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121 Infatuation
122 Tests

Yaa it's make me feel bad and sad

Yes - superbuggati

123 School teachers

School teachers are not annoying. They are here to help you succeed in life and work with you. They are here to educate you and teach you stuff so that you can get into university and find a job to take of yourself. You guys should be glad that there here to do these things with you because without them we wouldn't be smart or have good knowledge like we have today. And also without them we would be stuck without a job and stuck without any knowledge of anything so be grateful that they're here. I know I am grateful that they are here to help us and teach us and lead us into university and so on so that we can find a job and be on our own with great knowledge and things on our hands. - LucyLu18

I hate it when teachers pretended they know every thing like English teachers when they say "it is optional to put a comma before and" you could acctuly lose a lot of money

School teacher is demon who always says they are is our parents in school. Pppfftt, shut up!

Yes - superbuggati

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124 Hair cuts

Who cares if my hair is long and big? It's my hair!

Yep once again your not alone

Hair cuts?! So you would rather be bald? - FloydtheCat

I want long hair. When I was little I never brushed so mum made me get it cut into a bob so I looked like DORA THE EXPLORER -_- - Lunala

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125 Country music

It really depends on what song it is. I enjoy this type of music sometimes. - Powerfulgirl10

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126 Parents who force their kids to enter beauty pageants

Honey boo boo's mom is one of them

Parents who force their kids to do anything, mostly what they don't WANT to do.

I really hope little miss trimspa isn't a real little girl... otherwise what did they do her poor face?

This is basically child abuse - mayamanga

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127 Chris brown Chris brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.
128 Fangirls

The worst thing about fangirls is they raise the vote for this handsome artist but not very talented - ronluna

They are obsessed with their favorite band, do the fangirling flirty bitchy things and they love the band because the singer and or other members of the band because they are so cute. what about their music? - ronluna

They are so annoying say if you have a girl you like and she likes you to but there is a famous person they they really love and they are so obsessed with them and they say they are going to marry them and you want to marry the girl but she ruin it is so mean

They wreck everything. They draw gross art and I've seen gross art of CHILDREN characters turned into anime shipping. DISGUSTING.
Also there are the 1D fangirls.

I was that one girl in 4th grade who HATED 1D so felt like the black sheep. I got along with the guys really well though and girls called me dumb and "weird" for not liking 1D, etc. - Lunala

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129 People with no brain but a big mouth

ANNOYING AS HECK! Like when someone rants about something and they get everything all wrong

There is a lot of people like this online...

I have a brain but a smart mouth - superbuggati

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131 People from Oklahoma V 2 Comments
132 Baby shows

Baby shows like Barney, Dora and Teletubbies are annoying.

A lot of them are bad such as Barney & Friends, Dora the Explorer, are Teletubbies. But some are good like Blues Clues. - Powerfulgirl10

Blues Clues was pretty cool though. Come on, that show was the bomb for kids. - mattstat716

Sucks - superbuggati

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133 Slow WiFi V 2 Comments
134 Cats Cats The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colours and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated.

It depends on the cat. There's an adorable stray cat down my street, on the way to and from school everyone strokes and feeds it (not sure if boy or girl). It's really sweet and it lets me pet it, it actually can make me feel really happy. But then you get spoilt miserable, unsocial cats that I don't like.

My dog once brought home a dead ripped up bloody baby kitten with dog bite marks all over it, I was shocked and I could easily tell it was my dog because he was angry for the past month, very angry.

NO NO NO CAYS ARE AWESOME! Who ever added this obviously doesn't know a lot about these adorable creatures. - SamuiNeko

People who don't like cats are idiots - FloydtheCat

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135 Having no girlfriend

I don't see this as annoying. I'm 17 and never had a girlfriend in my life and I'm perfectly fine.

Not everybody wants to get married or have a girlfriend/boyfriend. There are a lot of people who want to stay single forever.

It's been a couple of months now and starting to annoy me.

I'm a straight female. I don't want girlfriends. :/

For boyfriends I think I can have male friends but I'm a bit young for dating. (But I have a good personality I'm sure lots of people love.) - Lunala

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136 Wasps

I'm scared to death of wasps! This should be #2 (I already voted mosquitos )

Oh come on, am I the only wasp lover in this world? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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137 Tomboys

Tomboys are actually awesome... proof that not all girls are teen pop makeup loving sissies.

I hate people who claim they're tomboys but then they wear skirts/dresses/midriff tops and makeup and hate getting muddy and love annoying Disney shows. They're just teen girls who think hating the colour pink and wearing a red flannel top that reveals your midriff automatically makes you "tomboy".

I collect pokemon cards, loathe makeup, prefer sneakers, likes pants like jeans and stuff that go WAY past my knees, likes covering jackets that cover low down to my waist and cover my arms well, with a neck cut that's not too low, I'm also not a whiny coward (unless I see a cockroach). I'm also quiet and can actually keep her mouth shut. My nails are chewed on every day to grubby tomboy fingers. Long nails are scary and can injure people, you never know there might be guys who hate long nails because long nails can create scratches - Lunala


Deal with a tomboy or deal with an absolute bitch?

I don't know who put this up, but seriously?

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138 "I'll tell you when you're older"

But... If you die fast?

GOD! 7 Years Old: Mom? How do you get married Mom: Ill tell you when you're older
9 Years Old: Mon? How do you get married Mom: Ill tell tou when you're older
11 Years Old: Mom? How do you ' get married? Mom: Ill tell you when you're older! Me: JUST ' SAY IT! And watch when I'm 13 this will happen again

139 Barking dogs

A dog is barking right now when I'm typing this comment. - Btv

I think man breed dogs to bark at strangers

Yeah. My dogs never shut up when they see passerby out the window. - Powerfulgirl10

Cats are louder than Dogs.

Really. - Blight

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140 Little kids that think you're their friend

Some times I will leave the apartment door closed (without locking it) an they will just barge in while I am playing video games, and its very annoying. and uneducated.

There was this one kid named Jackson. HE WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! And did I mention that he eats his boogers

This little kids is should I gave an interesting lesson

Me at a water park once (I'm an extreme introvert just so y'all know.)

Me: *minds own business*
Random 6 year old girl: WHAT'S YOUR NAME?
Me: *says nothing because I'm shy*
Random 6 year old girl: *Moves into my personal space* OH, YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR NAME?
Me: uh I have to pee *runs off* mum can we go home
Mum: ok - Lunala

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