Most Annoying Things in Life

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181 Crybabys

Yup - superbuggati

182 People Doing the Whip And Nae Nae

I don't know what it is but have a vote anyways, because it sounds so stupid!

183 Dictators
184 Ghosts V 1 Comment
185 Being picked last

When you has a surname at the end of the alphabet like I do.

I hope I get married someday so I can become further up the alphabet but even if I don't true love is all that matters - Lunala

186 Cops
187 Adults who act like children

Depends in what way they do it

This Need to be 2#

Yes - superbuggati

It depends. Going on amusement park rides or swings in playgrounds is fine. But wearing diapers and crawling around is when it is creepy.

Depends on how they do it. - Lunala

188 Big brothers

Not all are bad; my older brother is great fun to have around, and appreciating your own family goes a long way. - Entranced98

I don't have one. Haha. I'm a middle child and a female. - Lunala


189 Different religions

Before you say this is offensive, hear me out. Religion has caused wars. Why can't we all agree on one religion? - Lem

God is real and plenty of proof like The Bible. So is Jesus Christ and Heaven

The Flying spaghetti monster is real and all will be touched by his noodly appendage.

190 Rude people

I'm one - superbuggati

Screw you

191 Dog poop

Nasty! This should also be higher. - Cesium

No this should be dog PEE

Stepping in it is awful. - Lunala

192 Bubsy the Bobcat
193 People at church
194 Getting picked last for something
195 People in front of you who walk slower than you
196 Rain when you wanted to go out
197 Computer freezes
198 Forgetting Your Password
199 People chewing with their mouth open
200 Rebecca Black Rebecca Black Rebecca Black is "well known" for her "hit" single, "Friday", which has the second most dislikes on YouTube .

, she is SO annoying!

Her voice is too obnoxious. MY EARS! - mayamanga

Horrid - superbuggati

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