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141 Internet not working/loading
142 Dumb teachers

Dumb teachers should go to the hospital

I have a teacher who can't spell Lol

Yup - superbuggati

143 Enemies

Enemies. Especially in the Mario series.

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144 Backtracking in video games V 2 Comments
145 Twerking
146 People that fart then leave
147 Cliches
148 Teachers

What the heck? Teachers are not annoying at all. They are here to help you and educate you so that you can go into university and the graduate and find a job to support yourself. Without them we would be people who have lack of knowledge about anything and we wouldn't be able to support ourselves because without them we can't get into university therefore leaving us homeless when we turn into adults and stuff. So be grateful that they are here because they are here to help us succeed in life so that we can have a good and successful future when leave our parent's home. I know I'm grateful for them because if it wasn't for them especially my grade 12 teachers (and my parents and myself) encouraging me and helping me I wouldn't be going into university this September so yes I'm grateful. With that said whoever put teachers on here remove it now. - LucyLu18

Most teachers don't even teach- they tell you what to do but don't explain it. I went to a vocational high school and taught myself far more than the teachers even knew during the time I had shop.

All teachers, stop talking too much and always says you all is our parents in school! All students is need "teacher's actions", not all your bull, okay?!

I hate them - Btv

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149 Corporate B.S.
150 People who judge others
151 People at church
152 People
153 Americans

Isn't it a bit poor to say that Americans are generally annoying? - PositronWildhawk

Not all of us are annoying sure there are a couple bad apples like Mitt Romney and this kid in my class but besides that there are only a few others which are truly annoying.

It's like saying to a person in Africa that blacks are annoying, not trying to be racist but if that what it has to go to for people to notice this, I can live with saying this on just one website. I don't see a problem with Americans except most of us are fat and have a small amount of us ruining the U. S, other than that, I love to live in America.

That's kinda racist.

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154 Atheism

What I'm an atheist and I still respect what people believe in I just don't believe it myself! This is so distressing you complain about Christians being on here (which is still mean that they're on here) but your fine with bashing us atheists?!

They just don't respect religion, they are so ruse and full of hate

You're disrespecting people who aren't religious, and are being rude and full of hate RIGHT NOW. - Blight

It is a legit choice to make and you shouldn't get worked up about people not believing what you believe it's their choice, Deal With It.

God exists! - Btv

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155 Haters and bashers

most people are hypocrits bout being a hater kuz they say they hate haters when they are one themselves - Okami

People hate on people but they really need to step back and check they own selfs! - PrincessSams15

the worst! look into youtube there are so many haters and bashers there - ronluna

Bad YouTubers like leafy keenstar and quackty

Leafy and keemstar are mean and bully people and leafy has a ugly chin and keemstar looks like a gnome.
Quackity spammed roblox then when he get banned he says "I did nothing wrong" but he DID something wrong he spammed. - Lunala

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156 The Islamic State

Really? If you are mad about islam because ISIS then vote for ISIS not writing 'islamic state'

Stop being racist - mayamanga

They are everything wrong with the world right now.

Heck yeah buudddydyyd aboiiieioeiieooeiii

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157 People that gossip and talk about everyone when they don't even know them

These people are the "media". They want to talk about people especially their private lives. If I met this kind of people, I'll smack their face to their homes. I got one thing to say to them, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, GO HOME AND DON'T EVER GO BACK AGAIN. I MEAN IT! " - ronluna

this is mostly popular girls at school - Bec

People gossip about me all the time, it is annoying when every girl in your science class thinks you have a crush on each one of them when it is really some crappy rumor, ruined my chances of getting a girlfriend & makes a lot of people want to join in bashing me behind my back & even after everyone knows it's a lie people just wanted to bully me since then, they are jerks bullying me, a autistic child, middle school can be tough

I'm very popular I do it - superbuggati

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158 People richer than you

Everyone has a friend who's rich and always wants you to do expensive stuff all the time, and you get the embarrassment of having to say "sorry, I can't afford it." and them pitying you - Bec

I just hate it when you have friends who are richer than you and how they brag about going on cool vacations for spring break!

I can't afford to go to most concerts but I love them. Whenever I say I wish I could go to a concert, my friend goes on and on about all the concerts she's been too, and how she's visited all but two continents, and all that- of course rubbing in my face that she's seen my favorite bands by going to Europe for three days just to see them. It gets really annoying especially because I would trade all my stuff to see Coldplay in Europe. - pandagirl

Have 1,800,000 because of YouTube I got 1,000 subscribers - superbuggati

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159 Frozen fans

Those idiots won't shut up about that movie!

Those morons should shut up! That movie is overrated as heck! - Powerfulgirl10

Hey I like frozen

"Do you want to build a snowman? " :D

ME: "NO! " - mattstat716

160 Dora Rocks

I will give you a million bucks if you kill Dora and all her fans - mayamanga

Dora is awesome so shut up haters

My kid is 4 end he hate this show

I will give you 10,00,00,000
Dollars if you murder Dora

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