Most Annoying Things in Life

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81 Metal Haters
82 Idiots

The idiots should locked in jail. They can endanger others people

83 Infatuation
84 E-girls V 1 Comment
85 Time limits

Oh I hate this one so your not the only one

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86 Bitchy girls

They flirt, they have sex, they use guys - ronluna

I'm a girl but I hate girls that's why all my friends are guys and I dress like a boy

Ya hate what are they doing bad heart -__-

Guess what to all the women to the world... men are better and all women should be rape in the ass with a spatula lel

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87 People who throw their lit cigarettes out the car window in front of you

This was a big problem this summer here in California. It caused many big fires! - beckihrh

I honk every time someone does this!

Laugh out loud I hate this

Once someone did this then they stuck out their arm out the window and put up their middle finger.

Wow. - Lunala

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88 Twilight

Oh the sparkly ness... Kill Bella now!

I can smell the hormones...

I don't like Twilight. Vampires aren't supposed to sparkle in the sunlight. - Anonymousxcxc

Twillight stinks. It's boring. I'd rather watch Foodfight. - Lunala

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89 People that eat loudly V 3 Comments
90 Going #2 and you notice someone didn't put a new roll on

I once had to use my hand... After that, I was never the same again

That's why you either ask somebody next to you for toilet paper or get a paper towel in the stall (if there's any.) If you can't do either of those things, then you're out of luck. - Powerfulgirl10

What is this article about


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91 When you lend someone your pen and you get it back from them all chewed up

This happened to me once - FloydtheCat

Yup - superbuggati

92 People who talk on their cell phones while driving

Yes it is very annoying people I promise that person might still be there to talk to you later but not if you DIE IN A CAR CRASH!

Damn, you got a deathwish? Also, no one cares what you did with your friend at the mall over the weekend. - mayamanga

I do that - superbuggati

Hello, is this... SCREEECH... CRASH!

93 Fake stories of creepypastas and other things


94 Immature people

It also depends on the people, I don't like both Immature and Mature people, and I'm Semi-Immature and Semi-Mature. - Frost182

People who laugh like heck after saying something immature is THE WORST

That's pretty much my 3-5 grade classes. - Powerfulgirl10

Depends on the person. Some are innocent, younger children, or simply just "behind" in terms of maturity.

But if they're those cretins who disrespect everything and make jokes about stuff like people dying in wars, it's wrong. You should never disrespect people who died to protect their country. - Lunala

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95 Drama on TheTopTens

It caused two of my friends to retire - christangrant

I'm just about ready to pack up and leave too, if it doesn't stop. - FloydtheCat

96 Sirens

Okay, first of all, we need sirens! They are to let us know that there is a fire, or if someone is dying so you can get out of their way. Yes they are annoying, but respect them.

I would hate to live across or beside a fire station. - funnyuser

I live right next to a hospital

*Doses off* Ahhh... Time to sl... *Fire Truck, Ambulance abd Police Car pass by* OUIN OUIN OUIN!

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97 Bubsy 3d

Why is this game here? It sucks, but come on! There are way worst games than this!

98 Airport security

Excuse me? Airport security is necessary so that things like bombs don't get on planes! Still, it can be annoying sometimes. Once my brother put some jelly into his suitcase and we were held back for ages.

These people are the worst they harass people just because they can. - Darkusmaximus

99 Liars

Everyone lies God never intended us to be perfect we are all sinners so don't say it's terrible when Christians lie

I have friends that do that all the time

My best friend is Christian and he lies more than I ever had... and I am orthodox

There is a girl at school. She claims her mom murdered her real mom. She also said she's going to nasa. How do you go to nasa? nasa is a company, bella

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100 Birds crapping on your car

... Or trampoline... Every. single. day. there's a new turd on my trampoline mat and it takes me 10 minutes to clean it up

I hate this. Years ago, I saw a TON of bird poop on somebody's car. - Powerfulgirl10

Some things are annoying but stuff like this is just funny.

One time a bird popped in front of the classroom door. It was a huge pile it looked like melted chocolate. We had to enter the classroom and people were poking the poop with a stick and stepping in it.

Yuck. (But everyone was first grader back then) - Lunala

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