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181 Bubsy the Bobcat
182 Criminal minds

I cannot stand with this show, it's so graphical in some scenes that pisses me off when the most violent scene comes out, and to top it off it "pushes" its T.V.-14-V rating to its limits making it look like a T.V.-MA-V show. Even when the show is about to start, they don't warn you about the show containing graphical scenes, and "Viewer discretion is advised", they just go straight to the show. - ClassicGaminer

183 People in front of you who walk slower than you
184 Rain when you wanted to go out
185 Computer freezes
186 Forgetting Your Password
187 People chewing with their mouth open
188 Rebecca Black Rebecca Black Rebecca Black is "well known" for her "hit" single, "Friday", which has the second most dislikes on YouTube .

, she is SO annoying!

Her voice is too obnoxious. MY EARS! - mayamanga

Horrid - superbuggati

189 People who forward urban myths

Look at some games in ROBLOX! They are many of them!

John Doe isn't a hacker - Lunala

Mostly in ROBLOX. - SwampertBABY

I acctualy belive in them...IN VIDEO GAMES. In real life, I belive in cryptids

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190 Hackers

Even though I am one my self, they are annoying as... Well, bad word.

I'm also a hacker, but only for hacking secret codes of internet criminals.

A hacker that steals your roblox account and there's no way to get it back!

Most roblox "hackers" in real life:

Hacker: I'm hacking a roblox account haha *logins into account called MyPassIsDog1000"*
Mum: *walks into room* Time to go to soccer practise
Hacker: WA no I don't want to! - Lunala

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191 Sex and the City
192 People that ask for money

That's only excusable if they're homeless, starving, infected, or dying.

It's especially annoying when they ask for money to buy simple things like candy and chips. It's my money get your own! - Powerfulgirl10


That rude they need it and it unpolite how dare you😠😡😈! - superbuggati

193 People who are always late

People are late for different reasons and your not telling what they can be late to.

194 People who walk in long, slow lines in the hallways

I just want to shove through people who do this. Hallways in my school are small and the school is big so this is especially annoying. - hy89045

195 People who don't know how to merge on the freeway

Yes I Said Thruway, I Am From Buffalo New York. I Don't Say Turnpike, or Highway, or Freeway for that matter.

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196 People who post chain letters

even worse people who believe them! - clerkatron

197 Sluts

Come on I really need a Death Note and wikipedia...

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198 X-Japan fans

They think that the only good band in Japan is x-Japan and they think that x-Japan is the only band who started visual kei - ronluna

Oh my god, YES! These people here on CAN'T shut up, Hide isn't a good guitarist! Art of Life is worse than Boyfriend! - LedZepp81

199 People who give their kids bad names

Don't you just hate these new age names!

People call their kids the names of celebrity ships. That's pretty bad to me. - Lunala

Someone at my school is called Savannah, don't name your kid after a biome

Yup - superbuggati

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200 Drama queens V 1 Comment
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