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Things that happen that can put a black cloud over your head.

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81 Bad movies based on video games

It so annoying when Hollywood decides to make a movie based on one of our favorite games and screw it up big time. - egnomac

Video game companies should be a lot more protective of who they choose to direct movies based on their games. - ZZDOORAL

The worst ones have to be alone in the dark and super Mario bros.

What about bad video games based on movies? (*cough* E.T. *cough*)

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82 Fangirls

The worst thing about fangirls is they raise the vote for this handsome artist but not very talented - ronluna

They are obsessed with their favorite band, do the fangirling flirty bitchy things and they love the band because the singer and or other members of the band because they are so cute. what about their music? - ronluna

They are so annoying say if you have a girl you like and she likes you to but there is a famous person they they really love and they are so obsessed with them and they say they are going to marry them and you want to marry the girl but she ruin it is so mean

They wreck everything. They draw gross art and I've seen gross art of CHILDREN characters turned into anime shipping. DISGUSTING.
Also there are the 1D fangirls.

I was that one girl in 4th grade who HATED 1D so felt like the black sheep. I got along with the guys really well though and girls called me dumb and "weird" for not liking 1D, etc. - Lunala

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83 Ignorant people
84 Beans
85 Bills

You have to pay for every damn thing!

Money hungry, selfish greedy people wants everybody to pay bills!

They steal our hard earned money!

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86 Liberals

They cry when someone does anything different to their authority

They support unnatural things, and everything they do HAS to go against the bible or they won't do it. They are teenage feminists who wear short shorts in 40 degree weather and have sex at 13!

Liberals are only do-gooders with other people's money. They are typically parasites, living off of other people's hard word and efforts. - TheBigBubba


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87 Anger
88 MSNBC MSNBC MSNBC is an American basic cable and satellite television network that provides news coverage and political commentary from NBC News on current events. The network also carries a nightly 'opinion' programming block during prime time hours.
89 Loud mouths
90 Slow drivers in the left lane.

Hello? There is a speed limit people. Most cars in the left lane are already going way faster than the speed limit and the slower cars are sticking to the speed limit. It is you who needs to slow down. I take the right lane just to be safe from all those crazy road rage speedsters. What? You're late for work. Should have left earlier.
There was one guy who sped right by me going like thirty miles over the speed limit on a multiple lane road and I caught up to him two minutes later at a red light. Going faster sometimes doesn't even get you that far.

I really don't like this rule. What if the destination of a slow driver is on the left?

And they're all from Ohio.

In Pennsylvania (my mom lives there) the people either drive too fast or too slow. There is no in between. - Anonymousxcxc

Kid: Daddy I need to poo!
Man: Sorry son, but there are a ton of slow drivers. It's practically a traffic jam here! (Sniffs air) Yuck!
Kid: Daddy I pooped! WAA!
Man, thinking: ( slow drivers! ) - mayamanga

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91 People who don't have taste in music but hate good bands

this annoys me a lot they make a list but they don't know about that band at least I know which is worse and the best - ronluna

Those people don't know anything about music and they still have the nerves to judge bands like the Beatles. Please let me clear out: first of all LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC and then JUDGE.

they say that band is bad but it is really good and they always contradict you - ronluna

Aka, The people who think 1D is the best band ever and don't bother thinking about real bands like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rush, Beatles, AC/DC, etc.

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92 Sexism

Sexism is the most annoying, frustrating thing in the world. There is no reason that females aren't as good as males in any way. We shouldn't be treated like we are the second-class, useless, annoying tagalongs who are only good for chores and sex. People need to stop pretending that they can categorize girls into a category of pink-loving, unicorn-loving, beliebers (or fangirls of any sort) that can't do anything on their own. And it isn't just men doing that. A girl in my class once said, "You can't be strong. Only boys can. But you can date a strong guy." WHAT THE &@#$?! Ever seen the Olympics? See how there are females in it? See their bulging muscles and the awesome stuff they can do? If that isn't strong, then your annoying boyfriend who can't do a push-up isn't. Or the whole unfair pay thing. How is it fair that we have to get by with a smaller amount of pay? We can work as hard and we can be as good at our jobs. It's just stupid.

And it isn't just females ...more - pandagirl

Our stupid society thinks that women have to get pregnant, become mothers and be a housewife as well. Not all women want to have kids or get married because everybody is different.

People say it's not really anything. That's really not the case.

Both males and females can treat each other badly. Most people respect both genders equally (like me, I'm a female too.) Yes, males can be sexist to females but females can be sexist to males too.

Some males only care about sex and think females can't do anything, but these males never get girlfriends. The males that are nice, respectful ones get all the girlfriends.

But females can be sexist to males too. See all those mad feminists? Sometimes they make jokes about beating up males and punching them in the face! For no reason! That's not just bad, it's WRONG. They also try and act all "bad ass" and try to get males to do all their work for them.

Also if a girl attacks a guy and the guy fights back, people call the guy bad for "punching a girl". Pure sexism. It's called SELF defense you idiotic feminist soccer mums. - Lunala

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93 Religion

SOMETIMES religion can just be plain annoying. It has caused terrible things (although rarely) like the 9.11 attack and influenced people to do barbaric, out-off date things as well as saying there believes are undoubtable true which it isn't since they believe because of faith not fact. I wish they learned that there believes are not ALWAYS right and should respect non-believers. Same goes to atheist but what I've seen isn't as bad. I'm not saying it's plain bad just annoying people can't respect and consider others. That should be another annoying thing if it hasn't been put down already. Again I'm not saying it's completely annoying but when it is it's very. I'm not trying to stop it but I'm not say what they did isn't bad.

You people who say stuff like that about religion, your just mad because God is real and you have no proof to back you up. When my loved one died this year, he came to me in my dream and he told me that he was in heaven with my other loved ones. I'm not lying. If God wasn't real, then The Bible would not exist at all or churches. The Bible proves that God is real, as there are many accounts of people who wrote in the Bible during the era Jesus lived and God himself, and Jesus as well.

I'm not against religion, but religion can be horrible. Most wars are caused by religion. There are extremists groups around that kills innocent people because "God" wanted them to. Islam Extremists are going around blowing themselves up and killing innocent people while Christian Extremists are vandalizing and being rude to gays and other people. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

God isn't real

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94 Idiots

The idiots should locked in jail. They can endanger others people

95 Infatuation
96 E-girls

Isn't this a jpop band? if this is the jpop one I actually like them.

97 Sneezing
98 Time limits

Oh I hate this one so your not the only one

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99 People who are making fun of me

they think that they are funny - ronluna

All about you, eh? Well, let's just put People Who Make Fun Of People instead. - mattstat716

How about everyone else, narcissist? - mayamanga

A guy: Who even likes Zarif! (Zarif is me by the way) ME: YA KNOW WHO LIKES ME? NICE PEOPLE, MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY BEING ONE ONE DAY!

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100 Twilight

Oh the sparkly ness... Kill Bella now!

I can smell the hormones...

I don't like Twilight. Vampires aren't supposed to sparkle in the sunlight. - Anonymousxcxc

Twillight stinks. It's boring. I'd rather watch Foodfight. - Lunala

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