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261 The whole vote yes/no garbage
262 Grammar Nazis

I can't accidentally or purposely spell something wrong without a grammar Nazi attacking me

Happens to me a lot, and it's very annoying. - Powerfulgirl10

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263 People who base their dumb lives on sporting outcomes

Sports are useless and inept; why waste your time and money watching somebody kick a ball into a net? So they do that three more times than the other team. SO WHAT?! IT'S USELESS, BORING, IMBECILIC CRAP!

It's a way to entertain yourself. At least it isn't drugs or hurting other people. I personally don't see the point in sports either, but I know that many of the things that I like are not interesting to most people.

264 Flies

Every single second a film comes in my face.

The Most Annoying Thing In Life.

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265 The name Nicole

If I see or hear this name... ONE MORE TIME I'm GONNA BLOW!
By the way I put this on the list! :D - gumballgal123

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266 Long loading waits/lags in video games
267 Having to go to the bathroom

That's especially annoying if you have a bladder infection or you're on the road for hours. - Powerfulgirl10

So creepy especially when nighttime!

And don't forget the cockroaches! EWWW!

Especially when you're sitting, it's annoying. - madoog

I hate it I hate when u are doing something interesting and suddenly, " I have to go to the bathroom! "

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268 Someone repeating something they think is really funny, but isn't

There's this one guy in class who will always say something which a completely normal person with a great sense of humor wouldn't find funny and he will laugh and end up getting winded after it and also he pays people to be their friend for a day

This is so annoying. There's someone in my study hall who I think has repeated the words aye chi wah wah over 20 times and he laughs each time. Gives me the worst head ache.

Like this one kid who keeps repeating quotes from YouTube Poop

UGGHH... My little bro is always like RIDING THE CHICAKENBONE cause he heard that in a video... ITS NOT FUUNY!

269 Brony haters

Lol no. BRONIES are annoying. Why like a little girls' show? and why call us weird for hating it?

A lot of girls go there abd my girlfriend don't she does boxing and is strong

I hate bronies THEY are annoying

ahaha no - mayamanga

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270 Radios playing the same songs over and over

I can guarantee that the same songs played today will be played tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Play some different songs, for goodness sakes! - madoog

I am sick of Can't Stop the Feeling! - Powerfulgirl10

Yeah, like I don't need to hear Can't Stop the Feeling 4 billion times.

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271 Tattle tellers

I hate snitches so much. My brother is one. They tell on you over EVERYTHING. - Powerfulgirl10

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272 Parents

Annoying, don't let you do anything, and say "stop whining" when clearly I'm not.

273 People calling others gay to insult them

It's irrelevant and stupid, to sum it up. - SwagFlicks

Its dumb. If somebody does something stupid...oh your gay. If somebody makes a mistake...your gay. If somebody trips...oh your gay. - Catacorn

Some people call things gay not because a guy likes a guy ut to insult ot it just annoys them

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Just a bunch of kid lip syncing to songs which takes little to no talent at all, honestly it makes me want to blow up the app because it's so useless and annoying.

I'm considered weird for not doing musically

275 British accents

HELLO! Who in carnation added this fellow british accent! Funny, I thought this was the best mate! It can get annoying, just its mostly fun to immitate mate! Sry, I had to just do that

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276 Console freezing while playing online
277 Overprotective Boyfriends
278 Matty B Matty B
279 Bratty kids
280 Trolls movie

Shut up list - Pixtol

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