When they treat you like a little kid but expect you to act like an adult


I'm a normal pree teen and like any other pree teen, I love video games and watching YouTube. My parents hate video games and say I'm not allowed to watch YouTube or surf the web because they think I'll watch something inappropriate. My mom always insists on checking every new song I like, even if I tell her it isn't rude. And they are so overprotective about swearing and it drives me insane. They make me angry quite a bit and when the do, I'm telling them to shut the hell up and to get lost. They also think damn is really bad, and it isn't. I'm not supposed to say crap eather but I say it anyway cause I don't care

This is so true! My parents tell me I should act my age (I'm 19) because I get really frustrated about some things and that I can't get a job because of that. At the same time, they treat me like I'm still in elementary school (especially my mom) by reminding me over and over to say "hi" and "bye" and worrying that I might get lost in public because I've gotten confused about where my mom was parked while I went into the library on my own. My mom also asked me if I was ok a few days ago because she thought I was making a face at her. They don't treat my younger sister who's 16 like this, however. I think this might be because I have aspergers and my sister doesn't, therefore they think they need to hover around me more than her.

Oh my god, I hate this SO MUCH. I don't have a phone, I'm not allowed to watch some shows which are PERFECT FOR MY AGE, and she even wants me to stay HOMESCHOOL. Really Mom? You want me to watch Dora or something? I'M NOT A LITTLE KID ANYMORE, treat me like my age! - BombBoo256

I'm fourteen. My mom called me and I asked what she needed. She said nothing, just called to ask how you're doing. Then she said I need to make salad for dinner. I got angry because when k asked what she needed she said she just ewanted to ask how I'm doing. Now we're in a fight. Whenever I clean the house, or get get all a's, or cook food, like I made chicken tenders for lunch today. No one said thank you. Now she's angry at me because I got upset when she yelled at me in a store for not going next door to look at something. Nothing I do is ever good enough for her. However, my 19 year old brother does basically nothing around the house and my parents have to tell him multiple times to do it. Ughh

Ugh! The other day I went to hot topic to buy some shirts, and my mom said "Oh you're a bit to young for this emo crap." Excuse me? I'm 17! And then she wants me to do all her chores and get a job. If I'm not old enough for hot topic, I'm not old enough to do all of YOUR chores and get a job.

Me: "Mom can I go outside? "

Mom: "Not unless I'm out there with you."

*Few days later*

Me: "Mom I got 80% on my school! "

Mom: "You should have gotten 100%! Your too old to be getting 80%! Your going to be in high school soon! "


Story of My life! They only want you to act like an adult when it comes to responsibilities, but when you wanna do more mature things, there goes their favorite line "You're too young". - Johnny1991

I'm 17, old enough to join the military, and I still get treated like a child. I can't begin to say how many times I hear "be careful" from my mother every day. And my parents wonder why I stay in my room all the time. Can't wait to move on from this sad excuse of a life.

My nan doesn't let me go out by myself or with friends at all, I am not aloud sleepover or anything as she is overprotective but she says I'm not responsible enough as an excuse even though I work hard and do jobs for them! She is just really controlling!

How is it I can watch Terminator/Robocop movies but can't watch bad worded videos? I won't repeat them and you say there are no bad words in those movies but I hear them.

My mom still treats me like a little kid, even though I'm 12! When I was 10 years old, I stopped watching Dora at 7 or 8 years old, NOW I HATE IT! And my mom bought me a Dora sleeping bag and towel when I was 9. SHE EVEN GOT ME A PAIR OF PANTS AND A SHIRT TOO SMALL FOR ME! I COULDN'T EVEN PULL THEM HALF WAY UP! what does she think I am? 5 years old? Like, seriously...? My mom isn't in my city anymore, she's somewhere else. - XxDJPartyGirl1034xX

Yes, I am 18, and my mom is still trying to control my life. The only reason I am still living with her is because I made a deal that means I have to stay until I graduate high school. - Chelseyne

This thing happens ALWAYS with me and my mom. She does my hair EVERY time when I want to do it myself. I try asking her and I get a BIG FAT NO. Like come on! I'm 12 years old going up to 13 years old ( a teenager).

You're way to young to be staying up this late! You're way to old to be watching this channel!

I'm black belt in Tae Kwon Do, 16, and my mom doesn't let me go out on my own unless she knows what I am doing where.

Don't tell me to go to bed early and that I can't walk to a food place alone and that I can't get a bunch of social networking then make me do stuff around the house and do stuff for you..

This is so ironic it's not even funny. Sometimes I wonder if my parents are the one's acting like kids. - NuMetalManiak

My parents yell at me for 'asking dumb questions' and 'having no brain' then they expect me to do 50 things at once like yes parents, I can teleport you have found my secret.

I am not allowed to wear makeup, and wear sophisticated clothes. "Your too young for this! " "your too young for that! " "How about this SpongeBob balloon or Frozen winter jacket? " "This Sleeping Beauty blanket is perfect for you! " Ok. So since I am not allowed to wear cute clothes and makeup, OK GOD I GIVE IT UP. My reborn personality. Sporty, hyper, high voiced, outgoing, loud. "Stop acting like a little kid! " "act sophisticated! " "Quiet down! "

Ok that needs to stop just because the other kids act a perfect in your opinion doesn't mean you have to rub it in our faces.

Ikr. When I want a sleepover with my friends and my mother's like "you are not old enough to have a sleepover". Then when I need help she always say "You're a big girl already! Do it yourself! " If I am a big girl why can't I have a sleepover at my friend's?

My parents always treat me like a little kid, and say I'm a baby, but the next day my parents say you always say your old enough to do this, so why can't you do that.

Can't have any freedom, but I'm more mature than most of the other idiots in my grade. - Garythesnail

This should be near the top of the list...

I'm about to turn 10 plus 2, and I'm actually treated like an adult sometimes.