everything, and that it is to far from home. She is the one who told me to get a seasonal weekend job in the first place, and this one is a little closer to home than the one she made me apply for, and I haven't even been contacted about that one. I recently quit my other job, so I would have more time for my homework and pass all of my classes. I still have to pay for my car, insurance and save money for life though. Then a half hour later she took my dad and little sister out somewhere to eat, thinking I wouldn't know they were leaving because I was doing some homework, and didn't say anything to me. I had just left my room to get a little snack and heard my parents talking abut me. My mom said she didn't say anything to me because she was tired of me having an attitude, but I haven't had an 'attitude' with her.

Usually I'm talking to my father but then he thinks I'm "debating" or "getting an attitude". My mother is the same way but she's a little more... aggressive. So anyway today he thought I was debating and she jumps in. It was all because I had on pajamas but I wasn't going anywhere so why would I put in clothes? She jumped in and said pajamas. I was already wearing some so I was confused. She got mad at me because she thought I knew what they meant when I really didn't. I was trying to explain that he didn't specify at first and he told to stop talking. He was like " If you know the answer, why are you still talking? " Then they did something I really hate: talk at the same time. They both said, "If you don't want to wear, stay your ass upstairs! " Well I'll be damned. At least I had the decency to wear a bra under my pajama shirt!

You don't even know! One time I was discussing the matter of a sims 4 game (outdoor retreat) with my dad and he had promised as soon as it was released he would get it for me. I had been waiting SO long for it and then it finally came out. I asked my dad if I could get it and he said no! I mean, why promise me that I could get it then say no?! Anyway, I asked him why and he said 'you are getting an attitude' I mean, no, no I am not. I simply asked why because you promised me the game! But, yeah, because you are having a bad day, take it out on me so that I have one too. my dad is annoying me more and more these days. But yeah. I still don't have the game.

I can't even discuss simple topics without it turning into an argument. My mother will be full on yelling at me about having an attitude when I'm the one trying to calmly explain. And then when I try and politely tell her she is being slightly outrageous she will pull one of those "I'm the mom" things. I never know what I say so I just always go with "yeah I know I've seen my birth certificate, your point? " And it infuriates her but if it gets to the point where I have to say that, most of the time I don't even care if it is rude, I hate it when she uses the whole "I'm an adult so I'm automatically right".

Just about 5 minutes ago, me and my mum was on the internet and she wanted to find out the name of my hairstyle so I told her the name and images of the hair style that looked exactly like mine so I told her the name and she kept asking me if I was sure and I kind of got a bit annoyed but I wasn't rude so I said, "yes! Of course I'm sure look that's what it says! "
Then my dad heard us and came rushing to us and asked me why I was being o stroppy and giving attitude and he started shouting at me then he told my mum that he would help her an started surfing girls hairstyles. then I told him that I already know the hairstyle I wanted and he said no that was too long! I mean it's my hair and I can have it as long as I wanted- my hair is medium its not even long. so I told him I could have it as long as I wanted and then he started shouted at me about "showing attitude" and even started swearing which I think is a vey bad example for a parent and started complaining to my mum! I mean ...more

Today my mom was putting one of my papers in my binder (I didn't tell her to do anything she just wanted to help) and then asked me where to put it. I said in a neutral expression what paper is was because I heard her wrong and then she pretty much yelled at me and thought I was "treating her rudely". Then my dad joined in and said that I always "bullied my parents". I try to treat my parents nicely but then this happens. If I responded to my parents like my parents respond to me, they would kill me. They're nice people but can be over-reactive and hypocrites at times.

I confronted my mom about this, because she HATES it when anyone doesn't listen to her, silences her, put her image below anyone elses, she THINKS she is top dog, but in all reality, she acts like the cuss word for a female dog. I told her very politely that she really needs to stop doing that, cause she purposely does this to rile me up and have a real reason to hit me. And she does it again after I secretly recorded the last time we fought, and she was stunned that I recorded it, and that I was right, she just said I have an attitude and that I should cut it out right in the middle of me talking. This obviously riled me up and raised my voice so that I may overpower hers (big mistake) and I took a five-star to the face, and one to the bicep. After that, she looked at me in disbelief and yelled at me for being disrespectful, like how? I asked her to elaborate but she just thought that I thought what she was saying was BS. Honestly, I hate that side of my mom.

This always happens when I'm only trying to explain my side of the situation and even corrects them. But my mother closes her mind and yell at me and say that it doesn't have anything to do with what she was saying when in fact, it HAS something to do with it because I was trying to tell them my side. My mother thinks she's always right and doesn't let me speak up. My father always sides with my mother all because he doesn't like it when my mom starts talking nonstop.

OK, this just happened an hour ago so my mom got home from work to get something she forgot my grandma-in-law said I didn't want to eat lunch (which is not true, I never said that) so my mom got really angry so I ate lunch and while I was eating she left again for work and while eating, I messaged her that I didn't say to my grandma-in-law that I didn't want to eat lunch and she said "Don't talk back." And then she said to me that don't always wait for anyone to call your name when it's time for meals but I didn't! Three hours ago I wanted my aunt to boil pansit (it's like a pasta) for breakfast, she didn't, so that's why my grandma-in-law said that I didn't want to eat lunch or whatever. Ugh. I wish I could go back to my old house where my mom's mother lives (I know, she's my REAL grandma).

Okay, so our house has these certain "bugs" that you can't get rid of them without getting rid of all of our stuff. My mom is always getting at me to clean my room saying that I have bugs in my room because it isn't clean by EVERY night she checks her bed for bugs and ALWAYS finds a bunch of bugs near the pillows and my parents are really clean. I told her that I didn't get how she had them in her room when she was clean and she just yelled at me saying I was giving her attitude! How was I?

When I try and talk normal I may make my voice a little louder instead of mumbling but as soon as I do so I get yelled at for raising my voice but then they yell at me for mumbling. I then get mad and tell them to stop and then I walk away which then leads to a talk later on about how my attitude needs to change when they were yelling at me for no reason or expect me to figure out what I don't even know I did.

My mom has been saying this for years now, its bull, so glad I'm in college and don't have to deal with this. Let me tell you a thing, some advice to those who have to put up with this, never try to fight it by that I mean don't try and tell your parents you're not having an attitude they've already told themselves the story of how every time you speak you're "having an attitude" just 'apologize' or something. I understand that you want to let them know you're not always mad so this stops but it will never work. Like damn once I accidentally broke a glass that I didn't see and somehow that meant I was having an attitude what. Just try try your best to ignore this and all their other bs until college.

So true! I just lost the chance of getting an iPhone for Christmas, and going on my chorus field trip to orlando because the stove was only turned off in one of the two ways, when I'm supposed to turn it off in both places. I respectfully pointed out that my mom told me I only had to use one.

I'm 13, and old enough to know what I hear. My mom just denied it and claimed I was just trying to blame my mistake on her.

GOODBYE iPhone :-(

This seriously just happened to me. My dad told me to take a shower on the "other side" (we have another shower in a 1 story house for some reason) because my sister was taking one on the side I was on. But I'm like "can I just wait please? " And he just kept constantly telling me before I groaned and said my sister never has to go on the other side. He proceeded to SHOVE ME INTO A DOOR and yell at me for talking back and having an attitude. When was arguing a valid point considered talking back.

THIS IS LITERALLY THE DEFINITION OF MY MOM! She is the most annoying person ever and I can't ever get a word out with her without being "disrespectful". The other day she knocked over the trash bag and I caught it with my foot. She just stared at me while I was almost falling down trying to hold up the trash, so I asked her to help. She had the nerve to tell me to get out of the way like I was the problem and was inconvenienceing her by knocking down the trash. So I told her that is wasn't my fault, and she proceeded to yell at me for having and "attitude" and speaking to her "the wrong way."

My parents are very selfish and greedy people. They argue with eachother everyday on money. Especially my dad, he wants everything his way and orders some meaningless things to do and it really feels like emotional abuse. When I was a kid I didn't know this was wrong and this is not how a child should be treated, but now I am fully aware of what is happening with me and my parents. So therefore when I speak for myself, they think I am getting an attitude and this all because of my cell phone. He takes away my cellphone after every arguement, which he didn't even buy. I had many truth to tell them about their behaviour with me and when I finally stood up for myself they thought I was spoiled. Yesterday, I told my parents that were telling to do the same meaning things, that I am not going to listen to their meaningless things, and I am going to live alone on my own after I graduated college or even before. I usually cry after these arguements but I didn't yesterday as I felt I finally ...more

Oh my gosh I hate that. My dad will be talking to me like all rude, and with a loud voice, and when I talk with the same volume, he's like "Woah stop yelling at me! You need to be respectful" and it is so annoying! Why do I have to talk with a kind and friendly voice while he's YELLING at me? If someone's yelling at you it's kind of difficult to be all quiet and understanding!

My Parents do that al the time. I'll say anything in my normal voice that I use with everyone and their either like "don't back talk" or "don't get an attitude with me" or "your being disrespectful", stuff like that. then when I try to tell them that I didn't mean it like that, they say the same things again, and add on that I should pay more attention to what I say/sound like or whatever. it's crazy!

This happens to me so much. I will be trying to calm my emotions so I don't make my parents even more angry and they just yell at me more for having an attitude, but it's just me trying to stop myself from blowing up at them! When I try to make them understand I'm just calming myself they just tell me that it's not what it looked like and that I should apologise for having an attitude, which I don't have!

This is a HUGE problem for a lot of us, it really is something that would make us want to either lock ourselves in our room, (Or any room. ) giving them the silent treatment, (Although they might think you are getting an attitude again. ) or for others they just want to slap their parents. It really is stupid how parents always think they're right.

Or like when she is yelling at you and you are just sitting there listening and she says "DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AND ME YOUNG LADY! " And I'm still sitting there like "oh I'm sorry that turning my head 0000.000.01 degrees to the left is offensive to you. Are all moms like this or just mine?

When I question why I'm in trouble they tell me to stop talking back to them and stop having an attitude. I try to stay calm, but this makes me really mad. My mom always tells me to argue back with her so I can build my argumentative skills, but whenever I try she tells me I need to stop talking back and it's so annoying. I'm just trying to be assertive with her.

This is my everyday life. When we eat lunch at home, I want to watch my television shows but my mom was like, "No! When I say no it means no! ". I said, "I'm not going to die if I eat at the dinner table and watch T.V. I'm still sitting at a table so its not as if I'll make a mess." Then my mom says I have an attitude and she throws things around and expects me to clean up her mess.

This still goes on with me today, mainly with my mom, and my sister supports her crap when she is actually worse than me when it comes to arguing with Mom. My dad is chill with a neutral debate. My mom thinks I'm always against her. - Mcgillacuddy