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61 Death

Yeah I died once on the way to work sooo annoying

Epicurus : " Death is not important. As long we are here there is no death and when death is there we will not be here anymore ".

Ugh, why can't life just be so simple that we can be immortal and not worry about death...

Kenny from South Park is familiar with that

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62 Rednecks

Them stupid weirdos talking god this god that shut up

What's the point of rednecks anyway? - Powerfulgirl10

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63 Cheaters

I'm one - superbuggati

64 People who won't shut up

When I need to say something, it's even worse. And to top it off, I sometimes end up forgetting what I was going to say.

I hate how people are too loud and obnoxious. I mean, my 3-5 grade classes were like that! - Powerfulgirl10

This is my sister - THEEPICDUDE990

One of my favourite singers actually made a song about th is. h ttps:// w ww.y outube .com/wat ch? v =7RPsOOU-fmg

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65 Adults talking baby talk

Uh! There is this cute little girl in my neighborhood that we all play with. We don't like her because she is cute, we like her for her personality. But my mom is always talking (Girls name) this and (girls name) that, and she talks like she knows her! She talks like the little girl is her daughter and that she knows everything about her, but if the girl was like, nine, my mom wouldn't bat an eye! - BumblB

My mom talks like this to my cat. - mayamanga

FGteev duddy in a nutshell(i hate fgteev)-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

66 Frozen

You know a better animated Disney movie than Frozen? Treasure Planet. Watch that instead of this pile of crap.

I made up my own version of Let it Go. (Sorry if you hate it) It's on my profile. - Powerfulgirl10

Horrid - superbuggati

Watches for the first time: I FOUND A NEW FAVORITE MOVIE.
second time: LET IT GO LET IT GO
third time: whoa, animation mistake!
fourth time: this is getting annoying.

67 Swaggots

Yeh bruh, I hate em

I'm one - superbuggati

Swag + Maggots...? - Powerfulgirl10

68 Omochao Omochao

At least you can pick him up and throw him in Sonic Adventure 2

Most annoying sonic character in the franchise

Omochao: Hi! I am omochao!
Sonic: (Dies already)

What is that?

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69 Homophobes

They annoy me a lot

Along with racists and conservatives this is the worst kind of person sub could be.

Homophobes? I wish they'd all die - mayamanga

That's the main reason why I became an LGBT Supporter because I believe in equal rights for all.

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70 When your own list is filled with bad items and you didn't actually add

So, so annoying, also unless the person who added this is the list creator the adder is hippocrate, hippo-crate

That happened on TopTenJackson's "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants" list. - Powerfulgirl10

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71 Bad movies based on video games

It so annoying when Hollywood decides to make a movie based on one of our favorite games and screw it up big time. - egnomac

Video game companies should be a lot more protective of who they choose to direct movies based on their games. - ZZDOORAL

The worst ones have to be alone in the dark and super Mario bros.

What about bad video games based on movies? (*cough* E.T. *cough*)

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72 Attention seekers

Yes! People who post a pic of themselves and caption it "not sure" or "hate my face" or if a girl posts a pic of her in a body on obviously sucking her stomach in and captions it "ugh hate my figure" what?!?

Same I know some one who does that all the time

This is very annoying. They're everywhere!

I play roblox and when I go on rp games someone just says *dies* or something and looks for attetnion - top10epic

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73 Ignorant people
74 Bills

You have to pay for every damn thing!

Money hungry, selfish greedy people wants everybody to pay bills!

They steal our hard earned money!

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75 Slow drivers in the left lane.

Hello? There is a speed limit people. Most cars in the left lane are already going way faster than the speed limit and the slower cars are sticking to the speed limit. It is you who needs to slow down. I take the right lane just to be safe from all those crazy road rage speedsters. What? You're late for work. Should have left earlier.
There was one guy who sped right by me going like thirty miles over the speed limit on a multiple lane road and I caught up to him two minutes later at a red light. Going faster sometimes doesn't even get you that far.

I really don't like this rule. What if the destination of a slow driver is on the left?

In California there are slow drivers in carpool

And they're all from Ohio.

In Pennsylvania (my mom lives there) the people either drive too fast or too slow. There is no in between. - Anonymousxcxc

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76 Loud mouths
77 People who don't have taste in music but hate good bands

this annoys me a lot they make a list but they don't know about that band at least I know which is worse and the best - ronluna

Those people don't know anything about music and they still have the nerves to judge bands like the Beatles. Please let me clear out: first of all LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC and then JUDGE.

they say that band is bad but it is really good and they always contradict you - ronluna

Aka, The people who think 1D is the best band ever and don't bother thinking about real bands like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rush, Beatles, AC/DC, etc.

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78 Big brother V 3 Comments
79 Sports

This is stupid. Sports aren't annoying. I watch them everyday. - kmyeakel

Sports' are fascinating! I love cricket, football, Badminton and Billiards. I meant I love watching them. - Animefan12

Whats wrong about sports, NOTHING.

NO - superbuggati

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80 Sexism

Sexism is the most annoying, frustrating thing in the world. There is no reason that females aren't as good as males in any way. We shouldn't be treated like we are the second-class, useless, annoying tagalongs who are only good for chores and sex. People need to stop pretending that they can categorize girls into a category of pink-loving, unicorn-loving, beliebers (or fangirls of any sort) that can't do anything on their own. And it isn't just men doing that. A girl in my class once said, "You can't be strong. Only boys can. But you can date a strong guy." WHAT THE &@#$?! Ever seen the Olympics? See how there are females in it? See their bulging muscles and the awesome stuff they can do? If that isn't strong, then your annoying boyfriend who can't do a push-up isn't. Or the whole unfair pay thing. How is it fair that we have to get by with a smaller amount of pay? We can work as hard and we can be as good at our jobs. It's just stupid.

And it isn't just females ...more - pandagirl

Our stupid society thinks that women have to get pregnant, become mothers and be a housewife as well. Not all women want to have kids or get married because everybody is different.

People say it's not really anything. That's really not the case.

Both males and females can treat each other badly. Most people respect both genders equally (like me, I'm a female too.) Yes, males can be sexist to females but females can be sexist to males too.

Some males only care about sex and think females can't do anything, but these males never get girlfriends. The males that are nice, respectful ones get all the girlfriends.

But females can be sexist to males too. See all those mad feminists? Sometimes they make jokes about beating up males and punching them in the face! For no reason! That's not just bad, it's WRONG. They also try and act all "bad ass" and try to get males to do all their work for them.

Also if a girl attacks a guy and the guy fights back, people call the guy bad for "punching a girl". Pure sexism. It's called SELF defense you idiotic feminist soccer mums. - Lunala

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