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61 Selfish people

There were a lot of people at my high school who were selfish. One spread stuff around on Facebook about me making fun of my culture, family, personality and all sorts of stuff and I've stood away from social networking ever since. - Sage_Naruto

Especially vs models, WWE divas and YouTube gurus. They think they are better than everyone else when all they do is sleep around with different men to get the job they are at now. They also get surgury on their breasts to make themselves look even faker because they are full of themselves and they don't care about anybody else. They also have fake teeth and fake hair. Most of them are anorexics. Not hating, just telling the truth, haters.

I hate narcissistic people. Very hate them!


62 Attention seekers

Yes! People who post a pic of themselves and caption it "not sure" or "hate my face" or if a girl posts a pic of her in a body on obviously sucking her stomach in and captions it "ugh hate my figure" what?!?

Same I know some one who does that all the time

This is very annoying. They're everywhere!

Ugh! These things are everywhere and just so ANNOYING...

like me...

no offense to other people that is attention seekers too its just a joke

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63 Navi Navi

Hey! Look! Listen! DIE! - ArpstaAmy333

Hey listen! Hey hey listen listen hey hey listen listen listen...

Eighty bucks that Link wanted so bad to kill her but he couldn't because he's a hero.

Lol. What kind of fairy is this? - Powerfulgirl10

This has to be #1!
Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen!

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64 Facebook

I hate how you can't delete your account on there. I had my account for around 2/3 years, and I only used it for a damn week! My account is now my parent's and people end up getting confused.

Too many fools take Facebook too seriously.

So much crap society posts these days.

No! - superbuggati

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65 Unfunny comedies

And Henry danger puts a laugh track after every line

I really hate when "comides" put a laugh track every 5 seconds (cough *Disney Channel* cough)

Girl meets world
best friends whenever
henry danger

all of these SUCK

Character 1: *Says something normal, laugh track*
Character 2: *Says something normal, laugh track*
Character 1: *Says something unfunny, laugh track* - mayamanga

66 Death

Yeah I died once on the way to work sooo annoying

Epicurus : " Death is not important. As long we are here there is no death and when death is there we will not be here anymore ".

Ugh, why can't life just be so simple that we can be immortal and not worry about death...

Kenny from South Park is familiar with that

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67 Rednecks

Them stupid weirdos talking god this god that shut up

What's the point of rednecks anyway? - Powerfulgirl10

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68 Cheaters

I'm one - superbuggati

69 People who won't shut up

When I need to say something, it's even worse. And to top it off, I sometimes end up forgetting what I was going to say.

I hate how people are too loud and obnoxious. I mean, my 3-5 grade classes were like that! - Powerfulgirl10


One of my favourite singers actually made a song about th is. h ttps:// w ww.y outube .com/wat ch? v =7RPsOOU-fmg

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70 Sports fanatics

Me: oh my god, football is so boring. I don't want to watch people running around trying to catch a ball...


Me: Why are people entertained by this? It's just a bunch of people running back and forth. - mattstat716

No - superbuggati

71 Adults talking baby talk

Uh! There is this cute little girl in my neighborhood that we all play with. We don't like her because she is cute, we like her for her personality. But my mom is always talking (Girls name) this and (girls name) that, and she talks like she knows her! She talks like the little girl is her daughter and that she knows everything about her, but if the girl was like, nine, my mom wouldn't bat an eye! - BumblB

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72 Frozen

You know a better animated Disney movie than Frozen? Treasure Planet. Watch that instead of this pile of crap.

I made up my own version of Let it Go. (Sorry if you hate it) It's on my profile. - Powerfulgirl10

Horrid - superbuggati

Watches for the first time: I FOUND A NEW FAVORITE MOVIE.
second time: LET IT GO LET IT GO
third time: whoa, animation mistake!
fourth time: this is getting annoying.

73 Swaggots

Yeh bruh, I hate em

I'm one - superbuggati

Swag + Maggots...? - Powerfulgirl10

74 Omochao Omochao

At least you can pick him up and throw him in Sonic Adventure 2

Most annoying sonic character in the franchise

Omochao: Hi! I am omochao!
Sonic: (Dies already)

What is that?

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75 Homophobes

They annoy me a lot

Along with racists and conservatives this is the worst kind of person sub could be.

Homophobes? I wish they'd all die - mayamanga

That's the main reason why I became an LGBT Supporter because I believe in equal rights for all.

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76 When your own list is filled with bad items and you didn't actually add

So, so annoying, also unless the person who added this is the list creator the adder is hippocrate, hippo-crate

That happened on TopTenJackson's "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants" list. - Powerfulgirl10

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77 Bad movies based on video games

It so annoying when Hollywood decides to make a movie based on one of our favorite games and screw it up big time. - egnomac

Video game companies should be a lot more protective of who they choose to direct movies based on their games. - ZZDOORAL

The worst ones have to be alone in the dark and super Mario bros.


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78 Ignorant people
79 Bills

You have to pay for every damn thing!

Money hungry, selfish greedy people wants everybody to pay bills!

They steal our hard earned money!

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80 MSNBC MSNBC MSNBC is an American basic cable and satellite television network that provides news coverage and political commentary from NBC News on current events. The network also carries a nightly 'opinion' programming block during prime time hours.
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