When they say you don't concentrate on your work even though you are coming back with perfect grades


I always come home with higher than 0 in every subject but my mom said today not to have any friends anymore and to focus on my school work and in the morning my dad says he had to "deal with me" when I'm around. I start to cry and think that my parents hate me.

My mom ruined all my entire high school years with this one. Everything I did had to revolve around my grades. I worked my ass off for 4 years, gave up video games, and gave up my entire social life. What do I get in return? "You don't try hard enough. You're not competitive enough. Video games are not apart of our culture, so forget about them already." If it wasn't for the fact the fact that she loosened up a bit, now that I'm in college, I'd kill her.

I clearly spend my time working on what I need to get done, yet my parents have the need to come in my room and start complaining about how I'm not trying, how I'm clearly not focused. Yes, I may have music on. Even then, though, I focus and I get it done well with good grades! Yet, every time, they think I'm doing something I shouldn't be. Overprotective or Waiting for a mess up? Your call.

Ha, I have a 72 in history even though I got a 100 on all my assignments except one essay and my dad get mad about it.

Not to mention my older sister gets straight A's and claims she has never gotten below a 90 on any assignment (which is far from true) and endlessly taunts me about grades.

Even though I have 3 A's no one cares about that. It's about what you DIDN'T do. - therootbeer

I'm trying to revise and my dad caught me on my ipad and he says that I don't concentrate on my work... wait until my report comes out at the end of the year, I bet you he'll say oh well done, you worked really well.

If I get a 99% on a science test.. "You're on your phone too much and not studying. All I want to see is hundreds and your phone is keeping you from being perfect." Seriously? How do you think I earn straight A's? I'm not dumb, and a 99 isn't the end of the world. I love my mom to death but sometimes she can be a bit dramatic.

My parents are always reminding me of studying. to be honest, I don't study that much but that's because (and I'm not trying to brag or anything) I don't need to study a lot to get good grades. I'm on top of the class, and they act like I'm doing an average job. They should worry about my brother, that is not so good at maths. Also, my parents get super happy when my brother has like a 70 in Maths because he's not such a good student but if I get a 100 it's "good". What's with the double standards? Do you think I don't have to try?!

This is so true! I despise that sinking feeling in your chest that you get when your parents say you aren't trying when you actually are. It's just so depressing because I feel as if I'll never be good enough.

Yeah! My mom scolded me for getting 95 in Ancient World History Class because "I'm way too smart for that." Seriously, what?

I have 4 C's and 4 A's and am working my butt off... But no... They think I'm not even trying... No matter how much studying I do I can never remember any of it

I mean sure I don't pay attention a lot in school but if you were to see my report card you would see A's & B's! And my mom always makes a big deal saying "I want to see all A's on your next report card" - Movado111

They don't even think I'm a good kid, let alone my grades. I get straight A's on my report card and all my assignments, but they neglect the fact I'm a good child. They focus on outward appearances, my behavior ( since I'm a girl they want me to follow the given gender roles), and they are so bais towards the dumbest things. "Go read a book instead of sitting on your computer all day" and "hurry up we have to go somewhere" are lines that bug me to no end because:
1.) yes I may be on my computer but um, I got better grades than you when you were a kid
2.) I'm working and I like quality over quantity so please shut up while I work on my essay (I got a 100 on the essay too)

Like the times when I'm working all day (And by that I mean ALL) and I ask her, "Can I play my game for a while? " And she is like, "No go and do your work." Am I supposed to work to I pass out or something...

I have the highest scores on every tests apart from 2 and they are like: Well you could do better than that can't you!? Your friends have higher scores than you. Then I say I got the highest and I'm the one that gets told off!

I get good scores on my math WHICH IS SO HARD and my mom doesn't even care but when it comes to my sister getting a good score she's all like "YAY your going to get a surprise! " it's the same for concentrating on my work

EVERY SINGLE DAY! When I come home and do my homework while on the computer they ask why I'm listening to music, texting my friends and watching T.V. while doing homework. But they don't seem to realize that I still get my work done before 9:30 and my average is a 98%. Sooo... I don't know why they're complaining.

When I work on cars and I'm boss at that they always say "if you worked this hard on school you would have straight a's" HMM WHAT ARE MY DAMN GRADES RIGHT NOW?!?!?! STRAIGHT A'S!

My parents think I'm lazy and don't do any of my homework, when in reality I'm one of the top of the year! They always think I'm procrastinating. No. I get things done.

This happens so much for me! My mom wants me to do 30 minutes of ixl, 1 hour of reading, and 30 minutes of algebra every day! I come back with A+ grades consistently for the whole year, and now they want me to study more? Do they think I sit on my ass all day and have no life? I work damn hard to get those grades and they want me to work harder. I hate it.

I go to an advanced school and get straight A's without studying but, apparently, I'm still a "stupid, good-for-nothing piece of sh**" just because I barely put effort in school. - mushy

I got a+ in every project by play game whole day watching comic. my mom still say do your homework if I don't she took a stick and hit me with it I am 15

That 100% true I get A's in everything and like for just a 5% "WHY DIDN'T YOU GET 100%" that's instead of telling me congratulations

LEGIT! I have an average of 92% and my mother is like you spend to much time on your phone maybe you should study instead maybe you'll get into an actual college. LIKE MAN!

I'm obviously retarded. I'm in 8th grade, so it's only logical for me to get straight A's in geometry which is 2 grade levels before me! I'm stupid, thanks for saying that mom.

I always get all fours most of the time on tests. Then my mom and dad always tell me that you are lazy and not working hard enough.