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421 People who wear socks with sandals

Whats wrong with that?

422 People who wear suspenders

Oh come on, just buy a belt already, almost every person in America has one!

423 Camouflage clothing V 1 Comment
424 People who don't know how to gel their hair

I have this crappy annoying 10 year-old friend who made his hair all white by using gel

425 Dialects

People it's pronounced ether NOT ither for either. It's Wash not Warsh. It is lever not leaver. It is Oregon not Oregin (or organ). It's pronounced envelope not onvelope. Vase not vaz.

426 Over acting people
427 People who say nyther or ither instead of the normal sounding eether or neether
428 Hunters
429 DMV
430 Bread crumbs in butter V 1 Comment
431 People who are really oblivious to the simplest things

There are some people who are seriously like this :P

432 People who ramble about how someone or something is so awesome or so horrible
433 Loose teeth

I lost all of my baby teeth at age 11! - mayamanga

434 Granny drivers
435 Seagull poop on your face

Speaks for its self

Really? I love it when this happens to me. I can't believe you hate it! You must be a seagull-poop-aphobe. You racist, sexist, stupid person.

436 Hipsters

They aren't unique as they just copy one another.

I hated hipsters before it was cool.

They don't take showers at all, they are nasty and dress like boys eww.

437 James "The Pleasant Preacher" Lyman
438 The Hunger Games

I'll admit I thought the first movie was sort of good but the second one sucked and it got a better rating than the first. I think both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are amazing actors and their performance in the hunger games was great but I just don't think that the series is as good as everybody says.

It is a stupid story anyway why would some one like this I mean why kids killing each other is wrong and dumb I'd say it is more of a dumb thing witch is just plan annoying that they have a map of dsitrict 12 it is tupid and annoying

439 Dark underarms
440 People eating like a slop at dinner
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