Who are you texting?


So so true and annoying. Whenever I'm seen on my phone or any electronic, which I'm barely on, they will snatch it from me and say I'm on it too much. I'm always spending time with them, so when I get alone time, I try to text my friends which is not that much. I purposefully go to my room for a few moments just to text or go on the Internet, but they either barge in and see me and take it away. They say I'm on electronics too much, but they just happen to catch me on them at those rare moments. It's really starting to get to me.

I am I good kid, I have NEVER gotten in trouble, I have good friends and I KNIT for fun, yet every single time it's "who are you texting", "what are you looking at" in this dumb condescending voice. I get that I am only 14 but GIVE ME SOME SPACE. Then sometimes she'll just pick up my phone and start reading through ALL of my messages randomly, I need privacy, can you just leave me alone.

I honestly think that they enjoy seeing all the texts in our phones. I always chat with my friends in our group chat. Mom and dad keeps looking at my phone so they could know who I'm chatting with. When my mom had to go to school to get my report card, she asked my class adviser if I have a boyfriend. I knew that from our class adviser before the last day of school. I mean seriously? Just because I'm texting or chatting with someone, doesn't mean that I have a boyfriend! Really, gosh! - Pearl13

Literally like my mom recently has been coming into my room and was all like "what are you doing on your phone?! " every time she comes in, and also after that she's like "I'm your mother I have a right to know what's on your phone, me and your dad bought it for you.." And goes on and on, it's the most annoying thing ever

Always. And then they'll ask to read my messages. One time, they took my phone away from me and forcefully read my messages, then slapped me because some guys in the class had cursed in the class group. Like, it's not even my fault. Not to mention that every time I use my phone or laptop to talk to my friends, they have to be SO insistent on finding out who it is.

Oh my gosh, yes! My mom took my phone away for an afternoon over the fact that I was texting encouragement to one of my best friends because he was trying to get the courage to ask a girl out. "Texting any guy that he's awesome is inappropriate. He's gonna take it the wrong way." No, he is not! I was texting him friendly death threats until he asked for that instead!

A boy asked for my phone number, and I was kind of put on the spot so I gave it to him. I'm never going to see him again, and whatever "friendship" will blow over in a few weeks. My dad flipped and started yelling, and my mom is like I'm going to be monitoring this. They read ALL my texts, and they go to my dad's phone too. The always are constantly assuming I'm doing something wrong and I'm not doing anything! Ugh

Always going through my phone and what not and my dad looks thru every contact I've ever been texting and I feel like I have no personal space and no personal freedom and he deletes the contacts he doesn't like or is so called "Suspicious" about. UGH CAN I HAVE A PERSONAL LIFE

OH MY GOD. DON'T GET ME STARTED! I'm a freshman in high school and became friends with a couple kids, including a boy. We were texting each other about bands we like and my mom hears the text alert on my phone and asks who I'm texting. It's not her business!

My mom and I will be sitting in the car and I'll text someone quick. Of course that raises her suspicions. Of course, she never says texting unless you correct her. So, it's always,"Who are you calling? "

Mom: "Who are you texting? Do you have a secret boyfriend? Who is making you smile like that? Lemme see lemme see! " Me: *looking at memes*

My mum doesn't ask. Nope. She does picks up my phone and scrolls through my Instagram and messages like their hers. Then she'll be like all your friends are boring today. She gets mad when I ask for my phone back as e

My mom does this all the time. She calls it good parenting but I call it stalking

My parents have no sense of privacy when it comes to my technology. That's why the only time I really use it is when I should be in bed. - RockFashionista

All the time when I text my friend my mum is like who are you texting and a tell her she takes my phone to look at for a little bit and when she gives it back she text my friend go away and don't text my child again

OH MY GOD ONE OF MY PET PEEVES. Literally every time I'm in the car or or one of my parents walk in the room and see me typing on my phone they say that, especially my mom. So.. ANNOYING!

Every time they ask I just say I'm playing a game, but if they see the screen I say do you need to know?

For me its not only when I'm texting. Its also when I'm watching anime, or who I'm hanging out with, or even what game I'm playing and that I shouldn't talk to the other players etc. It's SO ANNOYING!

Every time! I have no friends so I was texting my online friend and my mom is so suspicious of it. She read all our texts including when I confessed something embarrassing (that I knew I couldn't talk about to my mom because she'd judge me) and now I feel so awkward and I'm still embarrassed. I've had enough of this ~

My mom grounded me because she scrolled through the Instagram account I got WITH her permission. Obviously she forgot about that. And now I am grounded, but I weaseled my way out of it.

This is so annoying! Like one of my friends texts me or calls me and we are talking and my mom is like "Who are you talking to? " Like I'm not talking to a stranger jeez!

I hate this! I'm just texting my friend about private stuff and they're just like WHO ARE YOU TEXTING and try looking at your screen. I don't do that to them

Bro, I swear this is my mom like all the time and I she is always checking my phone and asking why I was texting this person. That's why when I'm around my mom I don't ever text anyone.

I like really like this one guy and I was chatting to my friend about it when my dad called me to go fetch something when I got back my mom was busy reeding my BBM'S and I'm yelling and sais she can't just come in my room and read my messages and she's like ' I'm older and I can do what I want... And by the way who are you to tell me what to do'

My mom does the same and she SNATCHED MY IPAD and started looking at my pictures and messages and I got pissed and I got in trouble SO ANNOYING!