When you say all the other kids are doing it or have it they tell you that you're not other kids...but when they compare you to other people it's okay


Me being a 15 year old boy belonging to the worst family ever need which, everyone keeps fighting with each other can say a lot about it. I feel very bad telling that they are looking after me just because they want to use me. They think when I'll grow up, I'll become their puppet and continue his business. All the hard work I do, and all the credit goes to my dad. My mom thinks that when I grow up, she will convince me and then I will make her famous. I have realised it but what about my younger brother? They have made it out that I have understood their intentions and that's why, I am being tortured and my younger brother is being supported. That is why my brother has forgotten all his manners and is now wicked. This happens with me everyday so I'm voting.

Uh I so hate it when they do this. I am older than a 7 year old and my parents say I am way too young too have a instagram, Facebook, or twitter account. My mom said no Facebook no instagram their inappropriate. MOM STOP TREATING ME LIKE IF I AM 2 YEARS OLD I AM NOT A STUPID BABY ANYMORE. I AM SMART, COOL AND I CAN GET A Facebook OR INSTAGRAM OR TWITTER ACCOUNT IF I WANT TO. NEXT TIME I WON'T EVEN BOTHER TO ASK YOU FOR DAMN PERMISSION. WHEN YOU ARE NOT NEAR ME I WILL MAKE A DUMB ACCOUNT OF MY OWN ON ALL Facebook, TWITTER, AND OF COURSE INSTAGRAM. SO IF YOU ARE GOING TO TREAT ME LIKE IF I AM 2 YEARS OLD FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, THEN DO NOT REFUSE TO NOT LET ME HAVE AN ACCOUNT CAUSE THAT JUST STINKS SOMETIMES YOU DO NOT LET ME GO TO SOME OF MY FRIEND'S HOUSES. I would like to say all of that stuff in front of her face in the top of my lungs. And it is not fair that some kids my age already have an account on either Facebook, instagram, or twitter. That sucks just pierre bull. Today I ...more

Maybe you do deserve to be monitored... You act like a two year old.

"i'm older than a 7 year old" So let me guess your Eight? That was a bad example... and the way you say your acting is acting like a 3 year old...

You act 2 years old. Improve your grammar, get high grades, then maybe you can get that Instagram account you were dreaming of. - PizzaGuy

My mom is always comparing me to other people. "Patricia doesn't do this to her parents! Then why do you? " Or "You need to be more like, let's say Melissa, Melissa! She at least gets out to meet new people! " Yeah, well all the times that you've said "I'm not perfect." Or you yell at me when I say I don't want to do my face, Proactive, and I say I like it the way it is. Even sometimes at night I hear her talking to my grandma, we live with her, and saying mean things about me and everything I do wrong and my grandma tries to help, but it's always my fault something's happened... sometimes when I'm at my dads I think she takes that time to do it.

How my life works in these situations:

Me: Mom, y'know how my birthdays coming up?

Mom: Yes?

Me: Well I'd like an iPod for my birthday. Several friends of mine have a phone!

Mom: That's your friend's parents decision to give them a phone. No.

Mom: And besides, your older sister hasn't got a phone yet, and you got a tablet last year.

Me: Then can I at least get a new tablet?! The kindle fire's battery runs out SO quickly!

*The next day*

Mom: You never should've done that! Why can't you be more like your sister?!

Me: Because you always tell me to be myself.

Mom: Don't speak to me that way! - FennikenFan9

In those things they have to use their "so-called precious then us their money" they always say don't compare yourself with another children and getting highest marks or highest position in competition they can compare with other children. they even compare us with our relatives like " Look at your sister she stood first in the class and you." or
Me: " Dad I want a Laptop can you please buy it for me"
Dad:" Of course, you are saying this because your all friends have it, Right! "
Me: "Yeah! dad please your my sweet dad na"
Dad: " always say your my child and we never copy anyone. If you want it why can't you buy it yourself"

I know right! I wanted a computer and my mom said no. I told her that everybody else has one and she said to not mind what everybody else has because we have our own rules. Later, she said I should go to math class. I said I don't want to go to math class, and she said everybody else goes to math class. So annoying! I told her, "Didn't you say not to compare with others to get something? " And she said, "Well, I was just saying! " UGH. - CandyIsland

Getting a phone is not that easy in my family, especially since my sister didn't get hers until she was 16, and it was a flip phone.
So I saw a major outbreak in phones in my recent years, resulting in me begging my parents for one, of course they told me I had to wait and that just because some kids have them doesn't mean that I can get one. Well I didn't get one until I was 12, and now that I'm basically 14, they still threaten me to take my phone and turn it into a flip phone since I don't take my phone to Walmart or public... I have to question life now.

So true. My parents do this all the time.
Me (age 11): Can I have a phone? Every one of my friends have one.
Him: No, stop comparing you to your friends! You're not them!

A year later...
Him: Why can't you be athletic like everyone else on your soccer team? If you don't participate more often, you'll lose your phone for a month!
Me (7th grade): Maybe because I sprained my ankle, and maybe because I'm NOT THEM?
Me (after running and ankle twisted weirdly): Owww, my ankle!
Me: I'm a girl, and maybe I'm lying on the ground because of my ankle! (Shows ankle)

Can I get a phone? "No, no kid should have a phone." Umm, everyone in the whole dang neighborhood has a phone. Then when I don't contact them when I hit my head and was taken to the ER they're like, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US!?! " Well, maybe it's because I didn't have a phone!

This won't stop happening to me. Seriously. When me and my mom were at Best Buy, getting her a new phone, I said "Mom, can I have this PS4? All the other kids have one! Mom replies "Sweetie, that's 500$! We're just here for a new iPhone for your sister and an Android phone for me! " I respond that I had to wait till I was 8 to get my first phone and my sister was 7 when she got her first one and secondly they want me to have things that others want me to have. A day later I went to Walmart and I wanted this black and orange jacket for winter and my mom replied: "Every other child would buy this blue fluffy coat." I thought about it for a second and came to the conclusion that if she really wanted me to buy that blue fluffy coat, she would get me the PS4. She asked why, and I tell her what happened the previous day and she said that was different because she's an adult and can do whatever she wants and I told her she was just saying words at that point and she said "We are buying this ...more

LAST NIGHT. This happened to me last night.
Its study week, and they want to take my phone away from me because they think I'm wasting my time and not studying. When in fact, I'm studying my ass off cause these exams are important.

So I say that no other kid has to do this, its not fair. And they're like "you're not other children, you're our child and we will do things our way." And my dad, says "I'm sorry we're not like other parents sorry we disappointed you"

I was like seriously?

My mum is so ugh! She's like "here's your friend, she studies hard, do you think she would study with music on! " And I would be like "I'm not her so she doesn't listen to music BUT I DO! " And I get all annoyed because she should get this through her head.. "I'm not my friend!, I'm ME! " - Subject1758

OMIGOSH. So true. I tell my parents to be grateful that I, at least finish my projects on time unlike some of my other friends who leave it until the last minute and they start criticizing me for comparing myself to my friends. Then, whenever I get a test result back they basically bombard me with questions like "What did Emily get on her test?... Oh! You did better than her! I guess you're smarter! ". _.

Me:look can I hang out with my peeps. There all going to be at--
Parents:ask your mother=ask your father. Do you have hang out money? The world wont stop if your not there go do your work
Me:I don't have any work
Parent: Find something related to school
Parent: Oh look at --s kids there so smart
Me: yeah and there parents actually give them freedom (says in mind cause I don't want the bejesus slapped out of my mouth)

I am ten years old and my mom let me get Instagram then just randomly decided to make me get rid of it. Since she let me get in in the first place, she clearly doesn't think it is dangerous, she just wants to prove a point. My friend's eight year old brother gets Instagram and his parents are super strict! How is that fair?

This ALWAYS happens! My mom tells me I should not care what other people wear or do and just be myself. But then the next day, she compares me to my friends and her friends kids and talks about their accomplishments and asking why I can't be like them! Like, seriously?

Yep. Always gossip about me in front of me and my aunties. Comparing me to other kids at school.. Blah blah blah you're so fat, you see other kids at your school is so fit and beautiful... My heart was like stabbed by my mom's sharp arrows.. It hurts my feelings you know.. :(((((

I really hate that! I want Call of Duty so bad and mom doesn't let me play it! She's always like "Ooh, you have to be 17 to play it, you're to little to play it! DUH." Good parents go by MATURITY, not age! (Although they should be 17 to turn the goriness on) I want my mom to stop treating my like a baby and treat me like a man! I wish she would just wake up and realize that I am mature enough to play! And yet my parents say I'm old enough to make my bed, but still "too little" to play Call of Duty.

P.S. My dad's been no help at all. He just takes my mom's side for everything, despite his "manliness".

This happens to me all the time! It's repetitive!

Kid:OK I'm gonna go and get Devil may cry
Mom:No you're not. You're underage
Kid: Mom I'm 15 and I'm allowed to play MA+15 games and my friends play Call of Duty and they're like 13
Mom: Just because they have those games doesn't mean you can as well
Kid: You do realise that not fitting in with my friends can bring higher negative effects on you
Mom: you're GROUNDED!
Kid:(poker face)

If your parents compare you to your college topper or someone like that then you should compare them to the many millionaires.

Mom I got an f on my test. Oh, Andrew got an A, you're so stupid! Mom I got an A and Andrew got an F! Who cares about Andrew, you are stupid no matter what! (Even though I'm taking math 2 grades above my grade).

Yes it has been happening forever and this time if they keep comparing me with somebody I do and don't know I'm just gone say no they say I look like Asia and it is me I look like me not nobody else just don't compare me to anybody I don't care if your mad just don't compare me to anybody

Oh my Lord, this happens EVERY DAY! Only when I tell my mom that so and so is doing it, sometimes she'll even say,"Well, so and so's mom told me that so and so also studies for four hours after school. You don't ask me if you can do that, do You? " and then I ask,"WHy the hell would I? that sucks." and she'll say,"Take your attitude and park it."
Life hates me.
My parent's #1 goal is to make my life living hell.

I HATE THIS SO MUCH! My parents don't let me use social media of any kind (including WATCHING youtube) and everyone else in my grade has at least one form of social media. When I ask them why I can't use social media when everyone else can they say "You're not everyone else" It makes me so angry!

My parents would always yell at me for my handwriting, but I point out that everyone else has bad handwriting in my class. But my parents compared me to other kids who could run faster than me, and when I say I am not them, they get mad at me. I do point out the handwriting point, and they say they don't care