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81 Loud mouths
82 People who don't have taste in music but hate good bands

this annoys me a lot they make a list but they don't know about that band at least I know which is worse and the best - ronluna

Those people don't know anything about music and they still have the nerves to judge bands like the Beatles. Please let me clear out: first of all LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC and then JUDGE.

they say that band is bad but it is really good and they always contradict you - ronluna

Aka, The people who think 1D is the best band ever and don't bother thinking about real bands like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rush, Beatles, AC/DC, etc.

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83 Sports

This is stupid. Sports aren't annoying. I watch them everyday. - kmyeakel

Sports' are fascinating! I love cricket, football, Badminton and Billiards. I meant I love watching them. - Animefan12

Whats wrong about sports, NOTHING.

NO - superbuggati

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84 Sexism

Sexism is the most annoying, frustrating thing in the world. There is no reason that females aren't as good as males in any way. We shouldn't be treated like we are the second-class, useless, annoying tagalongs who are only good for chores and sex. People need to stop pretending that they can categorize girls into a category of pink-loving, unicorn-loving, beliebers (or fangirls of any sort) that can't do anything on their own. And it isn't just men doing that. A girl in my class once said, "You can't be strong. Only boys can. But you can date a strong guy." WHAT THE &@#$?! Ever seen the Olympics? See how there are females in it? See their bulging muscles and the awesome stuff they can do? If that isn't strong, then your annoying boyfriend who can't do a push-up isn't. Or the whole unfair pay thing. How is it fair that we have to get by with a smaller amount of pay? We can work as hard and we can be as good at our jobs. It's just stupid.

And it isn't just females ...more - pandagirl

Our stupid society thinks that women have to get pregnant, become mothers and be a housewife as well. Not all women want to have kids or get married because everybody is different.

People say it's not really anything. That's really not the case.

We're all human; why can't we just respect our differences and help each other? - yuki-blue

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85 Cell phones in the car

I hate to see people on their phone in the car is so annoying.

Women do this a lot just text, text, call, app, text, crash car & die because to attached to phone to put phone down. texting while driving is something all women with cell phones do & is one of many reasons why women are terrible drivers

People that text in their car don't piss me off. But the people who do piss me off are the people that think they're a road avenger and try to honk their horns and bump into the cars of the people that are texting to get their attention and save the day. These "Make-Believe Road Warriors" are 100x more annoying than people that text and drive.

No I always do that - superbuggati

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86 Traffic

One time I put pair of pants on and I suddenly feel something twitchy, I got nervous and threw my pants at the floor and a roach flew out... luckily I disposed of it.

Did you intend to put this comment in the roach section because it's in traffic.

Yup - superbuggati

Very annoying and it happens EVERY SINGLE f****** WEEKDAY! I need to go home, be lazy, chillax, and never ever come back! Ever!

87 Idiots

The idiots should locked in jail. They can endanger others people

88 Money

We do need it and it makes world go around but so many people are greedy about it which is annoying

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89 E-girls V 1 Comment
90 Bitchy girls

They flirt, they have sex, they use guys - ronluna

I'm a girl but I hate girls that's why all my friends are guys and I dress like a boy

Ya hate what are they doing bad heart -__-

Guess what to all the women to the world... men are better and all women should be rape in the ass with a spatula lel

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91 Time limits

Oh I hate this one so your not the only one

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92 Twilight

Oh the sparkly ness... Kill Bella now!

I can smell the hormones...

I don't like Twilight. Vampires aren't supposed to sparkle in the sunlight. - Anonymousxcxc

A girl in my class likes it and when a boy asked "What's Twilight? ", she freaked out. - NotYoursTruly

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93 Going #2 and you notice someone didn't put a new roll on

I once had to use my hand... After that, I was never the same again

That's why you either ask somebody next to you for toilet paper or get a paper towel in the stall (if there's any.) If you can't do either of those things, then you're out of luck. - Powerfulgirl10

What is this article about


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94 People that eat loudly V 3 Comments
95 When your pencil point thing is all uneven and it's hard to write with so you sharpen it but it's still uneven and you sharpen it until there's no more pencil

OH GOD! This used to happen to me a lot! So, now I'm happy that the mechanical pencil was born! Screw you, wooden pencils!

I bet the person who made this comment is the same person who made this statement.

I have something similar happen it is when you sharpen you pencil and the point stays on but when you write it falls of

YES! and when the lead just keeps breaking off into the sharpener and you have to keep sharpening it! JUST **** THAT PENCIL

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96 When you lend someone your pen and you get it back from them all chewed up

Yup - superbuggati

97 People who talk on their cell phones while driving

Yes it is very annoying people I promise that person might still be there to talk to you later but not if you DIE IN A CAR CRASH!

Damn, you got a deathwish? Also, no one cares what you did with your friend at the mall over the weekend. - mayamanga

I do that - superbuggati

Hello, is this... SCREEECH... CRASH!

98 Fake stories of creepypastas and other things


99 Immature people

It also depends on the people, I don't like both Immature and Mature people, and I'm Semi-Immature and Semi-Mature. - Frost182

People who laugh like heck after saying something immature is THE WORST

That's pretty much my 3-5 grade classes. - Powerfulgirl10

Instacrap is for immature and selfish, stupid and arrogant people.

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100 Mormons
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