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141 Slow WiFi V 2 Comments
142 Bad Music

Should be #1. Lana Del Rey, Lorde, All Rock, all country, I just don't like bad music! - lovefrombadlands

*cough* Watch Me *cough* - christangrant

143 YouTube commenters

Almost all of them are haters... And swear. All the time

I think they need a filter for the comments - Harri666

Almost all YouTube comments are as follows:

-annoying cursing
-Anti-Religious beliefs of any type

When there is a video of a little kid driving a bike,and getting attacked by a cat for no reason,there are bunch of people in the comments that say that the kid deserved it,and call him bad names,and hate him. - Btv

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144 Having no girlfriend

I don't see this as annoying. I'm 17 and never had a girlfriend in my life and I'm perfectly fine.

Not everybody wants to get married or have a girlfriend/boyfriend. There are a lot of people who want to stay single forever.

It's been a couple of months now and starting to annoy me.

I'm a straight female. I don't want girlfriends. :/

For boyfriends I think I can have male friends but I'm a bit young for dating. (But I have a good personality I'm sure lots of people love.) - Lunala

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145 Tomboys

Tomboys are actually awesome... proof that not all girls are teen pop makeup loving sissies.

No way! Tomboys are awesome! - ThugLifeSwag1995

I hate people who claim they're tomboys but then they wear skirts/dresses/midriff tops and makeup and hate getting muddy and love annoying Disney shows. They're just teen girls who think hating the colour pink and wearing a red flannel top that reveals your midriff automatically makes you "tomboy".

I collect pokemon cards, loathe makeup, prefer sneakers, likes pants like jeans and stuff that go WAY past my knees, likes covering jackets that cover low down to my waist and cover my arms well, with a neck cut that's not too low, I'm also not a whiny coward (unless I see a cockroach). I'm also quiet and can actually keep her mouth shut. My nails are chewed on every day to grubby tomboy fingers. Long nails are scary and can injure people, you never know there might be guys who hate long nails because long nails can create scratches - Lunala

Deal with a tomboy or deal with an absolute bitch?

I don't know who put this up, but seriously?

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146 Americans

Isn't it a bit poor to say that Americans are generally annoying? - PositronWildhawk

Not all of us are annoying sure there are a couple bad apples like Mitt Romney and this kid in my class but besides that there are only a few others which are truly annoying.

It's like saying to a person in Africa that blacks are annoying, not trying to be racist but if that what it has to go to for people to notice this, I can live with saying this on just one website. I don't see a problem with Americans except most of us are fat and have a small amount of us ruining the U. S, other than that, I love to live in America.

That's kinda racist.

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147 Barking dogs

A dog is barking right now when I'm typing this comment. - Btv

I think man breed dogs to bark at strangers

Yeah. My dogs never shut up when they see passerby out the window. - Powerfulgirl10

Cats are louder than Dogs.

Really. - Blight

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148 Little kids that think you're their friend

Some times I will leave the apartment door closed (without locking it) an they will just barge in while I am playing video games, and its very annoying. and uneducated.

There was this one kid named Jackson. HE WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! And did I mention that he eats his boogers

This little kids is should I gave an interesting lesson

Me at a water park once (I'm an extreme introvert just so y'all know.)

Me: *minds own business*
Random 6 year old girl: WHAT'S YOUR NAME?
Me: *says nothing because I'm shy*
Random 6 year old girl: *Moves into my personal space* OH, YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR NAME?
Me: uh I have to pee *runs off* mum can we go home
Mum: ok - Lunala

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149 Extreme Christians

There are some Christians that are so extreme they see having a child as a sin, and they go through the entire process of raising you while thinking to themselves and sometimes even straight up telling their kid "You should have never been born" Let that sink in... I'm just in utter shock that their are actually people like this, I mean seriously, is their idea of making humans in a "non-sinful way" having them fall from the sky or something? Seriously, how do you expect more people to come into existence so they can "worship God" if you're so against giving birth in the first place?

Looking at all u homophobes

Like the Puritans and Oliver Cromwell. Why ban fun?

I think it's so stupid that they're so against science

They're all "science is false, everything was created by God"

Me: Isn't that like saying "science is wrong, magic is the answer to everything"

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150 People that fart then leave
151 Bad parents

Really? I personally love when you see parents spank there children senselessly. It's fun to watch, especially when its through binoculars. My next door neighbors spank their children, but they get offended when I offer to help them. What do I say to allow myself to spank their children?

My parents are good, but a little overprotective. My dad annoys the heck out of me though. - Powerfulgirl10

This page has a list for this. Go check it out!

152 Internet not working/loading
153 Non stop talkers

I have a friend that is talkative. I just hate that, she is like. "Hey, you know who I saw yesterday in the park? Erika. Remember her? She was my cousins girlfriend, that girl who used to be addicted to television. Television? I can't lose for a second time "American Idol". Janelle Arthur didn't win, can you believe that? Do you know who I think of when I see Janelle Arthur? She kinda looks like Marta. Remember Marta? She was my best friend in second grade. Remember second grade? I peed my pants once. I said my pants, I must not forget that I have to buy those amazing pants I saw on Marie Claire yesterday. Remember Marie Claire? It used to be my sisters' favourite magazine. Remember my sister? She's in New York now..." and blah blah blah.

No... I don't care about your views on politics. No... I don't care what the government does In Area 51. Yes, I do want you to stop talking. RIGHT NOW.

its almost like they are having a conversation with themselves, which I find annoying, but look at the positives in life... Right?!

YAY MY favorite SONG IS O-...Yeah...I KNOW THAT HAPPENED...OK FINALLY *turns it on* DAMN IT MY SONGS DONE :C - top10epic

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154 Dumb teachers

Dumb teachers should go to the hospital

I have a teacher who can't spell Lol

Yup - superbuggati

155 Enemies

Enemies. Especially in the Mario series.

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156 Christians

Everyone has their own beliefs and there are Christians that annoying but that can be said of any belief.

God, Heaven and Jesus Christ are all real. enough said.

Hey, we have our beliefs, I'm not a Christian but whoever posted this is a RACIST!

I am a Muslim but found this so racist. - njalabi63989

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157 Backtracking in video games V 2 Comments
158 Cliches
159 Teachers

What the heck? Teachers are not annoying at all. They are here to help you and educate you so that you can go into university and the graduate and find a job to support yourself. Without them we would be people who have lack of knowledge about anything and we wouldn't be able to support ourselves because without them we can't get into university therefore leaving us homeless when we turn into adults and stuff. So be grateful that they are here because they are here to help us succeed in life so that we can have a good and successful future when leave our parent's home. I know I'm grateful for them because if it wasn't for them especially my grade 12 teachers (and my parents and myself) encouraging me and helping me I wouldn't be going into university this September so yes I'm grateful. With that said whoever put teachers on here remove it now. - LucyLu18

Most teachers don't even teach- they tell you what to do but don't explain it. I went to a vocational high school and taught myself far more than the teachers even knew during the time I had shop.

All teachers, stop talking too much and always says you all is our parents in school! All students is need "teacher's actions", not all your bull, okay?!

I hate them - Btv

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160 Corporate B.S.
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