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141 People with no brain but a big mouth

ANNOYING AS HECK! Like when someone rants about something and they get everything all wrong

There is a lot of people like this online...

I have a brain but a smart mouth - superbuggati

142 People that talk during movies

They always come in packs of 4-7 and ages of 15-20. and sometimes my friends invite me to see a movie. its like they go to a theater to tell jokes or something.

It's very annoying. More annoying when people talk about a 'terrible' movie like... Twilight

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143 Cats Cats The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colours and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated.

It depends on the cat. There's an adorable stray cat down my street, on the way to and from school everyone strokes and feeds it (not sure if boy or girl). It's really sweet and it lets me pet it, it actually can make me feel really happy. But then you get spoilt miserable, unsocial cats that I don't like.

My dog once brought home a dead ripped up bloody baby kitten with dog bite marks all over it, I was shocked and I could easily tell it was my dog because he was angry for the past month, very angry. - Pixtol

NO NO NO CAYS ARE AWESOME! Who ever added this obviously doesn't know a lot about these adorable creatures. - SamuiNeko

Cats suck! I spit on one and stabbed it with a knife.

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144 Wasps

I'm scared to death of wasps! This should be #2 (I already voted mosquitos )

Oh come on, am I the only wasp lover in this world? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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145 Slow WiFi V 2 Comments
146 Tomboys

Tomboys are actually awesome... proof that not all girls are teen pop makeup loving sissies.


Who put tomboys on this list? One of my best friends is a tomboy and she ROCKS!

(I'm a tomboy too. I like PVZ and Pokémon.)

Deal with a tomboy or deal with an absolute bitch?

I don't know who put this up, but seriously?

147 "I'll tell you when you're older"

But... If you die fast?

GOD! 7 Years Old: Mom? How do you get married Mom: Ill tell you when you're older
9 Years Old: Mon? How do you get married Mom: Ill tell tou when you're older
11 Years Old: Mom? How do you ' get married? Mom: Ill tell you when you're older! Me: JUST ' SAY IT! And watch when I'm 13 this will happen again

148 Overrated songs

Justin Beiber plays too much and I can't stand it! Why does everyone like Sorry and What do you mean?! They annoy the hell outta me!

Especially if they then get overplayed. I can't stand Uptown Funk now

Oke, if the song is good, no problem. But, if the song is bad? Nooo!


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149 Having no girlfriend

I don't see this as annoying. I'm 17 and never had a girlfriend in my life and I'm perfectly fine.

Not everybody wants to get married or have a girlfriend/boyfriend. There are a lot of people who want to stay single forever.

It's been a couple of months now and starting to annoy me.

I have one got one she look like ari grande - superbuggati

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150 Barking dogs

I think man breed dogs to bark at strangers

Yeah. My dogs never shut up when they see passerby out the window. - Powerfulgirl10

My dog did that ones for a long time

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151 Extreme Christians

There are some Christians that are so extreme they see having a child as a sin, and they go through the entire process of raising you while thinking to themselves and sometimes even straight up telling their kid "You should have never been born" Let that sink in... I'm just in utter shock that their are actually people like this, I mean seriously, is their idea of making humans in a "non-sinful way" having them fall from the sky or something? Seriously, how do you expect more people to come into existence so they can "worship God" if you're so against giving birth in the first place?

Looking at all u homophobes

Like the Puritans and Oliver Cromwell. Why ban fun?

I think it's so stupid that they're so against science

They're all "science is false, everything was created by God"

Me: Isn't that like saying "science is wrong, magic is the answer to everything"

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152 Internet not working/loading
153 Haters and bashers

most people are hypocrits bout being a hater kuz they say they hate haters when they are one themselves - Okami

People hate on people but they really need to step back and check they own selfs! - PrincessSams15

the worst! look into youtube there are so many haters and bashers there - ronluna

"christmas" and "coldplay" haters are awful.

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154 Dumb teachers

Dumb teachers should go to the hospital

I have a teacher who can't spell Lol

Yup - superbuggati

155 Enemies

Enemies. Especially in the Mario series.

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156 Gangsters

...that's me...? (Well, not the swaggot ones but I do love motorbiking)

I'm been to juvie for 7 years and adult jail for 1year - superbuggati

I'm one - superbuggati

157 Backtracking in video games V 2 Comments
158 Your girlfriend

If only it died, that could be a problem.

People need to stop adding sexist things to this list

159 People that fart then leave
160 Lust
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